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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  May 20, 2022 3:00am-3:16am CEST

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and dining office, enjoy our services. be our guest at frankfurt airport city, managed by fraud. ah ah ah, this is dw news live from berlin. the u. s. president offered his full backing for finland and sweden, nato bids. they meet every day though, requirement and then shop the nordic countries race to join the alliances, russia, wages war on ukraine. but turkey seems set to derail their plans.
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moscow says more than 1700 as of fighters have surrendered, but there are now fears russia may take reprisals against the prisoners and put them on trial for war crimes and in the buddhist niggas relegation play off hamburg hole. the advantage after beating hatter in a tense, 1st leg in berlin. ah, on pablo fully as welcome to the program. you as president joe biden has given his full support to sweden and finland joining nato. the nordic countries apply to join the alliance this week in response to brushes, invasion of ukraine, but turkey has blocked the start of next session talks, alleging the 2 countries support kurdish militant groups. the finish navy training
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alongside a us warship. it's a site that may become more common here in the baltic sea. if finland and sweden are admitted into nato. that something president biden told the leaders of both countries he fully backs. they are proud to welcome and offer the strong support of the united states. for the applications him to great democracies and to close, highly capable partners to join the strongest, most powerful defensive allies in the history of the world. but while biden may be keen to welcome sweden and finland into nato, se if you would have turkey's president, edwin has made clear that he has objections in his europe. addressing the turkish parliament on wednesday, he accused the 2 nordic countries of supporting kurdish militias of turkey considers terrorist groups i go on and up. we have finished. president said that
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they were trying to address techies concerns. the whole aaliyah's assa nato allies . we will commit to turkey security, just as turkey will commit to olive security. we take terrorism seriously. we condemn terrorism in all its forms, and we are actively engaged in combating it. we are open to discussing all the concerns. turkey may have other nato nations competing. the turkeys reservations will be over come, but for now, at least it looks like it may be some months before sweden and finland can take part in these baltic drills as nato allies. let's take a closer look at nato's potential nordic enlargement with jonathan cats. he's a senior fellow at the german marshall fund and joins us from washington. welcome to d. w. what is needed to shift turkeys opposition to the finish and swedish applications?
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yeah, i sure i share the belief that, that, that these, the objections the tricky is put in place can be overcome. and of course, turkey has experience terrorism and loss of life. the p k. k. terrace organization is listed as the chair organization in the united states and elsewhere . so there's, there's some legitimate concerns in turkey side about is security concerns. and so it's raising them right now. you've heard leaders in both sweden and finland. both say that they will respond. there's diplomatic efforts under way to engage and so on one hand that process is taking place. the most important thing is that this doesn't become for mr. eric one, a political football for him domestically given his poor standing and potential for upcoming elections. and so we want to take this out of turkey's politics. let's put
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it back into the important security. and right now we have the most furious security situation in europe, in decades, finland and sweden right there. i need the support to move forward as quickly as possible, as president biden said today. and so let's hope that diplomacy works in this move forward. jonathan, how important is joe biden's show support to sweden and finland. this is, this is critical. and of course, a year ago today, we would have never have thought that that sweden and finland would be moving in this direction. the entire effort and present abide in these play such an important role is really highlight the importance of the transfer of the community today to address mr. putin's war in ukraine, the by an administration has been the lead on with partners and allies. and so having to present support, send a strong message to all nato members and including the us senate,
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which is going to have to vote on this. this next step is to bring these to countries and along with other parliament and other activities across native membership. so this is a real big, important jumpstart, and that's why you saw the president with the prime minister and president today, talking about moving forward, moving quickly, membership and nato. now, you said moving quickly, now it can take years for a country to join nato. how long do you expect the process to take for sweden and finland? well, the expectation in the united states, what i understand is that they're going to try to move this as quickly as possible . hopefully before august. if not, then in september. so i can talk about the u. s. u. s. senate approach, of course, senators have their own mind and how they want to do this. but we already see strong signal to support both from republicans and democrats in washington to move this forward. then each need a member state has their own process and the one,
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the one simply like that we see right now is what you raised earlier, which is jerky. you've got a, you know, address these issues right now and move forward. but i don't see any stumbling blocks across the nato allies that we couldn't see this move forward quickly, but it's hard to tell what each government is going to do. this is all being laid out right now for the jonathan katz from the german marshall fund. thank you. thank you. hundreds of ukrainian soldiers are facing an uncertain future after surrendering to russian forces in the port of matthew pal. moscow says most have been sent to a prison camp in eastern ukraine, controlled by russia. cave hopes to get the soldiers back in a prisoner swap. but moscow has threatened to put some of them on trial. soldiers surrender to an unknown fate. this footage, released by the russian defense ministry, shows ukrainian soldiers laying down their arms after weeks under siege at the as
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of south steel plant. of the 1700 soldiers, russia says, have surrendered this week over 700 did. so in the past 24 hours. amid international concern about their fate in russian hands, the international red cross has registered hundreds of the soldiers as prisoners of war. moscow has also released footage of what it says, a surrendered as of style fighters reporting on how they've been treated. or d l a yet? no, i didn't really know what to expect considering what we would have liked and what we've got. it turns out to be better than we expected with what i am now in a hospital in the city of nova solves cuz i'm being treated well. no b as miss treating me physically or psychologically the treatment is good. the
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government and keith is hoping to exchange the soldiers for captured russian troops . but pro russian authorities in ukraine's east have suggested that some could be put on trial. while in moscow hotline, lawmakers, a demanding that captured ukrainians, face the wrath of russian justice. all of which means that the fate of the as of style soldiers remains far from certain. let's take a look at some other developments now in the war in ukraine. the u. s. senate has overwhelmingly approved nearly $40000000000.00 in aid for ukraine. the emergency package includes military, economic and humanitarian assistance. the decision came as the u. s. authorized the shipment to ukraine of another $100000000.00 worth of weapons and equipment from pentagon stocks, with the people of ukraine. german chancellor, olaf shoulds says ukraine's allies will not accept a peace dictated by russian president vladimir addressing german law makers ahead
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of a european meeting on ukraine. later this month, chancellor shots pledge to supply more weapons to ukraine and to work quickly to make europe independent of russian energy authorities in the u. s. the state of massachusetts have recorded their 1st case of the rare illness, monkey pox. this comes as a growing number of european countries report cases, most recently in france. u. s. doctors are now investigating whether the massachusetts case is related to the european outbreaks monkey pox, if a rear viral infection usually found and small memos, and waste and central africa. the spread of the virus is usually caused by people traveling to those areas. that's why dr. is that the massachusetts general hospital in the u. s. were initially surprised to be confronted with the disease in
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a patient. during the course of their admission, they were identified as a possible monkey pox suspect. and this was really unusual because the patient had no travel history, no exposure to animals, that would be known to be reservoirs. however, the team thinking about the patient and hearing a just over the weekend of and some of the cases, the united kingdom thought more broadly about the patient's diagnosis. doctors and now working to establish whether the infection is connected to small outbreaks currently being seen in europe. italy in sweden have become the latest countries to confirm cases following britain, portugal and spain. authorities say they're monitoring the outbreak closely. it's not likely that it will generate a significant transmission, but we cannot rule it out. we have to be very careful with that. we're monkey pox is similar to humans. smallpox, though milder. most people recover from it and
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a few weeks. symptoms include fever and headache, feeling tired and swollen glands. the viruses usually transferred through close bodily contact or bodily fluids. while the world health organization says the general public should be aware of unusual skin rashes. expert stress, there is no need for alarm. it can then spread from person to person, but it's not very efficient at transmitting. and so what we normally see is maybe one or 2 people get infected from that case and then it dives out because it's not very infectious within human population. while authority stressed of the risk to the general public is lower than urging any suspected cases to self isolate immediately. in football and after i'm frank for it's thrilling
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when in the euroleague on wednesday, the team has arrived back home to a hero's welcome in the city. around 100000 fans have packed frank for its main square to hail the man who beat glasgow rangers on penalties. coach olivet glassner goalkeeper kevin trap and raphael bray. who scored the winning penalty are among those soaking up the claim. glassner says he's going to party right through till saturday. another giant of german football hamburg beat hat at berlin in the 1st leg of the bonus, lake is relegation. play off the visit. the visiting fans travel to berlin in huge numbers and their backing helped hamburg taken advantage into next week's return. much. depending on who you believed, anywhere between 7525000 homburg funds were in the olympics. study on, on a bobby knight in berlin, but there was plenty of home support to that. one of the most nerve wracking games in the german calendar. this was the atmosphere into which young danish keeper
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oliver christianson at to descend for his debut and a half a shirt injuries forced which felix ma got to play the 22 year old. he did well to perry robert glut so shot. i'm 32 minutes but there was nothing he could do of it humbugs 2nd. tough winter, ludovic rice couldn't have miss it. his cross any better than the humbug funds went wild a bitter moment for christianson and for her to but the keeper's injury time saved from young jamera means the berliners must only overcome a one goal deficit on monday. easier said than done in a hostile hamburg. boeing's new star liner capsule has launched on an untrue test flight to the international space station. it comes after more than 2 years of delays and engineering setbacks. the star liner quickly made it to the proper orbit after taking or from cape canaveral in florida. it's expected to take
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around 24 hours to reach the i assess and spend a week there before returning to earth. if all goes well, 2 or 3 nasa test pilots put, take the come. so for boeing's 1st crew flight, by the end of this year, we have well, that's all for now doc film as of next with a look at the small atlantic island of st. helena, a bastion of biodiversity, in the team here in brit. i'll the funniest take care ancy at the top of the next not just another day. so much is happening all at once. we take time to understand this is the day an in depth look at the current news events and.


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