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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  May 20, 2022 3:45pm-4:01pm CEST

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even though the ukranian war or war in ukraine is taking place in europe, the crisis is close. and that's why we cannot turn our back to the rest of the war. because we see that the consequences of the war are very, very serious. for instance, in the global south, our turning the back on the global south. now. no, we are not. and that's very important to tell also to our partners in the global south. taking into account for instance, food security and food crisis, which is a huge challenge, for instance, in the horn of africa or in the south park in africa. we are giving as the european union to europe. so commission and the member states, all of 1000000000 euros, maybe humanitarian assistance, that those regions so that they can really buy more food and they are able to feed
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their citizens. that's not the only action we are taking. we are also investing in the food production capacities in africa because africa import 80 percent of the fort in the future. so africa, for instance, as a continent is very dependent on the import. and that's why we also want to strengthen the capacity of production capacity in africa and, and i'm personally from loading some of our you developing cooperation finance. and so that we can support food, sustainable food operate systems in our part of it just mentioned that dependence of several african countries when it comes to imports. it is belief that nearly 25000000 tons of grains are in ukraine. water, you're trying to do to get this food out of the international market. yeah. well,
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of course we also tried to, to work with ukraine so that we could still export the fort, which is still existing in the ukraine. so this is the 1st target we are, we are working on then the 2nd one is that we are working with the military and organizations in order to provide humanitarian assistance, especially to the horn of africa, but also to do the sa health at the southern part of fall and also late jack region . and then like i said, it's always of course important to, to act rapidly and look at the current crisis. but i think it's also at the same time, important to, to, to have this kind of a mid term perspective. how would you define that the relationship between the european union in africa? is it a relationship on either side, on a level or is it still europe telling africa how they should produce things?
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how they should import probably should export. i would define our partnership as equal and mutual partnerships. so will definitely mainly be shared the same values. also the african citizens. they try for democracy lou flow and also respect of human rights. but at the same time, africa also share the same challenges as we are facing in terms of climate change, but also digitalization. and that's why we, the european union adopted a new global gateway strategy in, in december where we wanted to really support cream and digital transition globally. but our main focus is, of course, in africa. you said that the relationship is equally mutual. do you think that your
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african counterpart seems like that as well? there has been criticism that usually when you it's helping it's also a lot of value based not with for example, chinese roles. so increasing their influence in africa. do you think that they should be some way approach some mistakes that were made by european union institution regarding africa? i think it's quite clear that everything the european union is doing is based on, on the values we represent. because for me, the european union is the community of values. so that's why, for instance, this global gateway strategy and all of those investments we are trying to accelerate through the global gateway strategy are very much linked to the values. how i see the strategy. it's a positive offer to our partner countries in the global south, not only africa globally, really to, to accelerate investments in energy, but also to agriculture,
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transport digital and also soft infrastructure like health and education. so we are, you know, combining those investments to high quality standards in terms of environment and also social standards and, and also to all values. so i think, i think this global gateway strategy, at least the feedback i have received from the global thought is the strategy is very much appreciated. you spoke about values and as many western countries are trying to decrease the dependence to russian, all the heading to other countries with dia, human rights records like this way. and i like you around like saudi arabia, katara. are you concerned about this development? well, i think it's very understandable that because of the war and ukraine, we really want to decrease our dependence on russian energy and fossil fuels.
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i think it's necessary really to create new new partnerships also in terms of energy. how i see the partnership is that if you have a real partnership, if for partnership, then you can also raise difficult topics to your discussions and table. so of course, i personally hope that even though we are creating a new contracts in terms of energy with different partners globally, we can also, you know, defined that we can also raise those value value based topics to those in those discussions with them as well. so you think that should have an after the partnerships, the 1st, the business, the economy to see when it comes to energy and then race of topics will make in a condition to go into a partnership. i think at least from my own experience, i think you can do it but a little. so you can, you can have your own interest. you can also, you know, prom,
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promote your own strategy interest. and this is of course, part of the global gateway. we see that also as strategic interests of the european union and the europe. but on the same time you've been also all discussed on values and where and what are the values partnership is based on. so i think you can do both german development minutes a finance show to accused russia of using and hunger as a weapon. do you agree with that? unfortunately, one can really into have this kind of interpretation. because as already discussed or a little bit earlier, we see that there is a lot of food in the story. cheese in ukraine and ukraine is not able to export. and at the same time, people are starving, for instance in africa,
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but also in the middle east. in some countries because they also dependent on, on the food import. so i think my main message and, and also thinking is that we should try to end that war in ukraine as soon as possible. i think, i think that's, that's the, the benefit of people in ukraine, of course, because they are the ones who are suffering the most. but that's also the benefit of the global citizens in the global south. because we see that every day of this war is causing more and more suffer also in the global. so i'd like to ask you about g 20 because russia is not part of 87, but is part of the wider group of 5020. do you think the bed is a mistake in many countries that are part of the g one you're asking for russia to
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be excluded? well, historically, russia has been part of the g 20, and russia has been part of their different international organization as well. my, my understanding is that russia is probably going to participate in that she's 20 meeting. we'll see that in the autumn. what kind of consequences it might cause. i think it's still something different. she's 20 members are discussing on but my personal wish is that hopefully we could end this war sooner than later. so that then we could also be in the new new situation, but also relating to my own portfolio. we plan to have a cheese 20 development means just meeting in indonesia in september, and as far as i'm informed,
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also russia is going to participate in it. do you think that's problematic? well, like i said, my wishes that by the september the war would be over so that we all been in the new situation. and. and then the question is that will, how will the world look like after the war? my personal wish is that i don't want to see the world to be divided to the west against the rest. and i think this is russia's approach. russia really tried to spread this information in africa, and i think we have to be very clear in the old narrative that for instance, the food crises in africa is not because of our sanction. it's because of the russians oppression in ukraine. so they started this war and, and now we see the consequences of that. you mentioned the end of the war in
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ukraine. do you think that after that russia could, once again be considered a partner for the european union? i think we still have a long way to go in order to see it that day. but i personally, like i said, i believe in, in multilateral isn't i believe in the rule based order. i think that's also the benefit of the european union. i would like to see this multiple worlds where we don't only have like 2 or 3 super powers competing each other. and from that perspective, of course, i would really like to see a multilateral system where different superpowers and actors of the world can also be part of. but like i said, we still have a long way to go in order to see that day. because now of course, we are in the middle of the war. the main message is that russia has to, and this war, misapplyment, thanks so much for listen, you, thanks,
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