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tv   DW News Asia  Deutsche Welle  May 20, 2022 4:30pm-4:46pm CEST

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carefully, don't know how with discover the world around you. subscribe to d w documentary on you to this is deed of the news asia coming up today. one more step towards erasing women from a protestant society. the taliban forbid women present to us from showing their faces on tv. it's the latest in a long line of dictates that leads us to ask, do with the taliban wanted society without women?
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and later in the program, the story of empowerment from india. how this used to run by street children allowed this woman and many like to get off the streets and realize their potential ah i british manager, welcome to d. w. news asia. glad you could join us. women tv present as in nevada. sun can now no longer show their faces on screen. they are required to cover them where they're at the mosque automobile. the new dictate is the latest salvo in the groups war on women. it adds to a growing list of thought about restrictions on women. this includes coveting themselves in public, from head to toe being allowed to travel only with mail guardians, restrictions on work, and a ban on education for teenage girls. how much more is to come?
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we're not sure, but the intent is clear and has been for some time the thought about want of gone women is raised from society. a popular tv presenter shows herself getting ready for show. the same day, she wrote a woman being a raised on orders from a virtue and vice ministry. but on the hot, on the back, this was yelder ali, back in september 2021 or me right now showing her face on air has become a crime. on her protests, a strong widespread support on twitter, some se, yelder ali is a hero. others ask her to stay strong. but there are also comments like this. seeing westerners have brainwashed, muslim women and opinion shared by the taliban, which less than 2 weeks ago, ordered women to wear the all covering had to told walker in public despite vows to
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respect women. when it came to power in august. it also asked them to stay home. schools for girls remain closed. long distance travel for women is no longer possible without a close male relative. the tale bounce, growing repression has confirmed the fears of the international community. but what we're seeing is i as an expanding sort of restrictions on our, on women, and it's quite systematic. and it's, it's certainly not looking good as, as one, as one of on women characterized the to me. she said that she had a sense that there was a taliban, a war on women. and i do the this i think is, is something to, to really take stock or is that women and are honest and feel under siege yet many remain resilient. these women say they will not lead to booker hide their identity . they are determined to defend their rights for as long as they can
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and join now for mobile, my colleague now's in in valley from did i lose of can service. now, i mean, you worked for a number of years and have gone his son and you also anchor programs were out of gun service. and i can't help but think that if you were in afghanistan having this conversation with me, you'd probably have to cover your face. how does that make you feel? thank you for having me on this talk to be harnessed after risk mandate off tal, one on female moderators. i've been asking myself, how would i feel if i have been in afghanistan and moderating with that face covering, to be harnessed as so sad because the women were fighting for the rights for several decades in now they are moving backward and every day dilemma patients are increasing the thing is that top one have published 2 different comments on womans covering in general, and the other one for tv and curse. the 1st communist states that woman in public
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areas should have covering, according to islamic shari'a, in african cultures. this statement is very general, not specifying how the covering, looking at is implicated. this opens to way for personal interpretations of the degree and also misunderstandings between woman and talents, army who are walking around the cities. the 2nd comment, which was recently published was more specific and harsh. that woman should have their faces covered in t v programs. i hear the stories are from my former colleagues who were, who are, is still working there and really have mixed feelings about how it, how it feels like to have a program with a face cab rained and to talk with half of your face being covered because you're mandated to do so. so what does oldest mean? do the poly bomb in your opinion, want to society without women?
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because it's not the 1st time that we've seen come out against women. actually, woman in this regards, huff. the feeling that they are not wanted in the society because i talked to several women personally and also interviewed plenty of women after these comments . they are feeling that they are not wanted in the society, and they are being in a way, are removed from this society removed from the labor market. and even from theories, they see that the limitations against african women are increasing by the passing of they. and they are afraid actually that this might have more additional limitations and their future might be even more limited than to they. so for some, this means i hope because they realised that the international community is also seeing the changes in woman situation. and this might open away for the entire
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international community to enter for or at least question these limitations. but for the other ones, this is about sadness that they are limited. they are anxious, and this means for them that they're lost. hopes are broken, they're expressing that the last seeds of their hope are actually dying. but by these comments, let's talk about the 2nd a group of women 1st. what does it mean to be off gone then? i mean, if they have any hopes of a bright future doesn't mean that they need to leave of gone to sun actually, for these 2 groups, it's very different. the 1st one, they are thinking that all the population of afghanistan cannot migrate. so they should start fighting for their rights. they should continue to fight that were going on before and they should be fighting for woman's right and of janice done. but for the 2nd group, unfortunately,
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they are dreaming about migration and they are thinking of migration for very understandable reasons. so some of them believe that the bright future might be diff as a result of the fight that they should give for a change and afghanistan. but for a group that's the migration for you, we're talking about this whole to that or the international community can intervene and try and make the situation of bonus on a better. i mean, we both know that a number of nations have condemned the taliban for that actions against women. yet this group keeps issuing new orders against women. what really should the international community be doing to make sure that the taliban are deterred? actually, de taliban has an agreement with you say in which they are stating that they are respecting the humans. right. and also including the woman, right. even in the last press conference that taliban says,
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spot person talk about the face covering comment of african journalists, our african female journalist. he said that they have regard and observation to humans, right. and also the freedom of his speech. but there is a contradiction between the wars of taliban and what is being actually implicated in afghanistan. so for the international community, it might be hard to find a mechanism of may king taliban accountable for what they are actually doing and of ghana, son. but the thing is that people of afghanistan are, are actually waiting more pressure on taliban in regards to human rights. and also there are hoping that international community might increase the pressure and also a day might intervene in a way that the humans right is being respected. in afghanistan, we'll leave it there for the timing,
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but thank you so much for joining us today. my colleague knows in in valley from the dollars of can service. thanks so much. thank you. oh. in india, some estimates for the number of street children at 80000000. that's just a little more than the entire population of the netherlands. and most of his kids face a bleak future. but on the capital deli, a novel experiment by an m g o. to have street children run, a monthly newsletter has given them hope. wendy dopey, forced majority. daniel's back. she was picking up trash on the streets of delhi a child who was calling the space under a bridge. home to day her world looks quite different. job is a teacher and she's helping others tweet children learn to read and write monopolies in language. hannah, i had decided that i have to get ahead in life,
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you on with up the walk. now i feel really happy that i live in a safe place that i can drink, eat and play as i wished to die in a pot. i can even dress as i want the room and they constantly urge other children around me to fight for a better future. like i did some that the every day job he goes to slums and densities and gets children to attend her class. she tries, convincing the parents, the child labor and early marriage will not improve their lives. but education will . josie was one of the millions facing danger of malnutrition. and she was able to get herself also treatment and has since become self reliant with the help of initiate, it's called normal balance. now minds a newsletter made by 3 children. so please children and the editorial meeting to design the latest edition is now in session led by cation the report of our, of all ages. they cover issues that trouble children in their communities,
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and then distribute the 8000 copies across the city. each month. recent newsletters have go with kids dealing with drug addiction, missing school, or getting hurt and domestic job, and often having no one looking out for them. for the story, the children report and right. and, and you chip now be some type of to attend school. it also covers the costs of food and transportation. sanjay, i got the run the organization. he said the program makes a big difference in kids. like, what if you give them some kind of an energy and some information, some mentoring. and then you can see that the blossom like anything like we have we, we've actually done 7 or once or they died. now he danced to the children. we have, we have sort of, we have depot to follow. and jody no longer writes for bulk. now mom, but she still mentors is present writers. kitchen has called her for advice on an article he is working on. it's about
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a spot where men harassing gold on the way to school for kitchen. and so many of the street children jokey as a reminder that it is possible to pull themselves out of poverty. if one child can do it, the many more can and that's it for today. there's more from the region on our website, the dep and dot com, forward slash asia, and as ever you can follow us on facebook and twitter. we'll see you back here on monday till then have a good weekend. good bye. every day for us and for our planet, global ideas is on its way to bring you more conservation. how do we make cities greener? how can we protect animals and their habitats?
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what to do with all our waste? we can make a difference by choosing reforestation over deforestation recycling over disposable smart new solutions over steam set in our ways or is truly unique. and we know that, that uniqueness is what allows us to live and survive. google ideas, the environmental series in global 3000 on d, w, and online. ah, europe in its allies take big steps forward and financially supporting ukraine. the g 7 agreeing to cover the country's budget deficit for the coming months. european leaders, meanwhile, moving closer to an agreement on financing a massive rebuilding efforts. also on the show, an organic farmer takes on one of germany's most successful car manufacturers in
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court. will tell you what it's all about. and the us women's soccer team has now achieved its goal of equal pay with the men could lead other nations programs to do the same. hello, welcome to the show in beardsley and berlin. let's begin with a you where leaders are firming up their plans to fund a mass of reconstruction effort for ukraine. reuters now reporting that a may 30th meeting we'll seek agreement to set up a new fund. exact details of financing, however, remain vague. with the european commission proposed this week, a special facility of loans and grants funded with joint debt that would be similar to the ease pandemic recovery funds. economists estimate anywhere that ukraine will need anywhere between half a trillion and 2 trillion euros for reconstruction. and the g 7 is also wrapping up, it's to day meeting in germany today where it reach an agreement to plug a hole in ukraine's current budget. with that we go over to my colleague ashtosh pandey.


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