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a tragedy back for insulators, the 1st a world famous already seen a capital fuel by drugs dancing drugs and death be to 45 minutes, d w. o . what people have to say matters to us for that's why we listened to their stories. reporter every weekend on d w. ah . ah,
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i never thought sailing on lay constance could be so tiring. boy, i was wrong. but despite the effort, it's really fun. and i'm on joyce from the small sailboat and the sands are set ready to go. late constance is huge and international. it belongs to germany, austria and switzerland. we are on the way on lake you building up. that's the north western part of lake conference, which is located completely in germany. i already tried it sailing on the open sea. so today i wanted to see what it was like on the lake, and here we are on lake constance in southern germany. and what i like about this location is that you can visit so many different spots in such
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a short amount of time. and that's what i intend to do. ah! we had to the largest city on the lake constance. i get a birds eye view of the highlights of lake constance. and escaped to the flowering paradise of mine. oh ah, back to the beginning of my little adventure, it starts in sibling in here. joyce: fungus, monce boat is immoral in the harbor. she offers sailing tours for tourists. you can rent the boat as an experienced sailor boar with a professional on board turns. if you're a beginner like me, we've all got negative cobra test results, so we can calmly take
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a little tour below deck with and now the most important thing, life jackets does vast out yet, women was x right now, the water is just 6 degrees celsius. if something happens and you fall overboard, you'll be so shocked. you might forget to swim, not very courage in. i know that, but with a life jacket, you're safe. ready to go overboard. move a box of yeah. you found today we'll go from sibling into constance. is and then across towards me as book on game, then had for you billing, ending and doc at the mantel half on the won't cross all of lake you battling as the upper lake constantly and the lower lake again day. so we'll only see a small part of lake constance. yeah, but yes, but you'll see that the small part is actually pretty big. okay. we can go, ah, the, my,
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i'm going to grab the rope down here. get it over here and pull that over slowly. okay. who, okay, departing is easier with 3 people. so our assistant has to take care of you to beth, my colleague jennifer, he's got no clue what he's doing. joyce fears the road safely out of the harbor abutment. and once we've caught the wind, you can set the sale as we 1st people on the rope as hard as you can. you then winded, around this aluminum part clockwise with tiger 2 or 3 time i said i am old and slotted into the black heart. then he and him, what's the time that i see you can names to you, then you take this crank a county, put it on here and turn it another 8 still the funny. there was about 10 instructions. i've remember 3. can you provide?
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okay, okay. now slowly pull. okay, stop. it's already caught. sharma, look up front gets and see if we're off to a bad start. vita and now now now and linda thought any more. this is exhausted. we made it. the sailor said, we are on course with the joy does not last long. however. are you bit worried about what's happening there? yes, a little bit. okay. okay. he then let's take action then and take down the say, right? i don't know if you don't, i know and quickly because the dangerous thing about lake constance is that the weather here can change very suddenly the
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salesman fact and it starts to rain, but we're lucky. there is no storm. the 1st leg of our journey is the longest. we're heading to the city of constance. well, right now it's raining. so we take a little break. and while we do that, we have a brief overview of what you should know about the city. ah, oh, constant. the largest urban center on lake constance is a city full of history. at the harbor entrance, imperial welcomes the excursion boats. the 9 me to to stop today is the cities landmark.
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constance lies right on the border with switzerland. you can simply walk across it . in the middle of the city, constance is old town, which dates from the middle ages is still well preserved. that's largely due to a clever trick. during world war 2, rather than black out their windows for protection during bombing rights. the people of constance kept their lights, burn this food, the allies into thinking these buildings belong to neutral switzerland from 141421418 world. history was written, and constance, 3 men had laid claim to the papal throne, causing a schism or split in the catholic church. the problem was to be solved the council of constance, with delegations from the entire christian world assembling on the city. for 4 years constance burst of the seams. this old trading house in the port is where the
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council met. a new pope was elected here, placing constance of the hot walls politics, ah, i have arrived and constance and want to explore the city. it's wonderful to do so on a bike. there are 15 rental stations and another 34 cargo bikes. that's just perfect for all filmy. we start at the marched in the center of the old town. again and again, you will find brightly painted houses like the bible also hotel here you can see constance, minister for 12 centuries. but sidney was the seat of the largest german diocese from roman as to gothic to art novel. today,
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all epochs of art history can be found at the church. ah, it was billed on the remains of a roman fort. you can see the ruins through this glass permit. constance is a very bike friendly city. the 1st bicycle street was built back in the 1990s, more followed, so that she can drive from one end to the other quickly and easily. the city is divided by the river rhine, which flows through lake constance. driving along the shore, his especially nice on the east, rasa there. omnipotent art, nouveau villas, with a great view over lake constance, and towards the center.
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my way leads me to the largest lied on lake constance, the so called hamlet. it lies on a small headland in the lake. ha. i think it's still too cold to go swimming at this spot right here. it feels like i'm standing in the middle of the lake. on the right, you can see lake you berlington. that's the area where i'm sailing. right behind me, is over the or up a lay confidence. on the other side, you can see myth walk. on this side, you can see the city of constance. well, as my personal highlights in the background, the alps in summer, it is a super crowded here. there is some beating lawn sports facilities, facing islands and much more. it mission is free. it's very quiet here now. perfect
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for little break. ah, lay constance is a popular holiday destination in germany because this region has so much to offer water nature, mountains, beautiful towns and cities. and in order to show you all that we set out with our drone and film the top sites from above. ah lake constance covers an area of some 540 square kilometers and is up to 63 kilometers in length. some call it this way, be in c. on it's sure was like picturesque towns like mass book, with its half timber houses. castle,
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new palace and vignette. ah, lindau is also a popular destination for day trip. as the bavarian lion guards the port of its old town, which is built on an island lake constance is home to yet small islands the best. no one is the flower island of mine out with its castle, large cock. and floral. od ah . in contrast, lots of vegetables grow on height. now the largest island in lake constance, but that's not why unesco declared it a world heritage site. in the middle ages, kind, she now was a religious senator of the christian occident,
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boasting of benedictine monastery, and over 20 churches and chapels. 3 romanesque churches still remain today. back on the mainland. that's another lovely church. the basilica of b. a now is about rock pilgrimage church, which offers stunning views. ah, not far away, though much older. prehistoric piled wellings of one to wounding and in the alpine foothills traces of settlement stating back to the stone and bronze ages have been discovered in lakes and moors. in on to on ding and the reconstructed stilt dwellings comprise an open museum. it gives visitors an insight into the lives of the early hunters, gatherers and fishermen who lived here. if you want to get
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a birds eye view of lake constance yourself, you can always book a flight in its epl and inflate ice hoffen it said pricey, but unforgettable way to travel. ah ah. took out some of our favorite travel picks on instagram, followers on dw trouble. ah ah, back on the sailing boat with skipper joyce fun this month. it's time for a few questions. joyce joyce from the netherlands, why did you end up purely constant? wasn't legal on that so far by chance actually. well, i'd studied architecture you, my husband got
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a job in germany and i came with them but couldn't find work with. then i thought i can sail and started looking for those jobs. there were offers from a sailing school on lake constance and one in friends, poor credit. so i thought i'd go for the one here or to say, but why not northern germany bye for me. it was too similar to holland, the temperature, the weather. sure, the sailing would be a bit more active than here. but i enjoyed the landscape and the closeness to the alps. and i also enjoy the villages here on lake constancy. there is no comparison to holland at all on for g life. i once heard that you have to get a sailing license, especially for li constance. even people who already have want him no matter what license you have him, but wife will by because here there are rules which don't exist anywhere else in the distance. you must keep from the shore, how to approach the shore demons and how to drop anchor. and maybe not so much here at lake nibbling in. but towards upper la constance, you get real food and winds,
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which come down from the alps. and what might be totally different. here are the storms when a storm approaches, but you often don't see it coming because of the hills here. oh, so you're really taken by surprise. when you get now during the pandemic, which is unfortunately already in a year old. how did it go with sailing? i guess it has decreased, or was it allowed to continue? well, i mean, you're out in the fresh air look. yeah. now as volumes of in a while since we were allowed to do this with this last year, we were only able to start at the end of may or beginning of january on uni. but then so many people came, it was really common asthma looked. this is, but we also noticed during the pandemic, was people rediscovered sailing or discovered. they still had a boat lying in the harbor boat, him awful ega. i forgot my boat can be, i can know exactly so, and they do us doing the pandemic. you saw a lot more boats on the water. no, mom is normally it's pretty full in the summer, but now it was even fuller. ok. we were all booked up to let our school book. thank
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you. my pleasure. i have arrived in mass book here on the problem. not there is usually a lot going on. now during the pandemic, that's not the case with the old town extends up the slope. this is the cities landmark math war castle. and right next it is the castle mill. it was operated right up until 1952. and today it's a nice backdrop for a photo. and of course i'd like to have a picture. so maybe elizabeth, you can help me out. yes, sure. here she with
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the castle is best known for the fact that the famous german poet admitted from boston itself lived and died here in the mid 19th century. in mass book, the ways are short of the few steps. and i'm already at the baroque new palace, which served as the residence of the prince bishops of constance. and the best thing here is the lake view. up there, you can see my now the famous flower islands on lake constance. and it's especially beautiful there in the spring when the tulips start emerging from the ground. well, here's a little sneak peak just for you. ah, the island of my now is a wash and cents and blossoms and a buzz with bees. it's
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a destination for flower lovers over a 1000000 bloom here, each spring, transforming by now into a sea of color. this garden paradise is overseen by the barren adults and noble family. countess bettina is the managing director of clothing splendidly. good morning. it's nice in getting nicer sooner as if why did you to see if he's sick? friend f, linking for joy is huge when spring come and you see the magic nature can conjure up, namely, a massive flowers like this out of some bo, please. what i'm really looking forward to having other stand here soon, but i get him under the gift there. ah, 60 gardener is working hard to keep the flowers blooming, willows fall year long. they plan which kinds of bulbs should be planted way or in the fall to ensure that all the patterns in details emerge as envisioned in the
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spring. like this relief of late constance, next to the bernard duff's castle stands the palm house. in spring visitors can marvel not only at the palm trees, but also at thousands of or kids in bloom. ah, many are also presented online. the defendant fed bring some of the joy of spring into your home mother one company to imagine this to force did. and those who visit my now in person can stroll around the islands. 45, hector is and enjoy its natural beauty lu with till that since spring roses and summer dahlia's in the
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fall and peaceful landscapes in winter. the island of my now changes with the seasons and that the town on rebelling and my next stop it because it city to or awaits me . here after all, new berlin gave this part of lake constance, the lake cuba. it's made. the tour begins on the city's brom. not long as the vault at lake constance hula gob before there was no landing stage and no permanent. and instead a row of houses stood here forming a city wall against the lake. oh, he will be. and the green building pakistan is the how soon found and pendant in pe he jim and speaker regarding the name might think the owner was
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a lazy slob who just sat around. but the name actually comes from the water that was constantly lapping against these buildings. of yours because of that. the building was always damp and full of mold, leading the you billing it to say the house had a foul skin or height, thus the name the house some found on pallets. i was from olive beds. in the 20th century, the large from not was built into the lake. not only is it beautiful, it also serves a practical purpose. the sewage that used to drain into the lake and heavily polluted it runs under it. those times are over today, lake constance is known for its clear and clean water. we had into the old town reverting in was once the richest town on lay constance and therefore needed good fortifications,
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including this, artificially created ditch. at some point, however, it was no longer needed because the weird systems were constantly being expanded, but the new building us had an idea when they mc emitted, when an epidemic broke out in the middle ages found it was really bad because lap a damage were playing cholera oh smallpox and wasn't on the same, was shoved outside the city gates and no one wanted to help them kind of so that then by the opening us thought, we don't need to do that any more. and we have this enclosed sanction of mount. we no longer need tickets, we'll turn that into an isolation war to okay. and i say when you're start soon, right, that is why the ditch is still called black on gum or smallpox trench. today. o 2 also leads as to the saint nicholas minster where the carved altar by the famous sculptor york soon is particularly impressive.
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ah oh less stop is the hoofs dot the central square of rebelling and with the town hall and thicket eat house a formal warehouse your speed. yeah, of the mock, we now standing on the market square, which in any us entries was the richest and biggest on all of lake constance adoption. and to ensure that humanist themselves benefited from this side door. they alone were allowed to shalt pair for the 1st hour on market day i'd coulton. when the 1st hour was over and above the little bell that rang and every one else could come at the door to day, yet still from a lady. this will no longer applies to day side, the so you can shop in the 1st hour. wish them died. come, thank you so much of it and see you next to his mom is a vase life we're going back to sibling in
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my sailing adventure is over. now is just a matter of maneuvering the boat back into the harbor and damaged. so we have to touch the fend us to the railing, which ensure that the boat doesn't get scratched when mort. thank seems oh you hang it out here. i must swim. i modem wrapped the rope around one ama take a crack and cross it. yeah. and around again, you're right. you got it. now i even learned real siemens, not the clothes which done . and we've got solid ground on their own feet. again.
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it's still very quiet here on lay constance due to the panoramic. but as a reporter, i was able to discover this beautiful region in southern germany for you and things are looking up. so i think you will also be able to come here soon and maybe fail across the lake just like me. well, we'll see by, by the next time somewhere else in germany. ah, ah, ah, ah ah, ah, ah ah,
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ah ah, [000:00:00;00] with who she came to party but found dad. an american tourist in berlin died
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from an overdose tragedy. but for insiders, no to 1st, the world famous are hardly seen a few rules by drugs, dancing drugs and death with 15 o d w in good shape. or they are our bodies, wastewater treatment, the kidneys, bladder, urinary tract, their tasks filtering and disposing like waste and talk. so what can we do to assist these organs in good shape? a. d,
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. they are peers and rivals with one daring gold to outsmart nature. one of the most insightful discoveries in the history of mankind. more life starts may 28th on d, w. o . ah, this is dw news live from berlin. russia says it has taken full control of the as of style. still planned to ukrainian officials ordered the last remaining defenders


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