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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  May 21, 2022 10:00am-10:16am CEST

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with one doing goal to help smart nature. one of the most insightful discoveries in the history of mankind. more life starts may 28th on d, w. ah, this is deed of the news alive from berlin. russia says it has taken full control of the as of style. still planned to ukrainian officials ordered the last remaining defenders to surrender to save their lives. on the program. former german
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chancellor finally cuts his ties to russia, state owned oil company, and you have to says gerhard schroeder is leaving its court. it was facing the threat of sanctions over his ties to the permanent and a close vote. down under falls close on australia's east coast in today's federal election. i minister scott morrison's conservatives, are hoping for a 4th term history and opinion polls way against ah, i'm told me a logical welcome to the program. russia says it is now in full control of the as of stall steel works in mario poll after a month long battle to take control of the port city ukrainian soldiers held on to the plant for weeks, despite being surrounded by russian forces and facing constant bombardment
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officials and moscow said the last fighters have surrendered korean president will dimmers, lensky said they had been given permission to leave the still works. soldiers have now been taken to russian control territory, and he says, in hopes will be released as part of a prison exchange. just in crumb is the ceo of the global risk analysis consultant, the civil line and a veteran of the iraq war. welcome to the program, and how much of a blow is the loss of marable for ukraine. i mean, the loss of mario pole was long expected from the crime inside. and of course the defense are we went on much longer. many people would expect it, but i think ukrainian population little bit split. certainly when the news of the surrender started to separate a few days ago and it's been a lengthy process,
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as you know, i think some people are very disappointed that the hold out did not continue other people celebrating just how long it gets there is a splitting the thing out of interest, the russian side, i think very much celebrating the complete capture of mario paul, the surrender of the as of salt font. and they're very focused on that side of it. and i sort of ignored the fact that this held out for 2 months. and instead of focused on the fact that it's full, well, they think affect you, cranium are all in the don't boss. and that's being linked to some of the battlefield changes. we've been seeing in the last, in the last few days. so yeah. can you give us a picture of some of this some, some of these changes have been seeing from the russians, you know. ringback we likely to see this affect their overall military strategy. one of the advantages of mary being completely captured and as of style being captured is that russia no longer has to tie down forces surrounding the perimeter
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of that lot. i'm sure most viewers have seen just quite how large the site was. and you think covering thousands of meters, a frontage was tying up a lot of soldiers that can now be used and russia does need it. soldiers elsewhere on the southern front and in the dumbass, because they are putting together units from a combination of mercenaries, survivors of previous units to try and create spearhead forces. so that's going to be important for russia, but they've still got to hold onto the city itself. restore order that restore services that obviously it is a shell ruined amendment. so it's still a lot to do in my post. they comp free off everyone, but they will be able to free up a few 1000 to may be, but there can be deployed elsewhere. and that is important in the fight in the dumbasses so easily and even the max at the moment with russia making comparatively minor gains off the weeks and weeks of attacks. but still, nonetheless, these all gains on front lines that have been static years in some cases since 2015
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and particularly south and east is about on that, which is last major city held in your hands whether ukrainians. so the very far end of the salient that ukrainian forces holden on bass. i think a lot of russian attention focused on that. and that 1st so really big encirclement of ukrainian forces planned probably for the area the next week or so. very quickly, justin, you know, looking at this, what's just happened to mario poll. we seen the russians, you know, make some gains in some parts and losses and others, but how big a boost will this variable victory be for them? it's all to say setting on social media, you know, it's been taken as a great sign and there's been a lot of focus on the as a regiment. the luxury hotel and as of style, of course, in the russian side is still unclear how they'll be treated. i think i promised to be treated as prisoners of war. i think there moves of them to be treated as terrorists. and of course the notification was this whole reason the claims are
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going to ukraine. they believe that the as a regiment, all right wing, still, i'm focused on that. so that's for the biggest piece that they're getting at the moment. is this sort of victory over right? wing forces in ukraine as far as i said. all right, so security analysts just as a crumb. thank you for speaking to us. especially think russia has cut off supplies of natural gas to finland. according to the finished energy operator. this move comes after russia demanding that finland pay for its energy and rubles to help bolster it's a con, it's currency following economic sanctions. a villain is the latest country to be hit with energy restrictions following poland and bulgaria. and it gets most of its gas from russia, but this only accounts around 5 percent of the country's energy portfolio officials have said there will be no disruption to supplies. one of germany's former chancellors has resigned from the board of russia's state oil company,
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rose nef. grad shorda was facing mounting criticism over his ties to russia, and this week the european parliament called for him to face sanctions. if he didn't quit is to show it is also a long time friend of vladimir putin as dw political correspondence. i'm a young reports for years gear. how good it has been criticized for his closeness to russian interests. some called him the kremlin is chief lobbyist in germany. sure that has refused to criticize the invasion of ukraine. and he played down crimes committed by russian forces within the s b d. the party that schroeder once led, many felt his bees were unacceptable. calls grew for him either to leave voluntarily or face expulsion. this week chancellor shalt himself added to that pressure. one more thing is important to me if i may add, it would be best to go hunt square to resign from his post. schroeder has never
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made a secret of his friendship with vladimir putin. while he was chancellor from 1998 to 2005, he signed the deal to bring rush and gas to germany by the gnawed string pipeline through the baltic sea. and he raised eyebrows by referring to the russian leader as a flawless democrat. soon after leaving office, he accepted a job with rush and energy company gas prom. he later became chairman of the supervisory board of another russian oil giant raw, sniffed. and he's also on the board of the nod stream operating company just why florida has finally changed tack is not clear. it could be down to a motion in the european parliament to put him on a list of those with russian links who could face sanctions, including asset freezes, may be the decision by the abundance talk to withdraw privileges such as a fully staffed office and a driver forced the ex chancellor to think again. whatever the truth many say
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should a support for putin has tarnish, german is international reputation and that damage cannot easily be undone. a rare tornado has swept through western germany, injuring dozens of people and causing severe damage. a twister tall through the city of patter. bon injuring dozens of people. heavy damage was also reported in the nearby town of lips that ah, the shopping mall in pod born was among the buildings damaged as the storm unleashed its destructive force. local police set the storm injured up to 40 people impossible and at least 10 of them seriously. a police statement said the tornado caused millions of euros of damage as it swept through the western german city. ah!
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the storm left a trail of destruction in its wake, with trees uprooted and roofs ripped off. many trees fell on parked cars. the tornado also caused extensive damage. 35 kilometers to the west in lip shot a local resident film. these images near the town square st. trees were scattered and roofs blown off, buildings now, heavy rain and gale force winds. co, severe property damage here as well. around $120.00 bathers were temporarily trapped at a local swimming pool. off to fallen, trees blocked the entrance. let's take a look at some of the stories making news around the world. european health officials say they are concerned about a growing number of monkey pox infections on the continent. they warned that the
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virus could spread at an accelerated rate during the warm summer months. france, germany and belgium all reported their 1st cases on friday. you as president joe biden has been holding talks in soul with his south korean count about unit. you'll focusing on the nuclear threat from north korea earlier by the later reef at a military cemetery. he vowed to deepen the 70 year alliance between the u. s. and south korea. poles of just closed on australia's east coast in closely fort federal election, dominated by climate change. the pandemic and the economy. more than $17000000.00 voters are eligible to cast their ballots, polling stations around the country. prime ministers, morrison's conservatives, are seeking a rare 4th term. despite some pre election polls showing, there could be a change of government. and by his challenger opposition, leader, i was in my albany to morrow 3 more years. let's get the latest on what's been
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happening over in australia. jared read d w reporter. is here to give us the latest average. what do we know about the election so far? ok, so as you say, the poles on the east coast have closed, they will gradually close around the country depending on the different time zone. so accounting has begun in these polls that have closed, you know, experts were saying before the election is going to be down to the wire. we'll see over the next few hours. if that's true in the last election. the opinion polls showed that label would when they didn't win. and so the big question is, can we, can we trust poles? we'll see if they turn out to be correct. but this election, as you say, has been fought on big issues like climate. we have a number of climate focused independent candidates who are hoping to pressure the major parties if they do well. if some of them get elected,
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then they could very well hold the balance of power in the next parliament. there's also other issues like the long term effects of the pandemic, economic wise, all the other kind of normal election issues like cost of living soaring prices. how to deal with shortage of child care. you know, shortage of housing, defense. all of these kinds of issues have been on the minds of voters in australia today and details about the candidates who are standing for prime minister. exactly . so we have scott morrison, also known as going where he has been in office since 2018. he is a former marketing boss and a staunch backer of the coal industry. australia is the world's 3rd largest exporter of fossil fuels. got morrison is doesn't want to go further than the paris climate accord. commitment to reduce emissions of 28 by 28 percent by 2030. his trustworthiness and ability as a, as
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a cry manager has been called into question of lice. are he went on holiday during these devastating bush fires a couple of years ago. that wasn't a good look among the electorate. he also lost popularity because of the roll out of the vaccines from the pandemic. and that didn't go so well as people had hoped. so he took a hit in the poles. his challenger is a man named anthony albanese. he leads the center left labor party. he's also known as albert. so we have schema and albert, he has been talking up his working class background. he was raised in public housing by a single mother. he's promised a great a caught to emissions but hasn't really committed to phasing out or banning coal. i'm, you know, he's kind of campaigned on not being scott morrison. we'll have to see if that works out for him. if we compared the campaign side by side, they'd been quite safe, quite similar campaigns, and we have to see really any of them resonated very much with the electorate at all. oh, right. i think we'll have to leave it there for now,
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but we'll keep an eye on those elections and bring more updates d w 's. jared read. thank you for updating us on that. and that's where we'll leave this edition of the news. and you can of course, get more on our website, d, w dot com. i'm told me a lot of myself and the team. many thanks. fortune with a south a matter is going to spend the rest of our life behind bars for murdering link done with.


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