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me ah ah say that singer wasn't able to see past that illusion. it possibly even more than that. the indications are that that single may be saw that there was the future of the church. because particularly lee in his time as pope he increasingly project to this image of a small love, purer, more fits from church blue, as she does have, i know last year, a very important aspect. and the spirituality of the legionaries is this kind of dualism between a society that has gone mad of new for what benedict, the 16th called the dictatorship of relativism. the ledger, and the church reason,
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which is a kind of bulwark of resistance. viewed who has the store values and true doctrine are protected asia lamb i looked in the ingle defense done as a shad survey in the garage felt i'm as a, as this leashed. the angel of darkness appears at times in the form of an angel of light and anger z. that means i always have to ask myself, when i see the angel these great enthusiastic young priests. is it truly the angel of lightly, or is it only the angel of darkness shrouded behind him? if instead is the hinder forbid enjoy i like him to can eastern me? no, i see him. tall said i joined the legionaries of christ in 1974. when i was 18 after i finished school, the la carfax hinted, i'll de la lake, your matee of the cookies. i worked in the main house at via or alia 677 theater.
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yes, he's all up. it's the mother house in europe by the headquarters, and where the leadership st. i say, did it go yet? no, they li feel. the founder of the legionaries of christ was marcy. l massey. l is uncanny. ability to rally followers made the order a favourite. among the pope's pope john paul, the 2nd saw the legion as saviors. who might restore the church back to its former glory events as yet you can see him feel the legionnaires present. i saw the marcial marcial soon. must you after founding his religious community in mexico in 1941 massy l built a network of schools and universities across 22 countries,
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worth an estimated 25000000000 euros. as the church floundered from a shortage of priests, the legionaries of christ was regularly holding mass ordinations with as many as 60 men ordained at a time. marcia must here let our own shame yell said the marcial ma seattle was a brilliant seducer, a brilliant charlatan. dev. so he knew how to sell his image and communicate what people wanted to see via and feel its empty members of the congregation revered marcial, like a living saint. lou . certain cardinals were friends of the legion. and they were cardinals and
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archbishops in the vatican curia. that supported the legion and protected the lead . but a number of these cardinals, especially cardinal sir donnell, the cardinal secretary of state was given, you know, significant amounts of money by people in the legion for his charities. well, that's a euphemism. as for him, radson who refused, he refused to take any bribes. he refused to take any of the gifts cardinal tar cheesy or tony whom without seeing r would later a point as his secretary of state was also among marcial supporters. for tony would later be implicated in numerous corruption scandals. one involved a children's hospital owned by the vatican by media. so
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alabama managers zoo is a very important hospital receiving which it receives a 270000000 euros annually down from the italian, said david alley. it is under the authority of them that a candidate and on its soil, built by the gonna connect the chisel booth to name cardinal tar cheesy. about tony, with eileen use which 200000 euros from this hospital bill renovate his apartment in the vatican up at the main door in by the ghana. the apartments of all the cardinals are 300 to 500 square meters, large, but some are even a 600 square meters, lowest full model to justify this noise. they say the apartment aren't just for us last, which is after all, will nuns live with us to level it could be one of conroy. ringback in 1997,
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8 men accused marcial of abusing them when they were children. 2 of the victims reported their cases personally to that seniors office. but no investigation was launched. that premier acquisition is in me noisy into love. in the 1st accusation appeared in the mexican price. in 1997 e philip parrot, the legionaries of christ responded by opening schools last universities. these thing and seminaries around the world id to show that the congregation and marcial on and gods glass inc, i e, is my bill paddling last year? old kid, i'll put it him as he added, why was marcial and protected by cardinal as like angelo sedano. now ye wish stanislaus jib ish homo frank ro day young, and darrow caster john know, but for one thing they were business partners. economy. as in the case of cardinal sedano and marcial, as you ought to roles or to get guns, she did our bank care another. they believed that everything marcial did was for
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the good of the charge, the guy most the end, he justified the me on the medals. auto scatter the analysis for get been saba m keep alpha cardinals via a major scandal. while in thought, it's better that by 8 victims be defamed what is rather than risk, millions of catholics because falling away from the fact one is ticket thought he calls pierre benefee. ah, duty is can hold, could equity leisure refused. it became clear that the legionaries of christ had gained enormous power over the vatican. enormous shima yeoman talking. at the same time, the accusations were becoming more and more serious. all this was threatening to blow up in his face. pittsville, if you will, her by leave you gamble in this period of uncertainty. pope john paul. the 2nd died after a long illness santo by that his holy father john paul. the 2nd it has returned to
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the house of the father with for 26 years. john paul, the 2nd, had served the catholic church as the supreme pontiff. now, the cardinals were faced with the question of who should replace him? ah, joseph, that singer presided over the funeral. and the requiem mass ah, he had the most powerful position in the curia. probably even more powerful in some ways than secretary of state. he was the one cardinal over there,
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the knew everybody else and he knew the system better than anybody else. and he knew all these men that were going in there to vote here coin. calling near maxima in the week that followed a paypal conclave convened to elect a new pope st . home vaux and boon shaw. thus his dream was to write
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a book about jesus of nazareth, tribe, and void to eva useless for not sight. and naturally he wanted to do that relieved of the burdens of office in class and duties of office. i'm spirit infinite. i'm splish. after a brief conclave, 78 year old got singer was elected pope. he chose the name benedict, the 16th, officially becoming the vicar of christ on earth. as lonesome there, gummed up steamer in when the counting of the ballads slowly made clear that the guillotine was followed by so to speak up would fall on me. i'm your gun. swim, i felt quite dizzy. he shouted and i had thought that i had done my lights won't answer and good now hope for a peaceful end to my days. young men, otago, horse,
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and sir do up until that point that singer had stood in the shadow of john paul the 2nd. but now he was the supreme shepherd over a block that was divided on how to interpret the church doctrine. the next day we went for work as usual, and then we had the announcement that the pope wanted to come to say hello. so his 1st visit was coming back to the congregation greeting every one of us and thanking us for being what he used to call his family and family freakish to inform which was who is the right person for this office than rats in that is certainly not the right answer, but when one asks which office is the right one for yourself? rach singer goes if where he is miss. sheltered from reality. and then the paypal office is really the right one. because as pope he is symbol tenuously, the supreme legislator and supreme interpreter of the lords,
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he has all the offices and nobody. and no matter what he does, nobody can really interfere haydn. ah, because you college bottom else i can look at the church as the successor of the crucified christ. walking on earth, fog in the dust lights in the dirt. and shelburn pope francis speaks of the church as a field hospital for example, head on end. but i can also see the church as an outpost of the exalted christ, not in all its splendour and glory, hurt and so naturally, my lifestyle. and the manner in which i assume the offers revolves around that interpretation of my limbs. to london. 2 visas on the house for is he named garcia pom. so it's not that he was entrusted and pumped, but he wanted to show i am the pope is and every piece of clothing is one might say
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you away to another. my son, tracy trades back as an individual and take on this role, duffy. and it was noticeable that he fell back on elements and that were actually considered outdated or discontinued by john paul. the 2nd will be shown by annas polyps. why then? oh, slow for denver. a hot speech also into all indies so. so he boxed himself inside this world of the vicarious office of christ. i'm to us. i get parked ah ah ah ah.
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but the problems were not singer would come to face as pope were ones he'd already struggled with as cardinal. i happened to arrive at the congregation in october, 2002. and in november, cases starting, arriving from the united states. and it was a veritable avalanche of cases. we're talking about tens of cases on a daily basis by the 1980s child abused by clergy and the catholic church was no longer a secret in 2002 journalists from the boston globe. one, a court order forcing the archdiocese of boston to hand over a trove of sealed documents. the documents revealed that the churches internal practice was to secretly transfer abusive priests from one parish to the next to boston revealed to the world that the major problem was the
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duplicity, the dishonesty of the hierarchy, of the bishops who were covering this up. and then lying about the newspaper team with the boston globe. not only did stories about the individual priests, but they went after the system. and that's what was important. there had a way of doing a comp on the table with his hand, which, which expressed his frustration at how are people could betray the priesthood under holiness of their vacation. and you could also feel this suffering in the way he reacted to narratives. and you could also see it in his eyes want to ask you a question about.


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