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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  May 21, 2022 2:00pm-2:16pm CEST

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ah, yes, the wine, because no one should have to flee. make up your own mind. d. w. made for mines. ah ah, this is dw news lie from berlin, ukraine's president says victory will come through negotiation not fighting. philadelphia zelinski says diplomacy is the only way forward after his government ordered the last remaining mario full defenders to surrender to save their lives.
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also on the program, a former german chancellor finally cuts his ties to russia's state owned oil company. boston. yep, says gearhart schroeder is leaving its board. he was facing the threat of you sanctions over his ties to the kremlin and a close vote down under poles close and vote counting begins in australia after today's federal election, early results point to a likely defeat for prime minister scott morrison's conservatives, who had been hoping for a ware 4th term ah . greetings to our viewers around the world on michael o, coo ukraine's president says, victory for ukraine will come at the negotiating table not on the battlefield. philadelphia zalinski made this pronouncement during a saturday address on ukrainian television. not long after russia claimed its
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greatest prize of the war. moscow says it is in full control of the as of stall still works in mario pl. after a month long battle to take control of the port city hughes, which zalinski to say e. m. o humble them daughter, victory will be difficult. the good alarm will be bloody and in battle, a leg its end will be in diplomacy. yes, she, i am very convinced of this the right. there are things that we can bring to an end without sitting at the negotiation table. he almost always portugal. that's how it is. because we would like to get back everything or cisco and russia doesn't want to give without anything. they did that inches long, mitchell and t w's max xander joins me now from keith, on mac. so, so any prospect for breakthrough, any time soon?
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well, he training president says lensky made a few interesting statements in that address today. and he also spoke about the situation and, and mario pole and the end of the siege there. and he told us that his audience, that he had many times asked foreign leaders to send military equipment and heavy weapons to help unblock with military means. and since this didn't happen, he had to resort to diplomacy. and other interesting fact he, he gave there was that was that, that it would be considered a victory to take back the territory that ukraine held until the invasion of that ukraine by the russians. as of 24th of february, everything else could then be dealt with at the negotiation table. meeting a russian antics crimea, perhaps, and the dumbest region that was a annexed by that, that was a control that it's under control by russian backed rebels since 2014. so it does seem that at the moment um, military means are not the only, it's not going to make it is not going to make the difference alone. and the
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president's look more into a diplomatic means. but that being said, the last, the last meeting, the last negotiation between the ukranian ends and their russian counterparts was on $24.00 at 22nd of april, almost a month ago. and as if now, were not aware of anything else scheduled in the, in the next couple of days. again, after nearly 3 months. it, it certainly appears that the siege of the murray, opal is over. why, which it's so important for russia to win control of this port city. right, so the russians taken mario poll defeating essentially the, as a regiment, as a huge, a propaganda wind for great for their internal propaganda. and they're gonna use it as to, to turn it to make it look like a, like a huge victory. with that being said, maria pull lies strategically between russian annex crimea and the eastern parts, the parts that are held by russian back separatists. and it's a straight from
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a strategic point of view, it's helpful for the russians to control this entire area and be able to create a land corridor, meaning that they can move troops and supplies freely from crimea to the east. in addition to that, it also deprives the ukrainians of access to the sea of herself. and most importantly, the defenders. and they also steal plants and got all the attention of russian forces of artillery of special forces, of, of tanks. and these troops now that were bound and kept busy, can now regroup and be moved to other parts of the country and engaged in the offensive, their max less than half a minute. what's the situation in the rest of done thus? right, so the situation there is intensifying and the russians are pushing forward with full force. and as i said, we're expecting that some of the,
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the russian forces that were bound in that, in and around maria pull will actually engage in the fighting in the, in the, in the east there at the right now as, as of now, there are only 2 cities, we're hearing that in ballasa region that are still you control by ukrainian forces and the some military experts expect that. the city of surveillance on yeske will be a late c, h 2 in the next couple of days. that is a mac xander in keep many things max russia has cut off supplies of natural gas to finland. according to the finish energy operator, the move comes after russia demanded that finland pay for its energy in rubles, to help bolster the russian currency following economic sanctions. finland is the latest country to be hit with energy restrictions after poland and bulgaria. it gets most of its gas from russia, but gas only accounts for around 5 percent of the country's energy portfolio
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officials in helsinki have said there will be no disruption to supplies. one of germany's former chancellors has resigned from the board of russia's state oil company was an eft. gerhard schroeder has been facing mounting criticism over his ties to russia and this week the european parliament called for him to face sanctions. if he did not quit, mister schroeder is also a long time friend of vladimir putin. d. w. political correspondent, simon young reports. for years gearhart, gerda has been criticized for his closeness to russian interests. some called him the kremlin chief lobbyist in germany. schroeder has refused to criticize the invasion of ukraine, and he played down crimes committed by russian forces within the s b d. the party that showed a once led, many felt his bees were unacceptable, cools, grew for him, either to leave voluntarily or face expulsion. this week chancellor sholtes himself
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added to that pressure. one more thing is important to me. if i may add, it would be best if gant school resigned from his post. should has never made a secret of his friendship with vladimir putin. while he was chancellor from 1998 to 2005, he signed the deal to bring russian guest to germany by the north string pipeline through the baltic sea. and he raised eyebrows by referring to the russian leda as a flawless democrat. soon after leaving office, he accepted a job with rush and energy company gas problem. he later became chairman of the supervisory board of another russian oil giant ra, sniffed. and he's also on the board of the north stream operating company. just why further has finally changed tack is not clear. it could be down to a motion in the european parliament to put him on
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a list of those with russian links who could face sanctions, including asset freezes, may be the decision by the abundance tug to withdraw privileges such as a fully staffed office and a driver force the ex chancellor to think again. whatever the truth many say should as support for putin has tarnished german is international reputation. and that damage cannot easily be undone. now to some of the other stories making news around the world that their shower, at least one person has been killed. as tornadoes swept through western germany violent storms have injured around 40 people in the city of potter born. some seriously trees and peril lines were pulled down while buildings were damaged. the stormy weather is sad to continue. european health officials say they are concerned about the growing number of monkey pox infections on the continent. they warn that the virus could spread at an accelerated rate during the warm summer months. france, germany and belgium all reported their 1st cases on friday. us president joe biden
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and his shaft korean counterpart unit. so y'all say they could expand a joint military exercises to, to turn north korea, hoping to strengthen us alliances. biden is on a visit to south korea and japan. but he also said he would need north korea's leader if he were sincere. but early counting from australia's federal election indicates a probable defeat for the incumbent. conservative government. it follows a fiercely fought campaign, dominated by climate change, the pandemic and the economy. some of the more than $17000000.00 voters cast their ballots at polling stations around the country earlier today. prime minister scott morrison's conservatives, had hoped to defy the odds and obtain a rare 4th term, but result so far show that's looking less likely with a probable change of government led by his challenger,
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opposition leader anthony albin. easy. correspondent michel harrison clash has more from sydney. the tallying process is underway. officials anal sifting through millions of votes after australians to day went to the polls to have their say. here in sydney i met some voters who brave the wish and wild where that to cast their ballots. some boat has told me they thought that said prime minister. it's scott morrison is doing a great job. others though sadie was time to vote, he is conservative, liberal national coalition out, but a record number of voters already had their say before election day. the australian electoral commission says they were more than 8000000 pre paul votes and postal votes. that's around half of the countries registered voters while to day in his last press conference of the campaign. mr. morrison said this election was not about his feelings, but about the australian people, the leader of the labor opposition, anthony alban, easy in his final speech,
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said he wants to change politics and change the way the government operates among the big issues that matter to australians, right now all the soaring cost of living a national housing crisis and climate change, especially following the countries worst of a bush fire season and more recently devastating floods on the ground, there was a lack of enthusiasm and a sense of fatigue with disillusion voters turning to independent candidates and mine a parties well they could hold the balance of power if neither one of the major parties secure was an outright majority to nice to form a majority government. 76 seats is the magic number. some sports for you now and in football. the women's champions league final is nearly upon us. the competition's most successful club, frances li, all faced title holders force, a loaner inter and the road to italy. has she in the women's game blossom like
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never before? as fans turned out in droves, champions league holders barcelona, shattered the world record attendance for women's football at the semi final stage this year, with over 91000 at the camp note to watch their idols thump germany's bolts berg. 0, one of the players they came to see was 14 african football. the year as a soccer sweller, the nigerian has come a long way once burned from playing football by her parents who thought the sport unsuitable for their daughter. she was part of last year's champions league winning site and no wants to repeat that incredible experience. you feel like you are? everything in the world you know is, is like you have the most mirror that mirror foot trophy, right in your presence or your france. you can already, you can casey and or whatever you want. it is just every one of our walking. are we on humiliate barcelona for $1.20 spinal harsh lesson, which well,
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a says it was like a would defeat for us. so open our eyes and see what we can improve as a team, we need to play more together. we need to stay together more. we need to improve on our defensive activities. how does he gerberg was one of the leon players who laid bare barcelona deficiencies. 3 years ago, after a long spell out through injury, the champions league record scholar is back in the team and among the goals, as leon looked to make it a title since 2011, the french side of also enjoyed super backing from the funds. and like bossa, they'll be hoping for more of the same. what promises to be a memorable night event is, is $42000.00 capacity stadium and sharon. the professional tennis tours have stripped wimbledon of its ranking points after the grand slam event band players from russia and bellows due to the war in ukraine. the tours which run the men's
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women's junior and wheelchair events said they had to stop players from being discriminated against on political grounds. but wimbledon hit back with the all england club. shang, a ban was the only viable decision given the u. k. stance on liberating rushes global influence. that's all for now, coming up a documentary about bio diversity on an atlantic island with plants and animals, found nowhere else on earth. a michael oak, who thanks for watching d. w and to stay with us in a south they matter is going to spend the rest of our life behind bars for mercury, berkeley, police.


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