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points after the grand slam events ban players from russia and belly was due to the war in ukraine. the tours which run the men's women's junior and wheelchair events said they had to stop players from being discriminated against on political grounds . but wimbledon hit back with the all england club saying a ban was the only viable decision given the u. k. stands on limiting rushes, global influence. that's all for now. coming up we meet a ukrainian man who escaped from the besieged city of marie opal. then came back to save others. that's on report after the break a michael. ok. thanks for watching the w. ah, i'm you can that. i think that's hard. and in the end this i'm me, you are not allowed to you anymore. we will send you back. are you familiar with
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this with the smugglers with lions as of the what's your story. ready ready i mean, wasn't, i was women, especially victims of violence in a lot of take part and send us your story. we are trying always to understand this new culture. so you are not a visitor, not the guests. you want to become a citizen in phil migrants, your platform for reliable information. ah . yet, and i was born in marry a paul. i grew up them. i used to laugh mary a whole new quote.
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oh mrs. madeau put in my had a business in mary a little jenny. i understood that the town was under siege. so nobody was driving out that it was not my staff whether they're still in your career and i just promised them and i would come, you know, bring aid on the and take them out of the home or she would lose a good. i thought when i just took that decision, everything is viable. i'm on the road. i hope all will be fine and i will get where i am worried and nervous. but i'm on the way you would give me a global sort of, i wouldn't say was difficult. this just didn't know what i would encounter.
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mister mother missed him on his my friends and i pulled money to buy this bond of believe was the result in the past. we were loaded it with provisions and painted. it will so it would be recognizable with album in the thought it all went really smoothly. a fast young booster. it was and then when i drove past the last ukrainian checkpoint in or a cover to see him, i encountered the wall global minima, local with soy, the minus 80. thank you. the plant out tanks with her. these are horrors, the you see videos here, the ball mule to the flats went via cake. don't look when you yell below. are you my youth or kyle? oh, of the i grade in your relented quiet. you bible's here to hear the none that actually a little here were still there dolly you but i drove yeah, yeah. well that's go, i show you something that i had a business in mary, a polish and it was a club. carry okey lounge bar. but this is another floor
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wanted just to most of the space was in place. milton, it had concrete ceilings, a bumblebee or so we transformed it into a bomb shelter of it all. i hadn't measured the strength, but for the moment it was comfortable. it was pacey, there was a grill, and so we could cook food and boil water. do you order over the ice 1000, everyone doing? no, so we're having a blast, a fair number one was bullied years old. cornel with we had people on duty we had scavengers foraging, but a food was used. we had people procuring water as well. everything was so organized that we could joke that it's a 5 star bomb shelter, or the bumble bureau ship beds yours or unless it, oh yeah, it's been snowing and that means we will clean up to day bilateral bud, to the home. and there was a telegram group where i added all my friends and relatives mccormick. since i didn't know if i would ever return, i wrote in it every night. you'll see how it was for us here was about les
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yesterday. basil. so went to the neighboring bomb, shall to assume that i said we were trying to go anywhere where they were children anymore. if we couldn't drive that, we would bring the 8 by foot. thorsten below, there was always fear of what you're always afraid, that something could land near this bullet hit right here to 3 ball and more we often took his soul, but everything that came at us missed what something had here. oh dear i'm sure and here yes, the run down and he asked why did you want me, danny machine? lucky for that i bought the car in front of the entrance. it protected us. what did
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you guys understand where the bomb dropped just behind it? oh yeah, no, no, no i, i was all on my contract by that moment with them in that car a grandma died and her grandson and i dragged her over the road or, oh, barely at balboa, school you, which is that all? what's on my face through blood a lot easier. yes. it's terrific. all you have to understand this is the shelters issue or or the meat or i hope the kids will survive. it's terrible. to see the makes me cry. like they're so scary or screaming. i hope god will save them, wasn't going to ring just ring. we try our best with
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it's terrible. the memories are coming back. sam. oh yes, that's the one thing i was most afraid of saying was a dead child's body at the whenever they were bodies on the street or small piles. so i tried to look away. yes. all so these children, especially in my life super school, but i'm a father, i didn't do that. we're proposing. if i'd seen a dead child's body, i would have broken the g u v table. i certainly would have broken down that mountain. i wouldn't have been the same altered as yep, yep. slomo. with of them into the schools. yep. and then a nibble. the tim was added after the strike. i looked at the car and said okay,
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let's try to fix the car. you know? but i didn't even have to renew them. i sat in the car to turn the key and the motor started on the left or got put in the deal and where it had to machine is that the brakes were thermal ranks. yep, i'll tell dora nibble at the wheel after the ass trying. i had no more brains in. but they wanted to pull that in, mary paul, you didn't need them. i just thought it was all good, just speed across the city as you want. as all you can settle, the only thing i was afraid of me was crashing into a tank gun or a military g. when were you in the group? this time of year it was valuable, moralistic we were waiting for an opportunity to leave him in the valley. anyway out. that was not completely mind. you did the 1st opportunity. we left early to children, pregnant women and mothers with children, the video in the me. but i lose ations did me to my passengers are
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away to the camera with i when we left, there were several people, one baby and 3 children. me, my sister under friends who we had met with the shelter which is for it was terrifying my badge and we passed mines and tanks. there were lots of mannequins. i mean, dead people who deal with we told them there were mannikin with that. in fact they were good buddies. right. right. of chin. i dont know if i sometimes dream about the gunfire. rubbish, i don't wake up. i always dream until the end was never look up so and then i wake up in the morning because i'm afraid everybody is still asleep at that time. he feels i haven't told anybody, but let me come when you're of course,
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you're afraid of never, ever magazine. when i got off the bus and when you pro, i went into a shop for a novel to like go into your smoking subconsciously. i was looking for things like battery. you said he, food medicine ready to grab anything i could find in money for the next shell hoble, but messy. yup. just left the club and then i understood but i am in civilization now. and then i have to go and pay for all of it. this is just for the deluxe emotional pity. if there was a pushed or open a glass on it was a beautiful city and it, it just began to bloom them blue. i love the city. so much i grew up as a dumble, i had lots of friends that went with my hometown
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dad. that would be just the theater is the only place from where i didn't take any candles. so because conditions were so good with school, there were rooms that would be shared by 3 families with kids. me. i thought it was a place that would not be hit that yes, because everyone understood that it was full of people who were hiding maya from the bomb attempt at that at them yesterday. did you get to that they had said home bullshit. huh. so much a year or 2, that was the motivation of the person who sent the rocket to this building with mine. what did he think at that moment? storm slipped my man, why did i do it? she is a charitable agility and he pushed in off. they came to liberate and want to liberate us from want yet not from our life home dorm. i'll not one suddenly or with an impish people. astonished at austin. we mean so that that means
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they trying to destroy everything we housing tumult. that's what they can do. over to nothing else, classes or multiple or more, it's the most difficult time as at 9. or you go from shelter to shelter during the day and collected all these negative impressionable fellows. yes, and in the evenings all the ends up emotions were released. you go annual with you, i would hide in the dark corner so nobody would see it because i'm driving. she's crying mission field in each branch of law for the sure. no, that's how we fuel up with o as i'm us. another boss has joined us. it's called the last wildcard ask. there are more and more of us go to the next move to boise was bureau with global again
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on my class trip. i was the only one will stop by my 3rd trip, i will be standing in the queue at the check points. so 40 minutes in a vehicle that was so many people who wanted to help and get people out of there. what would you, the only thing that brought in did or show the world who ukrainians on you know what ukraine is euclidean people have closed ranks, new disabilities all derivative. the volunteers have brought thousands out of the city and that own cancels or near, comparable to many did not return it. some drove into a maya. some got caught in the crossfire while driving at night and sandwich logistical. most of them just said somebody needs to do this and they went model these a regular ukrainians at the regular people to push through the
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suddenly 7 percent. how to be young and successful. just doing me in it is what it is. he's african stoners. i'm pressing the world on, i believe lang wow. this is amazing and i just go. so people tried influenza toward teaching cliches and took up the challenge. al human to me could be the 1st. i could listen to the 7 percent of the rare natural spectacle in an improved world. the mass movies have returned to the coast of the remote island of saint holding. one of
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the many success stories from a bastion of biodiversity. ah, saint louis in 45 minutes on d, w. d. w's crime fighters are back with africa. most successful radio drama series continues, but all episodes are available online. and of course you can share and discuss on d. w, africa's facebook, and other social media platforms. crime fighters tune in now wherever you're watching from this is the 77 percent. if you're young and african, then this sure is made for you. but my name is michael or t and i'll be your driver today with today's sure.


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