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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  May 21, 2022 5:00pm-5:16pm CEST

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about the stories that matter to ah, whatever it takes to least man follow with me on fire made for mines. ah ah, this is dw news, a lie from berlin, change at the top as australia's conservative government admits election defeat anthony alban easy is to be sworn in as the new prime minister. his labor party celebrating its 1st victory in 15 years. he's promising to unite the nation.
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ukraine's president sheds victory will come through negotiations not fighting. the lot of me as a lensky orders. the last remaining mario pl defenders to surrender. to save their lives and tornadoes tear through western germany. storms leave a trail of destruction. dozens are injured with widespread property dam. ah, i'm michael ok. welcome. australia's labor party is celebrating victory in national elections. the vote brings stores and almost a decade of conservative government labor leader anthony albanese is set to be the new prime minister of fiercely thought election campaign was dominated by climate change. the pandemic and the economy. inflation is at it,
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its highest and nearly 20 years of uneasy says he wants to unite australia tonight, the astrology and people have voted for chinese. ah, i am humbled by this victory. i know i'm honored to be given the opportunity to serve as the 31st prime minister of a tri australians. conservatives were in power for almost a decade. huge outgoing prime minister, scott morrison conceding defeat. i've always believed in australians and their judgment. and i've always been prepared to accept their verdicts and to not they have delivered their burdick and i congratulate antony abernathy in the labor party and i wish him and his government all the very best. now there are many brides still the count that is true. and there are many pre pauls and parcels that will
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still come in. but i believe it's very important that this country has certainty. let's get more now from our report reporter, jared read. jared 1st question is why you think the country decided for change? i think a lot of factors are playing into the results that we're seeing today. what is clear is that voters do want change and they have really turned away from the traditional to party structure in australia, of, of the conservatively rules and, and the central if labor party and have there's been a huge surge and support for the greens and climate focused anti corruption, independence who are doing really well. those independence largely have been taking seats off the incumbent, liberal conservative party. so this is one factor. i think another factor is trust. that was a big part of the selection. i think when voters were going to the ballot box today,
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maybe they were thinking should a man like scott morrison, who's a staunch supporter of australia's fossil fuel industry? is he the right person to lead a country that experts say is going to be facing severe weather events going forward? like we've recently seen with, with the floods and with the bush fires, not just climate, but also other challenges as well. soaring prices, cost of living, very high inflation, which is at a 20 year high right now. issues like child care, aged care, housing. there's a rental crisis to i think all of these factors just will together and lead voices to want something different and they're different comes in the name of anthony albanese and his incoming party. it strikes me that a lot of our viewers might not have heard his name. tell us a little bit more about the incoming prime minister. well, anthony albany, is someone that has been involved in australia, labor movement since he was a very young man. he grew up in public housing. he was raised by
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a single mother in this kind of working. humble background is something that he is used to try and connect with voices. he is somebody that back when a stretch it was changing its prime ministers. he ended up being deputy prime minister for a very short period back in 2013. he is somebody that is not perhaps as ambitious on climate change as the greens and independents would like him to be . but he has promised to make a strain, energy, renewable energy, superpower. he's also promised to tackle inflation. and he wants to give a referendum on getting indigenous people an institutional voice in national policy making. and he has largely late a safe campaign. pretty much based on the fact of trust and not being as divisive of as perhaps the, the going prime minister's got. morrison is inclusion, inclusion,
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inclusion is what i'm hearing there. so with the concern of conservatives in with labor, what does this change in government actually portend for the australian people and for the nation? you know, i would love to be able to answer that, but there is a very, we are not quite there yet because the simple fact is, we don't know yet where the labor will be able to lead a majority or a minority government. it's, it's edging towards the 76 magic number it needs in the lower house. it's not quite day yet. and depending on how the postal votes go, there was a record number of postal votes they still need to be counted, will depend on where the labor can push forward it's agenda or whether it will need to go further on. things like climate and corruption, then it would probably be comfortable with if it wants to support and needs the support of parties like the greens and these climate focused independence. that's a reporter and one of our resident australians, jerry reed, thank you so much. jared, ukraine's president,
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the lottery zalinski says victory will come at the negotiating table, not at the battlefield. russia claims it has full control of the as of style still works in mario pl. after months of fighting for the city, zelinski says ukraine wants to get back to normality. me, but i'm all of those victory will be difficult. you get a while will be bloody and in battle, a leg, but it's and will be in diplomacy. you have them. i am very convinced of this the right nikki. there are things that we can bring to an end without sitting at the negotiation table. he was from louise portugal. that's how it is, because we would like to get back everything he's got and russia doesn't want to give with august anything needed that inches long. mutual and d, w correspondent, mac xander, ease in cheve. and earlier i asked him, what else ukraine's leader had to say. well,
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he training president says lensky made a few interesting statements in that address today. and he also spoke about the situation and, and mario pole, and the end of the siege there. and he told us that his audience, that he had many times asked foreign leaders to send military equipment and heavy weapons to help unblock with military means. and since this didn't happen, he had to resort to diplomacy. and other interesting fact he, he gave there was that was that, that it would be considered a victory to take back the territory that ukraine held until the invasion of that ukraine by the russians as of 24th of february. everything else could then be dealt with at the negotiation table. meeting a russian antics crimea, perhaps, and the dumbest region that was a annexed by that, that was a control that it's under control by russian backed rebels since 2014. so it does seem that at the moment i'm a military means are not the only,
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it's not going to make it is not going to make the difference alone. and the prisons look more to a diplomatic means. but that being said, the last last meeting, the last negotiation between the ukranian ants and their russian counterparts was on $24.00 a 22nd of april almost a month ago. and as of now, were not aware of anything else scheduled in the, in the next couple of days. again, after nearly 3 months, it had certainly appears that the c giovanni, mario full is over. why was it so important for russia to win control of this port? city right, so the russians taken mario po defeating essentially the as a regiment, as a huge, a propaganda when for great for their internal propaganda. and they're gonna use it as to, to turn it to make it look like a, like a huge victory. with that being said, maria pull lies strategically between russian and extreme mia and the eastern parts,
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the parts that are held by russian back separatists and sir street from a strategic point of view. it's helpful for the russians to control this entire area and be able to create a land quarter, meaning that they can move troops and supplies freely from crimea to the east. in addition to that, it also deprives the ukrainians of access to the sea of herself. and most importantly, the defenders. and they also steal plant and got all the attention of russian forces of artillery of special forces of, of tanks and these troops. now that were bound and kept busy, can now regroup and be moved to other parts of the country and engaged in the offensive, their max less than half a minute. what's the situation in the rest of done thus? right, so the situation there is intensifying,
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the russians are pushing forward with full force. and as i said, we're expecting that some of the russian forces that were bound in, in and around multiple will actually engage in the fighting in the, in the, in the east there. and the right now as, as of now, there are only 2 cities. we're hearing that in ballasa region that are still you control by ukrainian forces. and some military experts expect that the city of seville don't yest, will be laid siege to in the next couple of days. that is a max xander in keep many things, max some of the other stories making news around the world. now, the world health organization says there are now a $130.00 confirmed and suspected cases of monkey pox worldwide. the outbreak is baffling. scientists as the disease is normally only found in central and west africa. u. s. president joe biden, and south korea's un suki all say they might expand joint military exercises in
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response to north korean missile launches. biden also says he's willing to meet north korea's liter fighting is visiting the region to strengthen us alliances. french president mental math hall has announced his new cabinet career diplomat. cat tween colona becomes the foreign minister. elizabeth born will serve as frances 1st woman, prime minister in 30 years warner fair. i know who tornadoes have injured dozens of people in western germany. the city of pato born was hardest head, emergency services and volunteers are now clearing the wreckage. after fierce winds wrecked havoc and the city of potter born heavy equipment was deployed in the clear up as unlawful. i can't believe what i'm saying. august long. i never imagined that things to get so out of hand and such
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a short period of time. also as one of my home. the evening before the well when swept through the city in western germany, areas across the country were hit by gales and heavy rain, causing this building to collapse and bury 14 people under it all survived. one man was electrocuted when it's tele, filled with water. as the lightning provide at the light effects, rock band gums giant waited for the storm to pass the city of leipzig before being able to continue their show. food and fuel prices have risen sharply since the invasion of ukraine. higher cost mean some people are getting creative. one woman in germany has given up her car in favor of an alternative mode of transport. oh, it's the morning commute, but not as you know it. with fuel prices spiraling,
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33 year old stephanie kitchena decided to opt for a cheaper form of transport. giving up her s u v. i'm traveling the old fashioned way instead. that it does ish and yet no, ma'am. i no longer use my toyota, which only gives me 17 miles per gallon and south or even last when i transport things in large and litter. so if i managed to ride the horse every day, then i said about $250.00 euros each month on fuel than bash, so only it's my laptop. so she admits her choice of transport is not popular with motorists, but delights the kids in the local village. and although she's able to make the 6 kilometer journey to work, stephanie accepts it's not ideal for traveling more widely yet and can finish it. i can, you can just put a horse in a parking garage. now it would be nice. i think
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a lot more people would use horses if more places accommodate them mad. but i don't think society is ready for that because there chap fate isn't. so like with no sign of the fuel crises abating for now, stephanie is determined to stay away from her for wheels and travel on fall hoofs instead. well, that's all for now. after the break, a dw documentary looks at fire diversity on the island of st. helena, i'm michael. okay, thanks for watching d. w and do stay with us. and we're interest in the global economy. our portfolio d. w business beyond.


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