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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  May 21, 2022 11:00pm-11:16pm CEST

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go out, smart nature. one of the most insightful discoveries in the history of mankind. more life starts may 28th on d, w. blue. ah ah, this is dw news live from berlin. change at the top down under the labor party, wins office in australian elections. incoming prime minister, anthony albin, easy promises to unite the nation after ousting longstanding conservative government ukraine's president says,
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his army has inflicted serious damage on russia's armed forces. despite the fall of the city of mariel. ah, next vice are welcome to the program. australia's labor party is celebrating victory and national elections. the vote brings to an end almost a decade of conservative government labor leader, anthony albanese will be the new prime minister climate change. and the pandemic were the big campaign issues, but so was inflation now at its highest in nearly 30 years. 20 years with nearly 2 thirds of the votes, counted, albany is said to lead the biggest party in parliament, but has not yet secure the 76 seats. needed for an outright majority. the labor chief says he wants to unite australia. tonight, the astrology and paypal,
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a boucher for china. ah, i am humbled by this victory. i know i'm honored to be given the opportunity to serve as the 31st prime minister of australia's conservatives were in power for almost a decade. here's outgoing prime minister scott morrison conceding defeat. i've always believed in australians and their judgment, and i've always been prepared to accept their verdicts and to not they have delivered their verdict. and i congratulate anthony abernathy in the labor party and i wish him and his government all the very best. now there are many brides still the camp that is true, and there are many pre pauls and parcels that will still come in. but i believe it's very important that this country has certainty. and we'll get more on this from a reporter. jared reader happens to hell from australia. of course one card it look,
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every voter has the reason going into the, you know, put their ballot in the ballot box, but big picture wise. what were the trends that caused a subset look, there were a lot of different trends and we can see them playing out into the result. what is clear is that voters have really upset these dominant 2 party system in australia. of the conservatives and the labor party in favor of minor parties like the greens who have done it really well. and these climate focused anti corruption, independents who have been taking more traditionally conservative states off the conservatives. and as a result, they've had a pretty shocking result. this time around, we have that, but we also have a big factor of trust and i think what was on the minds of voters was things like climate change with a staunch supporter of australia's fossil fuel industry was the right person to lead australia during a time when experts say more extreme weather events taking place and they going to keep happening like the floods and the bush fires. also,
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he's handling of the pandemic. the sluggish vaccine roll out has played a part, but there are many challenges facing australia. aside from that, you mentioned some of them storing cost of living high inflation and you know, child care aged kids, rising prices, rising housing, rental shortages, all of these factors have come together to lead australians to as we can see in these results, call for change all right, so new prime minister, his name is anthony albany, who is anthony up and easy is, has been the labor leader since the parties to face at the last election in 2019. he is somebody that has focused quite a lot on his likability and his background. he came, he grew up in public housing was raised by a single mother and kind of humble beginnings. humble roots is something that he's used to connect with versus he is pushing for more ambitious short term
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goals in climate change, reducing emissions. he wants to tackle inflation. he wants to his promising a more robust social safety net. and he wants to give a referendum on giving indigenous people and institutional voice in national policy making in terms of climate to he's also saying he wants to make a trailer, australia, renewable energy, super power. so that's who he is. and that's what we can expect domestically from a government led by him and internationally. what does this change for australia's, you know, partners and even rivals anthony albany. he says that the cornerstone of australian foreign policy is its relationship with the united states. he is a supporter of this august pac, between australia, britain and australia to provide a strategy with these nuclear powered submarines that something he supports. he wants to build better relations with indonesia, these very large,
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important neighbor on australia doorstep. but the number one foreign policy item facing the incoming government is dealing with the aggression of china in the region and albany. he says that he wants to, to deal with that in a more assertive way. ok to reach. thanks so much for insight into the australian election upset ukraine's president lensky says, his army has inflicted serious damage on russia's armed forces, even though the city of mary, opal has just fallen. the last remaining fighters there have surrendered after a siege. lasting nearly 3 months. so lensky also says only a diplomatic breakthrough can end the war. brushing t v broadcast images of what they say are the last soldiers leaving the as of style steel plant. these fighters have become a symbol of ukraine's resistance against russia's invasion. their fate now is unclear. russia has branded them nazis and threatened to put them on trial for war
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crimes. ukraine is called for the capture soldiers, to be swap for russian prisoners of war. ukraine's president has not address russia's claim to have taken the as of style planet in them. but he says victory will not come on the battlefield. his only through diplomacy r e. but a more hobbled dog. victory will be difficult. he could awhile will be bloody and in battle. aleki but its end will be in diplomacy. yes. feminine have shown what was she lying? very convinced of her c. e rich. nikki. there are things that we can bring to an end without sitting at the negotiation table. he was always hortshoi. that's how it is, because we would like to get back everything her cisco and russia doesn't want to give it back to say anything. they did that inches long. mitchell could rush shows no sign of wanting to end the war through diplomacy. moscow sees the battle of marsupial as a strategic victory. defense experts say that russia could now relocate its forces
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to intensify its offensive in other parts of eastern ukraine. and d, w, correspond mathias billing. it is in cramming tourist a transport hub in the don bass region in eastern ukraine. not far from the front line. he told us about the intense fighting nearby. no, it's about 40 kilometer kilometers from here to the north east. that's it. sooner than that, which is the it, which was one has to say because it's not really functioning as such anymore. the administrative capital of those territories of the lands call blessed a region that have been still under control by ukraine. it's a major, a target of the russian forces right now. so the russian forces are pressuring this, making a lot of pressure there just at the borders of the city. shelling it intensely, and it looks a little bit like this battle is now more or less going in favor of the russians.
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the cranes have already a blown up a bridge that connects this city to the rest of this region, which is the sign that they're not very sure that they can hold it, but fighting is intense. no result is there yet. hearing from a talk, things are relatively calm right now. there has have been rocket attacks on trauma towards most famously. unfortunately, an attack on the railway station where civilians were trying to evacuate that had dozens or on 60 people dead so. so that's, that's been awful, but the city is out of the artillery. rachel is not being shelled constantly. we are now already in the backyard of our hotel because we can't be on the street because curfews already here. so things are very strict. most people have left the city that was dw, spent his bidding at reporting from the commodore skin eastern ukraine. turner sports now and in football. leone have upset favors barcelona in the women's
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champions league final. in a thrilling encounter, the juvenile stadium and tyrann, the french shod, came away with the 31 victory, a stunning outcome against a varsity team that won every single one of their games in the spanish league. this season, it didn't take long for the yon to get on the score sheet. i'm on dean henri firing in an unstoppable rocket after just 6 minutes. and then with 23 minutes gone out ahead, gerberg doubled leon's, lead, or no region adding to her record as the all time top score in the women's champions league. and leon kept pushing for more. this time it was usa international katerina mccurry o doing the honors, and it was looking like a route for barcelona. the spanish side finally struck back a few minutes before half time. captain alexia hotel, yes, volleying in,
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to give barza some hope heading into the break. but leon held on for a $31.00 victory. they have now won the women's champions league record 8 times, and they savored the moment and with me now for more and this is lydia dewey of d. w. sports. so how did leon pull it off? well, the quins are back, you sir. leon team that's winning its 8th title. in 12 years they shown that database team in women's football. and tonight they've confirmed this with the performance, i guess barcelona 30 in the 1st few minutes of the game. they just entirely out played the supposedly best team in the plan it, you know, and they came in, you know, played with our press in a talk. yeah. and showed that barcelona,
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that i used to pass in, you know, around, were not able to hold the ball and this, and show that, you know, in a 6th meeting discord, the 1st go real country and, and put in pressure analytical. and it seemed like bass lunar way slow out of the blocks because you know, the last the title in 2019 to, to the last, the finance 90 to leon. and it was like a mental block, you know, comment to face the same team. this is him hugely on team tonight and they really did not fire today so well today obviously for barcelona, but they did have a great season, right. they did, they day one order much isn't though spanish league and our so in the spanish called find out next weekend. but to night it just seemed like they froze it. oh, in a week i spoke with as a short i want to strike as of barcelona. and she said that they had something to prove. they wanted to show that, you know, because when the last 21000 to your they went on and we came to supporting the idea
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now. but they still need to exercise the ghost of 2019, i guess leon. but tonight it didn't happen for them. and unfortunately, they have to go back and hopefully next year to come and see what we can achieve again. and can we say there's, i mean, this seems to have been a real success, the popular interest that there's a growing interest in women soccer. and i think, you know, just as a casual reader of the news and sports related news, remember that big supreme court decision, the united states and the women's soccer team, that the olympics, how do we pay the same as, as the men there's, there's, there's progress in their progress and public interest. indeed this, this season we saw the battle. now we made a host 9 to 1005 twice, you know, to book the record against real madrid. and then it was walk in the semi final in the company. it just shows that the more more people are tuning into, into football, not just as an appendage to domains league, but now as an, as
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a form of entertainment. so what i want to was book last a 2 or 3 weeks ago to watch the semi final. it is possible that you had more than $20000.00 people pay to come watch the semi final against barcelona. and tonight, about $32000.00 people watch the final into so just so shows that we missed football is at arise and it will continue to cool. ok, thanks for inside the lead. you know, we have the w sports and we turn to formula one now and in qualifying for the spanish grand prix. shallow class has locked up pull position even though he lost control of his car. the class ferrari went into a spin on his opening run and there you are. the 3rd stage of qualifying, but he managed to regain the top spot. season's early leader beat out his main rival reigning champion, max for stoppin whose red bull car suffered a mechanical problem. boy's new star liner capsule has
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successfully docked with the international space station for the 1st time. the unmanned capsule maneuvered into position despite 2 thrusters failing to function properly, astronauts entered the star liner after it docked and were greed by a test mannequin dubbed rosie the rocketeer. now, the successful mission comes after 2 years of delays and setbacks star liner is designed to take astronauts to and from the space station cho lingering. that's all for now after the break world stories joins de mining teams in ukraine. i'm mixed by sir to watch it's a question of whether the next crisis will come but only when and how the media will deal with it. how can we stay focused on what.


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