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jesse's all up, it's the mother house in europe by the headquarters, and where the leadership said, i say that it go yet more valley feel the founder of the legionaries of christ was marcial. maceo is uncanny. ability to rally followers made the order a favorite among the pope's. ah, pope john paul, the 2nd saw the legion as saviors. who might restore the church back to its former glory chavez hacienda. you can see him feel the lantern aries presence. i saw the marcial marcial soon. must you after founding his religious community in mexico, in 1941, marcial built a network of schools and universities across 22 countries. worth an estimated
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25000000000 euros. as the church flounder from a shortage of priests, the legionaries of christ was regularly holding mass ordinations with as many as 60 men ordained at a time. marsha massey elliot. i won't shin yell, said marcial. marcial was a brilliant seducer. a brilliant charlatan. dev. so he knew how to sell his image and communicate what people wanted to see beer and feel. he said, members of the congregation revered marcial, like a living, st. certain cardinals were friends of the legion. and they were cardinals and archbishops in
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the vatican curia that supported the legion and protected the legion. but a number of these cardinals, especially cardinal sir donnell. the cardinal secretary of state was given, you know, significant amounts of money by people in the legion for his charities. well, that's a euphemism. as for him, rad sooner refused. he refused to take any bribes. he refused to take any of the gifts. cardinal ta, cheesy, or tony, whom without seeing i would later appoint as his secretary of state was also among matthew l. supporters. for tony would later be implicated in numerous corruption scandals. one involved a children's hospital owned by the vatican the by media. so
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alabama managers zoo is a very important hospital which is which it receives a 270000000 euros annually out from the italians a day. and i live it is under the authority of the batter, canada, and on its soil, built by the gonna connect the chisel booth to ne, cardinal tar cheesy about tony darla hughes, which 200000 euros from this hospital bill renovate his apartment in the vatican up back the main door in by the ghana. the apartments of all the cardinals are 300 to 500 square meters, large, but some are even a 600 square meters. lowe's poor little to justify this noise. they say the apartments aren't just laura's last that you so after all, swore guns live with us to level it. it could be one or could neu. ringback in 1997,
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8 men accused marcial of abusing them when they were children. 2 of the victims reported their cases personally to that seniors office, but no investigation was launched. leopard minnock with such unison me no as gentle love in the 1st accusation appeared in the mexican price in 1997. e till it thought that he generis of christ responded by opening schools. layla's universities, these feminine seminaries, around the world id. to show that the congregation and the marcial on and gods glass inc, i. e, is my deal paddling su bulky. i'll put it in, marcia. why was marcial and protected by cardinal us like angelo. so donna, now jewish stanislaus g of ish, coma, frank ro, de leon, and darrow castor john know, but for one thing they were business partners. economy as in the case and cardinal sedano and marcial. as you all to those 4 get gone, see that our bank care another, they believe that everything marcial did was for the good of the charge. you
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gambles the end, the justified the me on the made use, auto scatter. the malice, forget been sob. m. keep all the cardinals via a major scandal, while i'm thought it's better that my 8 victims be defamed weddies rather than risk millions of catholics because falling away from the fact one is picket, thought equals be out of them. afy. ah, don't you can whole could equity liaison refused. it became clear that the legionaries of christ had gained enormous power over the vatican. enormous shima you know, him talking. at the same time, the accusations were becoming more and more serious. all this was threatening to blow up in his face pittsville if you will, her by leave you gamble. in this period of uncertainty, pope john paul, the 2nd died after a long illness sancho by that his holy father john paul. the 2nd it was returned
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the house of the father, ivy mm mm. for 26 years, john paul, the 2nd had served the catholic church as the supreme pontiff. now, the cardinals were faced with the question of who should replace him? ah, joseph got singer presided over the funeral and the requiem mass ah, he had the most powerful position in the curia, probably even more powerful in some ways than secretary of state. he was the one
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cardinal over there that knew everybody else. and he knew the system better than anybody else. and he knew all these men that were going in there to vote here, calling her here cool her near maxima. in the week that followed a papal conclave convened to elect a new pope sent home vox and wound sheila. thus his dream was to write
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a book about jesus of nazareth 5 and void 2 evil useless for not sight and naturally he wanted to do that. relieved of the burdens of office in class and duties of office and spirit infinite. i'm splish. after a brief conclave, 78 year old god, singer was elected pope. he chose the name benedict. the 16th officially becoming the vicar of christ on earth. as lonesome dead gummed up steamer and when the counting of the ballads slowly made clear that the guillotine was filed, so to speak up would fall on me. i'm your gun. shin i felt quite dizzy. he shouted him. i had thought that i had done my life swat answer and could now hope on earth useful. and to my days, young men at target hoffman sitting up
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until that point that singer had stood in the shadow of john paul the 2nd. but now he was the supreme shepherd over a flock that was divided on how to interpret the church doctrine. the next day we went for work as usual. and then we had denouncement that the pope wanted to come to say hello. so his 1st visit was coming back to the congregation greeting every one of us and thanking us for being what he used to call his family family for august. i foremost roscoe, who is the right person for this office than rats in it is certainly not the right answer. but when one asks which office is the right one for yourself? practicing uncles if where he is best sheltered from reality and then the paypal office is really the right one. because as pope he is symbol tenuously, the supreme legislator and supreme interpreter of the lords,
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he has all the offices and nobody, no matter what he does, nobody can really interfere heinlein. ah, because you college britain i'll sigh can look at the church as the successor of the crucified christ. walking on earth, fog in the dust lights in the dirt. and shelburn pope francis speaks of the church as a field hospital for example. good and but i can also see the church as an outpost of the exalted christ, not in all its splendour and glory heard. and so naturally my lifestyle and the manner in which i assume the offers revolves around that interpretation of my living student urge to visit us on the house for is he named garcia pole? so it's not that he was interested and pumped, but he wanted to show i am the pope is under every piece of clothing as one might
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say, he'll away to another. my son tre. the shades back as an individual and take on this row o duffy. and it was noticeable that he fell back on elements and that were actually considered outdated or discontinued by john paul. the 2nd will be shown by annas polyps. why then? oh, slow for denver. at huts ish also into law in diesel, so he boxed himself inside this world of the vicarious office of christ. i'm to us . i get parked ah ah ah ah oh.
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but the problem is rotting air would come to face as pope were once he'd already struggled with as cardinal. i happened to arrive in the congregation in october, 2002. and in november, cases starting, arriving from the united states. and it was a veritable avalon show of cases we talking about tens of cases on a daily basis by the 1980s child abused by clergy and the catholic church was no longer a secret in 2002 journalists from the boston globe. one, a court order forcing the archdiocese of boston to hand over a trove of sealed documents. the documents revealed that the churches internal practice was to secretly transfer abusive priests from one parish to the next, who boston revealed to the world that the major problem was the
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duplicity, the dishonesty of the hierarchy, of the bishops who were covering this up. and then lying about the newspaper team with the boston globe. not only did stories about the individual priests, but they went after the system and that's what was important there. he had a way of doing a comp on the table with his hand, which, which expressed his frustration at how are people could betray the priesthood under holiness of their vacation. and you could also feel this suffering in the way he reacted to narratives. and you could also see it in his eyes. one, ask you a question about other muscle. yeah. no, i mean you don't have,
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i'm not certain forms of lizard agencies in it. even. i think inconvenient in his moment to come to me because i've asked about a question whether you have an awesome woman. there's no question whether a come to me when he's there moment is given us not look it well, we try that. okay. i feel i says, well, no banking so upset that thing get in his him, o mean, thought d in it at that time rattling and you about all the reports regarding ma, seattle, e deal, sexual abuse, and other accusations, t, n, u. so congress misconduct and terms of money, alcohol, and drugs, and all kinds of other crimes, e or tools i will shoals, individuals, capitals, but he could not say anything black because he did not have pope john cole. the seconds permission bell pop. i think the analysis of that being, ah, not so much concerned about the children that he had violated. that never was the primary concern. the primary concern was he was the embarrassment to the holy see
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the embarrassment to the system. that's what the problem was. in 2004, despite the revelations, the vatican commemorated marcial 60th anniversary of his ordination to the priesthood. that thing are neither attended the celebrations in saint peter's square, nor the legionaries event that followed. this is his big event with all the legionaries that were there, with a lot of cardinals in archbishops were there. and here's the noise for padre, the living st, with this young girl sitting on his lap. and then it comes out that she was his daughter. and he had the brazen this to bring his mistress and his daughter to the celebration. what killers? why did he do that? because he could other they knew nothing would happen to her that he thought. and if they touch me, leave a vatican. and the whole catholic church are implicated to come as no one would
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dare attack marcial because he is this living st though is protected by the charge for blood hillis in light of these events. that singer authorized an investigation into marcial you manual these boys a year after being named ho with ha rat. singer stripped marcial of his posts in the legionaries leadership a lally, and ordered him to a life of prayer and penance. be that which he did not adhere to. general cuckoo. the vatican published its decision in a one page statement. essentially, marciello only punishment was to live a secluded life and call commer says aka marcia geo were twin benedict. the 16th finally took action. it was very clearly a surgical operation feature. he torpedoed father monsieur while at the same time protected the legions. i put his luggage in, it was as if he wanted to remove one card from
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a house of cards without bringing the whole thing crashing down just in just to devote to don. this yolanda fossil could shuttle juggled compar the vatican never revealed ma sales offenses in detail. marcial spent the rest of his days living in luxury unscathed cutting eyes slowly leaves that rat singer is remarkably removed from reality. he thinks an abstract principles, sion ill calls himself, augustine asked that is, he thinks and ways associated with plato. i think in her the truth only takes place in heaven seated. see, there are eternal values, feats, if nor everything we have are only approximations. was she her that is why shall generally does not deal concretely with the every day on play with the differentiated and that which cannot be precisely pinned down too much with that. which one must always say, dave is another aspect to its that keeps, he does not deal with any of that. he wants principles, every principle in awe
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. lupita then move clear. we raced is very clear, low, even evoking a twice in that there is no alternative. so just yet, if the tree is bad, it is impossible for it to bear good fruit to possibly kill if wish rubble in by its denver. very special welcome to the legionaries of christ. and how did he get his dog? georgia get image. it didn't, he was terrified when i left the order. little money judge, it was the worst day of my life years old and truly should prove a 100 my mother and cried and cried around, are you are it
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did the money? i was devastated. all was lost. emily poor it grows more for you. come when it was strange. the same happened to many former legionnaires through the day it came out that father, marcia was a scoundrel who had led this double life. is i 1st help laughing it? did your computer? have you into rudy? i couldn't help myself. executive. it was terrible so she but i had to laugh, he clutched it because all the tension that had built up literally all the gills to sit down. suki don was released at want the ability on nasa last. i leg lety
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to was no surprise to me. this priest would abuse the child because i knew the adults abuse children. i was abused myself as a child. so like the reality of all of that. and i never expected the priest to be ultimately that different to anybody else just because there are didn't da da da joseph that sing up. think that there were a different the priest is called to a very high calling, but he also needs good and solid human formation. he needs to know himself. he needs to accept the weaknesses. he cannot change.
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but he also needs to lead a lifestyle that is compatible with his school. at a time when the reputation of priests had plummeted, world wide, po benedict, the 16th announced in 2009 that there'd be a special year for priests. his aim was to honor and revive the sanctity of the priesthood. oh and then came the moment of the laying on of hands. and finally, when cardinal fowl hobble, called out to us the words of jesus. i'm de campos santos. it
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is an innovation. this recognition isn't on friday, i no longer call you servants, but friends, by you priestly ordination, as initiation into the community of jesus, his friends, goal to be with him and to spread his message. is anyone shafts africa you know, to his disbelief, those, this teaching that when you are all day and you are on to logically changed up to that ever meant never meant anything to me am. but i think in some circles there was a sense that that this confirmed some special grace saw a privilege on you that made you a different puffs. a number of victims offered to help advise the church and how to grapple with the instances of sexual abuse. i remember from speaking to the
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bishops at the am gregorian in 2012 and speaking about how my abuse at 1 in the evening. he would abuse me physically, sexually. and then the next morning he would come round name, give me there, the eucharist with the same hand that he'd abuse me with an after it finished speaking. that was a bishop stood up and he was absolutely horrified that he had never actually, he said he'd never looked at an abuse like that before because it was his priesthood that was involved as long as the be. and he said, why, why are we not throwing all these men out the church with what goes on as fish, or was just my description of something which involves something which was very sacred. but you know, my body should have been just secret. nancy toto never did. okay. is 1st of all, i must say that these revelations were a shock to me. they bring deep sadness. it is difficult to understand how those to
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me by version of the priestly ministry was possible. it is such a good idea to proceed with the closing ceremony of the year for priests in 2010, marked the largest gathering of clergy in recorded history. despite the reports of clerical abuse, world wide, pope benedict the 16th clung to his image of the priest. he put his faith in the renewal and repentance of the community. so that and as it was until formulated something in a way i've been thinking about ever since in gamez, they'd go so the devil through dirt in our faces during the year for priests, i had to ask myself, who does he mean it? does he mean the victims site in the up to see mean the press that reported about it, sir the the who through the dirt here the autumn is who is the devil? right? based in the toy food in the top is ha,
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the abolished us. in truth, this priest, it was diabolical. that's acres yard that the very figure at the center of the year for priests i was on the horizon, was connected to the most disgraceful justice that most profound misery, rob and most repugnant discovery, thiefs her own. thus vida veritext namely and of the abuse of children, or that miss paul from kingdom. i know the called the right single pope benedict feel that the priesthood is an extraordinary vocation. of 1st of all a vocation toners. so a life of sin and abuse of minors is incompatible with the vocation to the priesthood of the under insider. on the other hand, i saw that it must be acknowledged that cardinal icing. i was aware of this reality for years because of our own f. at the house,
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it's just the sheer number of cases that was new to miss paulson is not might the beginnings, it was believed that there were a few isolated incident. my does, but the investigation and the inquiry showed that that was not true. so home than our for me is get psyched, us is nice and then in 2010 especially when i was there was this to nami, of cases in ireland, in india, that's a dark shadow. suspicion has been cast over so many priests and religious, who performed their ministry with honesty and integrity. and often with her royal self sacrifice, we ask god's forgiveness and his hating. we ask this for ourselves and we asking for the victims from being so gravely wronged by those who wear our brothers . in my own case, i. i went to report my abuser 25 years after the boost my local curious.
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and his attitude was that the deuce must have been my fault and i was forgiven for us. and he wouldn't take the priest's name because he said, if he did, he'd have to do something about it. and i left the discussion, feeling devastations, and it took me another 10 years to ever speak about it. again. what i discovered in the murphy report was what he told the police when he was interviewed was that he'd been told in the seminary in a case like thus never to take the priest's name during the ear of john paul and benedict. people were appointed as bishops in the church right around the world and very much in ireland. not because of their leadership ability, but because of their orthodoxy. so what we got as a leadership team and the church where people who were ultra orthodox
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but almost by definition had no leadership ability in them and were not able to think clearly fond themselves. so the, when the crisis hit, there was swamped indigo yourself bishop over come to the victims yourself and encourage them to go to the place i suppose prob, so should perhaps, i should have done, but i am new i've so much to do it was the fact that the church leadership seemed to be quite comfortable lying to people to protect. and the abuses with evidence mounting up systemic child abuse in church institutions. the irish government commissioned 3 investigative reports there were.


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