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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  May 22, 2022 8:00am-8:16am CEST

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one derek, gold. out, smart nature. one of the most insightful discoveries in the history of mankind. more life starts may 28th on d, w. ah, ah, ah, there's a deed of the news live from berlin. russia steps up a tax in ukraine after its symbolic victory in mario pole. but ukrainian president zalinski says victory will come through diplomacy, not on the battlefield. and fears grow about the fate of ukrainian soldiers who
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surrendered at the as of style still works, variable and change at the top down under the labor party wins office in australia, elections, incoming prime minister antony albanese, promises to unite the nation. after ousted in the long standing conservative government. ah, i am told me oliver, welcome to the progress ukraine's president villa demure zalinski says his army has inflicted serious damage on russia's armed forces. russia stepped up. it's a tax in southern an eastern ukraine after gaining a symbolic victory in mario pole. the last remaining fighters there surrendered after a siege lasting nearly 3 months. soleski also says only a diplomatic diplomatic breakthrough can end the war. brushing tv broadcast images
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of what they say are the last soldiers leaving the as of style steel plants. these fighters have become a symbol of ukraine's resistance against russia's invasion. their fate now is unclear. russia has branded them nazis and threatened to put them on trial for war crimes. ukraine is called for the capture soldiers, to be swap for russian prisoners of war. ukraine's president has not addressed russia's claim to have taken the as of style planet in them. but he says, victory will not come on the battlefield, his only through diplomacy r e, but a more hobbled dog. victory will be difficult. he get a while will be bloody and in battle, a leg, but its end will be in diplomacy, your feminine. if she, i am very convinced of this the origin nikki, there are things that we can bring to an end without sitting at the negotiation table. he was always portugal. that's how it is,
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because we would like to get back everything for cisco and russia doesn't want to give without anything needed that inches long. mitchell, no good. russia shows no sign of wanting to end the war through diplomacy. moscow sees the battle of maria pal as a strategic victory. defense experts say that russia could now relocate its forces to intensify its offensive in other parts of eastern ukraine, dw max and joins me now from key. if i max with prison zalinski saying fighting will only end through diplomacy. if we were to see new negotiation soon, what issues would he be willing to compromise on oh, you can't expect the ukrainian leadership to give us the details on that. but what we heard, and in this address by the ukrainian president, is that, yes, he said that the ultimately the war with end at the negotiate negotiation table
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through diplomatic measures. and, but at the same time, he also said that said there would be more bloody and more intense fighting. but presidents zalinski called for more diplomatic measures for more sanctions by the west. and at the same time, he also called for a bilateral talks with russia. and as we know, the last talks that happened between the 2 parties were in april 22nd. that's exactly a month ago. but at the same time, he also heard from zalinski is military adviser, from one of his a military advisors who stated that at the moment there would be no concessions in terms of territorial gains by the russians as they are pushing forward in the east dawn boss region, the fear is that the russians would use this break to regroup, and then attack with additional power. and they mentioned that the situation and don bass is in their woods, extremely difficult. he tell us what's happening there. right, so russia or russian backed rebels can tab been controlling some parts of the
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dunbar saw since at 2014. and russia has now been focusing their efforts away from give to these parts to the south and to the, to the east to the don bus. now, in particular, for the last couple weeks, and they're pushing afford and i have been the intensifying, i'm the fights there last night. according to the training military, the russians attacked a 40 villages in the regions of done yet scandal, hans, and as we're hearing, they're closing into 2 strategically important towns to still of yonce can sierra done. yet in the latter is a particular strategically quite important because it is one of the last a strong holes in the eastern pocket that is being defended by the ukranian army at the moment. and poland president has become the latest foreign lead. it's arriving, keith. what do we know by his visit? right, so it's not the 1st to visit the polish presidents in ukraine during war time,
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but it's the 1st time he's going to be addressing the ukrainian parliament. he is expected to hold a speech this afternoon and we can expect them to express his solidarity to reiterate what he had said before. am that poland and the will community with the force russia to pay compensation for the destruction that they are causing here in the country and to bring justice to them to, to, to push for, for a, for investigation of war crimes essentially. and poland has been a strong partner in the past also during, during war time they have, they have taken the, in a majority of the training refugees and we can expect the polish president to yeah, to, to use this occasion to build further bridges. i don't these not sanda and kim. thank you. that here are some other stories making news around the world. israel and switzerland have confirmed their 1st cases of monkey box. as an outbreak of the viral infection grows,
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the world health organization says $120.00 cases have not been reported in countries where the virus usually is not found. it believes the spread may be driven by sexual contact, the thousands of riley, dentist and bull to print to protest. the conviction of a prominent opposition politician turkey supreme court upheld the 5 year suspended sentence of john and kraft angelo for charges, including insulting the president critic say it's an attempt to stop her from running in next year's elections. heavy rains of cause widespread flooding across parts of bangladesh and north east india, leaving at least 50 people dead. millions more have been stranded by rising waters as the region endures. its worst floods it. almost 2 decades. american air force personnel in germany are preparing to deliver supplies of baby formula to the us. the biden administration says powder for about one point. 5000000 bottles should
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arrive in the u. s. over the next week, some retailers limiting sales of baby formula due to nationwide shortages to australia. now where the labor party is celebrating victory in national elections ousting the governing conservatives from power prime minister elect anthony albanese, has promised to put tackling climate change at the top of his agenda. it was a key issue in the vote after australia suffered devastating floods. and bush fires in recent years. ah, a celebration that marks the end of almost a decade of conservative rule australia has elected a new prime minister in anthony albanese, the leader of the centre left to labor party. tonight, the astrology and paypal had voted for change i am humbled by this victory and i am honored to be given the opportunity to serve
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as the 31st prime minister of the new prime minister has vowed to tackle corruption and turn australia into a renewable energy superpower, with the country still reeling from a series of devastating floods. earlier this year, climate change proved to be a decisive issue at the polls. the incumbent, conservative liberal party last seats to labor across the country. but the biggest challenge came from a rising group of independent candidates who focused their campaigns around climate action and cracking down on corruption. the outgoing prime minister scott morrison conceded defeat and announced he had stepping down as leader of the liberals. i've always believed in australians and their judgment, and i've always been prepared to accept their verdicts and to not they have delivered their verdict. and i congratulate antony abernathy in the labor party and
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i wish him and his government all the very best. let me tell with votes still being counted, the new prime minister has not yet secured the 76 seats needed to achieve an outright majority. and with almost half of australia, 17000000 voters casting their ballot by post. it may be weeks until the final result is known. for more, we are joined now by a journalist and a leslie in sydney and re welcome to d w. and they're not many countries where the issue of the climate play such a key role in the way people vote. how do we do we know what the prime minister elect is going to do practically to tackle this issue. yeah, he's gonna have to do something because it's been a clear signal from the electorate that they want change on. this got morrison's government, which has been in power now for nearly a decade, has not done a lot and albany ac anthony albany. see whether he gets
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a majority government or not. he is likely to aim for 43 percent reduction in targets, which is considerably more ambitious than what the liberal national coalition was aiming for. he's also got smaller plans around infrastructure, changes on the electricity network to make people invest more in renewables, batteries in local communities and reductions on electric cars. so we will say a few changes on the ground in australia quite quickly. i think our climate and album easy faces his 1st big foreign policy test on tuesday. can you tell us more about that? yes, so this is going to be the 1st quad meeting since the invasion of ukraine and since an increase in tension around the pacific as well, they will meet in tokyo and this will be the later of the usa, india, japan, of course, and anthony albany. he will get sworn in on monday so i can make sure he gets that
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meeting a supposed there'll be looking for reassurance that he really does support the chord concept. and they want to get to know him a little bit and hopefully they can't waste too much time on that. and they will probably be looking for some sort of response from the labor p m. that australia is gonna do something with regards to this chinese solomon islands, security packed, and that australia has a plan there to create account, a balance of some sort and still in foreign policy. what does albany these when mean? false trailers roll on the world stage. well, i think we will sail, say changes around to climate policy, not least because he, he's had the electorate make such a clear statement to him on this. i think that that there will be probably a bit of a focus on the local region around the i should pacific area. he's no chinese speaker, like the former label pay him was kevin rod,
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but he will be interested in local issues and he has one to look out for an improvement in australian and french relations. i think, year after the orca steel went south with scott morrison at the helm, you will say the french stepping and try and be friendlier with australia from now on. then journalist and re leslie and sydney. thank you for speaking to us. my pleasure. turn to the sports and football and leon have upset favorites. barcelona in the women's champions league final in a thrilling encounter. at event a stadium in 2 in the front side came away with a 31 victory, a stunning outcome against abbas a team that won every single one of their games in the spanish league the season. it didn't take long for leanne to get on the score sheet. i'm undine henri firing in an unstoppable rocket after just 6 minutes. and then with 23 minutes
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gone out ahead, gerberg doubled leon's, lead there norwegian, adding to her record as the all time top score in the women's champions. lee and leon kept pushing for more. this time it was usa international katerina mccurry . oh, doing the honors, and it was looking like a route for barcelona. the spanish side finally struck back a few minutes before half time. captain alexia potatoes volleying in to give barza some hope heading into the break. but leon held on for a $31.00 victory. they have now won the women's champions league a record 8 times, and they savored the moment to formula one now and in qualifying for the spanish grown pri. sharlack le has locked up pole position even though he lost control of his car. nicholas ferrari went into a spin and his opening run in the 3rd stage of qualifying,
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but he managed to regain the top spot seasons early nita bitter beat out his main rival reigning champion, max for stoppin, whose red wilcox suffered a mechanical problem. well that's it for now, reporter is up next. taking a look at how people in mario bull struggled against the russian military for nearly 3 years. 3 months. i'm totally illogical and thanks for watching with she made it out. it.


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