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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  May 22, 2022 12:00pm-12:16pm CEST

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i see the sign was part of psychosis is an awful illness. postpartum is a nasty mothers nightmare starts june 4th on d w ah ah, this is dw news live from berlin, russia steps of its attacks in ukraine, as cube says its forces are inflicting significant damage on the invaders. but ukrainian, president lansky says ukraine will achieve victory through diplomacy, not on the battlefield and fears,
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grow about the fate of ukrainian soldiers who surrendered at the as of style. still works in mario paul. also coming up bangladesh faces it's worse, flooding and decades. dozens of people are killed and more than 2000000 left stranded as rivers burst their banks, leaving much of the country under water and australia's incoming prime minister anthony albin, easy promises to unite the nation. after our staying the longstanding conservative government ah, i'm told me your logic well, welcome to the program. ukraine's president vladimir zalinski says his army has inflicted serious damage on russia's armed forces. russia has stepped up. it's attacks in southern and east in ukraine, after the surrender of the last fighters in mario poll,
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give urge them to give up after they held out against a russian siege that lasted 3 months. so lensky says, only diplomacy can end the war, brush and see the broadcast, images of what they say are the last soldiers leaving the as of style steel plant. these fighters have become a symbol of ukraine's resistance against russia's invasion. their fate now is unclear. russia has branded them nazis and threatened to put them on trial for war crimes. ukraine is called for the capture soldiers, to be swap for russian prisoners of war. ukraine's president has not addressed russia's claim to have taken the as of style planning in them. but he says, victory will not come on. the battlefield is only through diplomacy r e, but a more hobbled dog. victory will be difficult. the good alarm will be bloody and in battle. aleki bullets and will be in diplomacy the affirmative. will she? i am very convinced of this the origin nikki. there are things that we can bring to
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an end without sitting at the negotiation table. he comes from wings, portugal, that's how it is, because we would like to get back everything her cisco and russia doesn't want to give back anything needed that inches long. mitchell, good. russia shows no sign of wanting to end the war through diplomacy. moscow sees the battle of maria apple as a strategic victory. defense experts say that russia could now relocate its forces to intensify its offensive in other parts of easter. new crane. dw correspondent mites xander is in kiff. i asked him what ukraine is seeking at this point in the war with russia. president lansky called for more diplomatic measures for more sanctions by the west. and at the same time, he also called for a bilateral talks with russia on as we know, the last talks that happened between the 2 parties were in april 22nd. that's exactly a month ago. but at the same time,
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he also heard from zalinski is military adviser, from one of his a military advisors who stated that at the moment there would be no concessions in terms of territorial gains by the russians as they are pushing forward in the east . don bos, region, the fear is that the russians would use this break to regroup, and then attack with additional power. and they mentioned that the situation ain't done. bass is in their woods, extremely difficult. he tell us what's happening there. right, so russia or russian back rebels can have been controlling some parts of the don barza since 2014 and russia has now been focusing their efforts away from give to these parts to the south and to the, to the east, to the don bus. now, in particular for the last couple weeks, and they're pushing forward and i have been the intensifying, i'm the fights there last night. according to the train, the military, the russians attacked a 40 villages in the regions of done yet. can la hans can,
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as we're hearing their closing into 2 strategically important towns to still of yonce can sierra on yeske. and the latter is a particular strategically quite important because it is one of the last a strong holes in the eastern pocket that is being defended by the ukranian army at the moment. that was d doubly correspondent, max and a in kiff. and here are some of the other stories making news around the world. us president joe biden has wrapped up is 3 days as a to south korea. this trip was aimed at deepening economic and military ties between the 2 nations. south korean car maker hyundai has pledged a 10000000000 dollar investment to the u. s. biden is now in japan for the 2nd leg of his asia trip. israel and switzerland have confirmed their 1st cases of monkey pox. after an outbreak of the viral infection grows,
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the world health organization says $120.00 cases have now been reported in countries where the virus usually isn't found. monkey box has a low fatality. great, and most cases are mild. in china, shanghai hospital used to treat some 50000 corona virus. patient has closed after a significant drop in cases. the temporary facility opened in early april after shanghai became the epicenter of an outbreak. china's largest city was under strict lockdown for nearly 2 months. heavy rains have for some of the worst flooding in 2 decades and parts of bangladesh and india. at least 57 people have been killed. and 2000000 left stranded in north east and bangladesh. floods are not a new phenomenon during monsoon season. but experts say climate change is making them more dangerous. bangladesh is prone to flooding. but this is the worst many have seen in nearly 20 years. hundreds of villages in
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the north east have been inundated, creating hardship and misery for more than 2000000 people. of you have the width of iving by putting one bed on top of another. half of a homestead is under water. if the water rises, we don't know what we'll do. my chickens are all dead. i don't have any boat to bring food from elsewhere. either your name ah, the situation came to a head when a major river burst its banks after days of torrential rain and an onrush of flood waters from neighboring india. tens of thousands are now without power, shelter or enough to eat. but even when these waters recede, peoples problems will be far from over. these farmers are trying to dry their crops
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on the road after their fields were submerged. while those had to be gather military, i've only managed to harvest one 3rd of my rice patty from under the water all over me. the rest was washed away a little. it's been 2 weeks since there was any sonnet. danara total and extra rain has devastated whatever i've managed to collect, but i'm unable to try it out. it's rotting out on me. it's a terrible situation, but you will have done a money order in thousands of people hate by the floods are living in shelters. many have lost everything and it's unclear if and when they will be able to return to their homes. australia's labor party, as celebrating victory and national elections ousting the governing conservatives from power. prime minister elect anthony albany. he has promised to put tackling climate change at the top of his agenda. it was
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a key issue in the vote after australia's of a devastating floods and bush fires recent years. ah, a celebration that marks the end of almost a decade of conservative rule australia has elected a new prime minister in anthony albanese, the leader of the centre left to labor party. tonight, the astrology and paypal had voted for change i am humbled by this victory and i am honored to be given the opportunity to serve as the 31st prime minister of a try. the new prime minister has vowed to tackle corruption and turns trailer into a renewable energy superpower with the country still reeling from a series of devastating floods. earlier this year, climate change proved to be a decisive issue at the polls. the incumbent,
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conservative liberal party last seats to labor across the country. but the biggest challenge came from a rising group of independent candidates who focused their campaigns around climate action and cracking down on corruption. the outgoing prime minister scott morrison conceded defeat and announced he had stepping down as leader of the liberals. i've always believed in australians and their judgment, and i've always been prepared to accept their verdicts and to not they have delivered their verdict. and i congratulate antony abernathy in the labor party and i wish him and his government, all the very best leverage sales with vote still be encountered. the new prime minister has not yet secured the 76 seats needed to achieve an outright majority. and with almost half of a stray leads, 17000000 voters casting their ballot by post. it may be week until the final result . known journalist max walden is in melbourne. i asked him about
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how australia's prime minister elect plans to act on his campaign promise to tackle climate change. well, the labor party had shed the government liberal party government target of the emission by 2050 by 2030. it will. i'm to reduce mission by 43 percent and it proposes to do it through a package of measures that it had value to almost $700000000.00. given your report noted that there has been a way of independent that a very passionate about climate change elected into the palm. and along with some more members of the grains, it's likely that the target will likely be pushed to be more ambitious by
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people sitting on the cross bench. and what does albany these when mean forced really role on the world stage? well, the timing, very interesting, of course, because on just wake albany is supposed to be going to tokyo, where you will make with the other latest of the so called quad grouping. that is, along with the us, japan and india. and you know, grouping of course, is sort of it not openly but, but everybody knows is sort of there to try and off that influence in the region of china. but it is interesting. on monday you will swearingen fives and pe into into the cabinet, including malaysian born penny wong, as long as the shadow foreign minister. now she will be stylish, ethnically, asian, foreign minister, which i imagine will be very positive re within the region. that's walden,
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they're reporting from melbourne to sports now and football leon have upset favorites barcelona in the women's champions league final in a thrilling encounter event. a stadium inter in the french side came away with a 31 victory, stunning outcome against abbas a team that won every single one of their games in the spanish league the season. it didn't take long for leon to get on the score sheet or mundane. honory fired in an unstoppable racket after just 6 minutes. and then with 23 minutes gun, other hag bear doubled leon's, lead the norwegian pad in her record as the all time top scorer in the woman's champions league. and leon kept pushing for more. this time it was usa international. katarina macareola's doing me honors, and it was looking like a route for barcelona. the spanish side finally struck back
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a few minutes before halftime. captain alexia potato is volley, gave barza some hope headed into the break. but leon held for a 31 victory. they have now one the women's champions league 8 times, and they savored the moment as did their supporters that made the trip to ter in take want under, i'm very happy. we've got the star. and on top of that, there is a wonderful atmosphere with all the barcelona leon players. the 1st half was great with fabulous goals, and actually it's a fabulous while barcelona fans are already looking forward to revenge news as well as them. we are very sad, extremely sad, but next year i'm sure we will make it. we'll come back to cheer for them just like today. my last come one for the voice. one thing is, sir, in if barcelona and leon keep building up their budding rivalry fans will be
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treated to plenty more thrillers in the future. and his are a man of the top stories were falling. fav, ukraine's presidents as victory for ukraine will come at the negotiating table, not on the battlefield, while a demand zalinski made the statement, not long after russia said it had captured maria, polls last defend us. that's it for now, reporter is up next. taking a look at how people in mario bull struggled against the russian military for nearly 3 months. i'm told me. all right. well that's it for me. it's watching the w . one of mankind's oldest ambition could be within reach. ah, what is it really is possible to re.


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