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health, smart nature, one of the most insightful discoveries in the history of mankind. more life starts may 28th on d, w. ah, ah, ah, this is t w. news alive from berlin. russia steps up, it's bombardment of frontline cities in ukraine. colin's president tells the ukrainian parliament russian forces must withdraw completely and he says, giving in to aggression would damage democracy. also coming up,
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change at the top down under the opposition wins, australia's election. new prime minister anthony alban easing is promising to turn australia into a climate change superpower and does. instead in bangladesh is worse flooding in decades for more than 2000000 are stranded as rivers burst. their banks leaving huge areas under water ah and warm greeting 12 years around the world. a michael o co polar shop president on j. duda says russia must completely withdraw from ukraine. duda is the 1st foreign had of state to address the ukrainian parliament since the war began. he said concessions to russian aggression would be a blow for the entire western world. meanwhile, russia has stepped up its attacks and dunbar and lou hans in eastern ukraine. the
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russian defense ministry says it pounded military targets. the ukrainian government has ruled out any cease fire or concessions to moscow while the fighting continues . speaking in parliament in keith duda said ukraine must be free to shape its own course that the children lilianna. i want to say clearly, i will, but only ukraine has the right to decide its future. i live with my ukraine has the right to self determination. city, for mister of the international community must demand that russia end. it's aggression and leave ukraine completely. okay, i thought you all call you now on that. it must stop trampling on international law . that means that there can be no negotiations and decision making behind ukraine's back hold on. nothing can be decided about ukraine without ukraine. so absolutely not. this is an iron principle that they put in it. now, earlier i asked
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w correspondent, mac xander, how the polish president's words went down and keith, right. so actually this is the 2nd time the fullest president came to kiva during the course of his war. but yeah, as you, as you put it, rightly he is, it's the 1st time that any foreign leader was addressed to parliament. and he had some very interesting things to say. first of all, he thanked ukraine for their resistance for their bravery, for the courage in defending their, their motherland. and secondly, he also spoke about worrying voices that were essentially what he said i'm calling to yield to putin's demands. and the post president make clear that the ukrainian parliament and the training parliament alone would decide how ukraine would go forward in this war. ah, be it diplomatic means or be it's our military warfare. this was a strong signal came machine is a strong signal against other than you or the security order, this new world order. so to say that russia is china,
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impose on the rest of the world, and also shows on that. poland in a way and other european countries in other countries in the world. i feel threatened by what's happening there by the fight that is being fought against the ukrainians and that their worries that they could be next. if this were an example that we would that, that countries would give in to what's, what's happening then of course, we would assume that the ukranian president, the lot of his zalinski was also in that parliament building. max. of course, he has been declaring that fighting will only and to diplomacy. but has he given any indication of issues he might be willing to compromise on as far was know, as we know, he hasn't given any details on what ukraine may or may not be compromising on on. he said that the end of the fighting, the ultimate end of the war would be decided that the negotiate table. that's right . but he also said that until that could go forward. that could happen. there would
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be a lot more fighting and a lot more bloodshed. but he has called for, for more sanctions by the west. he has also called for bilateral talks with russia by the way. but here we have to say that the last time actually that the 2 sides got together toward lodge was, was just about a month ago. on the 22nd of april, and as far as we know, there are no further talks scheduled with. we've also heard from military advisor present lensky to put this into context, who said that there will be no concessions on the battlefield in terms of land gains that the russians have have made. and there will be no cease fire at the moment because this would all only mean and in his opinion that the russians would take a break, i regroup, and then fight back even harder. max, the relative calm that we see behind you belies of the war that's raging in the eastern part of the country in his nightly address on saturdays zalinski said the situation and dumb boss is extremely difficult as he put it. what's happening there
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at this point? right, so the eastern or areas and don barza particular the reasons of yesterday, hans gonna have been partially in control of russian backs up for quite a while. now russia has spent the last couple weeks shifting their focus to his area and pushing forward with everything that they have in that area. in the nights during the day they've been attacking what was heard from the train, the military, a 60 civilian targets, and they're going after one strategically important town. severe on yes. the we have heard that they have the russians that the russian military has tried to take the force around the village. they have not succeeded doing so, but military experts expect fierce fighting around civilian esco the next couple of days that so max xander in keep many thinks is always match. german chancellor, olaf sholtes is on his 1st visit to africa since taking office 6 months ago. the
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1st stop on his 3 day trip is synagogue where he has hell talked with president moccasin. the 2 leaders are looking at the fallout from the war and ukraine, with the focus on the sharp rise in global food and energy prices, shawl till later move on to the new year and south africa. t w's chief political editor, michelle yellow christner is in senegal. she sent us this assessment of the war's impact on relations between europe and africa. all af salters, 1st stop, and his 1st africa too is cynical. here president mac, a soul is treading a fine line as african union president, it's his man that to negotiate directly with moscow of the future safety of wheat supplies and fat eliza. on the other hand, that countries ample gas results could be tapped into by domini and europe. to make europe less dependent on ross and gas d, w. michelle acosta. and here are some other stories making news around the world at
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this hour. heavy rains have cause widespread floods in bangladesh and india. at least 50 people are dead, millions more have been stranded by rising waters. it's the worse flooding in 2 decades. thousands have rallied in his stumble to protest the sentence imposed on a prominent opposition leader. turkeys supreme court upheld the 5 year suspended term handed down to john on cuffed on. jo. she was convicted of insulting. the president critic say it's an attempt to stop her from running in next year's elections. australia's incoming prime minister anthony alban easy is promising to make climate change a priority. his labor party has ousted the governing conservatives from nearly a decade in power. global warming was a key issue and national elections following recent devastating floods. and bush fires. ah, a celebration that marks the end of almost
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a decade of conservative rule australia has elected a new prime minister in anthony albanese, the leader of the centre left a labor party. tonight, the astrology and paypal had voted for change i am humbled by this victory and i am honored to be given the opportunity to serve as the 31st prime minister of a try. the new prime minister has vowed to tackle corruption and turns trailer into a renewable energy superpower with the country still reeling from a series of devastating floods. earlier this year, climate change proved to be a decisive issue at the polls. the incumbent, conservative liberal party lost seats to labor across the country. but the biggest challenge came from a rising group of independent candidates who focused their campaigns around climate
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action and cracking down on corruption. the outgoing prime minister scott morrison conceded defeat and announced he had stepping down as leader of the liberals. i've always believed in australians and their judgment, and i've always been prepared to accept their verdicts and to not they have delivered their verdict. and i congratulate antony avenues in the labor party and i wish him and his government all the very best. let me help with vote still be encountered. the new prime minister has not yet secured the 76 states needed to achieve an outright majority. and with almost half of australia's 17000000 voters, costing their ballot by post. it may be weeks until the final result is known. heavy rains have cause the worse flooding in 2 decades in bangladesh and india. at least 57 people have been killed and 2000000 left stranded floods are nothing new
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during the monsoon season. but expert shea climate change is making them more dangerous. hunger dash if prone to flooding. but this is the worst many have seen in nearly 20 years. hundreds of villages in the north east have been inundated, creating hardship and misery for more than 2000000 people. of you have them with of iving by putting one bed on top of another. half of a homestead is under water. if the water rises, we don't know what we'll do. my chickens are old dead. i don't have any boat to bring food from elsewhere. i do you like ah! the situation came to a head when a major river burst its banks. after days of torrential rang and an onrush of flood waters from neighboring india. tens of thousands and now without
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power, shelter or enough to eat. but even when these waters recede, peoples problems will be far from over. these farmers are trying to dry their crops and the road after their fields were submerged. if those had together been re, i've only managed to harvest one 3rd of my rice patty from under the water. oh, well i am. the rest was washed away from the dinner. it's been 2 weeks since there was any sonnet than a matter all that extra rain has devastated whatever i've managed to collect. i am unable to try it out. it's rotting out on me. it's a terrible situation like you like animal funny. but in the shower, sins of people hate by the floods are living in shelters, many have lost everything and it's unclear if and when they will be able to return to their homes.
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in football lea all have upset favorites. barcelona in the women's champions league final, in a thrilling encounter at ventre stadium inter. and the french side came away with a 31 victory, a stunning outcome against a barza team that won every single one of their games in the spanish league this season. it didn't take long for leon to get on the score sheet. a mundane honory fired in an unstoppable rocket after just 6 minutes. and then with 23 minutes gun odder hag bear doubled leon's, lead the norwegian patted her record as the all time top scorer in the woman's champions, league and leone, kept pushing for more. this time it was usa international. katarina macareola's doing me honors, and it was looking like a route for barcelona. the spanish side finally struck back a few minutes before halftime captain alexia potato as volley gave bar. so some
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hope headed into the break. but leon held for a 31 victory. they have now one the women's champions league 8 times, and they savored the moment as did their supporters that made the trip to tor in take want under, i'm very happy. we've got the star. and on top of that, there is a wonderful atmosphere with all the barcelona me on players. the 1st half was great with fabulous goals, and actually you to have, you know, while barcelona fans are already looking forward to revenge news out of us them, we are very sad, extremely sad, but next year i'm sure we will make it. we'll come back to cheer for them just like today. my last come one for the boy. one thing is sir, in if barcelona and leon keep building up their budding rivalry, fans will be treated to plenty more thrillers in the future. and in formula one
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racing max for stop in has one the spanish grand prix in barcelona. the reigning will champion pounced when race leader charlotte clare. ferrari broke down with the when red bulls were stopping also overtakes laclare for 1st place in the standings . that's all for now. up next jamari opal resident who repeatedly risked his life to help others escape that sane reporter on location after the brain. a michael o coop in berlin for me and the rest of the team here. thanks for watching and stick with someone else to the odd word. t. v. highlights of selected for you. you every week in you a box. subscribe. now. closely. listen
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carefully. don't know how with to the goal. ah, feel the magic discover the world around you. subscribe to d w documentary on youtube. ah, yet am i was born in mary paul. i grew up there. i used to laugh mary, a pole and when will oh oh
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oh no. missiles muddle, put in my had a business in mary, a little genie. i understood that the town was under siege. so nobody was driving out that. it was not my staff whether they were still in your career. and i just promised them and i would come, you know, bring aid on the and take them out of the hell mushroom will do that. but i thought when i just took that decision, everything is viable. i'm on the road. i hope all will be fine. and i will get, well, i am worried and nervous, but i'm on the way you would give me a global so the by wouldn't say was difficult. it just didn't know what i would encounter. my thing about them is kimberly my friends and i pulled money to buy this bond is
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available that we bought in the past and loaded it with provisions and painted it well. so it would be recognizable open in the saw. it all went really smoothly, fast. you know booster and then when i drove past the last ukrainian checkpoint in rake of us, i encountered the wall supplement. and finally, the minute to don quixote bantam tanks with horror as you see me to see the bound to the last. when pancake gentle cleaning yelled a little while you kyle's oh, the right number in entered into the bible into here. none of that here was still that value. but i drove yeah. go, you had a business in marion. it was a club. carry okey lounge, bob. just another floor
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to a motion to the space within the basement. it had concrete ceiling variable. so we transformed it into a lot of it all. i hadn't measured the strength. well for the moment it was comfortable spacey. that was a grill. and so we could cook food and oil. won't you do you order another? i found everyone doing. we're having a blast was belittle on when we had people on duty we had scavengers foraging food. we had people procuring water. everything was so organized that we can joke that it's a 5 star bomb shelter. the bumblebee ownership beds or yeah, it's been snowing and that means we will clean up today. below. but 15 minutes a telegram group where i did all my friends and relatives. since i didn't know if i would ever return, i wrote in it every night. you'll see how it was for us here was way use it. but we also went to the neighboring bomb shelter. we were trying to get anywhere where
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they were children. if we couldn't drive that, we would bring the 8 by foot possible there was always fear, stop you always afraid of something good land near this college hit right here to the ball and we often took him all, but everything that came it is missed. something here and here. yes, the run down when he spoke with you. yeah. danny timothy. lucky for us. and i parked the car in front of the entrance. it protected us. did you guys understand where the bomb dropped just
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behind it? oh yeah. no, no. okay. i was all on the contrary by that moment with them in that car, a grandma died and her grandson and i dragged her over the road. oh, barely at balboa, school you. which is that all? what's on my face? true blood a lot. yes. it's terrific. all you have to understand this is the shelters issue or or the me or i hope the kids will suffice from 6 terrible. to see the makes me cry. here. was there so scary of screaming? i hope god will saban wasn't good certificate for just ripping. we try our best with
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ah, it's terrible. the memories are coming back. sam. oh yes, that's the one thing i was most afraid of seeing was a dead child's body. at the whenever there were bodies on the street or small piles . so i tried to look away. yes. had these children, especially in my life, so possible. but i'm a father. i knew that no paul did. if i'd seen a dead child's body, i would have broken the g u v table. i certainly would have broken down that mountain. i wouldn't have been the same after that as yup. yup. slomo with of my many of the schools. yep. isn't that a nibble? because it was, i got it after the strike. i looked at the car and said, okay, let's try to fix the car, you know?
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but i didn't even have to renew them. i sat in the car to turn the key and the motor started huge family life, or got collegial ads where it had 2 machines best breaks my thermal ranks m. yep, australian dollar nibble at the after the ass trying, i had no more brains in. but the wanted to pull that in, mary paul, you didn't need to be us. thought it was all could just speed across the city as you want. as all your subtle, the only thing i was afraid of me was crashing into a tank on or a military g with will you need to mr. mother of yes, it was value was moralistic. we were waiting for an opportunity to lead of him in the valley. any way out that was not completely mind. you did the 1st opportunity. we left early to children, pregnant women and mothers with children. the video in the me, but i learned is ancient. did me to my passengers are away to the camera
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with i live when we left, there were several people, one baby and 3 children. me, my sister and a friends who we had met with the shelter logins for it was terrifying when we passed mines and tanks. there were lots of mannequins. i mean, dead people who deal with we told them there were mannikin with that. in fact, they were good buddies. right. right. okay. not, i know i sometimes dream about the gunfire. rubbish, i don't wake up. i always dream until the end was never look up so and then i wake up in the morning because i'm afraid everybody is still asleep. at that time, michelle, i haven't told anybody but no. yeah,
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that will come when you're of course your exam mouth with never ever. 2 magazines, when i got off the bus and when you pro, i went into a shop for novel to like, go into your smoking and subconsciously. i was looking for things like battery, you city, food, you medicine, i'm ready to grab anything i could find and money for the next show, hope scrap metal. i just left the club and then i understood. but i'm in civilization now. and then i have to go and pay for all of it. this is just for the deluxe emotional pity. if i was approached or open glass on it was a beautiful city and it, it just begun to bloom them. i love the city so much. i grew up with them, but i had lots of friends that went the most my hometown
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dot that they just had a theater is the only place from where i didn't take any candles, so because conditions were so good with schools, there were rooms that will be shared by 3 families with kids me. i thought it was a place that would not be hit that yes because everyone understood that it was full of people who are hiding from the bumble. don't get that at them yesterday. do you bet that they had said home bullshit? ah, so much you, you're also that was the motivation of the person who sent the rocket to this building. celia was like, what did he think at that moment? storm slipped my mind. why did i do it? or she is a charitable agility and he pushed innocent. they came to liberate and want to liberate us from wanting to know that from our life home dorm, i'll not one suddenly or with an impish people. astonished at dost only mean for the dance. they tried to destroy everything we housing tumult,
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that's what i can do over to nothing else. last, it was almost all annoyed. it's the most difficult time as at 9. 0, you'd go from shelter to shelter during the day and collected all these negative impressionable fellows. yes, and in the evening, all the ent up emotions were released. you daniel? i would hide in a dark corner so nobody would saint michel on driving. she's crying mission, feel that each branch of law for the sure. no, that's how we fuel up with oh, as i'm us, another boss has joined us. it's called the last wildcard ask. there are more and more of us. i go to look to boise woods bureau with global indian on my class trip
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. i was the only one we will so by my 3rd trip i would be standing in the queue at the checkpoints. so 40 minutes in a vehicle that was so many people who wanted to help and get people out of there would, wouldn't you? the only thing that brought in did or show the world who ukrainians on you know what ukraine is euclidean people have cleansed wranglers, new disabilities, all derivative. the volunteers have brought thousands out of the city in their own counties. homeowners, you comparable to many did not return it. some drive into a maya. some got caught in the crossfire while driving at night. and sa, which i just, most of them just said somebody needs to do this and they went model these a regular ukrainians at regular people to post. ah
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ah, ah, eco africa, a termination desert oasis was drawing up and now it's being revived. economical water use, organic vegetable farming and sustainable production of local dates are saving this endangered saharan paradise. eco africa. next on d. w. showing off on the coat the glamour is celebrity at the 75th cans film festival. but what is it like on the other side of the red carpet to celebrity?
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so for tony elk, woody will photographer danielle angelie, reveal the answer to that question of clothes and personal with the stars. your roommate. in 60 minutes on d. w. these places in europe are smashing all the records, stepped into a bold adventure. it's the treasure map for modern globetrotters. discover some of europe's record breaking sites on your back. youtube and now also invoke ah ah, a very one will come to a new episode of equal africa for the next half hour. would take you on a journey.


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