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illness ah mothers nightmare starts june 4th oh, d w ah ah, the w news live from poorly. russia increases the chilling and rocket attacks on frontline areas and towns in ukraine. poland to president tells the ukrainian parliament the russian forces must withdraw completely. and he says, giving into aggression would damage democracy around the world. germany's hold up, shouts begins his 1st african to it as chatswood. he asked to tackle the shop
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horizon, food and fuel prices caused by the war new cry. and he cried. ocean of the shadows, the annual world. economic for rushes pavilion in davos is renamed, the rush of war crimes house. ah, i'm anthony how'd walk into the program? polish president and jay duda has said russia must completely withdraw from ukraine to to made the comment during the speech to the cranium parliament. the 1st in person addressed by a foreign leader since the conflict again. but as he was speaking, russian forces stepped up there offensive on the city of separate the nits in the east of ukraine. a show of war time solidarity between neighbors, polish president on j. duda became the 1st foreign leader to speak to the ukranian
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parliament in person since the war began. due to stressed his support for ukraine's bids to join the in you and said that any territorial concessions to russia would be a blow for the entire western world. yas, that the che got lena, i want to say clearly, but only ukraine has the right to decide its future. so there could be no negotiations and decision making behind ukraine's back a lot. nothing can be decided about ukraine without ukraine. so absolutely not. this is an iron principle that easily brings it ukrainian president volota may zalinski has said that only a diplomatic solution will bring a definitive end to the conflict. but the government and keith has repeated it will not accept any ceasefire that would require giving up territory. on the battlefield, russia's offensive to capture, the don bass grinds on with shelling. continuing along the front line,
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russian forces have intensified the efforts to surround several denette. the main city still held by ukraine in the loo, hansen province with fierce fighting raging across the don bus. neither side looks ready to accept a compromise just yet. now to get an assessment of what's happening on the ground, a doubly correspondent, mathias billing. it is in cremmit tossed in easton ukraine. a few dozen kilometers from the fighting. we asked him whether ye, grant's president is right to describe the situation as extremely difficult. absolutely, whomever you talk to, whether it's soldiers or civilians living in these places. everybody tells you the situation is extremely tense, more tense than they have ever more tense than at any time in the past when maybe not the beginning of this conflict 8 years ago. but in the meantime, in the past 7 years, so selling has intensified all along the contact line. today we were in a, in
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a town that sits just on this contact line. so you can basically, with your bare, i see the, the places that are controlled by the so called separatist, the russian back republics. and everybody there has told us that shelling has intensified tremendously. there. there are dozens of rounds of artillery coming in every day. houses are being shelled, people are dying. and this is, this is happening every day. people, people listen to it and they say this is outgoing, this is incoming. they have basically become expert in, in the sounds of artillery in order to assess where the danger is coming from next . so this is that place. and now imagine what it's like in those places that are the most heavily embattled combated. and that's of course, around the area around 0, the next that's 40 kilometers north east of where i am now in for my tours. there
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of course, situations are even more dire. and so since yesterday, russian troops have blown up the bridge that links this town, the city to the territory of that. so that's still controlled by ukraine. people are expecting another mary, you pull that, that was not his billing in your crime or german chancellor. ola schultz is on his 1st visit to africa since taking office 6 months ago. he started his 3 day trip in synagogue, where he held talks with president mackey sal. the leaders discussed the fall that from the war and he crime with shot eyeing synagogue as an alternative source of gas supplies. soaring fruit prices are also a serious concern. all f sholtes is visit, has been dominated by issues surrounding the war and ukraine. high on the agenda for his meeting with santa gals president mackey sal was the critical issue of sued security. the war has sent great prices soaring and sal will soon travel to russia
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and ukraine on behalf of the african union, hoping to secure, blocked supplies. hold on thank up this gun. as chairman of the african union, i expressed a chance to le shoots ow serious concerns about the impact of the war on al countries or african countries. including the wide spread price, spikes, and shortages that we are currently seeing. to sol crawford. shoulds has vowed to help get exports moving again donald david king that the this is currently being discussed very intensively. what's that despite this terrible conflict we need cooperation have to and so that a country which is currently defending itself against a war of aggression can successfully deliver. i'm good. it's important that we make the attempt as otherwise, if there is a great danger that many countries in the world will have extreme difficulty in feeding their populations, those cut them out. the frugal. and then also under discussion energy,
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germany offered to help develop natural gas production off senegal coast. the west african country has large reserves, and berlin seized them as a possible alternative to russian gas. after synagogue shoulds will travel to nig air. before finishing the 3 day visit in south africa business and politically this i gathering in the swiss town of davos for the annual world economic forum. not surprisingly, the ukraine is top of the agenda. this used to be the russia house here at the world economic forum. now it's been re christened the russian war crimes house, a ukrainian billionaires backing the project to highlight alleged abuses committed by russian troops in ukraine. the world economic forum cut all ties with russia for this year summit. meanwhile, davos is rolling out the red carpet for the biggest delegation from ukraine ever. prison zalinski will open the meeting with a video address and for ukrainians here. it's
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a bittersweet moment. we are here in this beautiful setting, but at the back of our mind always are these images of these horrific killings and atrocities and war crimes going on as we speak back in ukraine. and we are here to as best as possible, represent those people and to do all that we can to galvanize the international community to support ukraine even more despite dollars a spring cheer. the mood is somber amid soaring geopolitical tensions. the war and ukraine has worse and the global food and energy crisis, and there are other urgent problems to tackle as well. climate change the ongoing pandemic and fears of an economic slowdown. the challenges are so big that we need the so board and the ideas of every one around the world. so i think this is a place where people trust each other and we can build solutions together. well, deb ross is a global convenor of a global decision makers. i'm hoping that it would really be able to facilitate
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engagement because we are all for a peaceful world and we are old, full global prosperity. ukrainians have more immediate concerns. i don't think that we will see any, you know, additional ah pledge as being made here in terms of financial weaponry aid or something of that sort to ukraine. a di hold that we can also use a child ill business community here and have them on board. also getting up an on some of the reading is that they were probably looking for ah, where the russian federation. it's now up to the global lead here in the swiss alps to see if there's an economic path to peace in the war in ukraine. and here are some of the other stories making news around the world to sell. women tv news anchors in afghanistan now have to work with their faces. covered. taliban had
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begun enforcing laws on dress rights activists have condemned the lightest harsh restrictions imposed on women jealous side. they are frustrated but will comply with the law. a senior member of iran's leak military force has been shot dead in tehran revolution. regard, colonel has some say a co di was guns down outside his home in broad daylight. iran has blamed israel for similar assassinations. in the past. he was president joe biden has met with japanese prime minister for me. ok shita at the beginning of a 2 day trip to the country president. as in japan, for the launch of the inner pacific economic framework, us lead plan that seeks to counterbalance china's influence in the region. australian labor party leda anthony albany. he has been sworn in as the country's new prime minister. the final tele of election vote is not yet known, but albany,
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he was sworn in, so he could attend to. he security meeting with the us, india and japan in tokyo. on tuesday. the mean china says it is closed. the hospital used to trade 50000 coven, 19 patients in shanghai. the metropolis was the center of the cove at 19 outbreak, and put under strict lockdown for nearly 2 months. now. authority, se cases have dropped significantly and the easing restrictions signs of life have begun to reemerge on the world's longest subway system. but commuters in shanghai still need a compelling reason to travel. hundreds of bus routes connecting key hubs, such as train stations and airports have resumed, befit he is also dispensing more shed bikes to ease crowding on transportation. when it further opens up residence in some areas and being allowed out to
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shop for the 1st time in 2 months. officials say they plan to return to us from the start of june. after months of restrictions under china 0 koby strategy. authorities say 157 locally transmitted cases were confirmed on sunday, just 36 in shanghai, a city of more than 25000000 people hurry. officials are keen to sell china strict approach as a success. but the zealous pandemic strategy has bruised the economy and left residents nervous about further mass lock downs. sports now and in for me, the one next bush dothan has won the spanish grand prix in barcelona. the running world champion pounced when race lay dead shall the clicks ferrari broke down with the wind red both the stipend of a takes la claire for 1st place in the drive as champion ah,
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fairy charlotte. clerk led the title battle by 19 points going into the spanish grand prix. and he took an early lead from pole position in barcelona, with his main rival, max for stopping of red bull, sliding into the gravel in the early stages of the race. but then before the half way mark laclare began to slow down. oh no matter what happened the fair, an engine failure forced him to withdraw from the race, losing a seemingly sure victory ah pressed up and also suffered intermittent mechanical problems. but he went on to cross the finish line 1st and the wind means he is now 6 points ahead of the clerk at the top of the standings. ah, i sunny had
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a lot of dill in such nazario enough in it. because i was in the train and i tried to pass for my dearest has not always working so yet i made it, made it very tough. but we managed to, i did a strategy to get ahead again and i do our, do our own race and event you in the race was difficult beginning, but again with fresh drop in an la clerk sparring over the top spot. this year's formula one championship is shaping up to be of real thriller. ah, manchester city of won the english premier league football title edging out the rivals liverpool. and the last match of the season said he needed a wind to maintain at one point laid over liverpool after falling behind to nil against aston villa. they rallied light in the game scoring 3 goals and securing the 2nd straight lead title. before we go, a reminder of the top story we're following for you. this el collins president has become the 1st foreign leader to address the ukrainian parliament in person to
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russia's invasion in february. and i do the says russian forces must withdraw from ukraine complete and have told for now after the break. i'll don't film series. the politics of climate change. that's after a short break. don't forget, you get all the news around the clock and a w dot com and in the d. w at the handle. you know, if the social's meanwhile is at d. w needs terry not and will be mixed in the chest. i will ah, stories that most people of the world over information they provide the opinions they want to express. d, w on facebook and twitter up to date and in touch. follow us with .


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