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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  May 23, 2022 11:00am-11:16am CEST

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we will show you how climate change and environmental conservation is taking shape around the world and how we can all make a difference. knowledge grows through sharing. download it now, feel free. ah ah ah, this is d w. news coming to you live from berlin. russian forces turned their fire on the city of savannah. don't ask as they step up their offensive in the east. a local governor says the russians are carrying out indiscriminate 24 hour shelling and trying to destroy everything in their path. also coming up
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a warning from the united states to china, u. s. president joe biden tells beijing, it's flirting with danger over taiwan. and that washington would be willing to use force to defend the territory if necessary. plus a war, the pandemic and a climate emergency. the world's political and business elite are gathering in the swiss resorted w to discuss the formidable challenges we are facing. there seems live pictures pub that event now, also set to address the meeting ukraine's president. ah . hello, i'm terry martin. good to have you with us. russian forces are stepping up they're offensive to take territory in the eastern region of don bass. kias says the main city still under ukrainian controls, the better to that is coming under heavy bombardment. a local governor accused
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moscow of engaging in a scorched earth approach and intentionally trying to destroy the city. in chia, the polish president has become the 1st foreign leader to address the country's parliament in person. since the war began. a show of a war time solidarity between neighbors, polish president on j duda became the 1st foreign leader to speak to the ukrainian parliament in person since the war began. due to stress, to support for ukraine's bids to join the you and said that any territorial concessions to russia would be a blow for the entire western world. yas, that the chill go let no, i want to say clearly, but only ukraine has the right to decide its future. so there can be no negotiations and decision making behind ukraine's back a lot. nothing can be decided about ukraine without ukraine. so absolutely not.
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this is an iron principle that they put in that ukranian president volota may zalinski has said that only a diplomatic solution will bring a definitive end to the conflict. but the government and keith has repeated it will not accept any ceasefire that would require giving up territory on the battlefield . russia's offensive to capture the don bass grinds on with shelling. continuing along the front line, russian forces have intensified the efforts to surround several dennis. the main city still held by ukraine in the loo, hansen province with fits, fighting, raging across the don bus. neither side looks ready to accept a compromise just yet. earlier i spoke to frank lead, which she's our regular military analyst. i asked him about the significance of russia's claim that it now controls 95 percent of la hunter province. oh,
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good morning, terry. i suppose it depends on what one means by control since there is a intense battle going on. as your reporter said earlier around that city of serotonin and its twin city, las chance, which is just just along side, it control would be the wrong word. so the russians are moving to surround that city. we will see over the next weeks, something like what happened in mario, all the difference is that so better than it is prepared for this was my up, wasn't you can, he's been fortifying it now for about 7 years. they knew exactly what was going to happen. it's very reasonable to assume it was going to happen in a house. this will be a very, very tough flight. however, that side, they are moving to surround it, making incremental gains. russians, and this battle will go to some time. ok, so there's that battle that shaping up to be quite significant. what beyond that do
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you think is the next step that the russian military is likely to take? can you cry well, terry, it's interesting. you mentioned earlier that the russians have played control, 95 percent of the province. 11 does whether that is now the limit of their operational objective. it looks like it at the moment, in addition to what it already gained in west around s on my uncle. of course i was there last around concave. so what we can expect is, and what's happened, we got a little bit of this reported speech a couple of weeks ago to very much a narrowing of those objectives. and focusing now on that area with an artillery artillery center battle. that's what we're going now. so do you see an end game shaping up any of this? right, it was interesting. so was it hasn't zalinski talked about or has talked about the last few days?
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is this been the final stage of the war because it isn't. and what we could say, i suppose it's the end of the beginning, and we're seeing the rest of the war which could go on for months. so years taking shape with the decisive battle of the border of the battles anyway, predominantly taking place down in the southeast quadrant of the country. we've known for some time, unless negotiations are going to intrude, and there's no evidence that they are. ukraine has already said that it will not accept anything short of the recovery of its territory. this war, of course, is going to to grind on in the short to medium term. we're going to see a big battle around america. that's the russians cannot sustain this limited very limited momentum. they are cheating and we will see things start to settle down to something that looks like status within the next few weeks. certainly, i think before the end of july, mid of july, frank, thank you very much. for your assessment, that was frank ludwig just military analyst talking to us from oxford. thank you,
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terry. us present, joe biden said he would be willing to use force to defend taiwan if it were attacked. it's one of the strongest statements in support of the island. in decades . china claims i want as its own territory and while the rest and other countries except this one china policy, they say it can only be resolved through diplomacy for speaking in tokyo by the author. warren, that beijing is increasingly assertive stance of the island was flirting with danger. this is what by and had to say when asked by reporters, what the u. s. would do in case of an attack by china. are you willing to get involved militarily to defend taiwan? if it comes to that? yes, you are. that's a commitment. we made a 2nd, then we may, we are not look, here's the situation. we agree with the one china pulse we signed on. all the attendance agreements made from there,
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but the idea that it can be taken by force is taken by force is just not is just not appropriate or dislocate the entire region and be another action similar to what happened in your crane. earlier we spoke to tokyo based journalist sonya blush. here's her take on biden's statement. well, it's real enough for the us and japan to make such strong statements. as was mentioned in the report earlier, biden said he would defend taiwan, which is very strong. at the same time he reads it reiterates is that, you know, they would prefer a piece, a peaceful resolution stability in the region and all that. but it keeps saying that they would defend taiwan and not only supply arms as part of the agreement. on the other hand, she was also very keen to strengthen the high cost that any invasion by china would,
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would cause so similar to the situation of russia and ukraine. countries like the u. s. and japan wants to make it clear to china that it would really, really costly if they were to try anything unilateral. so i think that there is no an imminent danger, so to speak. but on the other hand, i think china is in for the long gains, why we might not see anything happen, like anytime soon in the next year or years, i think decades down the road, this might look quite different sketch up on some of the stories making headlines around the world today. german chancellor, all of schultz is on his 1st visit to africa since taking office 6 months ago. in senegal, he held talks with president mighty saw. the leaders discuss the fallout from the war and ukraine with sholtes eyeing synagogue as an alternative source of gas supplies. australian labor party leader anthony albanese has been sworn in as the
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country's new prime minister. the final tally of election boats is not yet known, but albany as he was born in. so he could attend a key security meeting with the u. s. india and japan in tokyo, on tuesday of the health authorities in vienna say they have detected the 1st case of monkey pox in austria. this comes as more cases have been identified in germany and other countries where the disease is not usually found. world health organization said it expects more reports of monkey pox as surveillance is stepped off. world economic forum is coming together for what is being called it's most consequential meeting in 50 years. you're seeing live pictures now from dallas, switzerland, where that gathering of the world's rich and influential is getting underway to discuss convergence of crises, the war in ukraine,
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the global food shortage on rapid growth of inflation, climate emergency, and the aftermath of the pandemic value kind of ukrainian president below them is lensky has expected to give the opening speech via video link shortly when the world economic forum has cut all ties to russia with its residence, turned into a museum of alleged russian war crimes. there after nath oh, we have team coverage for you uh the zalinski speech show with me here in the studio as d w's. aaron tilton, and in davos are corresponding only sherwin. both have worked in our russia bureau, which of course was shut down by moscow just before it launched its invasion of ukraine. let's start with you. emily. i ukraine's president vladimir zalinski is due to address the leaders gathered there in double. so what are they expecting from him? while president,
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when he will be addressing really influential audience here in doubles today, over 50 heads of government will be here in attendance just under 2500 delegates. participants from business from n g o is from all sort of sorts of areas will be here as well. and it's expected that he will most likely, you know, call for the world which is assembled here and devils to unite behind ukraine as the war. there continues to drag on, he may also call on russia to release 22000000 tons of grain which are currently stuck in ukrainian ports in which are worsening. the looming food crisis in the world, which is also said to be discussed here in diverse and you know, the landscape has made passionate speeches to parliament across the world before he often kind of paler as his messages to the country or to the audience that he's
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speaking to, for example, in the u. k, he made reference to winston churchill in war time speeches in germany. he talks about europe being divided by a new wall, sort of referencing the berlin wall there. so it will be interesting to see how he tries to grab this very influential audience here today in the world economic forum . emily, it's highly unusual, isn't it? that the leader of a country at war would address the forum? what are we to make of that? well, i think it shows really that ukraine is kind of taking center stage here at the economic form in general, and indeed its shadow kind of looms large over a lot of the economic issues. here. i think though, you know, the lensky and also this very big ukranian delegation, one of the biggest ever in attendance here at the forum. they're really trying to law the, the world as well when it comes to support for the country. and also when it comes
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to reconstruction efforts after the war, in fact, the president of the world economic forum today said that the world should be looking into making some sort of a martial plan for ukraine. even though there is no peace there in the country. yet, and ukrainian delegates that i've been speaking to here on the ground, we're talking about not only efforts to unite the world behind ukraine, but also to continue the pressure on russia to continue the sanctions pressure on russia. aaron present zalinski, ukrainian president when he addresses the form shortly. that's expected. just got a couple of minutes from now. he is going to be looking to get more support for his country from those delegates in davos can expect any new pledges of support. that is the open question, of course he's going to be looking for support on a whole bevy of issues. i mean, there's the question of reconstructing the country. there's already been some talk of a new martial style plan to rebuild ukraine because it's been actually ravage as once
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he was seen in the room to the speech. we're talking about hundreds of hospitals that destroyed $1300.00 schools and a country's infrastructure is really crumbling. under the weight of the russian on slot at the same time, he's also going to be looking for more military support as well. and as emily was saying just there was also this question of the sanctions regime. of course, he's going to be speaking to some of the most influential business and economic leaders around the world. and there is some question how long there would they will be willing to support these sanctions against russia. because of course, that had some of the book there are dependent to a certain extent on income that they generate in the russian federation. now in the run up to today's meeting in davos, there have been some ukranian delegates who kind of tempered expectations saying that they don't expect any massive new pledges coming from the international community. come from business leaders. i think more than anything else. this is going to, they're kind of expecting and hoping that they can get people online and make sure that they keep maintaining the sanctions or.


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