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[000:00:00;00] ah ah ah ah, this is d w. news lie from berlin. you chris president, law mr. lensky calls on the world to stop all trade with russia and escalate sanctions to the maximum. he says it is time for the international community to say
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a new president to prevent future aggression. also coming up in the 1st war, crimes trial arising from russia's invasion, a court in ukraine sentences, a russian soldier to life in prison for killing an unarmed civilian. but is this the right moment? we trying such cases and a warning from the united states to china, us president joe biden tells beijing it is flirting with danger over taiwan. and that washing would be willing to use force to defend the territory if necessary. and from access stop and claims the spanish grand prix. the victory also takes him to the top in the championship for the 1st time this year.
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ah. i monica jones, welcome to the program, ukraine's president vladimir lensky has told the world economic forum in dallas that. 1 were institution's need to introduce maximum sanctions against russia, including an oil embargo and cutting off trade with russia completely in a wide ranging speech that referenced the historic marshal plan that rebuild to europe after the 2nd world war. he also proposed various mat measures to counter poverty, hunger despair, and chaos, as well as the conflict with russia. zalinski said ukraine is grateful for sanctions imposed on russia by the international community. but he said they should have come sooner. hundreds of millions of citizens in democratic countries, we are putting pressure would have on government machines and companies merciful to make sure they would limit restraining their relations with the aggressor state
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with russia not only and instead to help the people who i think it was under attack, but this is happening only now. let me move road even though russia started its war against you, great. back in 2014 days, we are grateful for this support, but yet with that evil without happened was that of the young man immediately that unit to that pressure on governments and companies. for this type of thing is quite a, for the freedom would russia started this full scale, warri wouldn't bring all these losses of all your crane and upholding world. i'm sure that the answer to this question is that it is also no much my. earlier i spoke to d w's, emily sherwin who is endorsed for us, and i discussed with her the gratitude, but also the criticism from the ukrainian president. well, zalinski received a standing ovation, but you're right. his tone was critical of the international community. he
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essentially was saying, yes, thank you for a uniting and backing ukraine in the face of russian aggression. but essentially, you should have done this much earlier. he pointed out, you know, that of russia annexed the crimean peninsula from ukraine, back in 2014. there's been a war going on there in the country since then, and the, the international community, including here in douglas, didn't really do anything. you know, there was a russian presence here until this year at the forum as well. people were trading doing business and he was saying, you know, this and it's too late. you should have done something earlier. and the same thing applied to international institutions. he was saying that they should be almost reformed in order to not only respond to crises, but to actually prevent them. and he also proposed some concrete measures specifically when it comes to punishing a russia for the current aggression in ukraine. he proposed much harsher sanctions,
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including an oil embargo and a full stop to all trade with russia. now, zalinski also opened his speech with a striking reference to the rush, a war crimes house at double was. tell us more about that. was that they used to be know, as i was saying, a pretty big russian presence here in davos. at the economic forum. there was a russia house, which was known for surveying vodka. the russian delegation held these glitzy parties. in fact, one year they held a kind of ice skating show as well. and that attracted a lot of attention, a lot of investment as well. this year, however, the world economic forum has actually severed all ties with russia. there aren't any russian delegates here, including, you know, billionaires who might have come out against the war. they're also not here. there is no one from russia here. in fact, it is act in the place where the of russian house used to be. there is now
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a russia war crimes house, and it's really a striking exhibition that you see when you go inside. there are over 4000 images that have been used to create a kind of almost video installation with sound as well. where you see the suffering of civilians at the hands of russian soldiers that has taken place during this war . and the organizers that we were speaking to yesterday said that they think that the world should see that russia is this. now russia is the suffering that it has inflicted on the ukrainian people. writer, thanks emily sherman, they're reporting for us, sir, in divorce. and the ukranian court has sentenced a russian soldier to life in prison for killing an unarmed civilian. it is the 1st war crime trial arising from russia's invasion, but 21 year old soldier have pleaded guilty to charges, including premeditated murder and committing a war crime during
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a trial in keith. it's the 1st war crime trial held, and it is likely to be one of many. the young sergeant admitted he shot dead, a 62 year old civilian on a bicycle and the eastern sumi region. on february, the 28th ukraine's prosecutor general says they're investigating nearly 11000 potential war crimes. earlier i spoke to you re soc advisor, to the ukranian defense minister. and i asked him about his reaction to the verdict . we have been signed from the very 1st day of this aggressive school. every war criminal who has committed a war crime in our land will be found and prosecuted and brought to justice to seek justice for the victims of these war crimes. and like we've said many times before, unfortunately, there's hardly any war crime that has not been committed by the russian occupies in
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ukraine during the last 2 and a half months. it is a live, a very unusual for war crimes trials to be held during a conflict. given that there are still bombardment shelling casualties every day. how could ukraine guarantee a fair process in the circumstances? i think you might be referring to the international war crimes tribunals and they usually take longer because they require a more difficult framework of all the investigators, the prosecutors, the bodies, and so on and so forth. but ukraine, we have been collecting evidence of these war crimes, our general prosecutor's office. our ministry of internal affairs have been very carefully and meticulously collecting evidence of these crimes since day one. and
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in this specific instance, the accused was sentenced to life in prison. today, he actually admitted committing this war crime. and this war crime is a violation of a specific article and ukraine criminal code. the article that prohibits the commission of war by elation, of the rules of custody of war. so from this perspective, ukraine as a country based on rule of law and all that, all the rules of due process have been observed, which will state it today by our general prosecutor. that hundreds of soldiers from maria pull surrendered to russia last week. what do you think is the risk that russia starts holding its own trials of ukrainian troops? course we cannot rule out any course of events because we can only be responsible for the actions and commitments that we make. but we have said from the very beginning of this special rescue operation, as
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a result of which all ukrainian warriors both wanted and those who were still there defending us all style have been evacuated. we have been saying that it is very important that the 3rd party, such as the international red cross and the un are involved in this process. so we, we are convinced that their participation and their engagement will be a guarantee will be a safe guard from any untoward course of this rescue operation. and we are hoping to be able to return our warriors back. so ukraine in due course to restock advisor to the ukrainian defense minister in weston ukraine. thank you so much for your time. all the best. thank you for inviting me. thank you. and as we've heard, russian forces have also been accused of intentionally hitting civilian structures such as homes, schools, and hospitals. d,
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w as much as bullying. i went to the village of rose colors over in the east, where one woman emerged from her basement after 2 months in hiding to find the russians have also targeted her house. life in ruins. la knoxville never has just returned to what was a whole. i can't say anything. the shell hit her house 2 days ago. this is what is left to them. now we have nowhere to come back to people living here, a message scribbled on the door when the russian troops arrived. this village was occupied in the very beginning of the war. the russians were here for 2 months, and just 3 weeks ago the ukrainians took it back. says lana says that during those 2 months she didn't even see the russian soldiers. that's because the fighting was so heavy, she never left her basement. the 7 of the last night was the worse toil. we thought
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this is sit madam. the house will collapse above us and bury us and the base wendy . our pets were with us, a dog and a cat money when i came here to get the cat, but i can't find it with a delicious 3 o'clock that doesn't, but i came up. we will after the ukrainian army reclaimed the village, almost all inhabitants left for the city of hargrove. as the fighting continues, the russian positions are just beyond the next village. 5 kilometers away. most likely the shell that hid her house came from there. yeah. the thing is that if it doesn't collapse and isn't hid again, maybe we can come back and rebuild it. but i told my husband, i would even live in the basement with you as long as it is home. she can't home for now,
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she will go back to the city and wait for the fighting in the area to end up and hear some of the other stories making news around the world. health authorities in vienna say they have to dictate the 1st case of monkey pox in austria. this comes as more cases have been identified in germany and other countries where the disease is not usually found. a world health organization said it expects more reports as surveillance is stepped up. reopening australian labor party leader antony albany. c has been sworn in as the country's new prime minister . the final tally of election boats is not yet known at alban, easy with japan in tokyo. on tuesday, the honorable richard mouth and why launching a new asia pacific trade initiative in tokyo,
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you as president joe biden said he would be willing to use force to defend taiwan if it were attacked. it is one of the strongest statements in supports of the island indicates for china claims taiwan as its territory. and while the u. s. and other countries, except this one china policy, they say it can only be resolved to through diplomacy continue or not speaking in tokyo, bide, and also want that beijing's increasingly assertive stance old. the island mother was flirting with danger. and this is what biden had to say. when asked by reporters, what the us would do in case of an attack by china. are you willing to get involved militarily to defend taiwan? if it comes to that? yes, you are. that's a commitment. we made a 2nd, then we may, we are not look, here's a situation. we agree with the one china pulse. we shined on,
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all the attendance agreements made from dinner. but the idea that that could be taken by force is taken by force is just not who's just not appropriate, dislocate the entire region, and be another action. similar to what happened in, in your crew. journalist sonia black k is in tokyo and i asked her earlier given biden's remarks how real is the threat of a chinese invasion of tie one and well, i mean, considering what he says, obviously there are people who fear that it could be real. do you think that way in japan, however, it's not a matter of something that would happen very soon. it's real in the sense that they are trying now to prevent this from happening by showing
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a strong deterrence by really looking shoulders and saying, hey, we will not let this happen. and while biden said he would defend taiwan later, he said, no, he would stand before as well. he would stand by the one china policy and that they would only deliver weapons, but not soldiers. but still, he's remains. he's made these remarks repeatedly. so i think maybe this is not a coincidence, and they would really like to try and avoid a similar situation as we've seen happen now in europe, obviously with russia. ukraine, not japan, of course, is a key player in the region, but militarily, it's kept a low profile since world war 2. and now it's planning to spend more on defense capabilities. why now? yes. hello, this is constitution and it's one that's cherished very much by a large part of the population. wherever they have been conservative nationalist
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politicians who for a long time of wanting to change that and kind of, ironically now the rational tech on ukraine has made that seem possible. and so quite likely. so it's been a real game changer in that sense. and china, for it's part, has done lots of things that angered the japanese, there been lots of incursions by ships into japanese. was there been lots of territorial issues, economic issues as well, but recently mostly really these kind of ship issues so to speak. and that, and also of course are north korea and it's me sell tests have been the source of worry for japan. that's these are the main reasons why japan is not changing its stance towards the military correspondence, nebraska, there for us in tokyo,
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thank you. you're welcome. well, leaders are not doing enough to prepare for more intense, environmental and security crises. that's according to a major piece. studies institute, stockholm international piece, research institute, or see pre says the world is entering a new era of risk, where environmental and security issues overlap. it says droughts, heat, waves, and other impacts of climate change are increasingly driving conflicts around the world. according to the report, while temperatures rose worldwide between 201-2020, the number of armed conflict doubled as did the number of refugees. early i spoke to margaret bostrom, former swedish foreign minister and chair of the international panel that guided the research. and i asked her to give us some concrete examples of where they found a link between worsening crises, insecurity and the environment. well, it's easy to imagine that a country that has
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a lack of drinking water and share so a water source river with neighboring countries. and because of climate change, there's less and less water to share that you could easily lead to social unrest and conflicts. and in the worst case war, and we see that in many places around the world, but also how, of course, there are some, some of the sort of problems lead to people leaving their country. so we have so many more for gees and climate change and refugee so. so i think that there are a number of these elements showing the link between peace and security and growing environmental problems. now looking at the war and ukraine, aside from the human cost, it's also destabilized european security and effective global food and energy supplies. what for the consequences do you see on the horizon? well,
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it's very clear that the russia war in ukraine has also and already led to i would say huge impact on the rest of the world. there is less a week to, for example. so people that go without bread in many countries and other exports of crops that cannot be harvested now in both ukraine and also in russia. sentence waves of problems are around on the poor. so the whole oil and gas export from, from russia also being impacted by, by sanctions and so on. so we, we depend on each other. we understand that some of these problems follow a window river and we just have to take that into account. we have right with some of these, you have to avoid them. now your report says that institutions,
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including governments, are reacting to slowly, briefly, if he would, what action should they be taking? now when they have to cooperate, 1st of all, they have to make sure that they, they look into the future, identify some of these the, say, environmental problems that can also have a spillover effect. and then they just have to think more long term and they have to take into account what climate change when we do, and they have to improve their, their planning. and they're also in engage, be deliberately inclusive, as we say. so talk to those people that will be affected and involved in the planning for the future. well, margaret of ashley, i am awful. my swedish foreign minister. thank you so much for your time. thank you
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. and out to some of the news making headlines around the world, a senior member of iran to leak military force has been shot dead in tay run. revolutionary guard colonel hassan's side called i was gone down outside his home in broad daylight go. iran has blamed israel for similar assassinations, and the past women in the news anchors in afghanistan now have to work with their faces covered the taliban have begun. enforcing new laws on dress rights activists have condemned to the latest harsh restrictions imposed on women journalists say they are frustrated but will comply with the law. china says it has closed a hospital used to tweet 50000 cove 19 patients in shanghai. the city has been the center of a covey 19 ow to break and under strict locked down for nearly 2 months. now. authority, se cases have dropped significantly and there easing restrictions. signs
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of life have begun to reemerge on the world's longest subway system. but commuters in shanghai still need a compelling reason to travel hundreds of bus routes, connecting key hubs, such as train stations and airports have resumed, befits he is also dispensing more shed bikes to ease crowding on transportation. when it further opens up. residence in some areas have been allowed out to shop for the 1st time in 2 months. officials say they plan to return to a more normal life from the start of june. after months of restrictions on to china 0 koby strategy. authorities say 157 locally transmitted cases were confirmed on sunday, just 36 in shanghai, a city of more than 25000000 people hurry. officials are keen to sell china strict approach as
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a success. but the zealous pandemic strategy has bruised the economy and left residents nervous about further mass lock downs. sports now and in formula one max fest stoppin has won the spanish graham tree in barcelona. the reigning well champion pounced when race leader charles la clark's ferrari broke down with the wind red bulls for stop and also overtakes the clerk for 1st place in the drive as championship. ah, fairy charlotte clerk led the title battle by 19 points going into the spanish grand prix. and he took an early lead from pole position in barcelona, with his main rival, max for stopping of red bull. sliding into the gravel in the early stages of the race. but then before the half way mark laclare began to
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slow down. oh. so rapid remembered the fair. an engine failure forced him to withdraw from the race, losing a seemingly sure victory ah pressed up and also suffered intermittent mechanical problems. but he went on to cross the finish line 1st. and the wind means he is now 6 points ahead of the clerk at the top of the standings. ah, i sunny had a lot of dill in such as nursery or when not when i was i was in the train and i tried to pass for my dearest was not always working so yet i made it, made it very tough. but we managed to do to the strategy to get her again and, and do our do our own race. and eventually the race was difficult beginning, but a good as with fish dropping and la clerk sparring over the top spot. this year's
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formula one championship is shaping up to be of real thriller. a launch is the city have won the english premier league football title edging out their closest rivals. liverpool. in the last march of the season city needed a wind to maintain a one point lead over liverpool. after falling behind to a nail against aston villa. they rallied late in the game scoring 3 goals and securing their force for leak title. in the last 5 seasons, every 2nd, a pastor window, dis, premier league be realised all of us for families in 5 years in this country. bramlett. probably the better achievements were done in our careers. and he is a reminder of the top stories we're following for you. ukrainian, president of a lot of mister lansky has called on the well to stop all trade with russia and escalade sanctions, to the maximum. he says it is time for the international community to set a new president to prevent future aggression. they're watching dw
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news coming up next, d, w, news, asia. and we look at human rights in hong kong. as a report puts political prisoners more than a 1000. we also look at how the philippines, new president is managing the legacy of his father, the former dictator ferdinand marco's colleague, be responded, she will bring you these stories after a short break. i'm monica jones. thanks for watching. mm hm. ah,
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with who? ah. these places in europe are smashing in the records, stepped into a bold adventure. it's the treasure map for modern globetrotters. discover some
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of you up to record breaking sites on google maps, youtube and now also in book form. to meet about a cell phone number is going to spend the rest of her life behind bars for murdering her 3 dot. i see the site's down postpartum psychosis is an awful illness to her. mother's nightmare starts june, 4th on d. w. one of mankind's oldest ambition could be within reach or what if it really is possible to reverse aging researchers and scientists all over the world are in
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a race against time. the dna molecules though has 28000000 different our glasses . they are piers and rivals with one daring goal to outsmart nature. one of the most insightful discoveries in the history of mankind. more life starts may 28th on d. w. with ah 50 the other news a share coming up today. china's cracked on on hong kong has meant a shop increase in political prisoners in the city. and in general says the number


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