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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  May 23, 2022 7:00pm-7:16pm CEST

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well, the street to give you in the report on the inside our correspond that was on the ground reporting from across the continent and all the frames doesn't matter to you . d, w africa every friday, only w ah, this is d, w. use life from birth, lead a life sentence in ukraine's 1st war crimes trial. 21 year old russian soldier will spend the rest of his life in prison, but killing an unarmed civilian in the 1st week of the invasion. also on the program,
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ukraine's president cause of business leaders of the world economic forum to cease all trade with russia and to escalate sanctions to the maximum. joe biden warned china, it's flirting with danger over taiwan. during his 1st trip to asia, as u. s. president, he says, washington is willing to use force to defend the territory if necessary. ah, i'm fil gale. welcome to the program. a gordon ukraine has sentenced to russian soldiers to life in prison for war crimes. in this 1st trial of its kind since rushes invasion, the 21 year old had already pleaded guilty to killing an anom 62 year old civilian in the 1st week of the war. many more such trials are expected ukraine's prosecutor general's office. as it's investigating nearly 11000 potential will crimes will be
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w, corresponded mac xander is following the story from keith. he told me more about this verdict. right, so this verdict, this life sentence did not come as a huge surprise, but it might have significance for, for future trials. on the 21 year old defendant of audi she married last week already pleaded guilty for killing a 62 year old, unarmed civilian in the beginning of the 1st phase of the invasion. now he said that he was pressured by fellow soldiers into doing so, but the court responded to this and said that he was, he was going through with a criminal order that these men who had who he had given pressure into were not his commanding officers and thereby, he clearly violated the rules, the rules of war and lower sentence than life was just not possible. in this case, the defense on the other hand, am said they would appeal and they said there had,
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there has been a significant amount of pressure from civil society. and so the significance of this right, so this is the 1st war crime. first war crimes trial in ukraine during this war and we're looking at 10000 you said perhaps even even more cases in the future. so this life sentence actually sets the bar pretty high. and there has been some criticism that this court case or this, this trial was taking place during the war, but the authority said they were falling due process. the situation this case is very clear as a pretty straight forward case, all the evidence was heard. and the men are pleaded guilty, but also for the ukrainians. it is a, it is a chance to show that they're taking and pursuing these war crimes seriously. and yet that the to show that the judiciary, the ukrainian judiciary system, actually works even in times of war,
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away from the courts. max of fighting and don bassett shifted to the city of savannah dynette scan. ukraine, struggling to hold onto it. is that city lightly to become another, mary? of all right, so the russian forces after unsuccessfully trying to keep and the rest of the country shifted their focus to the southeast to the don busby industrial zone there . and they're going after a free after the territories that were held formerly by the russian state back rebels and am trying to push forward there so severe the netscape, a key city. it's a large city of roughly a 100000 people prior to the war. and this is one of the last strongholds in the little hans region that the kremlin has, as, as i said, they would, they would take now there china and circle this city. that is clear, but a comparison compared situation to mario points a bit different because this city was close to the fighting line of 2014 and they
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are better prepared than manual policy does not come as a surprise and the ukrainians so far have been able to successfully defend the city. all right, thank you. back to max xander in keith the credit present volume. as lensky has told the world economic forum that institutions should introduce maximum sanctions against russia, including an oil embargo and cutting of trade completely alive. linked to the meeting of political and business leaders in the swiss town of divorcee, ukrainian president also said his country needed a modern version of the historic marshal plan. that rebuilt europe after the 2nd world war said that though his country is grateful for the international sanctions against russia, they should have been imposed sooner and treats of millions of citizens in democratic countries on are put in posher wouldn't want government machines and companies of measurable to make sure they would limit restrained their relations
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with the aggressor state with russia not old only. and it's not to help the people in the life it was under attack. but this is happening only. now. let me know. even though russia started its war against you, great. back in 2014 dash. we are grateful for this support, but i would say evil. it absolutely happened. was that of the you gotta think immediately that's unity, that it pressure on governments and companies for this type of thing. it's quite a, for the freedom would russia started this full scale, warry wouldn't bring all these losses to pull your crane and upon the world. i'm sure that the answer to this question is that is also no much they w correspondent, ben for sewland is in davis. i asked him how the speech had been received with a standing ovation fill. it was a very emotional speech, and davis was listening. that's for sure. the, the crowd here,
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the best is the other world leaders, 50 of which are here. heads of states and governments and prime ministers are delegations as well and thousands of business leaders. and he did stick it to them that are who had said that, that they simply haven't done enough that ukraine is short on time. and if this russian, aggression continues or increases even what we need is what you said at the beginning of the show even tougher sanctions. so an oil embargo, all banks need to be blocked, all of them, the i t sector as well and no trade, whatsoever. he made a big point of that. he then also question, how much longer will the world stay united because this, this unity is what scares mr. put most. in mr. zalinski words, we need to make you credit priority. now, every day that we wake up, he said, we need to ask ourselves, what can we do for you? i've been physically take a look at some more of the storage,
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making the news around the world. now, the world health organization has worn the cases of monkey pox are spreading rapidly, but officials say there's no evidence the viruses mutated. and they say that the outbreak can be contained, elf of artists in austria and denmark today announced their 1st cases, w. german chancellor. ola sholtes is in danger. as part of a 3 country visit to africa. you have talked with president mohammed to presume welcomed germany's decision to extend its military training mission there. the trips, the chancellors 1st visit to the continent since taking office 6 months ago an unfinished shopping mall in southwestern iran has collapsed, getting at least 5 people. officials in the city of upper down for the dental could be much higher as more than 80 people are believed to be still trapped under rubble . surrounding shops and cars were also buried. australia's the labor party leader, antonio albanese, has been sworn in as the countries knew, prime minister,
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the final count from the election of 2 days ago, isn't yet no. he took the oath of office, so he could attend a king security meeting on tuesday with us, india and japan in tokyo. your excellency, now you, as president joe biden is already in tokyo way, said that he would be willing to use force to defend the neighboring island of taiwan if it were attacked. china views taiwan as a breakaway province. it's one of america's strongest statements in support of the island for decades. are you willing to get involved militarily to defend taiwan? if it comes to that? yes, you are. that's a commitment. we made a recommend we may, we are not look, here's the situation. we agree with the one china policy we signed on all the attendance agreements made from there. but the idea that it could be taken by force just taken by force is just not, is just not appropriate,
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dislocate the entire region, and be another action similar to what happened in, in, in ukraine or taiwan. so foreign ministry, thanks, president biden, for a statement though. it drew a shop response from beijing. their foreign ministry said china has no room for concessions on issues involving its territorial integrity. is to biden was speaking of the launch of a new asia pacific trade initiative. born that debating is increasingly assertive stance of the island was flirting with dangerous framework. is a commitment to our biggest shift is the president statement on taiwan. sheila, a smith is a senior fellow for asian pacific studies of the council on foreign relations. so thank you for having me. first of all, i don't think it's a large shift. if you recall, we have in the united states congress approved what's called the taiwan relations act, in which united states has been supplying taiwan with military equipment to help it
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with its defenses. so there's always been a implicit link between the united states and taiwan when it comes to making sure that there's no violence or no use of force across the street between beijing anti pe. i think the president made it very clear in tokyo though, because the region is worried. they're worried about chinese military activity. they're also, we're worried about ambiguity on washington's part. the ambiguity by the united states could invite or at least give permission for china to use force and they would like that to stop is there. is there a way that russia, having launched its attack on the ukraine, the pop china might look at this and say, let's give that a go. absolutely, and you know, as you know, taiwan is not a treaty ally. it's not recognized by most of the world as an independent sovereign state. so there's reason to be worried, given the russian, if you're a new crane. and i think given also the fact that united nations is not functioning,
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as many people thought it would in, in cases of aggression. and you really have the united states and its allies putting forward the primary response. so i think this is an in the pacific version of, let's not, you know, invite miscalculation. the president is in tokyo for a new us lead asia pacific trade initiative that's being seen as a counterweight to china's aggressive expansion in the region. how much of an effect is likely to have given china's expansions already well underway that well, i think this is the by new ministrations effort to demonstrate that the united states does have economic interests at stake and is willing to begin to re engage on the trade friends with partners in the, in the pacific. as you know, the t p fell by the wayside with president trump came into power in 2017. and i think the region is really looking to united states for a stronger statement of its economic engagement, foreign direct investment aid for infrastructure building. and of course,
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the most important trade. i don't know that this is going to assuage all of the concerns of the countries around the region. china is a dominant economic presence in the region. and of course china has now asked to join the c p p. and that makes any, many of those countries that are members a little bit nervous about how the p p is going to respond. thank you for that. a sheila smith from the council on foreign relations was not with her. this on the 1st break, variables crushed out of the french open japanese form of world number one though me soccer lost her opening match at rolling girls in straight sets to americans 27 faded. amanda honestly rover was off, withdrew from the top of it last year after boycotting post, much press conferences. so i think her mental health, she returned to competitive terms tokyo of and picks, but needs victories to climb back up. the rankings if what more bundling club
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dormant have named at inter such as their new coach. he talks over 3 days after marco rosa was fired. does it go up near dormant and is a lifelong fan? he's had a previous stint as head coach that i had with that began in december 2020. when his team won 20 games out of $32.00 and took a german, a cup title, 39 year old assigned a 3 year deal. manchester city of won the english premier ling title edging out their closest rivals, liverpool and their last match of the season city needed a wind to maintain a one point lead. after falling behind the 2 nell against aston villa, they are rallied late in the game scoring 3 goals and securing their 4th league title. in the last 5 seasons. every 2nd at bass after window does premier league be realised all of us for premise in 5 years in this country, bramlett probably the better achievements were done in our careers. now one
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manchester city player were so especially emotional after the victory ukrainian midfielder or alex sander ascend jenko. and he was off time, a substitute for city and afterward dedicated the title to his home country. in fact, he drive the premier league trophy in the ukrainian flag during the summer celebrations that later that support from ukraine and for you cried means everything in what he called the toughest period of his life. he w news asia a just a moment with bearish vanity and i'll be back at the top of the have a good day one of main kinds, oldest ambition could be within reach. ah, what is it really is possible.


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