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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  May 23, 2022 9:00pm-9:30pm CEST

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[000:00:00;00] ah ah ah ah, this is the w news live from berlin tonight, a sentence of life in prison in ukraine's 1st war crimes drive a 21 year old russian soldier will spend the rest of his life behind bars for
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killing an unarmed civilian. in the 1st week of the russian invasion, also coming up tonight, ukraine's president calls on business leaders at the world economic forum to end all trade ties with russia and to escalate economic sanctions to the max and china. it says that the usaa is playing with fire after jo biden's unscripted remarks on taiwan. that's hands the u. s. president says that he would be willing to use force to defend taiwan against chinese aggression. and in cases of monkey pox spreading here in europe, how alarmed should we be? will ask an expert in infectious diseases. ah, i'm bring gov. it's good to have you with us on this monday. it was
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a trial of huge symbolic signee, mackenzie crane's 1st war crimes trials since the start of russia's invasion, 3 months ago. and the verdict has set a clear precedent life in prison for a 21 year old russian soldier who pleaded guilty to killing an unarmed civilian ukrainian officials say that there'll be many more such trials to come 3 months into this conflict there already investigating some 13000 potential war crops in a court, roomy, keefe, punishment for a crime committed during war. a russian tank commander convicted was killing a 62 old civilian in a village in northeastern ukraine. based on the above, the court has ruled that vadim ye if gain of ish, marin bourne october 17th. 2000 has been found guilty of committing a criminal offense on the part youth. article 438 of the criminal code of here, crane has been given
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a life sentence. ukraine's prosecutor general says that they are about 13000 ongoing investigations into alleged war crimes by russian forces. that list is growing by the day as russia continues, it's offensive in eastern ukraine. on monday, the city of hockey was bombed again. civilian areas sprayed without local officials say, a cluster munitions. no voice in what i must have been around 7 or 8 in the morning when we woke up thinking it was the end of the world, but there was the sound of explosions, at least 5 of them. the boon for 3 minutes of silence. and then boom, again to what people said, it was, cluster bombs, exploding sit madison wallace. cluster munitions are banned under international law, while targeting civilians will constitute a war crime. even if one book vadim she, marian, has admitted his guilt and says he regrets his actions. his is the 1st conviction
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for war crimes since russia launched its invasion but is unlikely to be the last. my 1st guest tonight is anton corey neville. she is ukraine's representative in a case of the international court of justice, which alleges genocide by russia. mr. cornell, just good to have you with us tonight. i want to talk about the possibility of taking this, this aggression against ukraine, taking it to the i c. c. but 1st i want to talk about this verdict and conviction that came out today that was in ukrainian court. and it does set a president just 3 months into this war. what did you think when you heard the verdict, is it and the sentence as it was read out today? well, good evening from key if of course, the international criminal court, the i, c, c,
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is seen as important to track as important instrument to bring perpetrators. so for lunch to crime of genocide cramps against your management board crimes to responsibility. so of course we here in ukraine. do recognize and do work closely with the i c. c. in order for it to be to be effective and to have effective proceeding center. but of course, today's case is really a precedent as though this is a 1st case which happens since the 24th of february. and the 1st, i would say, really straightforward case because the defects of the case where really wary, straightforward, and it wasn't an easy case to prove, i think, in court because they were really 100 percent. sure. the fact that the russian soldier, but you know, she married, that he killed a ukrainian civilian. and of course, you know, the fact that a lot of russian soldiers are now in custody in ukraine. and there is a lot of possibilities that we will have a lot of such words,
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court proceedings in key of in many other cities and towns. well, ukraine in relation to alleged war crimes committed by the russian soldiers. and what does this tell us about the ukranian justice system? but it is remarkable that we're just in this war 3 months and that you're able to, to get all of these trials up and going in a country that is under assault by russia. of course, this argument is important, but i think that another argument is also important that this case started not so long ago, i think maybe several weeks or a months ago. and the verdict is here. so the case itself, the proceedings itself, where are the fast and defective aid that ukrainian judicial system and ukrainian prosecutorial authorities. they go to, i think, and i hope they got used in a normal sense. i mean, when i'm saying this to the situation of russian aggression,
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because we already have russian aggression since the end of february, 2014. and we already had a lot of cases concerning human rights violations, for instance, in temper look at bite crimea on temporarily occupied areas of the nest can look on screens and we have specialized prosecutions for specialized prosecution units who work for instance, who worked for the shoes of grammy and don bus donnie from 2014. so by saying this, i mean that this whole wasn't brought up from nowhere. and that there was already this experience and understanding how to apply international law. so i hope, and i think that really more cases are with short, you will come. and again, this case was really straightforward. and everybody here in ukraine understood that this is the real war crime committed in the form of killing of a murder,
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wilful murder, wilful killing. also ukraine and civil civilian, elderly man by russian soldier. and what do you think this means though, for the prospect of going to the i, c. c and holding top russian officials accountable for what has happened in ukraine? you know, it's not a secret that ukraine would like to see even perhaps whether improvement stand trial at the i c. c for crimes against humanity that have taken place in humanity. has that possibility increased a little bit by what happened today? well, it's a different tracks because of course i, c, c has its own track, but you're absolutely right that it will concentrate on big cases on the cases of those who are on top of the tree. and of course, when we are looking forward to i, c. c, at least ordering international arrest warrants for the political and military leadership of the russian federation. but here in this case says the precedent,
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because we're asked i c. c takes a big piece, cases all the cases concerning soldiers and officers, and they should be adjudicated. hearing you crate. so because i c. c complimentary works on the basis of principal of complementarity. so the biggest portion of cases should be listened here in ukraine. and i think that if you crane shows and a and they open, i'm sure that your grades will show the capability of our system, of our legal system to work with such cases of war crimes, which again before 2014. where rather than you to, to ukraine and now in 2022 again, i will say that there are people who understand how to work with those categories. so i called that this will force green because the troll says, and proceedings the nice you see closer to, to us,
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and to renovate. we appreciate your time and your insights tonight. we will certainly be following these cases. thank you. ukrainian president vladimir zalinski has told the world economic form that institutions should introduce maximum sanctions against russia, including an oil embargo, and that they should cut off trade with the country completely in the live league to the meeting of political and business leaders in the swiss town. of davos today, the ukranian president said that ukraine will also need a modern version of the historic marshall plan that helped rebuild europe after the 2nd world war. he said that though his country is grateful for the international sanctions against russia, they should have been imposed sooner and treats of millions of citizens and democratic entrees are put in posher, wouldn't want government and companies measurable to make sure they would limit
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restrained their relations with the aggressor state with russia not old only, and it's not to help the people in the life in it was under attack. but this is happening on the now levy live, even though russia started its war against ukraine back in 2014 days. we are grateful for this support, but i would say evil it had to happen was that of the young that it the immediately, that's unity, that pressure and governments and companies for this type of thing is quite a, for the freedom would russia started this full scale warry would bring all these losses, apple ukraine, and a post world. i'm sure that the answer to this question that is also know my la corresponded ben facility he is in davos, covering the world economic forum force. and he told us about reaction to zalinski is speech. there. it was a very emotional speech, and a davis was listening. that's the short, the, the crowd here,
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the best is the other world leaders, 50 of which are here. heads of states and governments and prime ministers that delegations as well and thousands of business leaders. and he did stick it to them that though and said that, that they simply haven't done enough that ukraine is short on time. and if this russian, aggression continues or increases even what we need is what you said at the beginning of the so even tough a sanctions. so an oil embargo, all banks need to be blocked, all of them, the i t sector as well and no trade, whatsoever. he made a big point of that. he then also question, how much longer will the world stay united because this, this unity is what scares mr. put most. in mr. zalinski words, we need to make you credit priority. now every day that we wake up, he said we need to ask ourselves, what can we do for you? right. that was our correspondent, been pursuing their reporting from davos,
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switzerland. you as president joe biden. he is known for making unscripted remarks that can catches staff off guard his comments today in tokyo, at the launch of a new age of pacific trade initiative, or no exception of speaking to reporters, they are biden, have said that he would be willing to use force to defend taiwan if it were attacked by china, one of america's strongest statements in support of taiwan that we have seen in decades. take a listen to what he said. are you willing to get involved militarily to defend taiwan? if it comes to that? yes, you are master commitment, we may have to come in. we may, we are not look, here's a situation. we agree with the one china policy we signed on all the attendance agreements made from there. but the idea that it can be taken by force is taken
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by force is just not just not appropriate. dislocated gene join is foreign ministry said that beijing has no room for concessions on issues involving its territorial integrity by worn, that beijing's increasingly assertive stance over taiwan. is quote, flirting with danger to working with our close. so how big of a shift is president biden statements regarding taiwan? we asked sheila smith, she's a senior fellow for asian pacific studies at the council on foreign relations. so thank you for having me. first of all, i don't think it's a large shift. if you recall we have in the united states congress approved what's called the taiwan relations act, in which united states has been supplying, ty, one with military equipment to help it with its defenses. so there's always been a implicit link between united states and taiwan when it comes to making sure that
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there's no violence or no use of force across the street between a shame and ty pay. i think the president made it very clear in tokyo because the region is worried. they're worried about chinese military activity. they're also, we're worried about ambiguity on washington's part. the ambiguity by the united states could invite or at least give permission for china to use force and they would like that to stop that was sheila smith there with the council on foreign relations. the word have organization has warned that cases of monkey pox are spreading rapidly. where the 100 cases have now been reported here in europe as well as in north america. but officials say the outbreak can be contained and that there is no evidence of the virus. mutating health authorities in austria and denmark today announced their 1st cases. now this comes as more cases have been identified in the u. k. here in germany and in other countries where the disease is
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not usually found it, what are we dealing with here? let's go now to epidemiologist eric fagel dean. interested to see you again. yes, we keep meeting on some of the most bizarre circumstances. now we're talking about monkey pox. how alarmed are you by the rising number of cases worldwide? while the rising cases has really concerning us. last friday we only had 100 kids in our over 200 u. k. cases have gone from 20 to now $56.00 cases from friday to monday and portugal well over a 100 cases in portugal is a relatively small country. so i think this search is, it's only going to increase further because the incubation time for this virus is much longer than it was recovered. and the mortality we, you know, we, the west african strain traditionally has a one percent mortality. but right now the issue is the, the sequence,
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the virus has over 50 mutations different than the easiest versions. and so now we don't really know, like, what does that mean in terms of contagious severity? we don't know, but clearly we've never had so many mult high country vimal genius rise in monkey parks before like this, especially in the triple digits for an exponential right. like that. and do we have clarity tonight on exactly how monkey pox is being spread? and apparently so quickly, yeah, you know, there is discussion that it's sexually transmitted, but obviously traditionally with monkey pox, you also can have direct contact with scabs, with bodily fluids. it's well known and c, d. c has acknowledges theoretically possible that it is their soul air born. and
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therefore they recommend you take precautions against arizona transmission until we learn more. because we've what we, we have to have the middle new mobility to know that, you know, many, you know, 2 years ago we said, oh, it's just the flu for cove, it oh, it wasn't here one, but didn't turn out to be airborne. it did turn out to have lots of re infection potential and it wasn't just the flu. so with especially new virus, potentially a new version of this virus potentially with mutations, we have to be extra precautions until we learn more. and in some countries, and i'm talking about right here in germany as well. there are no recommendations right now in terms of what people should do regarding monkey pox. what would your recommendation be tonight? well, i think 1st of all, be very careful about any close conduct, so definitely wash your hands and you know what masking may have a double benefit against both cove it and potentially monkey pox. if this theoretically airborne is true,
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we should really it's supported by experimental evidence as well. so we should really take the same precautions or cobit but also look for any rashes and wealth that are unusual because normally we have rashes in all the time. but now during the monkey parts, we should be extra careful in terms of surveilling for this, because this has a long beach in time. and by time you know, for sure that these boils start servicing over your face and body, it might be too late. you may have already passed others, so earlier detection might not be vigilant is really key. yeah. and, and you say those masks they, you know, are worth their weight in gold. that's for sure. epidemiologist eric cycle being as always eric, we appreciate your time and your insights. thank the german chance o schultz. he has visited german troops and held talks with his counterpart in this year. he's on the 2nd leg of his 1st africa trip since his election. the focus of
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his visit is the security ins for hell and the bundle fairs, role in training. this year's special forces german chancellor olive health have the bond as their mission in these air of the success addressing tubes in the west african country. he reassured them that they're not going anywhere beyond of his we've made sure this mandate can be continued so that our mission here can be successfully completed. as you know, we are in close consultation with managers government to continue our work here. we will continue this, your billing on the experience we have gained in of home. you're done with because shelter as fast tweet. annisa comes at a time when democracies in africa need supports. the situation in the sale region remains volatile term and marine commanders are training the jail special forces to
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fight islamist militants into region. some $200.00 german sold is involved in the current mission. for me, sir, was bridget, it is important for me that we show our sense of responsibility as a reliable partner for african nations, sienna, to typically head in a democratic country where there security of the population of the regional and of democratic rule have been insured. this is important for us because ultimately let's move on to make sure the vision we share and terms of democracy and freedom can be successfully realized. the handout is happening. that's accountable. last week, germany's parliamentary new to defend his vast mandates in asylum region. but the situation there remains precarious. now, sofa transnationals will be south africa for the last leg of he's african talk. w g political editor mcculloch cook,
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nor is travelling with the german chancellor during his african tour. she sent us this report on the south has made a point of visiting democracies only on his 1st africa trip. and he's right now making a point behind me by visiting the troops that are being trained by germans here in nisa. they are here to provide more security in an increasingly di stabilized region, just 80 kilometer from here is the border with molly. and there's been a military coup which threw into doubt. germany's mission now, which has just been continued, but france is pulling out and that will now be more cause for germany to take more responsibility. also, when it comes to the full out by the war in ukraine, the russian aggression that here, there are high hopes that germany will provide assistance in the near mid term future to simply provide food stability. in the reason that was because a covenant they're reporting some all years new president hassan,
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shake mohammed has officially taken power after winning sundays, long delayed election. one of his most pressing problems is the terrorist group, archibald, in a renewed attempt to help fight the group. the u. s. as an else, the deployment of american troops to the country alger, bob has been conducting a brutal insurgency since 2004 that we've been driven out of move cities, including the capitol, mogadishu. it still controls many rural areas. now sure, bob is said to have anywhere between $5.10 fighters and it raises cache by extorting money from civilians. as you're about to see those who do not cooperate, end up paying an even higher price. a dreamy beach on the coast of somalia, capital mogadishu, a holiday makers, paradise elite hotel is known for its delicious seafood and epic views. but in 2020 the islamist militant group, osh bob attacked it,
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killing 11 people and injuring several more. hotel had become a target because it had refused to pay extortion money to asha bap william on the, in the, in the the elite hotel, never paid. i'll show bob's illegal extortion money when i'm and there's no reason that we should pay it. why didn't we hope to maintain this position so that it encourages other business people so that the government and people work together to fight against this terrorist group, harley or helen with god, god last 2 years and hundreds of thousands of dollars of reconstruction costs later it's finally, business as usual for the up market beachfront hotel. and it serves as a warning payoff for bob or the same will happen to you. we meet a man whose job it was to share this message for safety reasons. he prefers to remain anonymous. a former business men himself,
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he wasn't charge of extorting tax and to legions in central somalia. if they didn't agree to pay, they would be arrested and tortured. we will double their fine and also try to recruit them. he says he's also been on the receiving end of these threats and 2014 asked about come into his town and asked him to pay $5000.00 back. then he own several malls and shops when he refused to pay, he was arrested. they tortured me. they said you were with the enemy, they handcuffed me and beat me. sometimes they put my head under muddy water. he eventually agreed to join in order to protect his family. he says, after 5 years he managed to escape. since then, he's been living in hiding and in constant fear. the penalty for effecting is death . taxation is the group's biggest source of income security analysts estimate osher
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. bob's annual budget is around $180000000.00. so bob asked taxation because they believe they are the, the real go with those of, of somalia. but her own all eyes. the are the shadow government in this country. the run an army in malicious, they run or other offices equivalent of ministers, where he says almost all businesses in the country pay tax to all shop up, meaning they're being double taxed once by government and once by the islamist militants, most of the money extorted is spend on intelligence, tara activities, and buying weapons. he says the last 5 years were lost by former president mohammed for our module, who didn't do enough to fight the group. the most important task for the new president hassan say mahmoud will be the fight against the islamist militants.
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based on that, his success will be measured. you watching the w news? i'll be back at the top of the hour with more world news followed by the day i hope to see you then. ah,
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