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my sister's house number, who children like 20 to imagine the impact you and your friends can have together, we can end global hunger. please download the app. ah ah name, this is dw news live from berlin. tonight is sentence of life in prison in ukraine's 1st war crimes drive. a 21 year old russian soldier will spend the rest of his life behind bars for killing an unarmed civilian at the start of the war. also coming up tonight, ukraine's president calls on business leaders at the world economic forum to cut
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all trade ties with russia, and cases of monkey bars spreading here in europe. how will warm should we be and what can we do now? to protect ourselves? ah, i bring gov to our viewers watching on p b. s. in the united states into all of you around the world. it's good to have you with us on this monday. it was a trial of huge symbolic significance, ukraine's 1st war crimes trial. since the start of russia's invasion, 3 months ago, and the sentence had set a clear president, life in prison for a 21 year old russian soldier who pleaded guilty to killing an unarmed civilian ukrainian officials say that there will be many more trials like this to come 3
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months into this war, they say that they are already investigating some $13000.00 cases in a court, roomy cave punishment for a crime committed during war. a russian tank commander convicted of killing a 62 old civilian in a village in northeastern ukraine. based on the above, the court has ruled that vadim ye if gain of ish, marin bourne october 17th, 2000 as me found guilty of committing a criminal offense on the part youth. article 438 of the criminal code of here, crane has been given a life sentence. ukraine's prosecutor general says that they are about 13000 ongoing investigations into alleged war crimes by russian forces. that list is growing by the day as russia continues, it's offensive in eastern ukraine. on monday, the city of hockey was bombed again. civilian areas sprayed without local officials
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say, a cluster munitions they are in the ocean with i must have been around to 7 or 8 in the morning when we woke up thinking it was the end of the world, but there was the sound of explosions, at least 5 of them, the boon for 3 minutes of silence. and then boom again to what people said it was, cluster bombs, exploding sit madison wallace. cluster munitions are banned under international law, while targeting civilians will constitute a war crime. even if one book vadim she married, has admitted his guilt and says, he regrets his actions. his is the 1st conviction for war crimes. since russia launched its invasion, but is unlikely to be the last and song, the rid of it is ukraine's representative. in a case of the international court of justice, which alleges genocide committed by russia, we asked him for his faults on today's verdict. of course,
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the international criminal court, the i, c. c, is seen as important track as important instrument to bring perpetrators. so for lunch to crime of genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes to responsibility. so of course we hear in ukraine. do recognize and do work closely with the i c. c. in order for it to be to be effective and to have effective proceeding center. but of course, today's case is really a precedent as though this is the 1st case which happens since the 24th of february . and the 1st, i would say, really straightforward case because the defects of the case where really wary, straightforward, and it wasn't rather easy case to prove, i think in court because they were really 100 percent. sure. the fact that the russian soldier, but you know, she married, that he killed a ukrainian civilian. and of course, you know, the fact that a lot of russian soldiers are now in custody in ukraine. and there is
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a lot of possibilities that we will have a lot of such wards, work proceedings in key of in many other cities and towns throughout ukraine in relation to alleged war crimes committed by the russian soldiers. and what does this tell us about the ukranian justice system? but it is remarkable that we're just in this war 3 months and that you're able to, to get all of these trials up and going in a country that is under assault by russia. of course, this argument is important, but i think that another argument is also important that this case started not so long ago, i think maybe several weeks or a months ago. and the verdict is here. so the case itself, the proceedings itself, where are the fast and defective? and i would say that ukrainian traditional system and ukrainian prosecutorial. so are just they go, i think, and i hope they got used in
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a normal sense. i mean, when i'm saying this to the situation of russian aggression, because we already have rush and aggression since the end of february 2014. and we already had a lot of cases concerning for human rights violations, for instance, in temper look to bite crimea on temper. look, you bite areas of the next can look on screens and what kind of specialized prosecutions are specialized prosecution units who work for instance, who worked for the shoes of grammy and don bus donnie from 2014. so by saying the same means that this whole wasn't brought up from nowhere. and that there was already this experience and understanding how to apply international law. so i hope, and i think that really more cases with short you will come. and again, this case was really straightforward,
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and everybody here in ukraine understood that this is a real war crime committed in the form of killing of a murder, wilful murder, wilful killing, also ukrainian civilly an elderly man by russian soldier. and what do you think this means though, for the prospect of going to the i, c. c and holding top russian officials accountable for what has happened in ukraine? you know, it's not a secret that ukraine would like to see even perhaps whether improvement stand trial at the i c. c for crimes against humanity that have taken place in humanity. has that possibility increased a little bit by what happened today? well, it's different tracks because of course i, c, c has its own track, but you're absolutely right that it will concentrate on big cases on the cases of those who are on top of the tree. and of course, when we are looking forward to i c. c,
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at least ordering international arrest warrants for the political and military leadership of the russian federation. but here is this case, said the president, because we're asked i c. c takes the big piece cases all the cases concerning soldiers and officers, and they should be adjudicated. hearing you crate. so because i c. c complimentary works on the basis of principal of complementarity. so the biggest portion of cases should be listened here in ukraine. and i think that if you crane shows and a and they call, but i'm sure that ukraine will show the capability of our system, of our legal system to work with such cases. so war crimes which again before 2014, where we're running you to, to ukraine and now in 2022. again, i will say that there are people who understand how to work with those categories.
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so i called that this will, of course, bring the process and proceedings in i c. c. closer to, to us, and to renovate. we appreciate your time and your insights tonight, we will certainly be following these cases. thank you. the war in ukraine is dominating this year's meeting of business and political leaders of the world economic form in davos, switzerland. earlier today, ukrainian president vladimir zalinski delivered an address and he called for 2 things, maximum sanctions against russia, and greater support to help rebuild his own country. it's the 1st world economic forum to be held in person since the pandemic began in. this is title of history at a turning point, underscore is a new global crisis. the war in ukraine is dominating discussions at the 4 day meeting of political and business lates in davos. all russian officials have been
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excluded in a special address, ukrainian president vladimir lensky, cold from maximum sanctions, including cutting off old trade with russia. he said he was grateful for international sanctions so far, but said they should have been imposed soon on one lock or see a fish levy more broad. okay. russia started the war with ukraine back in 2014 moved him yet grateful for such support. go aleck. but if it had happened, then when will it immediately with this kind of unity, you this pressure on government, these on companies with, for the sake of the fight for freedom vessel board with russia. if was not at this full scale war up me, nor would it be inflicting all this damage on ukraine and the wild family. i'm sure that the answer to this question finance is no. ne, several countries including germany pledged continuing support for ukraine as it aims to rebuild even as the conflict rages on for germany's financially involved in
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various a program since pro collins heavily committed as possible. according to a capabilities voc under the fund would also be used to rebuild infrastructure in front of chrome. gazette stratton outside of the formal meetings. activists have transformed the russian delegates usual h q, into the so called russian war crimes house in old photos of the toll. the war has taken on ukrainian lives, aim to cape the human cost front and center for everyone at davos this year. over more on this very intro, seeing brought economic forum them to buy our correspondence as to when he's in davos, switzerland, forced to night. been it's good to see that this. this year's width is unusual for many reasons, but let's just started with what we saw to day, the leader of a country at war addressing the forum, talked to me about just the significance of their for rent. as you know,
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the world has changed dramatically. and this is the most urgent world economic form that i've been to over the past decade. an in the past 50 years. it's the most significant, according to klaus schwab, the forums founder. we've got these problems of global supply chains. again, like we saw in the pandemic pick now because of the war in ukraine. energy prices that are shooting up inflation, which is got people wide all around the world. also food security, 25000000 tons of grain. a stock in ukraine right now and can't get out. the only thing that continues to flow is the oil. and that's what soleski has a big problem about because it's funding the war in ukraine for the russians. he wants an oil embargo, he wants a band on all banks. he doesn't want the i t sec to profiting any more. and he also wants no trade. what so ever. and he knows he can get that from people here in
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davos. it's a tricky one though. because it's an economic balancing game. yeah. and he wants things to be absolute. for example, there are no russians present at the shears world economic forum. how significant is there? that's extremely significant. every year that been more and more russians coming here on russia house opened a few years back. and that was a great place to have a vodka shot at night. and i'd meet up with russian mates of mine, and they'd often recognize my last name as being russian or, or tar, which had actually is i'm, and these were young butting entrepreneurs who had fantastic ideas of, of not only transforming business relations with russia in the world but also bringing about democracy. we're not going to see that anymore. we're seeing an isolated russia. they've been banned from coming this world economic forum and
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potent is also gonna find himself very isolated. he's not going to be invited along again, and he's not going to be able to move around the world freely. any more, all of those oligarchs are in the same position brand. yeah, it's easy to silence out or freeze out people from a meeting like we brought in davos. but what about the purpose of the world economic forum, you know, offering of solutions are we are hearing any solutions on how to in this war in ukraine? well, we're not expecting a p still to be made here in davos. it would be something that the organizers would, would love to see, but that's already being ruled down by the ukrainian authorities. ah, what could i proceeded some sort of new deal with ukraine which could help to slow down this warm and possibly even stop at,
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at some stage i was talking about funding. i funding a war in rational and that's exactly what germany's doing. it's totally dependent on that russian oil. so it's a lot of europe. but what some experts here, a touting is and you energy deal, a new energy partnership with ukraine. ukraine has a rich wind energy which it can produce quite cheaply. it also has a lot of green hydrogen, which it can now also offer europe. there's a lot of electricity, a renewable power that can be offered to europe. if europe is willing to shift a lot quicker than it saying it will and spend a lot more money in financing in, in re educating re schooling, it's work is moving them from things like coal and oil, to wind, solar and all those other green entities that are out there brand. vince is ellen at the word a comic form and we will be talking with you in about 15 minutes as our coverage
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continues from dove of switzerland. thank you. i'll be here and hear some of the other stories now that are making headlines regarding the war in ukraine, a russian envoy. he says that he has resigned because of his opposition to his country's invasion of ukraine bores bondo that worked for moscow's mission to the united nations in geneva. he has written to colleagues condemning russia's war and he's expressed his shame. starbucks is pulling out of the russian market. the seattle coffee giant has announced it is closing all of its 130 stores in russia. the brand had initially said that it would keep the stores open, but donate profits to humanitarian relief efforts in ukraine. mcdonalds exited the russian markets just last week. hungary has again refused to back and e u ban on russian oil unless more cash is provided for its energy infrastructure. budapest
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opposition is blocking a 6th package of european union sanctions, which must be unanimously approved by the use 27 members of the world health organization has warned that cases of monkey pox are spreading rapidly. more than a 100 cases have now been reported here in europe. as well as in north america, but officials say that this outbreak can be contained and that there's no evidence of the virus mutating health authorities in austria and denmark today announced their 1st cases. and this comes as more cases have been identified in the u. k. here in germany and in other countries where the disease is usually not fam, we asked epidemiologist eric final d, how alarmed he is by the rising number of cases worldwide. while the rising
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cases has really concerning us last friday, we only had 100 kids in our over 200 u. k. cases have gone from $20.00 to $56.00 cases from friday to monday and portugal well over a 100 cases in portugal is a relatively small country. so i think this search is, it's only going to increase further because the incubation time for this virus is much longer than it was recovered. and the mortality we know, we, the west african strain traditionally has a one percent mortality for right now the issue is the, the sequence, the virus has over 1500 patients different than the easiest versions. and so now we don't really know, like what does that mean in terms of contagious severity? we don't know, but clearly we've never had so many mult high country vimal genius, right? in monkey parks before like this, especially in the triple digits for an exponential, right?
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like that, and do we have clarity tonight on exactly how monkey pox is being spread and apparently so quickly? yeah. you know, there is discussion that it's sexually transmitted, but obviously traditionally with monkey pox, you also can have direct contact with scabs, with bodily fluids. it's well known, and c, d. c has acknowledges theoretically possible that it is aerosol airport and therefore the recommend you take precautions against aerosol transmission until we learn more. because we've what we have to have the middle new milady to know that you know, many, you know, 2 years ago we said, oh, it's just the flu for cove it oh, it was an air of one, but didn't turn out to be airborne. it did turn out to have lots of re infection potential and it wasn't just the flu. so with especially new virus, potentially
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a new version of this virus potentially with mutations, we have to be extra precautions until we learn more. and in some countries, and i'm talking about right here in germany as well. there are no recommendations right now in terms of what people should do regarding monkey pox. what would your recommendation be tonight? well, i think 1st of all, be very careful by any close conduct, so definitely wash your hands and you know what masking may have a double benefit against both cove it and potentially monkey pox. if this theoretically airborne is true, we should really it's supported by experimental evidence as well. so we should really take the same precaution cobit but also look for any rashes and welts that are unusual because normally we have rashes and all the time. but now during the monkey parks, we should be extra careful in terms of surveilling for this, because this has a long beach in time. and by time you know,
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for sure that these boils start servicing over your face and body, it might be too late. you may have already passed others, so earlier detection right now be vigilant is really key. yeah. and as you say, those masks they, you know, are worth their weight in gold. that's for sure. epidemiologist eric cycle being as always we appreciate your time and your insights. thank you. germany chance they're all love. schoultz is on a 3 country visit to africa and after traveling to synagogue on sunday, he arrived in the share in west africa today. now he's been visiting german soldiers. they are, as they train special forces to fight islamist militants in the region. the trip is scheduled to end in south africa. it is the chancellor's 1st visit to the continent since taking office 6 months ago. c, w. c, political editor, mckelly, cliffs, new. she is travelling with the german chancellor during his african tour. all
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itself is made a point of visiting democracy's only on his 1st africa trip. and he's right now making a point behind me by visiting the troops that are being trained by germans here in nisa. they are here to provide more security in an increasingly di stabilized region, just 80 kilometer from here is the border with molly. and there's been a military coup which threw into doubt. germany's mission now, which has just been continued, but france is pulling out and that will now be more cause for germany to take more responsibility. also, when it comes to the full out by the war in ukraine, the russian aggression that here there are high hopes that germany will provide assistance in the near mid term future to simply provide food stability. in the reason that was d w, the chief political editor, mikella christian, they're reporting from new share some all years new president of san shake. mohammed has officially taken power after winning sundays,
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long delayed election. one of his most pressing problems is the terrors group, al, sure. bob, in the renewed attempt to help fight the group, the united states has announced that it is deploying american troops to the country . our bomb has been conducting a brutal insurgency since 2004. that would have been driven out of most cities, including the capital, mogadishu. it still controls many rural areas. now sure, bob is said to have anywhere between $5.10 fighters. it raises cache by extorting money from civilians. and as you are about to see those who do not cooperate, they end up paying and even higher price. a dreamy beach on the coast of the malice capital. mogadishu, a holiday makers, paradise elite hotel is known for its delicious seafood and epic views. but in 2020 the islamist militant group, osh bob attacked it,
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killing 11 people and injuring several more. they'll tell had become a target because it had refused to pay extortion money to asha bob william on the, in, in the, in the the elite hotel, never paid. i'll should bob's illegal. extortion money went on and there's no reason that we should pay it. why didn't we hope to maintain this position so that it encourages other business people to them so that the government and people work together to fight against this terrorist group? how do you, helen, with god, god, last 2 years and hundreds of thousands of dollars of reconstruction costs later. it's finally business as usual for the up market beachfront hotel and it serves as a warning pay al bob or the same will happen to you. we meet a man whose job it was to share this message for safety reasons. he prefers to remain anonymous. a former business men himself. he was in charge of extorting tax and to legions in central somalia. if they didn't agree to pay,
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they would be arrested and tortured. we would double their fine and also try to recruit them. he says he's also been on the receiving end of the threats in 2014 on shabbat, come into his town and asked him to pay $5000.00 back. then he own several malls and shops when he refused to pay, he was arrested. they tortured me. they said you are with the enemy, they handcuffed me and beat me. sometimes they put my head under muddy water. he eventually agreed to join in order to protect his family. he says, after 5 years he managed to escape. since then, he's been living and hiding and in constant fear the penalty for effecting his death taxation as the group's biggest source of income security analysts estimate. osh bob's annual budget is around $180000000.00. so bob asked taxation
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because they believe they are the, the real go with those off of somalia. but her own all eyes the or the shadow government in this country. the run an army in malicious, they run or other offices equivalent of ministers. some where he says, almost all businesses in the country pay tax to all shop up, meaning they're being double taxed once by government and once by the islamist militants, most of the money extorted is spend on intelligence, tara activities, and buying weapons. he says the last 5 years were lost by former president mohammed for modul, who didn't do enough to fight the group. the most important task for the new president has some say, mahmoud will be the fight against the islamist militants. based on that,
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his success will be measured is a reminder of the top stories that we are following for you. a court in ukraine has sentenced a russian soldier to life in prison, in the 1st war crimes trials since the beginning of the war. the soldier pleaded guilty to killing an unarmed civilian as the war began. the trial is set to be the 1st of many ukrainian authorities say that they are investigating some, $13000.00 potential war, crocs and ukrainian president vladimir zalinski has called on the world to cease all trade with russia and to escalate sanctions to the maximum. he says it is time for the international community to set a new precedent to prevent future aggression after a short break, i'll be back to take you through the day. stick around. we'll be right back with
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ah ah charlie martin with gender race in con, drive into record break and what's the next 2?
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this 24 hours of little red b w. a has no limits. love is for everybody. love is live. i love matters. and that's my new podcast. i'm evelyn char, mom and i really think we need to talk about all the topics that more divide and deny that. and this i have invited many deer and well known guests. and i would like to invite you to an end to meet about it. unfortunately,
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and south a mountain is going to spend the rest of her life behind bars for murdering her 3 daughter. with i see the site down was part of psychosis is an awful illness. postpartum is a nasty mothers nightmare. starts june 4th on d. w. the last world economic for middleburg, switzerland, it took place in january 2020 for the global business and political elite. it would mark the end of the world as they'd known it. a pandemic left the global economy no choice but to place itself into an artificial coma.


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