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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  May 24, 2022 1:00am-1:16am CEST

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i speaking with the wine because no one should have to flee. make up your own mind. d. w. made for mines. ah ah, this is deeply news live from berlin, a life sentence in ukraine's 1st crop war crimes trial, russian soldier admitted killing and unarmed civilian prosecutors are investigating thousands of other cases and many more trials are expected. also on the program,
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china says the u. s. is playing with fire as joe biden makes. unscripted remarks on taiwan. president said he'd use force to defend the island against any attack by, by jing plus had to berlin the buddhist league of relegation. playoff victory against hamburg is the capital city side. and other season in the top plus ah, i'm anthony how'd walk into the program? he cries, 1st, war crimes trial since the start of the invasion has ended with a russian soldier being jailed for life. the 21 year old with myths killing, an unarmed civilian at the start of the war. the trial has great symbolic significance. ukrainian, prosecutors are investigating as many as 13000 other alleged russian war crimes.
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they say there will be many more such trials, but in another significant development, this 1st case has raised concerns that russia could stage show trials of captured ukrainian fathers. in a courtroom, cave punishment a crime committed during war. a russian tank commander convicted of killing a 62 old civilian in a village in northeastern ukraine. based on the above, the court has ruled that by didn't ye if gain of ish, marin bourne october 17th. 2000 has been found guilty of committing a criminal offense on the part youth article 438 of the criminal code of ukraine. he has been given a life sentence. ukraine's prosecutor general says that they are about 13000 ongoing investigations into alleged war crimes by russian forces.
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that list is growing by the day as russia continues, it's offensive in eastern ukraine. on monday, the city of hockey force bombed again. civilian area sprayed with a local officials say, a cluster munitions i had an abortion with that i must have been around 7 or 8 in the morning when we woke up thinking it was the end of the world. but there was the sound of explosions, at least 5 of them, the boon for 3 minutes of silence and then boom. again. people said it was cluster bombs, exploding sit matters are wallace. cluster munitions are banned under international law while targeting civilians who constitute a war crime. even one vadim she marin has admitted his guilt and says he regrets his actions. his is the 1st conviction for war crimes, since russia launch its invasion. but it's unlikely to be the last the war in ukraine is dominating. this is making of business and political leaders that the world economic form in davos, switzerland, president phillip misled,
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he has been the star speaker. he cove maximum sanctions against russia and greater support for the long term rebuilding v chron. it's the 1st world economic forum to be held in person since the pandemic began. and this is title of history at a turning point, underscore is a new global crisis. the war in ukraine is dominating discussions at the 4 day meeting of political and business lates in davos. all russian officials have been excluded in a special address, ukrainian president vladimir zalinski called from maximum sanctions, including cutting off old trade with russia. he said he was grateful for international sanctions so far, but said they should have been imposed soon on one lock or see a dish. levy more broad, oak russia. he thought his wall with ukraine back in 2014 moved him yet grateful
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for such a port. uncle aleck, but if it had happened, then winwood immediately with this kind of unity in this prussian government, these on companies, when for the sake of the fight for freedom, thus almost with russia. if was not at this full scale war up, the more would it be inflicting all this damage on ukraine and the world family. i'm sure that the answer to this question funny is, know me. several countries including germany pledged continuing support for ukraine as it aims to rebuild even as the conflict rages on, germany's financially involved in various a program since pro collins heavily committed as possible. according to a capabilities voc understood fund will also be yours to rebuild. infrastructure in full true, gazette stratton outside of the formal meetings. activists have transformed the russian delegates usual h q, into the so called russian war crimes house in ho photos of the toll. the war has taken on ukrainian lives, aim to cape,
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the human cost front and center for everyone at davos this year. they doubly correspondent, been for julian is in davos covering the for him. he sent us this assessment. this is the most urgent. well there kind of like form that i've been to over the past decade an in the past 50 years. it's the most significant, according to klaus schwab. the forums found it. we've got these problems of global supply chains. again, like we saw in the pandemic pick now because of the war in ukraine. energy prices that are shooting up inflation, which is got people wide all around the world. also food security, 25000000 tons of grain, a stuck in ukraine right now and can't get out. the only thing that continues to flow is the oil. and that's what zalinski has a big problem about because it's funding the war in ukraine for the russians. he
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wants an oil embargo, he wants a ban on all banks. he doesn't want the i t sector profiting any more. and he also wants no trade. what so ever and he knows he can get that from people here in davos . it's a tricky one though because it's an economic balancing game. that was the devil. he's been for julian reporting from davos in switzerland, a guy here, some of the other stories making news around the world. this our turkish prison, wretched type at a one says he will no longer speak to the greek prime minister there to want accuses kennedy acco. smith's attack is of harbouring a muslim cleric, hostile to anchor, and pressuring us officials not so fighter jets to turkey. a severe sandstone has engulfed key white and other parts of the middle east. the winds disrupted air traffic. some people were treated in hospital for breathing problems, side to side as it storms are, becoming more frequent. i blame rising temperatures, water shortages and deforestation. world health organization
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is warning the monkey pox is spreading rapidly. scores of cases of now been reported in europe and north america. but officials remain confident that the outbreak can. they contained no sign of the vars mutating. and the most cases, mild australia and denmark of the latest report infections the virus has also been identified in the d. k. and gemini, we asked epidemiologist eric phi holding aware the he's alarmed by the rising number of monkey pokes cases would what? well, the rising cases has really concerning us. last friday, we only had 100 kids in our over 200. you k cases of gone from 20 to now 56 cases are all from friday to monday. and i, you know, portugal as well over a 100 cases in portugal, relatively small country. so i think the search is,
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it's only going to increase further because the incubation time for this virus is much longer than it was recovered. and the mortality we don't, we, the west african strain traditionally has a one percent mortality. but right now the issue is the, the sequence, the virus has over 50 mutations ah, different than the vs versions. and so now we don't really know like what does that mean in terms of contagious severity? we don't know, but clearly we've never had so many multi country simultaneous rise in monkey pox before like this, especially in the triple digits for an exponential rise like this. that was, if it, they, me, ologist eric fagel doing speaking to us earlier. we, you, as president boynton is now in full making unscripted remarks that catch his staff of god. he's taken them by surprise, again in tokyo, bought and told reporters he would use force to defend taiwan from any attack by
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china. not surprisingly by jim was quick to hit back. ah, president biden was welcomed with full honors for his 1st visit as head of state to japan. the united states most important post war ally in asia, talks of prime minister full meal because she does focused on regional security. amid china's growing power. in the aftermath of russia's invasion of its neighbor, ukraine, the issue of possible chinese aggression against taiwan has taken on greater urgency for at a news conference, president biden was asked how the u. s. would respond. are you willing to get involved militarily to defend taiwan? if it comes to that, yes, you are. as a commitment we made reaction from beijing was swift. don't help me on the yet. we deplore and reject the u. s. remarks. have actually taiwan has
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a unique part of chinese territory. hello monkey taiwan is purely a matter of china's internal affairs. social, we will not stand for foreign interference. c, u. s. has long pursued a policy of strategic ambiguity, 21. not promising outright whether it would come to the islands defense if it were attacked by china. president biden said in tokyo that china was already flirting with danger, by conducting military exercises so close to taiwan. german chancellor, olaf schultz is on a 3 nation trip to africa. his 1st up in the synagogue was followed by nisha in west africa. she visited german troops, training local special forces to fight islamist militants. his 1st visit to the continent as chancellor will end in south africa data please. chief political editor, michaela christner is travelling with the german chancellor. his her report. all
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assaults is made a point of visiting democracies only on his 1st africa trip. and he's right now making a point behind me by visiting the troops that are being trained by germans here. and he said they are here to provide more security in an increasingly de stabilized region. just 80 kilometers from here is the border with marley. and there's been a military coup which threw into doubt. germany's mission now, which has just been continued, but france is pulling out and there will now be more cause for germany to take more responsibility. also, when it comes to the fall out by the war in ukraine, the russian aggression there here, there are high hopes that germany will provide assistance in the near mid term future to simply provide food stability in the reason, ah, sport now and had to berlin have won the bonus, lager relegation play off to stay in the top flight. here to last the 1st lake,
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one mill at home and went to hamburg needing a perfect performance on away territory. and i did it bidding the host to nil dooming hamburg to another season. in the 2nd division of the home bands folks parks daddy own were pumped up after 4 long years of seeing their hamburg team stuck in the 2nd division. and it didn't hurt that they at one the 1st leg of the playoffs. but then came marvin, platen hearts corner and heritage. we're ahead in just the 4th minute thanks to dedrick, boyer, to the belgium international, winning the aerial battle and heading home there to were dominating the flow of the match. and they nearly made it to neil on 33 minutes, hamburg keeper, daniel jolla fernandez denying luke to zack with a diving say, ah,
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at half time the home fans were no longer as buoyant as they'd been at the start. and things were about to get worse when flattened hot baghdad goal of his own with just over an hour gone to defender, curling and amazing, free kick right into the news. and that's how it ended to nil inherited. dug themselves out of a hole when it mattered most a joyous emotional night for the berliners and despair. for hamburg. sticking with football and taught manhattan, i'm in tacit, as their new coach, he takes over 3 days after mac. a rosa was fired as it grew up near dawson and, and is a lifelong fan. he had a previous state as head coach as well that began in december 2020. when the team won 20 games out of $32.00 and took the german cup title test, which has signed a 3 deal tennis and the 1st big name is crushed out of the french open.
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japan thermo former world number one. now me a soccer lost her opening match at rollin garris in straight sets to americas 27th seated amanda and a some over, a soccer withdrew from the tournament. last year she boycotted post match these conferences on mental health grounds. soc applied at the tokyo olympics, but needs victories to climb back up, the rankings and with that, you're up to date up. next business news is up with a rob. what's that's coming up after a short break. i'm anthony. how'd stay with us? it's just a question. of whether the next crisis will come but only when and how the media will deal with it.


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