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tv   Global 3000  Deutsche Welle  May 24, 2022 4:30am-5:01am CEST

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i with beats issues and share ideas. ah, you know, or this channel, we are not afraid to happen. delicate. the topic african population is growing. and young people clearly have the solution. that future belongs to you. is 77 percent every weekend on d w ah ah
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jones busy it just let me validate ah, and car boss. ah, the 10th oper gala bon for germany's main aids foundation was an evening grand arias. big emotional and calls for peace and ukraine, including from hello put all of them. ah, all of the evenings proceeds go towards the fight against h. i. v and aids we put together the highlights for you. i
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ah oh. hello, but i go on this agree thing from scott cole? my name is penny anderson and this is my friend. your be us and we're both. very happy on that you've chosen out so hope to freedom for this location because what the ukrainian people is doing right now, the brain ukrainian people, is fighting and writing a note to treat it. so thank you for wanting to perform this song tonight. and good
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luck to you with a ah
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ah ah ah . and that's all from arch 21 this week. we hope you enjoyed the oper gala highlights,
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take care and see you through with russia and i sat via the belkin state refuses to sanction russia.
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the majority of people that support hooton's war and don't trust the wes salvia wants to join the you. but he's getting close to russia during war time use in 30 minutes on d. w. a. it all started with a computer and a hole in the wall suit gotta mitra used to be a programmer, but for decades is fascinated by the way children learn. ah, and decided to build them a brand new kind of school, the school in the cloud in 75 minutes on d w. it's not a question of whether the next crisis will come. but only when and how the media
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will deal with it. how can we stay focused on what is important? shaping tomorrow. now, exploring opportunities for media professionals in times of crisis. the global media for june 2020 to your ticket. now, one of mankind's oldest ambitions could be within reach, or what is it really is possible to reverse aging researchers and scientists all over the world torino race against time. the dna molecule, though, has 28000000 different powered glass that they are peers and rivals with
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one daring goal to out smart nature for a longer, healthier and fuller life. one of the most insightful discoveries in the history of mankind. more life starts may 28th on d, w. ah, [000:00:00;00] ah, this is dw news live from berlin, a life sentence in ye,


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