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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  May 24, 2022 6:00am-6:16am CEST

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this little girl is designing eco friendly dolls. icon half is odd because says i in earlier means environment. eco, india. 90 minutes on dw. ah ah, this is d, w. news live from building a life sentence in ye crimes. first war crimes trial. russian soldier admitted killing and unarmed civilian prosecutors are investigating thousands of other cases and many more trials are expected. also on the program, china says the u. s. is playing with fire. joe biden makes unscripted remarks on
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taiwan. president says he is forced to defend the island against any attack by, by jing plus allegations of human rights abuses are the shadow high level united nations delegation to china. william muslin leaders fear by jingle, turn the visit to their home region. into what propaganda show ah i'm anthony. how'd welcome. he cries 1st, war crimes trial since the start of the invasion has ended with a russian soldier being jailed for life. the 21 year old admitted killing and unarmed civilian at the start of the war. the trial has great symbolic significance . ukrainian, prosecutors are investigating as many as 13000 other alleged russian war crimes. i
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say there will be many more such trials, but in another significant development, this 1st cases raised concerns that russia could stayed show trials of captured ukrainian fathers. in a court room in cave punishment for a crime committed during war. a russian tank commander convicted of killing a 62 old civilian in a village in northeastern ukraine. based on the above, the court has ruled that vadim ye if gain of ish, marin bourne october 17th. 2000 has been found guilty of committing a criminal offense on the part youth. article 438 of the criminal code of ukraine has been given a life sentence. ukraine's prosecutor general says that they are about 13000 ongoing investigations into alleged war crimes by russian forces. that list is growing by the day as russia continues, it's offensive in eastern ukraine. on monday,
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the city of hockey was bombed again. civilian area sprayed with a local officials say, a cluster munitions they are in the ocean. with that, i must have been around 7 or 8 in the morning when we woke up thinking it was the end of the world, but there was the sound of explosions, at least 5 of them, the boon for 3 minutes of silence. and then boom, again. people said it was cluster bombs, exploding sit madison wallace. cluster munitions are banned under international law, while targeting civilians will constitute a war crime. even one book vadim, she marian has admitted his guilt and says he regrets his actions. his is the 1st conviction for war crimes since russia launched its invasion but is unlikely to be the last of the war in g crane is dominating this. he is making of business and political leaders that the world economic form in davos, switzerland, president vladimir zalinski has been the star speak up. he called for maximum
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sanctions against russia, and greater support for the long term rebuilding of ukraine. it's the 1st world economic forum to be held in person since the pandemic began. and this is title of history at a turning point, underscore is a new global crisis. the war in ukraine is dominating discussions at the 4 day meeting of political and business. lates in davos. all russian officials have been excluded in a special address. ukrainian president vladimir zalinski cold from maximum sanctions, including cutting off old trade with russia. he said he was grateful for international sanctions so far, but said they should have been imposed soon on one lock or a c, a. his levy more pro dog russia. he thought his war with ukraine back in 2014 moved him yet grateful for such support. uncle aleck, but if it had happened,
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then winwood immediately with this kind of unity in this prussian government, these on companies, when for the sake of the fight for freedom, thus homewood, russia, if we started this full scale war up, the more would it be inflicting all this damage on ukraine and the world family. i'm sure that the answer to this question funny is, know me. several countries including germany pledged continuing support for ukraine as it aims to rebuild, even as the conflict rages on for germany's financially involved in various a program since pro collins heavily committed as possible. according to a capabilities rock under the fund would also be yourself to rebuild infrastructure in federal troops. gazette stratton outside of the formal meetings. activists have transformed the russian delegates usual h q, into the so called russian war crimes house in ho photos of the toll, the war has taken on ukrainian lives, aim to cape the human cost front and center for everyone at davos this year.
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and here now are some of the other stories making news around the world. so, turkish president, richard type odor one says he will no longer speak to the greek prime minister. at one accuses kitty arcos, mitzi talkies of harboring a muslim cleric hostile to ankara and pressuring us officials not to so fighter jets to turkey. severe sandstorm has engulfed q, white and other parts of the middle east. the winds disrupted air traffic. some people were treated in hospital for breathing problems. santa site visit storms are becoming more frequent. i blame rising temperatures, water shortages and deforestation. strategies, new prime minister anthony albanese, is making the leaders of the us, japan and india for regional security talks in tokyo. the so called quote, countries are focusing on the potential threat from china. a key issue is the
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security of taiwan and t r. one is also the subject of one of the u. s. press. one of us president jo biden's famous unscripted remarks biden told reporters at the quad summit in tokyo that he would use force to defend taiwan from any attack by china. not surprisingly by jing was quick to hit back. ah, president biden was welcomed with full honors for his 1st business head of state to japan. the united states most important posts, were ally in asia, talks of prime minister for mucus. she does focused on regional security, amid china's growing power. in the aftermath of russia's invasion of its neighbor, ukraine, the issue of possible chinese aggression against taiwan has taken on greater urgency for at a news conference, president biden was asked how the u. s. would respond. are you willing to get involved militarily to defend taiwan?
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if it comes to that, yes, you are. that's a commitment we made reaction from beijing was swift to help him if on the yellow we deplore and reject the u. s. remarks. have actually tie one is a unique part of chinese territory and i one key taiwan is purely a matter of china's internal affairs. special people, we will not stand for foreign interference. the u. s. has long pursued a policy of strategic ambiguity toward taiwan. not promising outright whether it would come to the islands defense if it were attacked by china. president biden said in tokyo that china was already flirting with danger, by conducting military exercises so close to taiwan. allegations of abuse of minorities are likely to dominate a trip to china by the united nations human rights chief michelle. betcha. les,
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we'll visit the remote chung region where it's claimed to wiggle and other muslim minorities suffer. serious miss treatment u. s. is labeled it genocide, regulators and rights activists are concerned that china will stage manage the trip for propaganda purposes or with me now as the w rapport. and melanie whole. melanie, let's get some background here. what has china been accused of doing in chin jack province? so john has been accused of the wide spread of abuses of muslims in the weston as changing a region. the ruling communist party is alleged to have detained over 1000000 week as they're under a years long security crap on which the united states is called genocide. in addition to math attentions, china is also accused of carrying out a co eh, sterilized ations, of forced labor and the destruct destruction of wiggle, cultural heritage. now china has denied accusations of human rights abuses inching
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. jang according done belie if the century. so human rights activists, fear we hear this whole trip is going to be used for propaganda. was that exactly? are those fears that a bachelor's visits? it could be seen as a leading to an endorsement of human of china's human rights record. robin scuse of it's, that's fair to but whitewash because specially would it be only of it a tightly controlled glimpse of life in changing a province that the u. s. has said it's deep concerns. that's a bachelor. hasn't received a, a guarantee of what she will be allowed to see saying that it's highly unlikely. she'll get an un manipulated view of what life is really like. they're a batch lay, a has a kicked off her trip on monday with meetings with over 70 heads of diplomatic missions to china and a beijing so said that there she offered a guarantees that she would get access to detention centers that she's meant to begin to she didn't, she didn't province early this week, but a, when
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a china was asked by the media, whether buckley would indeed get access to these detention centers aware this week as a meant to apparently be detained and experiencing, but treatments at china's foreign ministry said that it while it welcome specially, it rejects political manipulation and the china has said that's a both you and and time to have agreed that no reporters will actually be accompanying by chalet on this visit. they say that's because of cupboard 19 restrictions that they want to stop the spread of the virus. it's also the reason why i china has said that a she label, and he gets access to speak to people which have been pre arranged by china, which china says, is also because of coven 19 restrictions. now bursley has said that she hopes the trip will build confidence between and help enable a further working to a within between the you and, and china. but it would be very interesting to see whether a bachelor does indeed get a true picture of what life really is like that in she's in the province and what coverage we get in tune. they w. melanie whole many things. german chancellor,
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olaf schultz is on a 3 nation trip to africa. his 1st stop in the synagogue was followed by nisha in west africa, schultz visited german troops, training local special forces to fought islamist militants. his 1st visit to the continent as chancellor will end in south africa. and a devilish chief political editor, mikayla kutner is travelling with the german chancellor. wallace also made a point of visiting democracies only on his 1st africa trip. and he's right now making a point behind me by visiting the troops that are being trained by germans here in the air. they are here to provide more security in an increasingly d stabilized region, just 80 kilometers from here is the border with molly. and there's been a military coup which threw into doubt. germany's mission now, which has just been continued, but france is pulling out and that will now be more cause for germany to take more
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responsibility. also, when it comes to the fall out by the war in ukraine, the russian aggression there here, there are high hopes that germany will provide assistance in the near mid term future to simply provide food stability. in the reason they double his chief political is certainly helicopter. they're offering weather events such as hate waves and flooding are happening more and more often, most scientists blame climate change, but experts also admit that forecasting technology sometimes fails to predict natural disasters. now the european space agency is showing off new satellites which could help to make where the forecasts more accurate. this isn't tornado ali, but a small town in western germany. 43 people were injured when a freak weather event last week took every one by surprise. where the satellites
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provide detailed data, but sudden localized events are hard to predict lifeless ego order. long term, or even 24 hour forecasts are quite possible to reveal what from very local events like thunderstorms. we need a lot more data, more satellites and better technology. if at all, and we're getting there one term, it was best to teach log you and does it often. beacon one potential solution is the alias. satellite technology used by the e u space program to detect wind speeds using a laser. another approach is to measure the number of lightning strikes to calculate the strength of a storm. but you repeat space agent say is currently presenting projects like these to industry experts and bomb. he is a congress, is this congress is of course enormously important for the scientist but also for politicians here that we can show what information we can gather on the climate
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crisis and the latest climate research, fema forshaw. it's hope these new forecasting systems will help to give early warnings, a freak weather events, and with that, you're up to date up next on the channel, the school in the clouds, another from our documentary series dock film. that takes us to india this time. don't forget, you can always get knees around the clock at d, w dot com and in the d. w at handling of the socials, meanwhile, is at d. w. news. i'm anthony howard in berlin. we're, if you're watching, have a good day to stay with us and we're interested in the global economy, our portfolio g w business beyond here, the closer look at the project engine.


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