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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  May 24, 2022 11:00am-11:16am CEST

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one of the most insightful discoveries in the history of mankind. more life starts may 28th on d, w. mm hm. ah ah ah, this is d, w is coming to live from berlin. russia's war and ukraine is dominating discussions at the world economic forum. we're bringing you live coverage of that conference
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during the next hour. we expect to hear from the e commission president and the head of nato, as world leaders and business elite meet for the 2nd day in davos, switzerland. ah . hello, i'm terry martin. welcome to our live coverage of the world economic forum. it's day 2 of the annual summit of world and business leaders taking place in switzerland. we're seeing live pictures now from the mountain resort of dabbles where one of the most crucial meetups in the history of the form is entering it's 2nd day. the war in ukraine. the pandemic can't climate change. have all combined to trigger turmoil around the globe. european commission, president bus left on the line and nato secretary general young stoughton back.
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we'll be addressing the forum, the expected to speak just moments from now. within the next 30 days. there she is actually on the line and that is cloud farm who's introducing her. let's listen in delilah, president of c, p and commission to be with us. and actually, i'm president. you opened all 50th anniversary and many of the people who had still remember what, one the location that has been. and your chess had assumed suppressive and see. i think 2 months earlier, and now we are back 26 months later, 28 months later how's it world has changed and you have being at the center point of also st. change is actually having to
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support suburban of so changes and to make sure that we takes the necessary actions. i mean, it's just him, but i'm believable. your, your started your, your mandate with a commitment to make you up more bit should, will, to make a collegial and i think you'll have from 8th grade since you suspect. but some co wait came and you took a major role in terms of faxes. we had to manage the consequences. of course, we'd just see my chin. i want the means to put together a 800000000000 that they cover the program and son just 3 months ago. see i was see a question. no rush on. okay. and happen. and you took, again,
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a very determining all in, in shaping your ups or reaction if i were to summarize your property spec and so forth, we have the great pleasure to welcome you here. please scrape for president of server p and commission or sell off on the line. thank you very much, louse, ladies and gentlemen, indeed, following your introduction, the class. it is difficult to believe that in divorce today, we're talking about war. because the devil spirit is the anti
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thesis of who are it is about forging ties and together finding solutions for the big challenges of the world. you might remember and you worked on it together with us is that in recent years, we have looked at smart and sustainable ways to fight climate change and how to shape globalization so that all can benefit how to make digitalization, of course, for good and mitigate. it's risks for democracy. so that will, it is all about crafting a better future together. that is what we should be talking here about today. but instead, we must address the cost and consequences of proteins war of choice. the playbook of russia's aggression against ukraine comes straight
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out of another century, treating millions of people, not as human beings, but as faceless populations to be moved or controlled, or set of the buffer between military forces. trying to trample the aspiration of an entire nation with tanks. this is not just the metal of ukraine survival. this is not just an issue of european security. this is putting our whole international order into question. and that's why countering russia, aggression is a task for the entire global community. ukraine must win this war and 14,
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so aggression must be a strategic failure. so we will do everything we can to help you. crane is prevail and we take the future into their hands. for the 1st time in history, the european union is providing military 8 to country under attack. were mobilizing all 4 economic power, our sanctions and the self sanctioning of companies themselves. a draining rush us economy and thus draining the kremlin war machine. our member states are caring for 6000000 ukrainian refugees. and actually there are 8000000 internally displaced people in ukraine itself. and in parallel, your plane needs directed budget support. now, to keep the economy running,
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it's about pensions. it's about salaries, it's about the basic services that have to be provided. and they have form. we have proposed a 10000000000 euros macro financial assistance. it is the largest package of micro financial assistance ever conceived by the european union fall. so to country . other countries, starting with our friends in the united states, are doing the utmost too. it is an e commerce mic relief operation with no precedent in recent history. but that is the short term and much more needs to be done. so with the same result, we will hand in hand help ukraine rise from the ashes. that's the idea behind the reconstruction platform that i proposed to president zalinski.
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you remember that yesterday in his speech here in dallas, he recognized the unprecedented unity of the democratic world. the understanding that freedom must be fought for so the rebuilding of ukraine also calls one unprecedented unity as president zelinski said, the work that has to be done is colossal. but together, we can and we will last of the challenge. and that is why i have proposed this reconstruction platform to be led by your claim and the european commission. because we will combine reform with investment. the platform invites the local contributions from any country that cheers about the
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future of ukraine. from international financial institutions, from the private sector, we need every one on board. and i was very glad to hear about the logan initiative yesterday. vulgar brandon called it a marshall plan for ukraine. and to ladies and gentlemen, we should leave no stone unturned. that is including, if possible, the russian assets that we have frozen. but this is not only about undoing the damage of proteins. destructor fuel re it is also about building the future that ukrainians have chosen themselves for years now, the people of ukraine have worked for change and that is why they elected
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a lot of ms. lensky in the 1st place. the reconstruction of the country should combine massive investment with ambitious reforms. for example, to modernize ukraine's administrative capacity to firmly establish the rule of law and the independence of the judiciary. to fight corruption, get rid of the oligarchy to build a fair, sustainable, and strong competitive economy. and thus, to firmly support ukraine in pursuing its european path. ukraine belongs in to the european family. ukrainians have still tall in the face of brutal violence. they have stood for their own freedom,
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but also for our values and for humanity. so we stand with them, and i think this is a defining moment for all democracies on the whole below. ladies and gentlemen, this conflict is also sending shockwave throughout the world. further disrupting supply chains. already stretched by the pandemic. it is putting new burden some businesses and households. and it has created a thick fog of uncertainty for investors across the globe. and more and more companies and countries already better to buy 2 years of covet 19 and all the resulting supply chain issues must know cope with rising price,
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energy prices for energy as a direct result of proteins, unpardonable war. and russia has tried to put pressure on us. for example, by cutting the energy supplies, the gas supplies of bulgarian poland and now laid leaf inland. but this war and this behavior we see, has only strengthened europe's resolved to get rid of russian fossil fuel dependency rapidly. the climate cannot wait. but now the geopolitical reasons are evident to we have to diversify away from fossil fuels. we have set our course already towards climate neutrality. so now we must accelerate al clean energy transition. and fortunately,
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we are already having in place the means to do so. the european green deal is already ambitious. but now we are taking our ambition yet to another level. last week, the european commission tables and proposed re power is that is our 300000000000 europe plan to phase out of fossil a, russian fossil fuels and fast forward the green transition. and today, if we look at the share of renewables we have in europe, almost a quarter of the energy we consume in europe, stems from renewable sources already. this is the famous european green deal. but now through power you, we will practically double this share to 45 percent in
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2030. this is only possible by also bringing cross florida corporation to and you will ever take, for example, on the north sea of europe. and what is happening there last week we had for you are p member states joining forces to harness the energy of offshore wind. and they decided to quadruple the offshore wind capacity by 2013. that will mean wind farms in the north sea will cover the annual energy consumption of more than $50000000.00 homes. this is roughly one quarter of all european households. this is the right way to go. renewable energy is basically our.


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