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actively double this share to 45 percent in 2030. this is only possible by also bringing cross florida corporation to a new will. evelyn, take, for example, on the north sea of europe and what is happening there. last week we had for you or pin member states joining forces to harness the energy of offshore wind. and they decided to quadruple the offshore wind capacity by 2013. that will mean wind farms in the north sea will cover the annual energy consumption of more than $50000000.00 homes. this is roughly one quarter of all european households. this is the right way to go. renewable energy is basically our supreme board towards net 0. c o 2 emissions. and it is good
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for the climate. but it is also good for our independence. and far as security of energy supply. the same essential for the diversification of our gas supply. this is another pillar of re power as we speak. europe is concluding new arrangements with reliable trust, wealthy suppliers all over the world. in march, i agree with president biden to significantly step up and entry deliveries from the united states to the european union. the amount will replace around about one 3rd of the russian gas we have today. laura lindsay pipeline gas will also come from the middle east and north africa. new energy terminals in greece and cyprus and,
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and poland will soon become operational as we'll new into connectors. and important is that the connecting pipeline infrastructure will then over time form the 4 of our hydrogen corridors. hydrogen, ladies and gentlemen, is the new frontier of europe's energy network. but we must also sing further at the economies of the future will no longer rely on oil and cold alicia, for batteries on silicon metal for chips on rear earth permanent magnets for electric vehicles and wind turbines. and it's sure the green, a digital transition will massively increase our need for these materials.
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however, if we look at where we are today, access to these materials is not at all a given. for many of them rely on a handful of producers all over the world. so we must avoid falling into the same trap. as with oil and gas, we should not replace all dependencies with new ones. we're there for working to ensure the resilience of our supply chain. and again, strong international partnerships are at the heart of the solution. so the commission has already secured strategic raw material partnerships with countries, for example, like canada. and additional reliable partnerships will follow once again. together we can create more balanced interdependencies
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and build supply chains that we can really trust. ladies and gentlemen, we are witnessing how russia is weaponized, it's energy supplies. and indeed, this is having global repercussions. unfortunately, we're seeing the same pattern emerging and food security. ukraine is one of the world's most fertile countries. and even it's flag symbolizes the most common ukrainian landscape. a yellow field of grain under blue, blue sky. now those fields of grain have been scorched in russian occupied ukraine.
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the kremlin is army is confiscating rein stocks and machinery for some of this brought back memories from a dark pass the times of the soviets dropped seizures and the diva stating famine of the 1930 today, russia's artillery is bombarding grain war houses in ukraine, deliberately and russians worships in the black sea, a blockading ukraine and ships full of freedom, sunflower seeds. the consequences of these shameful acts are there for every one to see. global weed prices are skyrocketing and it's the fragile countries and vulnerable populations that suffer the most bred
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prices in lebanon and have increased by 70 percent. and foot shipments from odessa could not reach somalia. and on top of this, russia is now forwarding its own food exports as a form of black mail, holding back supplies to increased global prices or trading wheat. in exchange for political support. this is using hunger and grain to wheel to power. and again, our answer is and must be to mobilize greater collaboration and support at the european and global level. first, europe is working hard to get grain to global markets out of ukraine. you must know that they are currently 20000000 tons of wheat stuff in ukraine. the usual export
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in ukraine was $5000000.00 tons per month. now it is down 22000021 1000000 tons by getting it out, we can provide ukrainians with a need at revenues and the world food program with supplies. it's so bad a needs. so to do this, we're opening solidarity lines. we are linking ukraine's borders to our ports. we're financing different modes of transportation so that ukraine's grain can reach the most vulnerable countries in the world. second, we're stepping up our own production to ease pressure on global foot markets. and we're working with the world food program so that available stocks and additional countries are able to reach the problem product to have the products at affordable
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prices. global corporation is the antidote against rush us like mill 3rd wish support at parting african becoming less dependent on food imports. only 50 years ago, africa produced all the food it needed for centuries, countries like egypt where the grain or ease of the world. then climate change made water scarce and the desert swallowed hundreds of kilometers of fertile land. year after year to day, africa is heavily dependent on food imports and this makes it vulnerable. therefore, an initiative to boost africa's own production capacity will be critical to
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strengthen the continence resilience. the challenge is to adapt to farming, to warmer and dryer h. so innovative technologies will be crucial to leap from companies around the world are already testing high tech solutions. for climate smart agriculture, for example, precision irrigation, operating on power from renewable or vertical farming on an o technologies which can cut the use of fossil fuels to produce fertilizers. ladies and gentlemen, the signs of a growing food crisis are obvious. we have to act urgently, but they are also solutions today and on the horizon. and this is
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why, again, cooperation. i am working with president l. c. c. to address the repercussions of the war with an event on food security in the solutions coming from europe. and the region, it is time to end the unhealthy dependencies. it is time to create new connections. it is time to replace the old chaise with new bombs. so let's overcome this huge challenges in cooperation, and that is in diverse spirit. thank you for your attention. and you've been with us on the line, the president of the european commission addressing delegates the world economic forum meeting in davos, switzerland on day 2. ursula fund ally,
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and they're just noting that ukraine is part of the european community very much. so she said it's part of the year you ukraine belongs in the european family. she says that the war in ukraine puts the whole international order into question. and she called for global cooperation in responding to the war, she emphasized the need for the world to cooperate and helping ukraine rebuild its economy. and she made it very clear that the efforts for reconstruction and rebuilding in ukraine, the money that would be put towards that would be linked to a need for reform. she talked about getting rid of the oligarchy of fighting corruption and establishing the rule of law. she also emphasized the importance of winning europe, off of russian energy supplies and the need to for the world to come together and assuring that the food supply, particularly for vulnerable countries,
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is guaranteed in light of ukraine, losing its ability to export its grain. and she accused russia of using hunger as a, as a way of wielding power. exploiting the, the disruption of supply chains are for the, for food. if you're just joining us, we're looking at special coverage from babylon, switzerland. we have 2 important is taking place there today, we just heard from the president the of the european commission, ursula on the line. and we are going to be hearing in a little while from young stoughton back, the chief of nato. we expect that address to be coming up within the next few minutes. joining me in davos, we have our correspondent ben facility and in the studio with me is our chief political correspondent, melinda crane. let's go 1st to dab hos were been pursuant to standing by to get your reaction. been i know that you were following ursula on the line speech. you
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were there yesterday to when the ukrainian president zalinski addressed the forum. what did you make of what ursula on the line has to say? very strong words from also the founder lion saying that ukraine must win this war . and that the e u was doing everything you can to, to help as far as military assistance goes financial aid and sanctions. 2 words were missing though terry and they were oil embargo. this is something that a lot of people here in davos are talking about. a lot of people have a different solutions to the problems there because of course, it is an economic balancing act when you're so dependent on russia for your oil and gas. and that is what the situation is for hungry for portugal. ah, both of whom are against an oil embargo at the moment. germany though, has had a massive turnaround. germany economy, minister hall, but ha,
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beck has signaled that we could see an oil embargo an agreement on that within the e u over the next coming days. that would be a massive breakthrough. whether or not that happens is, is still to be seen. there would be cheers here throughout the mountain, no doubt, because it would starve mister putin, of his funds, which directly fund this war. the only problem is according to will. but how big is that? oil prices continue to surge, and that also continues to help laramie putin and his war. so an oil cap would be needed and that would need agreement from countries around the world. so an even bigger step. but something that could also be possible considering the extreme amount of unity. why seeing around the world, terry? and here in dallas, melinda, ah, as been said,
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we did not hear those words oil embargo. we did hear the ursula on the line saying that that europe needs to definitely wean itself off of russian energy. ours, much of what she was saying of cor, is directed to the delegates there in davos world leaders. many world leaders representative of the business community, of course, to but her words seem to also be directed to key of to a as response to zalinski yesterday or, and giving many words of encouragement for ukraine. in fact, it's clear that the ukrainian leadership that is speaking here in diverse and that is, is playing a very prominent role, is eager to present a new picture of ukraine itself to change the narrative on ukraine if you would. and in fact, when the commission vice president, president of funded line spoke here about how the you is working together with ukraine to promote reform, to and a corruption to push back against oligarchs. that is absolutely part
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of that narrative. and therefore, that strong statement, ukraine is part of the european family, of course goes to the issue of ukraine's eventual membership in the you. and indeed, she is working there also to change that story about ukraine. the other thing that absolutely stood out for me here though, is her words. ukraine must win this war because we are seeing an incipient debate, as it becomes clear that this is going to be a war of attrition. it's going to go on for some time about the degree to which western countries will remain resolute and committed. and she listed a whole number of positive initiatives that the has been taking from its 1st time ever a support of military assistance directly to ukraine, to efforts to keep the budget of ukraine afloat through macro financial assistance . and of course reconstruction as she said. but i think what she makes clear with
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that statement, ukraine must win this war is that at least in europe, the resolve will not weaken to keep that up. whereas of course we, i've seen even the editorial board of the new york times saying maybe the us needs to reconsider how far and how long it will go with its commitment. so she is essentially also pushing back there on that narrative saying you will remain supportive. but as we know and has been just mentioned, there are divisions with the you. for example, when it comes to the russian oil embargo, it's said to be just days away. but again, those divisions are something that the you will continue to face going forward. in oil embargo, of course, is one thing, a gas embargo quite quite something else. a europe heavily dependent to germany in particular, few other countries. i've been coming back to you. what sort of reaction are you hearing from the delegates there in dub was to the discussions about supporting
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ukraine in his reconstruction efforts. maybe not so much on the military side, but there is talk of a monumental, a colossal task of that was the word that both zalinski and on the line used in trying to rebuild the country. that's going to require an, a monumental amount of capital. a lot of help from outside, what are you hearing from the business community? they are represented in doubles and, and of course a country leaders of different countries as well. when it comes to tackling that task. well, it would literally be like the commission president said, rising, you crime from the ashes? that country it has been reduced to rubble in so many places in so many towns and cities. i was talking to a doctor yesterday from mary opal who left her hospital and walked 20 kilometers through rubble and shelling to then be picked up and rescued and taken out of the country. and she was, she was
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a mess. she was shell shocked with the investors here. see a huge opportunity terry. i mean for, from year to year here in davos it's from one thing to the next. it's from the big data investing in the cloud crypto currencies. and the next big thing is ukraine, which is sad to say the horrors of ukraine are being presented here to invest as time and again, and reminded that how, what is going on and how terrible it is. but it is also a huge business opportunity. and what we could see here is a whole new ukraine agreeing ukraine, a new model for the world. and you energy partner for germany. ukraine has huge wind resources. the country is doubled, the size geographically of germany, and it's in a great location. it could supply europe with so much green energy with hydrogen
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green hydrogen. you've heard that mentioned by the commission president just then. it was also mentioned by zalinski yesterday in his address. there's a lot that ukraine has to offer as well. all this discussion about reconstruction, of course in ukraine is predicated on the notion that rusher will be kept at bay somehow that that the country will be have sufficient security that will accommodate that kind of reconstruction. so when we heard from ursula on the line there, we talked, we did hear a lot about reconstruction. we also heard about russia about russia's aggression and the need to, to address that aggression respond to it in some way. we heard present zalinski addressing the form yesterday, again calling for more sanctions, more embargo for the withdrawal of all business interests from russia by the international community. another avenues to use russian assets or broad to, to help the reconstruction effort into support ukraine that was referred to as well
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by ursula on the line just now. that's really just a possibility is only being disgusted is absolutely, but she mentioned it and that's something and we will certainly hear increasing talk about that because of course, there are many russian assets that have been impounded now all over the world yachts, just for one example, yachts, that as it was said yesterday, at davos in their tonnage, in their value exceed the value of the entire russian a fee. it's absurd. therefore, there is talk about trying to use these assets. there are also proposals being floated, for example by a stony premier chi, a callous to try to perhaps create an escrow account when the u. s. paying for russian gas to create an esco, a crown that would hold back a portion of those payments to be used for reconstruction in ukraine. quite a creative idea. she hasn't got full buy in yet within, within the you. but again,
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that goes in the same direction because what we are seeing in the moment is that although the russian economy is certainly taking a hit from the sanctions, it is also profiting from rising oil and gas prices. and that is a great irony that in fact, at the very moment when people are trying to win themselves off, russian, oil and gas, it becomes more expensive and feeds more money into that war machine. that the, of that the question president mentioned. so again, there will the pressure to try to work against that. okay, we're gonna cut back straight to donald. again, we're young, shouted back the chief of the nato military alliance is being introduced at this point. if you're just joining us, you are watching special coverage on d. w. news of the addresses by the european commission president russell, a founder alliance. she spoke a few minutes ago and now we're about to hear from the,
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the header of nato. it is therefore my, let's listen an invite you to the stage to share with our audience, karen dos and globally, your vision on the impacts of the war in your crane and the long term implications on the world of strategic competition. welcome, mr. secretary, general minute . thank sir, but again, it's great to be back here in the also, i'm to see you all in person after 2 years without this gathering for half a century. the world economic forum has brought the global community together to exchange ideas, insides on the solutions,
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on some of the world's most important difficult problems. today we need the spirit of the volts, even more through a president, the tooth in the war on the crane has shut to the peace in europe. it is really a game changer not just for european security, but for the global order. nato has to fundament from tasks in response to rush us aggression, providing support to ukraine, and preventing the war from escalating. for many years, nate, though our nato allies have supported ukraine, in particular, denied that states, canada, united kingdom,
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and also turkey providing equipment and train the fence so thousands of ukrainian soldiers. we see the difference. this is making every day on the battlefield. since rush of the nation, we are significantly stepped up. our support would be in some dollars, a weapons and other assistance to help ukraine or poll. it's right to self defense and shrine in the un charter. nato's main responsibility is to protect all alice and prevent this war from escalating, causing even greater death and destruction. we may have been shocked by russia's brutal invasion. but we should not be surprised. this invasion will swarm of the best
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predicted acts of military aggression ever. in they thought we shared intelligence and made the intelligence public for men. the monks to warn about putins plants. russia attack on ukraine is part of a pattern of many years where most school uses military force to achieve its political games. ames, the destruction of goslin, the invasion of georgia, genex ational of cranium the bumbling of aleppo, and now the war in ukraine since the 1st invasion of ukraine in 2014, nate does be that that thing and preparing with increased defense,
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pending and invested in mod, done capabilities we deployed combat, they're the battle groups in the eastern part of alliance. for the 1st time in our history, we increased the redness of forces and established new defense domains, including space and cyberspace. where the russia invade the ukraine again, this year natal walls read the we the poet additional forces to the east or alliance. today we have over 40000 troops on the diving nato command, backed by significant air and naval assets. we doubled the number of multinational battle groups from the baltic to the black sea. i only have 100000 troops on high alert,
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ready to respond to any aggression and to defend every inch on natal territory. this is the terrance, to remove in the room for misunderstanding or mis calculation in moscow, not to provoke a conflict, but to prevent the config and preserve peace. last december, president putin presented an ultimatum to nathan. he demanded a legally binding treaty to rewrite the security architecture in europe to re establish spheres of influence, to force nato, to withdraw from the east on part to our lines. and to end nato
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enlargement. he wanted less nato on his borders and launched a war. now is getting more and later on this borders unmoored members film and threatens the fish room to apply for nate, the membership is historic. it demonstrates that european security. they will not be the take, the by violence and intimidation. all allies agree that nathan large amount has been a great success spreading freedom and democracy across europe. so i'm confident that we will be able to find a way to address all allies security concerns on the welcome.
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nate, those closest partners into our family of free nations. in the meantime, nate with vigilance in the baltic sea region. allies have increased their presence . we have stepped up exercises and deployments, and for the 1st time ever, a u. s. and i'm fabulous retina group has been placed on the nato command finan unsweetened. membership would also strengthen the close bond between nathan and the european union. european, secure that they and chance atlantic security are deeply intertwined. today, close to 600000000 europeans live in a natal country and 93 percent of the ego population is
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protected by natal. the ever closer coordination between nathan data opinion has been critical for dealing with the current crisis. and as you just heard from also from the lion natal allies and the european union have imposed unprecedented sanctions on 2 things, one machine. countries from switzerland to south korea have joined us and also applied sanctions. and hundreds of international companies have pulled out of russia. these massive sanctions reminds us of one of the important lessons from this conflict that we should not trades long term security needs for short term economic interests. the war in ukraine
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demonstrates how economic relations with all that italian regimes can create vulnerabilities over reliance on the info t o t. commodities, like energy, least created wide sporting advanced technologies like artificial intelligence and weakens resilience, caused by foreign control of a critical infrastructure like 5 g. this is about russia but also about china. ready another open italian machine that does not share or values and that undermines the rule space international order. it national trade. hass undoubted,
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lynn brought great prosperity. i am manual center they including buddy, give it under how worked hard to promote a more globalized economy. but we must recognize that our economic choices have consequences for our security. freedom is more important than free trades. the protection or values is more important than profit at the nato summit in madrid next month. natalee. this will make bold decisions to continue to strengthen and adapt our lines. but it's more dangerous and competitive world. the conflict in ukraine as underlined,
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the importance of europe and north america standing together in late them. and a working with our like minded partners around the world to defend our values and promote peace and prosperity in the spirit of the holes. i count on you too. thank you. and you just hearing nato secretary general. yes, felton doug, addressing the world economic forum in davos, switzerland, in his speech, she outlined how nato is responding to the war in ukraine. he. he noted how the help the nato is already been providing for ukraine. the training of its troops, for example, for the past few years, is now paying off in the battle field. here. he also emphasized the steps that nato
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was taking to to strengthen the allies noting that nato's most important task is to protect nato allies. and the 2nd priority being to prevent escalation. this was after he also noted earlier that providing support to ukraine is among nato's t for tasks with be in the studio is melinda crane. fees are cheap. political correspondent she had was following that, that speech by in stoughton bag very carefully. and of course, the speech just before that during the past hour with ursula on the line, the president of the european commission wanted to let me get your 1st reactions to what young stoughton bag said there. he painted a very broad picture of support, of course, for ukraine, for nato allies, protecting nato allies. but he expanded to very much of a global perspective concerning what the implications of the war in ukraine are for the international community. absolutely,
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i think for me that was the message that most stood out, probably because we know the other messages that he gave about the need to continue supporting ukraine and also the need to ensure deterrence, including taking sweden and finland into nato. what stood out there by the way that he did not mention of course, turkey and the pushback from turkey on welcoming those 2, but tried to express confidence that they are application for membership will in fact go through. but what really stood out was for me that last part of the speech where he called into question, what has really been the credo for diverse, diverse, is the venue for the international elite of globalization. all of whom long subscribed to the view that everyone should trade with everyone, regardless of political, the political values. and that that would create a rising tide that would lift all boats. and he is saying that that belief no
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longer holds, and that as he put it on the we must not trade long term security needs for shirt, short term economic interests. of course, men are mentioning they are the vulnerabilities created by dependence on russian fossil fuels that was also mentioned by the commission president. but going beyond that to talk about exporting artificial intelligence about depending on other autocratic countries for 5 g and then essentially said, and this is also about china. so what we're seeing is the rise of what sometimes called the strategic autonomy debate. the idea that western countries need to look toward greater resilience to look toward at least diversifying supply chains away from dependence on countries that are going in an autocratic direction. and
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that, that includes, as the commission president said, that includes critical minerals that we're going to need for renewable energy and digitalization. so we're seeing here in motion end of most, i reconsideration of the idea of globalization. and perhaps, to some degree, a move toward the idea that the global trading system will become a system of blocks. where countries like minded countries trade with one another. it seek to reduce their dependence on others. in davos we have been pursuing her correspondence. standing by he's been there since the beginning. this is day 2 now he was there also yesterday when the form was addressed with the opening addressed bible oatmeal zalinski, the president of ukraine. ah, ben. i wanted to, to put to you something that young stoughton bag, the nato chief said just a few moments ago. he said our economic choices have consequences for our,
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our security. what sort of message does that give to the business elite represented their intervals? that was a direct message to the business. a lead here in dallas that's for sure. he was talking about the protection of our values being more important than profit. and for so many years, people have turned a blind eye to what's going on in different parts of the world, especially china. we were talking about artificial intelligence just before china is the leader in artificial intelligence. china is the provider of so many new technologies. robotics not just a i, but all sorts of different sectors right now where they're leading, where they've developed amazing systems, but are also implementing those systems are all around the world. it's something that we have to think about when it comes to our security. what's more important?
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and so i think the business community is going to start listening and thinking about that because if the world does start getting divided up into you regional spheres of influence on you blocks. as melinda said, then trade will be very different. it's going to be about building bridges, not just between 2 big blocks, like it was back in the cold war. but if we see a hot war developing here, then many little bridges throughout the world, which is a lot more work, a lot more costly. but what's at stake here? profits or our security? melinda? oh, we also heard just oldenburg say that it's very much a priority for nato not to provoke further conflict with russia. yet, here in germany, there is a great deal of discussion about whether that is indeed what name they do might be doing. and there's a certain reluctance on behalf of the government also with the idea of not wanting to further provoke russia. what's,
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how do you think that message about not wanting to provoke russia is going to be going to go down here in germany? i think it will fall a both on the ears that find it eminently reasonable and there will be others who will continue to question it because of course germany has a there is a lot of fear in this country. the chancellor said at the very outset of the war that he was getting hundreds of emails every day from people who worried about world war 3. and of course, germany was in many ways. ground 0 in the cold war. it was here that the short range missiles were stationed. it was here that russian forces would have come through the full the gap. so the fears and concerns of many german citizens or something that the government here in berlin must take seriously. and yet we've heard enormous, true, resolute support on the part of, for example,
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the green party members of the coalition who say we cannot be governed by fear, we must seek to protect and prevent as yet oldenburg has just communicated at so i think they, we will see ongoing uncertainty amongst some germans and some members of the coalition. but we will also see that that resolute determination to move forward together with other western countries when to thank you very much, our chief political course on and tom, linda crane, and in davos. i want to say thanks. of course, to ben for susan, our correspondent who has been following that all along and we'll continue of following talks there for us as we proceed. um, just to give you a quick recap of what's been going on here during the past hour. we've heard both from ursula found a line, the president of the european commission, and yet stoughton bag, the secretary general of nato,
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the defense alliance addressing delegates at the world economic forum in davos, switzerland, a joy ride, fascinating worlds. into uncharted depths, our guides know their way around a strictly scientific trip to some pretty wacky places. curiosity is required to borrow today. in 30 minutes on d. w. a pulse with the beginning of a story that moves us and takes us along for the ride. it's all about the perspective culture
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mom and i really think we need to talk about all the topics that more divides and deny that this i have invited many deer and well known guests. and i would like to invite you to an end ah ah, this is dw news life from berlin as world lead us to meet and divorce a call for unity to both defeat russia and to rebuild ukraine. speaking at the worst economic forum and doubles nay to achieve against arkenberg urged well lead us not to trade long term security needs for short term economic intro.


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