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this is the weekdays on d w a cell phone number is going to spend the rest of the life behind bars from murray, with program. psychosis is an illness. mothers nightmare starts june 4th on d. w. as it did avenues asia coming up to dave, how the ukraine war has prompted the us to shore our partnerships in the indoor pacific. u. s. president joe biden has met leaders of india, australia, and japan. to reiterate that the ukraine style envision gone to be allowed to
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happen in the region. it's a wink to china. i was actually in recent years, and joe biden has also reached out to old allies, south korea, and japan to strengthen supply chains and security. we look at what all this means for the people in the region. ah, i british manager, welcome to the w, news, asia, glad you could join us for leading democracies in the indoor pacific. rio farmed their commitment to a free and open region today. that essentially means these nations want to reinforce that international rules in the region are followed and make sure are you korean style in vision does not occur in their backyard. the meeting in tokyo was held between the leaders of the united states, japan, australia and in the so called for the grouping of nations. they agreed amongst
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other things to practice on illegal shipping and fishing activities in the region. long to fellowship for study in the united states, and to also jointly tackle climate change. but the ukraine war cost a long shadow on the meeting and this is what some of the leaders have to say. it was, yeah, new to good anus. she rushes invasion of ukraine, clearly challenges the principles written in the charter of the united nations. we cannot let the same thing happened high here in the indo pacific region, a quote all awkward stella, not even saying, as long as russia continues to war, the united states will work with our partners to help lead a global response because of can affect all parts of the world as the same time united states must and will be strong, steady, and enduring partner in union pacific. so the quad has a lot of work out of us. and the fact of the matter is we have a lot of work to do,
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keeping this region peaceful and stable. and from on this i'm john knob. i got a mama, one from the german marshall fund of the united states. she's an expert on the quad and strategic issues in the, in the pacific. ms. mon, what is the impact of the ukraine war been on the quad grouping of missions? so ukraine has had an impact on the quad as well as on the brought a new pacific. i'm. i'm sure you remember that as soon as the war broke out, it was a expeditionary meeting of the court. leaders only does go together on short notice to discuss the increase. but i think a bigger question right now, facing countries in the end of the city, is not only the humanitarian aspect of a tragedy, but also being backed with crisis sanctions. independent from russia, a country are very much
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a crisis as well. i think countries atrocity now understand, this is not just the more happening for me in europe and joint statement coming from the core needed to be indicated. i'd like to talk about the dependence on russia and particularly about in this position. and i know that they have discussed this in the past, but 1st i just like to play to sound bites from the bilateral meeting between president biden and prime minister mo, the, for the benefit of 5 years. we also discussed the ongoing effects of russia, brutal, non justified evasion of ukraine. effective has of the tar global world order, and the u. s. b to consolidate closely on how to mitigate the negative effect when it might be. i'm confident that with the conclusion of the u. s. investment
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incentive agreement, we will see concrete progress and investment between our 2 countries, calling buggy, vomiting, amusement as the movie is talking trade while president biden appears to be referencing index position on ukraine. are both countries on the same page as we've discussed this whole, i think this is an ongoing conversation between the united states in india, but i think they are on the same page. i wouldn't say they're exactly. they have similar positions, but many in the list government understand the positioning is taking, understand very well. the constraints is under in understand very well the constraints is under. and similarly, india also has been able to communicate this position to go to the united states. i would like to take your attention back again to join statement that has come out of these meetings, which does not mention russia by name,
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but does mention the crisis which is very much, it is position. so we can assume that the 41 prime apartment countries understand the stance that india, speaking of each of her countries in this court grouping, let's just say my li, have a less than ideal relationship with china. yet the leaders that have pains to point out that this is not an antique china lions. i'm in china, certainly views it. but as that i really, really do believe that this is not an antique china alliance. the court is tried very hard over the last 2 years to prove just that it is not just an antique china alliance. in fact, it is much more the court is trying to get a more positive vision for the region. it has tried to portray it says, as opposed to good in the region. and if you look at the various quadrants, in fact, in very intricate structure of the one that has emerged over the last 2 years, it deals with a lot of issues like climate change,
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critical and emerging technologies. now even a one on people to people, ties medicine and security. but more often the aspect of information sharing, responding to disasters, and review again, the scope of the court really has gone beyond the china question and it's walking to talk. you look at all the work that has gone on into these working groups and everything that has come out of it. it is pretty, pretty clear now that even though china is certainly a motivating factor, the board is not just china. are people in the region are going to feel the benefits of the court? i think so. i think this is the hope now in the 1st year, as i mentioned, a tried to create this intricate structure to say, well, the one is the source for good. in the 2nd year, the focus has been on delivery. they're really trying to say, we're not just to talk shop, you have results. and the very detailed fact sheet that came out of the 4 countries today, as well as
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a joint statement from the leaders goes into minute detail of all the things that they are trying to portray and do. and region, particularly the vaccine initiative is one quantity. now, under the quantum rack seems have already been provided to the region. the deliveries have started with cambodia and now in other southeast asian countries. i think that is one example understanding how the pandemic has the more now the court wants to talk about students as very speedy at pediatric vaccines, which united states aims to provide to the countries in the region with the greatest. so there are countless other examples that have come out in this very detail statement from the chord us we really try to show to the region that we bring alternatives to china. and we can give you tangible benefits that you can out of the scene. arduous hubert quarter developing into the future. one
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interesting thing that has happened with the creation of these working groups is now the court has become utilized in several countries in the full county. how good bureaucracies working on this. it has begun in changed. she's on the bureaucratic such as so it's not just, you know, left to them when no one can hear the other. and the most just most interesting example has been australia, the continuous had elections and a new elected prime minister in foreign ministers. ma'am. well, all ready in 24 hours after that is us m m took here for the ard meeting so that he shows that the support for the court has on his own in the various 4 countries beyond just the national security heritage and the political parties. then the big issue versions of what? so i think the fisher quote is that it is here to stay up. the most important challenge for the one is number one, delivery and number 2, managing expectations in high expectations. and now i'm,
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i'm on reliever that i'm being thank you so much for joining us. all was a pleasure talking to thank you for having me. other chord leaders meeting came of the end of jo biden's, 1st trip to asia as president. the aim was clear and unequivocal signal that us commitment to the region will remain strong despite an ongoing board in europe. the rivalry with china still defines us policy in the region, and barden made it a point to visit 2 of the u. s. his oldest security allies in the region, japan and south korea. joe biden landed in south korea, eager to reassert us influence in the asia pacific to counter china's growing political and economic strength in the region. his 1st port of call a tour of a samsung semiconductor factory with zachary is new president. you and sock you with russia's invasion of ukraine and supply chain bottlenecks. driving prices at
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home, sky high, the u. s. president needed a win. so he kicked off his 1st presidential visit to asia with visits to staunch allies and sole and tokyo. i'm so sorry. so much so much in the future. the world is going to be written here in the endo pacific, over the next several decades. we're standing at an inflection point in history or decisions we made today, or a far reaching impacts on the world, relieved or our children tomorrow. biden agreed to step up military drills with sole and deploy more u. s. weapons if necessary, to deter north korea while offering to san kobe. 19 vaccines to pyongyang, and potentially meet kim jong earn. he was standing beside japanese prime minister for me, o key shita. when he dropped the bombshell statement of his trip, that he will be willing to use force to defend taiwan against chinese aggression. we agree with a one china policy. we shined onward and all the attendant agreements made from
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there. but the idea that that can be taken by force taken by force is just not, is just not appropriate, dislocate the entire region, and be another action similar to what happened in, in, in ukraine. both japan and south korea along with india are central to the indo pacific economic framework. a new, loosely defined economic block to counter china. 40 biden's meeting with his fellow quad leaders from japan, india and australia is putting china on notice. can't be 40. and that's it. for today's special on the indifference effect as more from the region on our website, the devil dot com forward slash isha will even know with images from jo biden's trip to asia his 1st as president. he began with a visit to south korea and japan, followed by eating of the ford missions, can see you here tomorrow,
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with diversity and anything unusual. no mountain is too high.
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no road is too long. in search of the extraordinary we are the specialists of the lifestyle europe, euro max on d, w. a thought say we'll credit you for a 4 weeks the has been grappling over an embargo of russian oil. now germany says a breakthrough is within reach, while also posing an oil price. also coming up,
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we'll show you how formers outside the gradient capital are trying to do their bid in feeding the world despite the war in their country. and we'll show you why the legendary lithium riches from bolivia, assault class, may still just be a mirage. i'm for scope of, of the program. the european union and united states want oil and gas producing countries to increase production to help lower fuel prices. that is, according to german chancellor, all off schultz, in an exclusive interview with d. w. meanwhile, the world economic forum, davos german vice chancellor about how they said an embargo on russian oil imports is likely to come within days. he warns, however, that it may not be enough why russia has been selling less on following its invasion of ukraine. it has been raking in more money because of higher prices. so germany is economy industry is calling for a global cap on oil price.


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