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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  May 24, 2022 4:45pm-5:01pm CEST

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show you how farmers outside the ukrainian capital are trying to do their bid in feeding the world despite the war in their country. and we'll show you why the legendary lithium riches from bolivia assault last may still just be a mirage. i'm for scope of, of the program. the european union and united states want oil and gas producing countries to increase production to help lower fuel prices. that is, according to german chancellor, all shots in an exclusive interview with d. w. meanwhile, the world economic forum, davos german vice chancellor, about how they said an embargo on russian oil imports is likely to come within days . he warns, however, that it may not be enough while russia has been selling less oil following its invasion of ukraine. it has been raking in more money because of higher prices. so durham is economy minister is calling for a global cap on oil prices to prevent moscow from benefits from rising prices.
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starting also sees the current energy prices as just one of several major problems in need of big picture solutions. i think we have at least 4 problems or crisis right now that are all interwoven. we have high inflation in some of the countries in europe, in the us, and a lot of our countries we have in energy crisis. you must call it this way. we have food, poetry, and we are for climate crisis. and we can't solve the problems if you're only concentrating on only one of the crisis. but if none of the problems are soft, i'm really afraid that we are running into a global recession with a tremendous effect. not only about on climate protection and climate action, but off the global stability at all. germany's vice chancellor and economy minister
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over hot ex, speaking there in doubles now contributing to the food crisis, is russia's decision to block tons of ukrainian wheat. from leaving the countries ports, meanwhile ukrainian farmers who want to prepare their fields for the next harvest are encountering deadly traps. the w is funded for char reports from outside of keith. that's all that's left of lots. tractor will settle quadrille. the wheel used to be here, though it was torn apart well and got blown away. you will prosper with kindle. he was working a field in the key fridge and when he drove over a land mine, he says, what, what, what's up? i heard a bang and everything dal can in front of me total black waters. and when i woke up underneath the steering wheel, i woke up feeling the sitting like that. but the cool a lot of equipment has already been damaged by russian forces. the loss of this tractor comes at a difficult time. lots employer sense. every loss is significant,
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right? i had a vehicle and now it's going underneath and i don't know if he'll manage to repair it or not, because because we don't have much equipment like loud and ordering a new one from canada on it's impossible. now, despite the risks of encountering an explosive left behind, the russian forces now is the time to plant new c. however, already an estimated 25000000 tons of grain from the last harvest is stuck in ukraine. this place and keep stores 65000 pounds of corn, soy and sunflower seat, and all these trucks just arrived to the plant from frontline regions like michel life their hope explored to crop from here. because domain roots are now blocked, but no, only a fraction of this will be exported. the alternative routes via rail the road, but the loan willis war continues. the bigger to risk over global food crisis. the
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doctor wants to save the crops much needed elsewhere in the world, but his capacity is limited. those but it's a sunflower. seeds are stored here in the silo. they're almost fooling around 95 percent. so he says only 10 percent of what's in the silo. now we'll make it out of the country. as a result, the overall situation will lightly worse in this fall could efficient enough fun and it will become critical during the next harvey resume. everyone understands that the storage capacity will not be enough. and that's it. we'll look for me if so collab collaborating collapse with start in september and october, but we will not have any space as to what there was right. a grim outlook. but despite that, farmers like blot, say, they have no choice other than seating the fields, hoping that the war will end soon, and ukraine can continue to feed the world. the president of the commission is
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enough on the line says russia's weapon, isaac food supplies, with global repercussions for more. let's cross over to w's bench rosalyn, who is at the world economic forum in davos, been tell us how is the issue of food security shaping the discussion at the world economic form where you are what's the topic of food security and not the harrowing images of death and destruction in ukraine, which are really convincing a lot more people, investors and heads of state here. that something has to be done to stop brushes, aggression in ukraine because it's causing a looming food crisis. was so many parts of the world, especially africa, and asia, with food prices increasing with the energy prices increasing as well. it's a regular people back home in the west and elsewhere in the world that are also
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going to be feeling the pinch and also worried about what's going on. so there are consequences and ripple effects all round the world right now, christoph, throughout all economies. it's very interesting to see how quickly things can change, how quickly germany can change its opinion as far as what it stands for when it comes to ukraine. i mean, we saw that at the beginning of the crisis when it was a weapons deliveries and then suddenly it became heavy weaponry that was being delivered. and now we're talking, as you mentioned, about an oil embargo, we could see that within days we're still seeing resistance from countries like hungry and portugal who are very reliant on our oil from a russia. but so is germany. and this turnaround is spectacular. as far as germany goes, so yeah, when it comes to simple things like rising food prices and energy prices, we suddenly do see change and bend. and speaking of this oil embargo,
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and we know that the head of the european commission year commissioner was left on the line, has been addressing attendees there in davos today. how has she been speaking about energy and the reliance of the e u on russian energy delivers? she said that europe needs to win itself off fossil fuels. she said, this is the time we need to shift to renewables. and it's a, a message we've been hearing from lots of leaders. and it's a message we're hearing here in davos as well from renewable energy lead. as i've been speaking to vest as one of the, or the biggest wind energy turbine maker in the world said it had huge investments in russia. it's pulled out, it's still paying its employees there. it has $700.00 of them to big factories. and it's also got big projects in ukraine has had to watch by watch on. as it's wind
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turbines have been set alive than some destroyed. but it still does have a huge capacity there. and it, we could see ukraine becoming this new green partner and new energy partner for europe as opposed to russia and been just quickly, i want to change. i want to talk about the, the shift of the debate in davos there because we heard the secretary general of nato speaking. the day mister stop back was said, we must not sacrifice security for short term profit. now obviously this is a meeting of business leaders, and that is a, a very different tone. we're hearing their yeah, it was a direct message to invest is here that the protection of the values are more important than profits that we have to think about the economic choices that we make because they have consequences for our security. am i seeing that now with raja we were seeing that now with china as well and that was the most important
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part of his speech where he said this is not just about russia but also china. of course, he's alluding to ty, one there, who knows what could happen as far as ty, one security goes, but if roches allowed to take back crimea, i take parts of ukraine, then what's going to stop china from taking tie one man to sullen their reporting from the world economic forum and i will spend, thank you and that to some of the other global business stories making news. reason bottlenecks and the supply chain have effected a number of industries including one responsible for delivering consumer goods, trucks. experts say that the entire production of 2022 is already sold out with demand still high. that's even as manufacturers, st shortages and content with an otherwise, we can come home sharing firm air
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b and b as quitting the chinese market. according to several media reports, the company is reportedly planning to move all listings by to remove all listings by the summer. air b and b has difficulty cracking the market because chinese tours and trends and china 0 covet policy hasn't helped either. several cities were locked down to contain its most recent viruses. as discussions around energy production shift swiftly to renewables, bolivia is hoping to become a competitive contender. in the lithium market, the country is home to one of the largest untapped deposits of the light metal used in electric batteries. which aspires to capitalize on very so thought flat as far as the i can see what residents can't see is a future here. that's unless the government build the lithium mine and creates jobs
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for people in the area as adding a new within that fellow, we are angry because they could give jobs to the people, not only in this community we have, but in other communities that have been forgotten in the same club, i hope we're always asking for development not to put the we have minerals, we have lithium and people here should get something with it. and that is if he's on a hand to this, underneath the salt flats in the petoskey region lies the world's largest. no deposit of lithium. they have the potential to be a modern day gold mine for bolivia, and for the impoverished residence of you locker. yet there are several hurdles, the indian country port $700000000.00 us dollars into extraction technology that is now considered outdated. foreign firms have offered to invest, but current bolivia law prohibits this. legislation will need to be amended 1st. and critics of bolivian president luis, our se, se
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a socialist government has left local communities out of any planning. i've grown in recruitment, and actually we don't even have a channel to express our opinions, renew their core. we find out how the companies are deciding how to directly extract lithium formulas him through seeing the news for him. was a little bit of a for le franco bolivia has given itself a deadline to make lithium batteries by 2025. a goal that seems impossible to reach and that's i shall. i'm chris kolber on berlin. thanks for watching. have yourself a successful day? ah ah . with
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a pulse ah, the beginning of a story that moves us and takes us so long for the ride. it's all about to perspective culture information. this is d w. news warner ah the w leave minds. oh no. has no limits. love is for everybody.
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love is life. i love matters and that's my new podcast. i'm evelyn sharma. and i really think we need to talk about all the topics that north devise and united this i have invited many deer and well known guests. and i would like to invite you to an in people in trucks injured when trying to flee the city center. more and more refugees are being turned away at the border families plain bomb attacks in syria to these correct only with people lean extreme ground. rough getting 200 people with around the world. more than 300000000 people are seeking refuge. ask
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why? because no one should have to flee. make up your own mind. w. made for mines. ah, ah ah, this is the w 9 from berlin. the new evidence emerges of china is mistreatment of. we got muslims a day to leak of photos from inside. jim jones mass, internment camps, office a reg, glimpse of state sanctioned repression in china is northwest also on the pro.


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