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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  May 24, 2022 7:00pm-7:16pm CEST

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ah ah ah this is d w. news live from berlin. new evidence emerges of china is miss treatment of we got muslims, a leak of photos and data from inside gene jang, so mass internment camp officer reg, glimpse of state sanctioned repression in china's northwest. also on the program,
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90 days in to russia's war against ukraine, d. w. visit to town near cave to find that how people who survived russian occupation a co things with the lasting trauma to rushes was having far reaching effects, including worsening. so mom years, food crisis, millions are going hungry. a shortage is caused prices to skyrocket. as family struggle to make ends meet, many children have no choice but to give up school and go out to work. ah, i'm so gale. welcome to the program. germany is calling for a transparent investigation. after more evidence emerged of china's brutal crack down on its predominantly muslim wig minority a cache of documents which has become known as c. as in jang police files has been
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linked to international media. they include photographs said to have been taken inside the provinces, mass incarceration facilities. this report contains some distressing images. armed security forces taking a prisoner away. they hold a chair during interrogation, which human rights watch says is used for torture. these disturbing images are from chinese and turman camps in the administrative district of tion. shawn, in 2018. the allegedly show how brutally china treats us weaker minority the photos were sent to china, researcher utley. and since he, since they came from computers belonging to the ministry of public security and northern shin, young region, spi, unfinished, this is like a window into a police state about which so little information gets out. we've really never seen anything like it. nicholas in the researcher passed the data onto 14 international
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media companies, including germany, spyglass chef wonderful, and ashby, gall, and b, b. c. news. after weeks of examining the data, the team of reporters verified and evaluated it. among other findings was a shoot to kill order for prisoners attempting to escape from the internment camps . this doesn't surprise human rights organizations. he not the china is undoubtedly committing crimes against humanity, at least in terms of torture and other mistreatment imprisonment and persecution. a 5 m, the chinese government has yet to respond to a comprehensive inquiry about the research in an official statement. it says that the mattress taken and she and john were solely directed at terrorist threats. and that the people, they are quote, live happily a kenneth roth is executive director of human rights wash. i asked him if he had any doubt that these images are genuine. we have every reason to believe that these are accurate. they certainly correspond with the many,
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many testimonies that human rights watch what has received. and essentially, you know, what we have is the chinese government extensively to fight terrorism. in fact, you know, detaining a 1000000 or so weaker and other turkish muslims, essentially, to force them to abandon their religion, their language and their culture. this is a brutal crime against humanity on the likes of which really do not exist any place also in the world today. so on this entirely consistent with what we've been hearing over and over for a weaker and others, and she drank. although that human rights watch i house feed of following the story, investigating these claims for some time. was there anything in there that you didn't know? was there anything in there which of the stories stood out for you? well for example, we had not heard directly about the shoot to kill policy for people who tried to leave the detention centers. we certainly had heard about the torture, the interrogations. i'm and you can just imagine yourself, i'm, you're, you're
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a weaker, you're picked up, you know, for the most minor thing, your man wearing a beard, you know, praying. i'm having a phone call with somebody abroad or having traveled abroad. i mean, the slightest thing that might indicate that you have some kind of foreign connection or you might be to islamic, can get you detained, you know, pulled away from your family. and then you're stuck in detention. essentially, until you can persuade your jailer that you have turned into a, you know, non religious, non use a mandarin speaking, han chinese that you've kind of given up your weakness. and, and this is the pressure that people are under. um and you know, a 1000000 people in a population that's estimated around 13000000. i mean it's a huge percentage of the adult population. you can imagine the family split up the children left with our parents. this is a horrible situation. the chinese government denies it, but the evidence is absolutely conclusive that this is happening. i was the executive director of human rights watch kenneth roth,
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a 3 months into the war in ukraine. and the fighting has moved largely to the east of the country where it rushes, making slow progress in its attempts to control the dumbass region. some of the towns outside cave that saw devastating fighting are still struggling to recover. the w correspondent, max xander, went to the ton of hostile, where an international team of psychologists is helping residents deal with their experience. it was a busy morning at the clinic and the key of suburb hostile mills, bullet holes, and the windows bear witness to the russian occupation. medical staff have been working round the clock since the clinic reopened in april because they're dealing with visible and invisible goods. i think there's kind of a collective trauma or if you like the with earth, people living the communities. hon. psychologist malcolm hugo has joined the operation here is part of the international organization, doctors without borders. he just returned from a home visit in the area. so the woman whose house was completely destroyed was
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living there with her son, who's sir thirty's, of age and her. and unfortunately, he was killed her in there, dr. why boy? a rocket. and so she's obviously going through a grading process she's on her own now. the key of suburbs bore the brunt of the fighting in the early days of the invasion, that was followed by a ruthless occupation marked by violence against residence. the russians have left reconstruction is underway, but people here are only starting to put their lives back together. the emotional scars run deep. there are various types of trauma people here are dealing like those who experienced the occupation and extreme levels of violence than others returning to their homes. see not much left of it. and then there are those who are taken prisoner by the enemy kidnaps even taken across the board dock. and usually, industry only is one of them focus on that. he says russian soldiers shot him in
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both legs in front of his home. then took him and his son, and you probably lay, drop me on the porch and started to put the gun to my head. and in my mouth, we got us in that hole. when my son saw this, he got on his knees and screamed. please don't kill my dad now. so they put us in the vehicle. blindfolded off his tables, courtroom tied our hands and took us in an unknown direction you by this evening just on the pavilion. they were taken across the border to bela bruce than flown to cost and russia weeks later, although it was freed than a prisoner exchange, his son still missing reasonable creditors that there was just a young. yeah. it, it's you from the inside and you can take away the sorrow with your tears. what is his, i mean, we need distraction 3 work and life while we're waiting for his fridge or isn't it you will was or done yet? the worst talk was quite
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a hearing yourself. there are believe to be hundreds of similar cases in this town alone headed. you do all that has joined the team of doctors without borders. seeking to assist the psychologists by sharing his experiences with him. doing his bit to help others heal and european commission president ursula found the lion has promised that the european union will help rebuild ukraine. so that he can achieve its democratic aims. she was speaking of the world economic forum and diverse, where the focus has been on the russian invasion. the reconstruction of the country should combine massive investment with ambitious we forms, for example, to modernize ukraine's administrative capacity to firmly establish the rule of law and the independence of the judiciary. to fight corruption,
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get rid of the oligarchs to build a fear sustainable and child and competitive economy. and thus, to firmly support ukraine in pursuing its european path. ukraine belongs in to the european family with look at some other stories making news around the world. us more, monkey pire, monkey pox virus cases are reported at germany's health ministers recommending the introduction of a $21.00 day quarantine. but he stressed that this does not signal the start of a new pandemic. germany has also ordered $40000.00 vaccine doses as a precaution to director general of the world health organization. ted ross at hannon gabriella, has been re elected for a 2nd term, despite the crating criticism of his organizations, management of the global response to the glow of to the corona virus pandemic. doctor ted ross faced no challenges. if you open it as
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a 1st african to hold the post russian judges with rejected and appealed by opposition leader like failure volunteer against a 9 year prison sentence for fraud. and other less crimes will now be transferred from a penal camper to a high security prison. the serious criminals use the appeal to criticize rushes war and you create the several countries in east and africa face and acute hunger crisis, drought conflict covey. 19 another war, a new crane of all combined to drive up food prices. 23000000 people across kenya, ethiopia, and somalia are going hungry according to a new report from humanitarian groups. as a result, hundreds of thousands of children are at risk of dropping out of school to help their families survive. d, w. east africa correspondent, marianna miller reports from somalia in favorite subject math. she is a good student and never misses class that since the drought started food prices
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have skyrocketed and her mother needs her help to an extra money. so after school, she has to sell vegetables at the local market. well, i have to help my parents. sometimes they take my mother's place so that she can get some rest. it's a lot of stress. the 17 year old also works as a housemaid every day after school. some of them are the students my age. i don't think they have the same problems that they have to work a little fire. i went through a lot. i want to recover from it. like $3000000.00 children don't go to school in somalia, it is more than 17 percent of the population. and one of the highest numbers, worldwide decades of conflict have crippled zamiah's education system. there are
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not enough resources or qualified teachers. the n g o clair international says that now 420000 more children are at risk of dropping out of school. a devastating locust invasion the worst drought and for decades, and a huge increase in food prices have caused thousands to flee their homes. 6000000 people face acute food insecurity. among them a 1400000 children were in a race against time to avert family. we know that early intervention is critical, but we need the resources right now. otherwise, by the middle of the year, we could be looking at a humanitarian catastrophe. thanks to a you and funded project. students at this school received 2 meals a day, but still about 90 students out of 400 have left of the number of other students in the school. however, graphical integrity do when they and all of
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a sudden i cassie minova, some of these to the same families are moving to the other. where and food is what if i did, i don't know. i do. it's just across the board. any feel peer where many people emigrated to in search for food? i had a chron wants to stay here and learn. i'm learning said that i'll be in a better position in the future. her dream is to become a teacher one day. oh. the can film festival is in full swing, but then she has party moods being overshadowed by the war and new crime, military fly over to model the premier of tom cruz's top gun. maverick, a poor. those who had recently experienced the war like filmmaker, hannah bill, bravo! a fiance, lithuanian director, was killed at during the filming of the documentary body awful as to the participation of a dissident,
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russian director is also proven controversial. if you don't have a head for height, you should probably look away now. so this was the moment where the south african paraglider launched himself off the roof of the wild b. i caught, as the 1st man to make a legal flight from mount everest, took only a 20 sam minutes to descend 3000 meters after taking off from near the summit. his words, it was a beautiful flight down or well news. at the top of the hour, bearish vanity, i sent news asia in just about what secrets my behind these was discovered new adventures in 360 degrees and explore fascinating world heritage.


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