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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  May 24, 2022 8:00pm-8:16pm CEST

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one doing goal to help smart nature. one of the most insightful discoveries in the history of mankind. more life starts may 28th on d, w. ah, this is the w news light from berlin. new evidence emerges of china mistreatment of week of muslims, leak of photos and data from inside gen jennings, mass, internment camps, us reg, glimpse of state sanction. repression in china is northwest also on the program. 90
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days in to russia's war against ukraine. d. w. visits a town near cave to find out how people who survived the russian occupation, a coping with the lasting troll. and will take you to the cannes film festival, where events are in full swing, but some say the party movies being overshadowed by the will. i'm fil gail. welcome to the program. germany's foreign ministry is calling for a transparent investigation. after more evidence emerged of china's brutal crackdown on its predominantly muslim wig minority, a cache of documents which has become known as asia jung police files has been linked to international media. include photograph said to have been taken inside
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the provinces, mass incarceration for services. this report contains some distressing images. armed security forces taking a prisoner away. they hold a chair during interrogation, which human rights watch says is used for torture. these images of from chinese internment camps in the administrative district of tion. shawn, in 2018. they allegedly show how brutally china traits it's week of minority. the photos were sent to china re such a adrian sense. he says they came from computers belonging to the ministry of public security in nor than she and john region sphere. and since this is like a window into a police state about which so little information gets out. we've really never seen anything like it will not make us in the re such a pass the data on to 14 international media companies, including germany's by re sharon funk and ashby, eagle,
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and baby. se news after wakes of examining the data, the tame of report is verified and evaluated it. among other findings was a shoot to kill order for prisoners attempting to escape from the internment camps . this is outraged, weld ladies, and re enforced allegations of crimes against humanity. copied ideas. these are berdazi. i think everyone who is this, these images get the children. that's fine because leave immense with a horrific and disturbing. and they confirm what has been going on for a long time. i'd say at the most theory with human rights violations are taken play fellows in sims on viagra. the chinese government has yet to respond to a comprehensive inquiry about the research in an official statement. it said that the measures taken in john was solely directed at terrorist threats and that the people that quote live happily. adrienne sands is a chinese researcher who received those files and pass them on to international news organizations. is
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a senior fellow for chinese studies of the victims of communism, memorial foundation and an expert on china's minority policy. i asked him if he had any doubts about the documents, authenticity. i don't. it's always possible to fake documents. it's a lot harder to fake images. and it's especially even much harder to take this amount of image material in this type of image material. and how you can reconstruct scenes of heavily on post police for sub machine guns. so be subduing detainees and putting them in handcuffs. why do you think this data was linked to you? it was slicked to me shortly after published syndrome papers, another set of internal files confidential speeches of should jumping. i've been publishing a lot of these leaks and been receiving these leaks because i specialize in the analysis and authentication of chinese government documents. right. so you would be
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the sensible person if one was a whistleblower 2 to send these to. and where do you think these, these, this data actually come from? do you think this is someone within the chinese system or has the system been hacked? the system has been hacked. that's for sure. it was a hacking attack. right straight into police computers, even into internment camp computers penetrating the chinese systems. and getting the evidence straight from the horse's mouth. and which of the stories in what appears to be quite a distressing catalogue. which of the stories that stood out most for you? what stood out for me is demoss internment off completely, clearly innocent people. i mean, if you look at the, the, the evidence that comes with these files, the spreadsheets, the reasons for the attention. you know, you have like young teenagers or old women and the files don't even say they have
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done anything. that's merely guilt by association. these people simply have like a parent in detention or a relative. and that's really all that they've done. was adrian sense, the china, the china research a who received the change on police files speaking to me at a 3 month end of the war in ukraine of the fighting has moved largely. it's the east of the country where russia is making slow progress. and it's attempts to control the dumbass region. some of the towns outside cave that so devastating fighting is still struggling to recover. the w correspondent, max xander, went to the town of hostile, when an international team of psychologists is helping residents deal with their experiences. a busy morning at the clinic in the key of supper. postal mail, bullet holes in the window is bear witness to the russian occupation. medical staff have been working round the clock since the clinic reopened in april because
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they're dealing with visible and invisible goods. i think is kind of a collective troll risha laclare with people living community's hon. psychologist malcolm hugo has joined the operation here as part of the international organization, doctors without borders. he just returned from a home visit in the area. so the woman whose house was completely destroyed was living there with her son, who said, 30 years of age and, and unfortunately he was killed anna in the driveway boy a rocket. and so she's obviously going through a grading process he's on her own. now. the key of suburbs bore the brunt of the fighting in the early days of the invasion, that was followed by a ruthless occupation marked by violence against residence. the russians have left reconstruction is underway, but people here are only starting to put their lives back together. the emotional
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scars run deep. there are various types of trauma people here are dealing like those who experienced the occupation and extreme levels of violence than others returning to their homes. seeing not much left of it. and then there are, those were taken prisoner by the enemy kidnaps even taken across the border. dark and yourself. interesting. all night is one of them focus on that. he says russian soldiers shot him in both legs in front of his home. then took him and his son, and you probably may drop me on the porch and started to put the gun to my head and in my mouth, we could have seen that when my son saw this, he got on his knees and screamed. please don't kill my dad now. so they put us in the vehicle. blindfolded off with tables. courtroom tied our hands and took us in an unknown direct, sorry by this evening, just on the pavilion. they were taken across the border to bella, rose than flown to cost, and russia. weeks later, or lick was freed than
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a prisoner exchange. his son still missing news number. could you choose that? there was diana. it, it's you from the inside and you can take away the sorrow with your tears. what i mean, we need distraction 3 work and life while we're waiting for his fridge or isn't it leo was or done yet the worst, or was called the renewal of there are believe to be hundreds of similar cases in this town alone. how did you do all that has joined the team of doctors without borders? seeking to assist the psychologists by sharing his experiences, doing his bit to help others heal and european commission present. ursula found the lion has promised that the european union will help rebuild the ukraine, so that it can achieve its democratic aims. you're speaking of the world economic forum endeavors, where the focus has been on the russian invasion. the reconstruction of the country
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should combine massive investment with ambitious reforms. for example, to modernize ukraine's administrative capacity to firmly establish the rule of law and the independence of the judiciary. to fight corruption, get rid of the only gas to build a fear sustainable and strong competitive economy. and thus, to firmly support ukraine in pursuing its european path. you creating the lungs into the european family. a sort of fatherland would take a look at some of the other stores making news around the world. now we'll start in moldova, where the former president, eagle dowden, has been detained on charges of treason and corruption. he had close relations with russia present at vladimir putin while in office. russia says his concern is being
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persecuted for his political views. british prime minister barak johnston's facing renewed accusations of lying at to parliament after new photos immersed at him drinking. i thought downing street party during lockdown in 2020. the new pictures obtained by i t. v news cameras. a senior civil servant is expected to publish a long awaited full report in the so called party gate scandal. the 1st section of the elizabeth commuter rail link has opened in london. it's one of your biggest infrastructure projects and is expected to carry 200000000 people a year. it's named after queen elizabeth to celebrate celebrating 70 years on the throne. the scheme has been delivered late and billions of euros over the can film festival is in full swing. but this year's party moved is being overshadowed by the war in ukraine military flight written by the premier of tom
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cruz's top gun. maverick, for those who had recently experienced the of the war like filmmaker, a bit of broken film, say lithuanian director, was killed during the filming of the documentary murray off to the participation of a dissident, russian director is also pretty controversial. well a scott rock tspra is the at the film festival in can't. and i, i put it to him that are all this glamorous hobnobbing, while the war is being a fort, just a short flight away. seems a little incongruous. yeah, that's, that's the case. philip congress is the word i mean, oh, this is of course the that the glitzy glamorous can't film festival. that's what we expect the reg carpets the parties, the celebrities. that's all here. but, um, the, the warn ukraine are really looms over like a like a dark shadow. i mean, the opening ceremony here a couple of a days ago, we had the, the president of ukraine brought him lensky addressing the crowd via video and
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giving a very, very powerful movie speech calling on the, the entertainment industry worldwide to not remained silent about the atrocities of the war and saying that if with the full support of the west that ukraine can win this war. but right after his, as i say, very powerful, very moving speech of the curtain went up and we watched a as on be comedy from, from france. so, so that sort of incognito, rudy, that sort of dissonance is really been a part of this entire camp film festival. right. and so the, the war is being reflected in the folds and discussions going on there up to a degree. yes, there are a lot of ukrainian filmmakers here. i spoken to a number of them. there's a certain focus on ukrainian film and ukrainian cinema here. the 1st one of the stories ukrainians have to tell, particularly about this conflict. but this is in the, at the end, a film festival look and, and the focus is on the movies more than the politics. so the,
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everyone really is talking about what are the hot films, what are the interesting movies being shown here. um, there is a huge buzz around a political film at one that's not about ukraine called triangle of sadness. it's a social satire about modern day capitalism, about supermodels and the super rich, who find their social status overturned after a major disaster on a yacht. really funny movie and i think those type of discussions are the ones most people are having. but of course the war in ukraine is never far from people's thoughts. okay, so we're, we're halfway through of a con film festival. have you spotted any prime candidates for the shoes or palm door? yeah, i think there's a lot of really good films this year. actually. i haven't really seen a stinker so far. although there's still time i maybe go to the i thought were really ex, that one i thought to day from david krona burke called crime for the future. a dystopian set in the future where the surgery has become the new sex disturbing, but very, very good. i'm henderson, korean film from park chang, whoop called decisions to leave, which is sort of
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a loose adaptation of hit alfred hitchcock's vertigo. and just as good, really an excellently made film. and i think probably if i would have to pick one, it has the best chance of taking the top prize here, the bomb door in a few days time. thank you for that. us got roxborough the can film festival stand to remind you of our top story, this out. the cache of linked photos and data from chinese detention facility as a shed more light on conditions for we the inmates in the western john province leak was published by an international media consult set you up to date to will will news of the top of the out of the south bay matter is going to spend the rest of her life behind bars for mercury, berkeley, daughter. i believe we were working.


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