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and the rest of her life behind bars from marguerite, for 3 daughters. ah, i am with i see the site that was part of psychosis is an awful illness. postpartum is a nasty mothers nightmare starts june 4th on d. w. ah, several 1000 people gathered on this evening and april and central belgrade to sing the russian national anthem, they came to show their support for russia and its president vladimir putin with we're on the right side on russia's side.
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ah, they chant serbs and russians brothers forever. and we don't need the e u. o. we support the russians because they are our brothers. what does this letter stand for interest for victory? what does russia mean to you about? it's elder of the land given to me, it's the only country upon serbia where i could live for the great people. great culture. simply the fact that russia exists is good, new implemented for what it was. uh huh. who was this school for austria, austria the enemy? why didn't you say that straight off? ah, these demonstrations
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a regular fixture since the start of the war in ukraine are organized by a far right group called the peoples patrol. their self declared aim to free ukraine of nazis. russian brothers, you but sibyl, and these bad times, we will accompany you on the way to the kingdom of heaven. a little long live serbia. you long lived russia. i couldn't answer that. first and foremost, i support the russian people. when they're completely, i've been thinking for a while and i thought i should have intervened and ukraine wasn't a little skill go, the mountains have been dying this planet. there had been atrocities on the dawn bus region against the russian. people realize that that's why i support this operation either. i hope it's brought to an end as quickly as possibly with the fewest possible victims. you know, and that the denot allocation of ukraine icons reality fil slotted.
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oh, the russian war of aggression against ukraine is re interpreted here as an act of self defense. little russian propaganda is accepted at face value. ah, belgrade is the only city in europe besides this, don bull's still operating flights to russia. 6 ah nadia keith oliver and said gig every love have left moscow for belgrade. they've been living here for 4 weeks now. he's a photographer and she worked as a food designer in the advertising industry. when the russian economy collapsed because of sanctions and their work began to dry up, they decided to immigrate their debit and credit cards no longer work abroad. in moscow,
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they emptied their bank accounts and exchanged their roubles for american dollars alone. below their now making ends meet with this money. i have no even one minute of thinking. come back and rush i think as the way is closed, there's them will a dangerous situation and we don't have some future in our children. don't have some coaches there. the stalls in the city center are stocked up on russian merchandise. the couple from moscow was familiar with the nationalist symbolism from back home in belgrade to they're confronted with the face of commander in chief potent on t shirts. the military is glorified here. a lot of
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people here is just supporting russian government supporting war and thinking that food is doing great job or so. i think people who don't think sold where the firms and the reason we are here because we don't feel good in russia and would have to escape somewhere. maybe we can say that ria is big lead, sees the server logs, you can just lay it, what is it? and we're feeling better here because people are more friendly for russians m b. i can see where using these friends. sure. ah, for as long as proven remains in power, this couple has decided that they have to remain refugees or is begley c as the serve say, they're determined to start over here. many serbs feel so close to russia and such a deep rooted skepticism towards the west because of their own experiences of war.
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23 years ago in spring 1999 nato bombers attack serbia. following the collapse of peace talks with the serbian government, the aerial bombing was intended to stop the displacement and the murder of kosovo, albanians by serbian troops in what was then the province of kosovo. alex, a good above ich was just for when bombs fell on belgrade, the events have been seared into his memory. i have with purely co op. this is what the cell is. looks like where we sheltered from the nato, arrives of a former door. no one knew what to do, not either. we didn't know whether there would be an end strike or not him. if
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a bomb hits the building or will it to lapse into the cell by the most god, how will we survive that? always? there were a lot of questions isn't talk what we just said from willhide when your question is, when is in a moment like that, what instinct triumphs of the lodge english on a be shane's think that i when i went to college at the the sellers were fooling so as i recall that every one who lived in the pablo lunk was inside the nic as well as people from other blocks who didn't have sellers left. okay. it was crowded mortal. don't people spend hours sitting on the floor at every pool for mission? soppy, massapequa sat on the door ah, at 1st alexa and his family fled to the cellar every time the air raid sirens sounded, days or weeks into the bombing campaign, or they just stayed, put in their apartment. oh alex's parents still lived there. yeah. his father was in ukraine for work at the time of the bombing raids. the rest of the family in
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belgrade. ray, on this last left, it became clear to us that the bombing would go on for a long time to sell a polish. we couldn't spend a whole spring in the cellar yummies. there were people who did that, but i had to try to lead a normal life of when i came out with small children, there was no question of staying there in the cellar pocket pharmacy. the nato bomb struck strategic military targets. but as the campaign went on, civilian infrastructure also entered the firing line. the chinese embassy in belgrade was hit on the night of may 7th, 1999, immediately followed by the hotel yugoslavia alex as family lived in a block right between these 2 buildings. so it's just around the corner. some of the machine are windows, look out under the chinese embassy ali the when it was hateful of i was home alone with my young children from on that. so we fled to our neighbors on shaky their
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apart on local, under the hotels yugoslavia, which was then struck by a bomb to buckle the thought dockery underneath the victory. molla bustle, michael, that's my ball on the same evening for fulfilling in our neighbor's apartment, we all sheltered under the dining table to shield ourselves from flying glass and like a bed. we had no idea where to go. in the end, we just hid under the table. i put some work out of the circle and said, that is my 1st who ever memory will show up. but of the fear that the tension, the bones throughout the sirens. furniture born bas seriana eve. and if i remember rightly as a powerful earthquake owner cuen all good omens and auto dis, just way shouted the windows souls. what are some immediacy by living, the smell of fire, the fire engines, civils. i wouldn't wish that on any one luck, never wagner,
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wasn't hostile. it looks that in the middle of portion go to india. after that night, they left serbia and joined alex as father and ukraine in safety. a sole, ga sachem tranecia there where bombs are now raining down. i think history is repeating itself. it's often most the nato intervention lasted $78.00 days. you can still see some signs of it in serbia to day. it's impossible to overlook the ruins of the former yugoslav defense ministry in belgrade. a 100 meters from alex as apartment behind hotel yugoslavia, the damage caused by the bomb strike is less obvious. with a truck, if you live up, there are 3 holes right through all 3 stories where the bombs dropped and then exploded down below a $100.00. clearly,
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resentment towards nato remain strong. it's regarded as the aggressor whose bonnet campaign led to the loss of kosovo cockle. mister turner coleman bumbled. what would you think of some one who's been joe hailed alberta dalbert at ease, but i don't think that it was a good move. missing the leak was through his eyes, the nickel in organization that propagates freedom, democracy and peace, democrat them nick, over to an organization that is meant to protect people pick can hardly justify its bombing of civilian areas, form, but of the line him that you can see really, but also the actual awfully, i'm dim. ne, so in the way that the average ukrainian condemns russia, he saw most lot of the young all motors, no not older. you just create hate that lasts much longer than it takes to rebuild the ruin. saw that article, 50 local or victim the scars of war are also
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very visible on the headquarters of the serbian state broadcaster, journalist nino, but i of it used to work here. nowadays. he's the chairman of u. n. s. the journalists association of serbia, which stands up for the rights of journalists. a plaque lists the names of 16 employees who died in the bombing raid 23 years ago. and the word why i sent this serbian t v did perhaps broadcast propaganda. but it also showed the victims of nato bombings, really dead civilians escape not military target yet, based in the end, the tv building itself was atalla. this practice has been employed in other international conflicts. r t. b stations are subjective to targeted attacks to lessen the bold during the war is on serbian territory. russia was always
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a loyal ally, place, and so trust has grown in the countries big brother and speaking to r t afterward, liliana and sabo let go, which flick through the foreign news channels on their television. oversized they see the rush. the news, as the most reliable source of information, is they learn russian at school. while the european union has banned the russian state, broadcast or r t, formerly known as russia to day, you can still watch it, and serbia, linda sweet joint is ashlyn happening. while this i still did the band, it has to be well and farm dish. you need to hear both sides. shenika can even are children in the west can watch rush and channels like i t, it's only western europe that's taking action against them. i don't understand it, it dominey, but she asked emily where the mouth is. they are investing the equipment western media show the civilian victims of the russian bombings. while russian tv shows
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those killed by ukrainian troops. it's a battle to win hearts and minds to create the dominant narrative about the war suitable. so. oh, i schools thought brig willis, 20 years ago, i saw how the war in yugoslavia was being reported on from abroad. hilda, to the overwhelming majority of t. v reports consisted of lies to be logged to the law. tackle bezel channel mon food on the pictures were put in the wrong context. luck. it was unimaginable. the toll pro stone is a mystery. all yes, back then i completely lost my trust in western media on black moves up and stumble . maybe it's just my personal opinion or such a, but i trust russian media more reduced because they report more objectively on and honestly bush than it is. the stella russia has already won over their hearts and
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minds and the advocates of free speech and serbia don't think outlying russian channels as the right solution. the journalist's association don't want our tea band here. maybe they'll it. so it's a human right to have free media was at the v. a banning media infringes on human rights. let's cabrera dashing a ban is only appropriate it media support terrorism. either you inside hatred or violate the constitution, a promotional, or in a case like that, ocean use media can also be banned and democratic stable can go sima the brand new image in public space. symbols of close ties between serbia and russia are very prominent with a clear pro russia election campaign incumbent, serbian president alexander voucher which was reelected in april
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oh, yoke. validate is a political analyst and writer. he says that the only candidate who would have one more votes than the serbian president is vladimir putin, himself to skepticism towards the e. u is greater than at any time since the breakup of yugoslavia. according to the latest polls, the majority of serbs no longer want to join in last than years. ah, we could see the glorification of vladimir putin glorification of everything that russia does. ah, so i think that this is just the result of that. and this is a and this makes a situation very difficult for serbian authorities. and for serbian president portage, who even if he would like to make a swift from the russia to the vest, it's going to be very difficult for him because she created those narratives. and
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he created that public, which is strongly supporting russia. so i think that is a something that could not be changed over night. so that then meal which has clearly been influenced by this climate of opinion by profession. he's a production manager and film and tv. but when he's between jobs, he works here to make ends meet. one look at his helmet tells you what he feels for russia is we up with the 0, although i'll tell you straight, i'll what i support the right of the russian people to fight for their friends. huddled up with i have no problem with telling you that up front. i honestly think that this is a battle between christ and the anti christ on your over your ukraine is the anti chrysler and all the people say they're neo nazis scuttle? no, not lot. they're anti christ onto christian, even if they were cross sony. so sony, sony,
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cuz the antoine to christian. he says that he's come to this conclusion because he seen a lot of videos of ukranian atrocities on his phone. was a thought if you shoot some one lying wounded on the ground in the leg and mistreat them, then you can't be a christian. when he got a christian would never do that. have you a christian would tie their legs together and take them prisoners when you, but they are mistreating people robbing the do? do have you also seen the crimes committed by russians and ukraine? oh no, i haven't. no claim nissan, won't you? but it's possible that they exist for the loyal but yes, i mean, i've also been to war m. you said recently as well. i know that a few people on our side did terrible things without delay. kiddos in flood. in the wars during the break up of yugoslavia, in the 19 ninety's, he volunteered to fight in bosnia and kosovo. the idea of uniting all serbs in one state was one which serves were willing to use force to implement. but the plan
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failed. the bosnian serbs live today within the bosnian state and kosovo, has declared independently into dresses. this is you said at in values the fact that russia has refused to recognise the independence of the break away province of kosovo. and his enthusiasm for russia is matched by his distaste for the west. pitiful, also, bodamer. people speak about the rainbow brow with a z that about people having the right to live the way that they want to do. and then the russians are suddenly cast as villains that happen to be expelled is they're thrown out of theaters, what radio stations and galleries he does and they're monuments are removed. what's that about? it's hypocritical. so the only thing that i feel i left is love for russia was instilled in him from an early age. when my go to for of, of my mother and father brought me up to love russia. i would even though he but on
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a healthy basis, not blindly, all the museums. i love russian literature, art and russian hero is so if, if the russians have died in battle for us, serbs since the 19th century gal as usual, they came to fight with the serbs in the liberation from a turkish rules over the full and so on. hook up because neither would i didn't have none of them that god saved putin, then there will be peace on earth in between me. that's my opinion. in that maybe i'm also mistaken pollution with them. so this is barbara. 2 good, it's good singing a russian cossacks song said at the meal, which is driving home for the weekend to get ready for the game with his favorite soccer club, red star belgrade, with me and my exile. go get my soccer things out. so i assume they had them
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i was, what does this jersey mean to you? this, the jersey is like an oath for me and, oh that, but i'd never put my club before my nature, the cool. the nation comes 1st to do and then the club. that's how it is for me some and it's not. so serbia comes 1st. and then red star belgrade. oh no, no, no. russia is in 1st place. so then serbia and then red star, bell, gray, libya. that's the order of things for me. it will always be like that in my house. that will do it. why? which, why is russia in 1st place? because russia is the mother. yeah, mike. mm hm. the eastern serbian city of zaya chad has been home to andre. even of since the start of the war and ukraine, he fled here from levine in western ukraine. his grandma and his sister live in z, i a chad blue. shortly before the
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russian invasion, the 30 year old was warned that ukrainian men would soon no longer be allowed to cross the border. he managed to leave ukraine and continues to work as a graphic designer, a job he can do from home. and just 11 weeks he's learned to speak serbian fluently and feels settled here. but um it was a little thumb quote, lots of people. i mean here they are like they stand for russia, they are in friendship with raja and that i know what is their historical background of his friendship. so, but i don't find it a problem for myself because i cannot tell what other people, what they should law or that what they should. and they are free people here. they can, they can decide their friends no matter what. so it's not
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a problem for me. at all a local journalist who is also the wife of on that he's sister, wrote an article about him fleeing to serbia a that all miracles, diana, which works for the independent newspaper has done us, which is critical of the government to after the story was published things turned ugly. manual the family faced a barrage of info. yeah. v, dim la strategic politics. this was would be only a few support nato's and you are not see. one person writes here. oh, i'll this if you need. let's see, sonic. the article caused a storm on social media moment. i and i context awful, monitor caribbean, shortly after the article was published in done us myself. my wife and andre were insult him and thought, i guess where people called us nazis and assault sympathizes. chevy buckles from us heritage and his were not and accused us of hushing out the russian victims and spreading misinformation about suppose it ukrainian woven liberals, make
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a dancing for a marked c. o guys cannot move said from the journalist to know some of the comment writers, personally, his neighbors are among them. mil ghost ayana, which is a sports teacher by training, but he was refused employment because he was told he had the wrong political views . he set up an office in his parents home and has been riding about local, social, and political topics for the last 4 years. this post a social media storm like the one unleashed by the story about. andre is a new experience for him on the war. and ukraine has polarized people propaganda. colo sunny. there is quite a bit of propaganda, such as in the magazine informa the front page headline was ukraine attacks russia . the own use type is likely aloe or republican. i mean, i can't believe my eyes when i read them. no one did that. my article got the reaction that it did when i consider what kind of country i'm living in. this novel closing as you are
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here in brussels, the russian friendly tendencies in serbia are being viewed with suspicion. serbia has been an official candidate for e u membership since 2012. this expert from one brussels think tank says you can't have it both ways. is quite clear that at one point in time, serbia has to decide either it's going to wholeheartedly commit itself to the european union accession and support the european union in all issues. particularly now with regard to the sanctions against russia, which serbia does not want to join air or it goes another way or and or so this is a clear decision that serbia has to take and obviously since it started that excessive negotiations, we expect them to, to follow that logically,
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to its conclusion. ah, ah. in april the serbian president had a symbolic message for the country's european partners with great pomp and ceremony . he presented the military's newly acquired and modernized equipment. it included lots of aviation hardware from russia, modernized, mig 29 jets from old russian and bell russian stalks as well as russian helicopters through the new air defense system comes from china. it's based on the russian as 300 system. it is more or less a copy, but cheaper. the u. s. had worn serbia against making the purchase.
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possibly good pressure from embassies from the west or the east doesn't interest me . nobody comes americans. russians or europeans is all the rest don't matter to me . because while my decisions are made purely in the interests of the serbian republic, just or even if i'm alone in the world, a bunch of duck, what i been elected and over the next 5 years because i will take decision must have benefit the serbian people floors long live serbia. i thing mm. security analyst alexander adage, says that the government symbolic gesture is a denial of political realities. serbia, is a member of nato, a partnership for peace program. to the dismay of the majority of serbs, so name of those 2 completely usa via has the 2 faces im of one is for
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a domestic audience. the 2nd, the media shows russian weapons so that the pro russian elements which dominates public opinion, god gets the impression that the purchase of russian weapons is a priority for the serbian defense of as up. oh, but in reality, the majority of weapons come from western states and on nato oriented from us in m . nato. in the long term, the serbian defense industry is aiming to cooperate with the west. it almost that all the components of soviet weapon systems come from the west, a physical that was on the ball. as it says, upolu, russia has long been the big brother who has stood by serbia. and here war criminals like former bosnian serb military leader, radco melodic are revered as heroes. since the invasion of ukraine, a new mural has been created, it's already been defaced and restored on a number of occasions
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news. i want to make a big change in the environment. being an eco warrior would have been what are they demanding? a ban on plastic toys in india. young activists are also thriving in pakistan to this little girl is designing eco friendly dolls. i call her facade because there's and or do mean environment. he goofy india in 30 minutes on d. w o.
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this is d w. news coming to live from berlin. 19 children dead in a school shooting in the united states. families endure an agonizing way to us authorities confirm the identities of those shot dead by a gunman at an elementary school in texas. president joe biden asks when will america stand up to the gun lobby.


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