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tv   DW News Asia  Deutsche Welle  May 25, 2022 3:30pm-3:46pm CEST

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a south, a mother is going to spend the rest of her life behind bars for murdering her 3 daughter. with was part of a psychosis. isn't awful illness. postpartum is a nasty mothers nightmare starts june 4th on d w. ah, this is the dublin years aisha coming up to date sri lanka running on empty. i think i love to wait the whole night to get it safe. i'm lucky. i get the feeling by tomorrow morning and acute shortage effect for them guys has made life a daily battle in felucca. we have
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a special report from colombo looking at the human cost of the fuel prices of test of democracy in cambodia and exiled opposition. leader tells us why upcoming local elections are so crucial in a country that doesn't tolerate descent plus a cure for procrastinators. how these right those cafe in tokyo is forcing patrons to finish their work. ah. i british energy. welcome to d w. news asia. glad you could join us. she lanka has sharply high fuel prices do record high, causing further pain to the countries. 22000000 people in it's was economic crisis since independence. she lanka has pretty much run out of fuel and that's been reported widely. but what we haven't so far is the desperation that
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a common person is facing because of the drop in supply. how every single day in the country has become a battle for so many people. a battle of bible didn't lose money, don't show the re and shot again, but spent a day with auto ritual driver, dylan simpson, in colombo. oh, since the fuel shortage has started in sri lanka, it's made it difficult to find feel so i have stayed with our true for 2 to 3 weeks and it's really hard to run my day to day life. even if i have to get feel, i have to say the whole night to get that i feel better in the federal station. so i have, i mean to not on them. they're like, nope, it earlier and because of the fuel, to be honest, i didn't get that in just i was like, staying in the queue for the whole week to get like if i get picked up today or tomorrow, tomorrow from the day and day after tomorrow,
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to stay in the queue again because of that reason. so i have to when we escaped monday to stay in the queue. i will be loosing passengers for the one. no, they don't get burned. and yeah, that's a big loss for me. if they only process going, i really had a bad so it made me increase the vendors, nick, while they goes up on the price. everything in salem guys can go on. hey, the prices are normally like everyday we used to buy bread to have with the tea in the evening. the price of the has been me doing t lake me you straight before you know, sometimes i, i stop at my 1st place. i think i was more said so he saw auto driver.
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i have plenty of friends, so drive auto. yeah. they always have the i've been kept at their place because they couldn't find, feel right now at my house. i think i was annoyed. so costa, already so i really end up kiddos in medicine, willows. they end up doing woods like him haven't done engineering and it's hard to find a job and get my degree. it because i have a pending payment to be done. uh huh. so i thought they couldn't afford my money, auto. and since this problem has been come up, it's very difficult for me to pay it, of course fees. some of my friends like the lever, what's out? the patrol station, like if they see any process and bumping better, then quickly inform us we are, we'll get to get in and stay in the queue to get better. i have come here to bump
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it. my pen gave me some theory and that wouldn't be enough for me to them the whole day. and i may have locked my order there. i think they'll have to wait the whole night to get the safe. i'm lucky. i get the feeling by tomorrow morning. i never thought that make fun trivial end up make me break nowadays. no. there have been, be a few things here, like i'd like to take some time for the candy to recover that report by many retro audrey and shot a camera to cambodia next, where citizens are set to head to the old early next month for local elections. the polls are being seen as a litmus test for the state of democracy in a country where the main opposition is banned and the prime minister has held bar for 37 years. hutchinson is one of the longest serving heads of state in the world . on his watch, the mean opposition, cambodia, a national rescue party or c n. r. p was outlawed in 2017. just after local
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elections. these govern essentially unopposed. since then, while formal opposition members have been targeted, are the ports and gentlemen are in the studio as sam raines is an exiled opposition leader and co founder of the cambodian national rescue party or c and r p. mr. izzy, welcome. cambodia is headed to local balls next month. yes. do you think they're going to be free and fair and democratic? unfortunately, no. because the standard of elections in cambodia is very low days. manipulation of all sort. and finally, the will of the people are, is never respected in cambodia. but there's also the question of the opposition. i mean, you co founded one of the largest opposition party that was banned in 2017 does. can body have an opposition?
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does the government have a challenge, this a new opposition that has been a re establish our re emerging. and at least there is an alternative for the people you don't know the candlelight party can the lead party of what are the to what are it's john says going back to what you just said. there is many pollution and the government to get it pulls out all the stops to ensure that it gets the results it wants. what are the chances of this candlelight party, dear possibilities that the candlelight party will recover some of the seats that belong to the sienna bee, and that have been confiscated by the ruling party. so it is better than nothing that days and other opposition a party, a trying to get positions at the local, local level to defend the interest of the people at the grassroots level. do you
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think the dirt democratic change in cambodia will come from within from parties like the candlelight party or does it need to be forced on to can border by the international commute? it is a start. of course, we need the support of the international community in terms of monitoring to ensure that the coming elections in cambodia are not to manipulate it, that it will reflect at least a portion of for dear will. of the people. do you see the possibility of a burke and board in government would allow international observers to observe how this election closer to some extent. but my concern is that the government will dissolve the candlelight party as they have dissolved the sienna b, wendy. any opposition party gets stronger and stronger and able to
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challenge the government than the government with these over that obligation party again. so the government working and working to see how the gambler party performs and these electrons. yes. and they are seeking any pretext to stop the momentum of the cadillac party. okay, let me just try not privy to like to prove it to another issue. the ticket body is involved with the situation in miramar and i bring this up because cambodia is currently chair of the asi, on grouping of nations. and in january earlier this year, prime minister one sam of cambodia became the 1st leader of a country to meet the whole entire chief men on here. and there was criticism the this in many ways legitimized the hunter's rule in me. and mark is that what prime minister on said was actually trying to do? yes, sadly. and it is difficult for her to sign, to give lessons to the military who didn't die in my,
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in math. because her couldn't sign has dissolve the of which and patty, hey said jane, opposition leaders? hey, so i'll get a fake elections without the party station of the at each. and this is exactly what the ability hunter should not knew, but couldn't st. cannot have the ability who die not to do things that he has done himself in cambodia already. which breaks the question is, can border being sincere in trying to resolve the me and mark rises as chair of asi on, i think he just a solidarity among dictators will have to leave their sam ramsey, exile the opposition leader of the cambodian national rescue party. thank you so much, sir. thank you for coming in and talk to us. ah, next for something we all struggle with. deadlines are generally hated but
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necessary part of life. midweek, as we assess how much we have been able to complete and how much is still left to do. we thought of sharing a novel idea from japan on how to tackle deadlines, jazz more ever try to rushing to meet a deadline and hating yourself for doing so. now here's the solution for procrastinators, the manuscript writing cafe in toe kill office. illustrators, or anyone else with the to do list can pay or leave until their work is done. it's giving those haunted by unfinished business a much needed push. my goal is to write 3 blog articles today, and i will do my best to achieve that 3 hours later she made it.
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how do i the good i i finished about 80 percent of the work. i think it's good to be able to concentrate on writing the articles without doing other necessary things . here's the concept. as soon as they entered a cafe customers must write down their work goals. the cafe staff would then check in on their progress. sometimes their presence alone is pressure enough if the weather it went viral on social media and people are saying that the goose are scary or that it feels like you're being watched from behind. but actually instead of monitoring customers, i'm here to support that. you'll see the cafe must meant to be an entertainment venue. but a pandemic driven alcohol band forced the owner to rethink everything. now he says, beating procrastination has become his new purpose. why my bill here are the cars on which customers have written their work goals. i don't know what kind of work
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might be born here, but i'm proud that i was able to offer my support. so that scripts that were written here could be published to the world. upon completion, customers get a stand on their go cart. that's when they can walk on the streets again with a sense of achievement and a stamp of approval as well. that's it for to there. there's more than the region on our website did ever dot gov forward slash asia. and as ever, you can follow us on facebook and twitter with you back up to morrow, the bar enjoying the view and come take a look at this. our tv highlights every week in your in box, subscribe now. oh, hello guys. this is the 77 percent that platform for africa. you'd be beat issues
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and share ideas you know, or this channel. we are not afraid to happen delicate the tub because population is growing. and young people clearly have the solution. the future loan is 77 percent every weekend on d w ah ah, a 43 percent tumble on wall street and a lot of questions after shares of snap tanked this week. what are the problems social media companies are facing? also on the show, it's been dismal month for bitcoin and other crypt occurrences. and where do they
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go from here? now that entire nations have pinned their economic hopes on them? and we'll go to the world economic forum and davos where social inequalities i topic. at least for some i'm chris kolber, amberlynn bought the program social media stocks of tumble this week with meta, pinterest, twitter, and google baron company alphabet all dropping between 5 and 24 percent. the sell off comes after snap on our snapshot, issued a profit warning at the beginning of the week. the company set, the macroeconomic environment has deteriorated, further and faster than anticipated. snap shares are now down 40 percent, and on track to lose $15000000000.00 and market capitalization. and they've dragged other social media firms with them. this week combined the loss more than $160000000000.00 in market value.


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