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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  May 25, 2022 8:00pm-8:16pm CEST

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fuller, life, one of the most insightful discoveries in the history of mankind. more life starts may 28th on d, w. ah, ah, this is d w. news live from by land. russia steps up it's offensive on ukraine's done vast region. plumber's savanski accuses moscow wanting to destroy everything in the region and hales the courage of ukrainians. resisting the invasion. also on the program. another u. s. community devastated by gun violence after a shooter kills 19 children and 2 teachers at
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a texas primary school with our to say, all of the victims were found in a single classroom. ah, i'm fo gail welcome to the program. russia is stepping up its attacks on ukraine's eastern don bass region. heavy fighting is being reported in and around the industrial city of us to better done yet. square the regional government has at least 12 people have been killed in shelling. moscow says it will continue. it's offensive until it's achieved. it's goals. battle face the vera donetta, it's capture would allow russia to advance into the other half of the don bass region. when the shelling is constant, some 15000 people are believed to be hiding in shelters.
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to help, you know, is her 1st edition, 2nd, a 3rd, military and her problems. the russians have reportedly surrounded. silverado nets on 3 sides. the governor of lou hands province has warned that evacuations are now too risky. still some are seizing what could be their last opportunity to escape while you're on the leg. now, it seems like the front is all around for i think he's around the death that we can see trucks from the army be the feelings around. the cdc seems like the that to me about elsewhere, and don bass trains are filling up as people seek the relative safety of western ukraine. since the war broke out, ukraine has become
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a country synonymous with defiance. but russia's latest offensive is testing its limits. my country is dying, says this man. i am worried, but we will win each one. but let's take a quick look at some more stories related to this war, or vladimir putin has visited wounded soldiers at a military hospital in moscow. the kremlin released this footage, which is the 1st of the russian president meeting with wounded troops since the invasion began. western military officials estimate up to 15000 russian soldiers have been killed in the war. representatives from sweden and finland have held high level talks at anchor aimed at overcoming the turkish president are the ones opposition to their at nato beds. anchors accused both countries of support groups, it views of terrorists and restrictive weapons exports to his country at the united
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states were 19 children, and 2 adults had been killed in a school shooting in texas. it happened at an elementary school in the town of o vada. nearby mexican border, the 18 year old shooter barricaded himself and his victims inside a classroom where he was eventually killed by police. for many americans, the tragedy once again raises the question, what can be done to stop gun violence? grieving family members waiting to know if their kid survived. we can get anything we can get any anything as little as they're okay. they're not okay. or we're still waiting or you know, no, no information has been made to any of the parents or they have alyssa for her name in here. so she not here. so we'll hit on down and awnings antonio, to work. we find her, at least 19 children and 2 teachers were killed in this texas elementary school. the death toll is expected to rise. residence in the small town of valley are still
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trying to process the tragedy. break my heart. i just didn't ever expected thing like that with men. person that did it was one device was here, it was a student here with more than 200 mass shootings in the u. s. so far this year, many americans asking themselves the same question over and over again, including and be a coach steve kerr, when are we gotta do something? i'm tired, i'm so i'm so tired of getting up here and offering condolences to to the devastated families that are out there. i'm so tired of. excuse me. i'm sorry, i'm tired of moments of silence enough. his gun control is back in the political debate. the people who val the gather to more in after the deadly
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mass shooting something far too many families and friends have to go through in the u. s. was take you now to that to primary school in ovalo the texas where we join d. w correspondence. stephan as humans. oh, welcome stephan adams to tell us more about how this tight knit community is reacting to these events. well, this tight knit community is sir devastated. it's traumatized, it's a, it's shocked out. there's actually not many words to describe this accurately. what's going on right here right now with families, parents of the victims as well as their friends, extended family, or just regular bystanders and neighbors who live in the proximity of this school. there is just hurt and pain and it's raul, a very ra here. and i would actually say it's fairly raul on day to here in
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the entire united states. that right how the mood is here. so you can grasp it. it's hurt, it's pain. and where is the investigation having well, um are we getting more information about her who, who is the attacker or the perpetrator of this a massacre was and apparently he had posted on the social media that he just her had shot his grandmother and that he will now shoot up an elementary school, so this is new. so what you see, what's happening here is that law enforcement agencies will come through massive amounts of social media. look for, for clues on what is the motive, what a broad, this 18 year old to, to do such a thing and, and there's a lot of leg work to do. still, this will not be over in a day or 2. i investigated will have their work cut out for them here if for days,
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if not weeks to really create a full picture of why, how and predominantly what was the motive? how could this happen again? and we heard a rather frustrated, i'm a president of biden, appealing to american politicians to do something about gun control legislation. is legislation likely to follow? yeah, i'm afraid to say no i'm, you're absolutely right. there's a lot of frustration. there's a lot of really honestly felt frustration, pain on, on many a politician side, and experts and pun bids and even r a n b a coaches. and what have you, hollywood star spot. the problem is we had this before, we had it 10 years ago, sandy hook. we had president obama crying. we had others crying and saying, i please, let's do something. let's come up with legislation to make it harder for people to
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get assault rifles a are fifteens. okay. they're designed to kill. that's why the military's using them. i'm and nothing happened and i'm sorry, but i think nothing will happen again. america and one of the vague principal blocks to our legislation are we here is that they enter i the national rifle association. perhaps you could tell us who they are and what it is that they want while they want and they will go over and over again over this with you 2nd amendment, 2nd amendment to constitution, americans have the rights to bear arms and there is no government state government federal government who can curtailed is right. that's their position. the n r a is a big and very powerful lobby. still. they went through a lot of financial trouble and investigations. there's an investigation is still pending and so on, but they are powerful. now why's the enter a powerful you know,
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they don't exist like in some vacuum they exist because a lot of americans actually put this right to bear arms. whoever you are in the age of 18, a few checks, maybe or maybe not. it's different from state to state, they put this value over any other value, and this is an are a ah, and many, many politicians creed. because of course, the owner is also a good and affluent donor to many, many politicians in washington and in the state. capitals across the country. thanks so much for that. actively correspondence stuff in the siemens in o vall they, texas to pakistan where police have classed with supporters of asked had prime minister iran con and an attempt to stop a plant rally. mr. carnes been leading a convoy of followers to the capital islamabad, and hope of toppling the new government enforcing early elections. roads into his
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lam about have been blocked. thousands of supporters have been arrested or beaten, and his rally band but authorities have been unable to stop ousted prime minister him run con, from marching on towards the capital. i'm put on the mortgage. we are peaceful people have put them in a ar party. supporters are peaceful and our rally is peace for obama. we have an event plan in islamabad. not we don't want to damage or destroy anything. huh. your mother got no matter what they do. shannon no matter how much they beat us up. we will reach islamabad. no matter what your motto for your protest isn't here. we will break down all the barriers and get to his lamb about in july. how to come a thought to the whole of rob angelo. o con was removed from power in a no confidence vote. last month. he wants the new government to be dissolved an
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election cold for this year. that the coalition currently ruling pakistan accuses con, of spreading chaos at a time when the country faces crippling debt. and soaring, inflation and frustration is growing across the political divide at pakistan's political and economic plight. so quick round up of a couple of stories away from the war. more than 70 people missing. after a boat sank after a boat carrying migrants sank off the coast of tunisia. 24 people have been rescued . the humans migration agency says the boat set off from neighboring libya before sinking near the chimneys in city of facts. after his military says, north korea has $53.00 ballistic miss silas, all sorts is in, so they appear to be in preparation for killing young as 7 nuclear test. u. s. president joe biden has just ended a visit to asia, during which he agreed to new measures to deter the north british prime minister
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boorish. johnson's facing mounting pressure after the publication of reporting to a series of lockdown breaking parties in his offices. of the report says, the senior leadership must bear responsibility for the events that comes asked. new photos emerged of alcohol fuel gatherings at downing street during lockdown. it's bought the sale of chelsea football club to a consort him by us. billy nack. todd boley has been approved by the english premier lee and the u. k. government. the decision follows at weeks of negotiations to ensure the current owner or russian oligarch, roman abramoff, which does not benefit from the sale. chelsea football club was put up for sale by owner roman abram avila just days after rushes invasion of ukraine in march . the war made his ownership of the club untenable. the russian oligarch was then sanctioned by the u. k. government over his links to russian president vladimir
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putin and the club sods. daily operations severely restricted by sanctions, which complicated the sale process. the club agreed to a sale of $5200000000.00 to a consortium led by tide boley, an american businessman who owns percentages of major league, baseball's, eli dodgers, and a w m. b a l a sparks the completion. the sale will allow chelsea to resume normal business and transfer activity which was prohibited as a part of the sanctions imposed. the proceeds of the sale will not go to abram village but will be used for humanitarian causes in ukraine. the u. k. government's decision to approve the sale of the club marks the end of one of the most dramatic periods in the history of chelsea. and brings down the curtain on roman a brand, which is 19 year tenure as owner under a brand which is ownership. chelsea saw unprecedented success winning $21.00 trophies, including 5 premier league titles, 2 champions, leagues,
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and the club world cup. to sondra much of our top story at this hour, russia is stepping up its attacks on ukraine's eastern dumbass region. with heavy fighting reported in america, industrial city of several 1000 asked. the regional governor says at least 12 people have been killed by shelling. bhaskar says it'll continue, it's offensive until a change. it's gone. ah, coming up next on the w racism down under a documentary about violence against aboriginal and other non white australians spread golf ha, small world news at the top of the interest in the global economy. our portfolio d w business beyond here is a closer look at the project. i wouldn't be sure to.


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