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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  May 25, 2022 9:00pm-9:30pm CEST

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ah ah ah ah, this is dw news live from berlin, russia stepping up, it's offensive on ukraine's don't bass region. ukrainian, president zalinski accusing moscow with trying to destroy everything in the region . also coming up denied following the deadly of school shooting in the us in a decade. the governor of texas face his accusations of doing nothing on gun
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control. ah, i'm bring. gov is good to have you with us on this wednesday and we are beginning with the war in ukraine and russia upping its attacks on the eastern don't bass region. heavy fighting has been reported in and around the industrial city you see on the map here, but the regional governor says at least 12 people have been killed in shelly. moscow says that it will continue, it's offensive until it achieves it's go, it's the battle fish the vera. don't ask. it's capture would allow russia to advance into the other half of the don bass region when the shelling is constant. some 15000 people are believed to be hiding in shelters. hello. hello is hello. this
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addition, 2nd lateral goes, it was a good minute area problems. the russians have reportedly surrounded. silverado nets on 3 sides. the governor of lou hans province has warned that evacuations are now too risky. still some are seizing what could be their last opportunity to escape while you're on the lake. now it seems like the front is all around for i think he's around the death that we can see trucks from the army being being deployed around the cd. so it seems likely that to me it's about the 4th elsewhere . and don bass trains are filling up as people seek the relative safety of western ukraine. since the war broke out, ukraine has become a country synonymous with defiance. but russia's latest offensive is testing
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its limits. my country is dying, says this man. i am worried. but we will win each one, or if a more nail enjoyed by our correspond rebecca readers she is in the ukrainian capital. keep to night rebecca, i want to start with the dorm best region where russia is concentrating its fire power. now, what do we know about the situation there? well, you heard some of it there, brand some in the situation in. don bass is daya and it's getting worse because the governor of don yet sc saying that 3 cities in that region have now been taken by the russian forces and that there advancing the governor of lou hans square that sits ever done yet is situated. and now with a fine thing, you sent it around there saying that the russians are just trying to destroy that city. it's has been completely shelled, constantly bombarded. and as you heard in that report saying that citizens who
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haven't escaped yet who haven't been able to evacuate, it's probably too late to do so with many of the roads completely cut off. and those that are still available still open being continually shelled. so it's just a really terrible and terrifying situation. there authorities here and you can hear in ukraine saying that that battle for don bass is really, is really going to be really instrumental in what happens in this country. could really feel a fight of this country. the foreign ministers saying that this is the worst battle that europe has seen since world war 2. and he's really urgently calling for those foreign weapons that have been promised to ukraine to be delivered as swiftly as possible so that they're able to try and hold this current advance and even try and push back russians from these areas. and we're beginning to, we've been in this war now for more than 3 months. what about people there where you are in the ukrainian capital kiva? how are they coping with what's happening around? so it is quite a different scene here. obviously
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a branch i've just returned to ukraine from a couple of weeks out of the country. and even in the time i've been gone, the city does feel different here where i am at the weather has changed. spring is in the air. there are more shops and cafes open more people out on the straits, but that belies the danger. and, and the fear that still felt by many people here. and of course, people, you know, the war is on the tip of everyone's tongue. it's all that anybody's talking about and people are really worried. the war is only happening, a few 100 kilometers away. and it's certainly not something that people here are forgetting the country still under martial law. and there's still a curfew. and the sounds of sirens can still be heard, the threat of possible missiles he is still ever present, but that immediate danger not being felt quite like it was a few weeks ago. but that feeling that ukraine will come out victorious and will win is still ever present among the people that you speak to. he did abuse rebecca rid of the late tonight from chief is always rebecca,
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thank you. the european union is moving to confiscate and sil, rather than simply freeze the assets of russian. all the guards the uses that russian assets worth. 10000000000 euros have already been frozen, and it serves the money gained by confiscating the assets could be used to help rebuild ukraine. but some in you, members, such as germany, are skeptical. the villa freshman ali gar, i'll is sherise man of being seized by italy's financial police on the island of said in yap. lisman off is a billionaire and close ally of fresh and president vladimir putin. he's only one of hundreds of ali gars that the european union has slapped with sanctions since russia invaded ukraine. at the moment, it's difficult to confiscate luxury acids like this in the you. but the ear commission, the executive arm, wants to change that assets will be confiscated if
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a linked criminal activity can be proven under the proposed legislation evading e u sanctions, for example, by transferring assets to family members could become illegal. but some say this won't hurt the russian economy. i think that this is done in morrow, a symbolic her with a symbolic reason to try and explain that. you know, no, you will be seized if you are outside to your jurisdiction. the ears says the russian assets worth 10000000000 euros have been frozen in the block. brussels wants to use this money to help to rebuild ukraine. but that's easier said than done in some countries like germany, this would collide with private property laws. there are guarantees from private assets in our constitutionally, in our own, based on. and we have very, very precise to consider what we are doing when we
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are bullish, sees a guarantees for a private sector assets. if the law is passed, ration oligarchy would have a much harder time getting their hands on their villas. again. the former russian prime minister mchale cassie and a coff has told d w him sebastian that he expects the war in ukraine to be decided on the battlefield. and he served as prime minister under president putin in the early 2 thousands. he now lives in exile ticklish people simply waiting what's going on, what's happening in the bible field. that's why i'm saying just that the front line with right that's and the water bottles feel to says that there's a crucial point for, for future of russian future. for grants and change, and that's where you think the war will be decided on the battlefield. not in
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negotiations exactly, but carefully. jim is not prepared for any negotiations. the ukrainians are not prepared to surrender at all. i believe it and they are not ready to use any tobacco, no concessions mister potent doesn't, doesn't accept you. that's why that's why he will continue, continue fighting and that's what she will be better. just get out from that position rather than just to be seen as a big leader. that's for him. that's the most sensitive the most crucial point. and you could watch the entire interview right here after this news bulletin, or you can watch it on our youtube channel. here is a quick round up now of some more of the stories that are related to the war in ukraine. vladimir putin has visited wounded soldiers at a military hospital in moscow equipment released this footage today, which is the 1st of the russian president meeting with wounded troops since the
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invasion began. western military officials estimate of 215000 russian soldiers have been killed in the war. representatives from sweden and finland have held high level talks in ankara, aimed at overcoming turkish president, heir to one's opposition to their native membership bits on korea has accused both countries of supporting groups that it views as terrorist and restricting weapons exports to turkey. a day after the deadly of school shooting in the united states in a decade, accusations and anger or on display the shooting took place in a small town in southern texas. today the governor of texas held a contentious news conference. and you're out of your out of line on an embarrassing i yeah. governor greg abbott was interrupted by his democratic rival, better a war who accused of it of doing nothing to address gun violence. on tuesday,
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at 18 year old gunman barricaded himself inside a class room and shot dead 19 children and 2 teachers at an elementary school. he was later killed and as she dealt with police with grief, turning to anger as the country reels from yet another mass shooting. americans are again confronting the question, what can be done to stop our gun? boy, it's grieving family members waiting to know if their kid survived. we can get anything we can get any anything as little as they're okay. they're not okay. or we're still waiting or you know, no, no information has been released to any of the parents or they have alyssa for her name in here. so she's not here. so real it on down and awnings antonio, to work we find her at least 19 children and 2 teachers were killed in this texas elementary school. the death toll is expected to rise,
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residence in the small town of val, they are still trying to process the tragedy. sick brittany hard. i just didn't ever expect anything like that to happen very well. and then the men person that did this issue this week, he was going to high school. here it was a student here with more than 200 mass shootings in the u. s. so far this year, many americans asking themselves the same question over and over again. including and be a coach steve kerr, when are we got to do something? i'm tired. i'm so i'm so tired of getting up here and offering condolences to to the devastated families that are out there. i'm so tired of the excuse me, i'm sorry i'm tired of moments of silence enough. as gun control is back in the political debate, the people of valdez gather 2 more in after the deadly mass shooting. something far
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too many families and friends have to go through in the u. s. which already me now from the texas school in you've older texas is our correspondence to find simon stefan. it's good to see you. unfortunately, under these circumstances, but you've reported on so many mass shootings in the united states. this being the latest. tell us more about how people in this tight knit community, how they are reacting in coping a day after the shooting. um they cope with being devastated with being traumatized with being shocked with being ra . i don't think that many have any tears left many of the families who lost a 10 year old 9 year old 8 year old. their childs there is a and an out poor off of sympathy, of course enough enough and of sadness and of
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a terminal and despair from neighbors. families extended families from a regular citizens he in this tiny community, 60000 people lithia on. so that is them how to seals, and this is you can grasp that of course year when i stand in front of a camera and have the school in the background. i at that doesn't really translated says little slice of what we can show when we do this year. but across town, it feels like people are just a blank face. shocked. and this at least that's our impression is not going to go away any time soon. unfortunately in stephan, what do we know about the investigation? i mean, what had come out overnight and throughout most of the day is that the 18 year old was a high school student himself. and that he had purchased these weapons that he used on, on the day that he turned 18. what more do we know?
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right, what we know is, or what is reported also is that the he is 18 years old and on his birth a purchase, assault rifles, a r 15, stylish hold waffles. and those rifles are not for hunting. they are for killing these are normally rifles. the military uses for a specific purpose to kill m a. he apparently shot his and that is all part coming out now from this investigation. so law enforcement is really trying to piece all of this together. timeline with many the as many details as possible. he shot his grandmother, the grandmother reportedly called police and reported that he she got shot. so police um, reacted to that. he ditched a car, really drove his car into a ditch, ended up here at the school. and as you reported, we reported um i went into a classroom and a shot dead at 19 children and 2 adults that murdered them.
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there is more and more details coming out slowly though this painstakingly investigation here. this will take days, weeks of, for law enforcement agencies of various kinds f, b i surf, department and municipal policy. paula police atf, alcohol, tobacco, firearms, explosives, agency. they piece it altogether, but of course we is. what drove thing is emerging here, but it's a little bit early to really complete this. yet on, of course, there's the speculation, mental health. that's a big question mark here. how mentally fits what is this young man um, but you could ask is any way for anybody who is there shooting up 19 children? that's exactly right. and i think the, the 1st reports that come out is that the, the gunman had no mental health history. but as you said, it's still being investigated and the governor of texas, he gave an update on this a tragedy just a few moments ago to take a listen to part of what he said. so the,
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the ability of an 18 year old to buy a long gun has been in place in the state of texas for more than 60 years. and think about during the time over the course at 60 years, we have not had episodes like this. and why, why is it that for the majority of those 60 years, we do not have school shootings. and why is it that we do now? the reality is, i don't know the answer to that question. however, when i do know in talking to the leaders here as well as leaders and other locations around the state. and that is one thing that has substantially changed is the status of mental health in our communities. so just wanna pick up on what the governor said there about the past 60 years and the laws concerning who couldn't own a gun in texas, did the governor say anything about legislation that he signed into law last year?
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that essentially eliminates almost all restrictions on who can carry a handgun. i mean, this is recent, not history from the past 60 years. yeah. you nailed at this? no, he didn't mentioned that. of course not. that would be definitely counterproductive to have what he wants to portray here, that there is actually not a problem with guns or the availability of guns, easy reliability and access to guns here in this country. not just in texas and other states to in georgia for example, i can't carry or anybody can carry a gun into the church, into a bar ah, for drinking, and then some shooting. who knows? it, you see a texas is no different. it is very easy to get a gun here 18 years old. you walk in the store and say least to us. busy rifles and 5 minutes later you have him and walk away can do whatever you want. mental health . yes, he's right. that is a problem specifically with young people nowadays not just the year, not just
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a texas in communities all over america. and that is experts a covert related and of course, experts working on their psychiatrists are in full force all over the country and trying to work with young people who have mental problems or, or challenges. but still this doesn't not at this not really correlate directly to how easy cannot make it to get for anybody with or without mental health problems. a gun. yes, it's a very important point to, to make. and just the number of guns in the u. s. has increased dramatically in the past 60 years. that's also a point. the governor maybe did not make that press conference to fund simons as always we appreciate your coverage. thank you. we're police in pakistan. it flashed with a supporters of else did a prime minister in ron con, in an effort to stop it. planned rally con has been leading a convoy of his followers to the capital islamabad, in hopes of toppling the new government and forcing early elections. ah,
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right into his lana, that had been blocked. thousands of supporters have been arrested or beaten and he's rallied band but authorities have been unable to stop ousted prime minister him run con, from marching on towards the capital. i'm put on the morgan. we are peaceful people who could put on wanna our party. supporters are peaceful. and our rally is peace for obama. we have an event planned in islamabad, but we don't want to damage or destroy anything. huh. your mother got no, no matter what they do. shannon no matter how much they beat us up, we will reach islamabad. no matter what your motto, our protest isn't here. we will break down all the barriers and get to his lamb about in july. how to go with the thought of the whole of robin july. o con was removed from power in a no confidence vote. last month. he wants the new government to be dissolved and
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an election called to the caea. that the coalition currently ruling pakistan accuses con, of spreading chaos at a time when the country faces crippling debt. and soaring, inflation, and frustration is growing across the political divide at pakistan's political and economic plight. by staying in the region, india is facing criticism over its decision to ban wheat exports. the government says it has no plans to lift the band despite an earlier declaration that it would step in to help address a global wheat shortage that has been caused by the war in ukraine. but now if scorching heat wave also is threatening india's own supply of wheat, she is just one of millions in india, living constantly with the threat of starvation. shop now can only survive thanks to the countries national. you trisha policy. every month she can pick up week, we're free. during the pandemic,
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the ration was increased to 8 kilos per person. at home, she bakes choppy. it's the family's daily bread. the need we need this low cost wheat. if we didn't have it, then i just don't know how i'd be able to feed my children. they'd starve. 1.3000000000 people live in india. they all need bread. they all need wheat. indian agriculture is therefore critically important. farmers like ramco palm is one of those feeding the country mit busy, the guy having 5 factors of land on which i grow weak body in the land of goods. ah, we have rich harvested just not this year. can you go? many high temperatures have ruined everything of did ag fields that are almost bare are now being cultivated and way too early. but farmers have to bring in the week before it totally dries out. the heat wave that's hit, the country means ronko. paul has no choice. you, they could just look at that law. this is as big as the wickedness out there. in other years, this would have been the worst quality possible. anybody move now,
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it's the best. i've got some good because of the heat. i've lost 50 percent of my leona losses everywhere and practically everything that is harvested lunch here in state storage facilities. india's hunger problem could get a lot worse because of this year's crop failure. that's why the government is now prohibiting wheat exports. new said gov o'mara. this particular much right that we no longer export read every minute supplies could be tight article but then we'd have nothing for ourselves yet and would have to import wheat were neither good. jamiracle yama one the getting a, a few weeks ago. the government had different plants. it said india would help feed the world, replacing exports from ukraine, which have been severely hit by russia's invasion, however, then came the heat wave prompting the government to make a u turn. and these are all crucial elections for the b. tippy because a b tip is one of the main content doesn't these addictions and this free food scheme they have discovered is proving to be a huge selection of enough of them. so you know, they need,
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they need stocks of green. the unfortunate thing is that it's destroying our credibility and not ambition to be a world leader. but exceptions are being made just like here. 2000 tons of wheat are being sent off to afghanistan, and with a lot of fanfare. starvation is a world wide problem in india wants to be seen to be helping the wider world and not just itself or it's a sports news. now the sale of chelsea football club to a consortium led by the u. s. billionaire todd belli has been approved by the english premier league and the u. k. government. the decision follows weeks of negotiations to ensure that the current owner russian oligarch, roman abramoff which does not benefit from the sale. ah, chelsea football club was put up for sale by owner of roman abram avila just days after rushes invasion of ukraine in march. the war made his ownership of the club untenable. the russian oligarch was then sanctioned by the u. k. government over
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his links to russian president vladimir putin and the club sods. daily operations severely restricted by sanctions, which complicated the sale process. the club agreed to a sale of $5200000000.00 to a consortium led by tide boley, an american businessman who owns percentages of major league, baseball's, eli dodgers, and a w m. b a l. a sparks. the completion of the sale will allow chelsea to resume normal business and transfer activity which was prohibited as part of the sanctions imposed. the proceeds of the sale will not go to a brand which but will be used for humanitarian causes in ukraine. the u. k. government's decision to approve the cell. the club marks the end of one of the most dramatic periods in the history of chelsea and brings down the curtain on roman abramivitch is 19 year tenure as owner under a brand which is ownership. chelsea saw unprecedented success winning $21.00
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trophies, including 5 premier lead titles, 2 champions, leagues, and the club world cup. or it here is a reminder of the top stories that we're following for you. this, our russia, if stepping of its attacks on ukraine's eastern don't bass region with heavy fight in the industrial city of sarah. the nurse, moscow says it will continue. it's offensive until it achieves it's go. and at least 19 children and 2 teachers have been killed in a math, shooting at an elementary school in the u. s. state of texas authority say the 18 year old gunman barricaded himself inside a 4th grade classroom where he opened fire. he was shot dead by police, texas governor greg abbott says the gunman shared his plans on facebook just minutes before entering the school. watching the w news, i'll be back at the top of the hour with more work world news followed by the day
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will have continued coverage of the deadly school shooting in the u. s. i hope to see you then ah with with
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who into the conflict with sebastian little is known about the inner workings of the kremlin, especially with female pollution. and my guess this week from a prime minister because castiano what and the early 2000. and he knows what happens behind the closed door with the russian government.
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a on d. w. o will go to the dark side where intelligence agencies are pulling the strings. there was a before 911 and an after 911. he says, after $911.00, the clubs came off. where organized crime rules were conglomerates or make their own laws. they invade our private lives through surveillance. hidden opaque, secretive work through what's big, it doesn't matter. the only criteria is worked. we'll hook people up. we shed light
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on the opaque worlds who's behind, who benefits and why are they a threat to us all opaque worlds start to june. second on d, w a little is known about the inner workings of the kremlin, especially with vladimir putin in power of my guest. this week for my prime minister because cassiano worked on the putin in the early 2 thousands and he knows what happens behind, but close doors of the russian government. he says he feared for his own life after opposition. politicians, virus m tough.


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