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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  May 26, 2022 1:15am-1:31am CEST

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for you, president joe biden is leading calls for stricter gun control in the united states a day after it's a deadliest school shooting. in a decade, a teenaged gunman killed 19 children and tear teachers at an elementary school in texas. police liter shot at the attacker. and as you need update at this hour after the break, rob watts will be here with d. w business and uses you for that. no forget you can always get news around the clock on d w dot com. thanks joining us. we got some hot tips for your bucket list. magic corner check hot spot for food and some great cultural memorials to boot d w. travel all we go or see
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asia. an art of lovers guided by vibrating asian cities by the local artists in the unique experience of their craft joins for exclusive master classes. well done about i need to do or asia starts june 1st on d, w. mm hm. ah, ah, the highest prices since the global financial crisis, u. s. natural gas is getting ever more expensive as europe sees american l, n g as key to replacing russian imports and hitting russia with its exports. the ukranian foreign ministry calls on the west to kill trade with russia
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to help bring the war to an end. this is due to we business on robots in berlin. welcome to the program. and we began in the united states where natural gas prices have hit their highest level since 2008, they've surged more than 130 percent since the started the year, driven partly by strong demand for american l and g liquefied natural gas, europe in particular has increased its orders as it scramble is to reduce its reliance on russian gas. early heat waves in the states this year have also increased demand for air conditioning and power generation, which in turn, is driven up gas prices. further. let's get more on this from our financial correspondent in new york. he ends quarter ends. the amish concern is there about this rising gas prices in the united states? the mon no. well, i mean, especially here in new york medic, tricity builds for instance,
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are up by about 15 percent in comparison to last year or already and to consumers. feel it all over the country. and now we expect, or rather hot summer, meaning people will use their air conditioners even more and electricity demand will probably increase and to consumers actually will feel those higher prices. and what could you do against that? i mean, on the other side, you could use a cold, for example, about 4 environmental reason that is not actually in favor at this point. and by the way, co prices are up as well. so what was going to be done about is, i mean, there's no sign that any of these factors are going to change in the immediate future. well, i mean, rob prices service, you know, always a matter of supply and demand. and if you look at the demand site, a lot has changed in the past couple of years that have come to the natural gas
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market here in the united states a few years back. basically, you have natural gas through pipelines, only use them within the united states, but now with liquefied gas and the war in the ukraine sanctions against russia. so a us liquefied natural gas is in high demand, so there is the demand side. and then in the supply side, washington is trying to put pressure on the industry to come up with more natural gas. but this is something that you can't do overnight. it can take one to 2 years to export a until you really increase the production of natural gas substantially fast processes a young quarter in new york for us. thank you. now ukrainian foreign minister dimitra qu labor has called on the west to completely suspend trade with russia. speaking out the world economic forum and dev office, he said the world should stop buying russian goods and services. because every
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dollar the and euro, the russia makes of hose putin regime, he also said russia is trying to blackmail the international community by offering to unblock black. see, pause in return for relax sanctions. is what que, labor had to say 3 months of fighting? my message is very simple, kill russian exports except some critical, critical items that the west needs. but when you, the broad strategy aimed not at blocking lease or this, but the goal do the strategic purpose should be kill russian. experts stop buying from russia. still allowing them to make money, which they then invest in the war machine that destroys keels rapes and tortures people in ukraine to mature ok. labor there were, let's get some reaction to that idea. isolating russia in the hope of ending the war. we can hear from hedge fund manager and prominent kremlin critic bill browder who's also in dallas. he's been speaking to d. w. he's been visiting bill is total economic isolation of let me pull the only
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way now. really stopping is warranty? correct? yes. now that has crossed the rubicon now that he's gone is ukraine? he has no, he has no capacity to back down. he. he views compromise as weakness, negotiation as weakness, and i've been in a conflict with him for 10 years over the murder of sergei magnets game. and i've never seen him in one instance. back down in one way. he only has a forward year, no reverse gear, and if that is the case and it is the case, then the only thing we can do is completely and absolutely starve him with the resources to fight this war. is there enough unity here in doubles for that at the moment there is, but the real problem that we face in here in davos, says that, that we're going to be at this war probably for a long time. there's going to be a situation where, you know, 66 months or a year from now, people are going to be suffering from higher oil prices, higher gas prices,
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higher food prices. and they're going to be less concerned about watching these atrocities on their screen and more concerned about paying their bills. and then the best question is will the unity maintain ukraine feeds the world in europe, spread basket? i mean, surely stopping the war would. so this, this looming for crisis, there's a question and it's not just the europe anymore. we also have india, bangladesh, egypt, many countries in africa that are all completely dependence on food. and there will be countries, there probably be more deaths in, in africa, from starvation than there will be deaths from russian bombs in ukraine. and the real irony is, is that the whole world is not surrounding food. and it's just europe, united states, canada, australia, and japan. and i think it's, it's, there's an american expression, it's like the turkey is voting for thanksgiving. everybody should be on the side.
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ukraine. everybody should be on the side of the sky. we should clear the waters has the black sea so that all the, all the food can be expanded. ready in the food prices, can that go back to a normal level, from your experience in russia? what sort of russia is all of this now going to create in the future? what sort of russia? well, at the moment where we're going into a north korea, russia, this is going to be a totally isolated country. this is going to be a pariah state. it's going to be a war country, it's gonna be a poor country, and it's going to be radicalized country. and i don't think you can put the genie back into the bottle. i think that there is a lot of people say if i were to die today with all the problems and, and i think that now that he's, he's start the pot and gotten everybody into this crazed anger. i don't know how you get rid of that. and ukraine's future where ukraine's got a good future. if they can defeat russia. ukraine can become a member of the you could become a proper member of the world community,
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a democratic country they could rebuild for that. all that made precondition is they have to defeat russia and we have to help them in every way possible. what about your future? how are you to a you about your situation considering hooton's reach abroad, especially the u. k. as we've seen in the past, i thought just be okay, they just they come after me here in switzerland 2 years ago i was coming to davos . and i was warned by the british security services that they had received a warning from their swift counterparts that there was going to be a russian attempt on my life. these people aren't messing around. on one hand, i'm in a better position than i was before because the west has now said, we're not going to do anything to cooperate with russia on legal assistance in cetera. on the other hand, the russians are now in a situation all bets are off restraints. do
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whatever they can do, and so i'd say more or less, i'm in a much more dangerous situation. no broader hedge fund manager, political activism, one of russia's most wanted me. thank you very much if you staying in davos and activists. so calling on the events wealthy and powerful attendees to help tackle global inequality, it follows a warning from oxfam this week that the pandemic is only white and the gap between the world's richest and poorest, at least some attendees in davos, said they determined to do something about that while some meet in the well guarded congress center and davos others are taking the railway up the mountain to be able to talk to each other undisturbed. they are the social innovators and social justice is what they're striving for. they did when someone was been feeding us to remain hungry. someone who has been making hoses for us, remain homeless. so there's something for number to little. and maybe that is that
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he's in the me qualities, going. some are losing patience with those in power. those meeting here in davos who we need to address hunger, not only on the micro level, not only on the you know, the corporate level, but also the chrysler solution because the guy so solution are much faster. is the respond that the problems, you know, well probable day, still talking about the planning, we're to get it done. some of the most dedicated social innovators are being recognized for their work by the swiss shaw foundation. and they plan to bring up issues that often get little attention. we believe, i think one of the big challenges that we face of the global community is a challenge. and how do we create a just and sustainable future for everyone? a sustainability is not just about protecting our world, but it's about creating a world in which all people can live and, and she, the well being that they want for themselves and their families. they discuss
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hunger inequality, poverty as well as the possible solutions they want to make it clear to the global leet that just discussing problems is not enough. because a lot of them, not all of them. a lot of them see that they want to do well and do good. they say that they're committed to the environment and equity. this is the time to show it. they should put their money where their mouth is. this is not the year to have triple digit profits at the risk of the most vulnerable. you can do well and do good. it's a rare appeal for more social justice. here at the world economic forum in davos. before we go, e commerce is going i r l, that's in real life online retail joined. amazon has opened its 1st in person clothing store near los angeles. it's calling it amazon style. they store uses machine learning and palm recognition to provide customers with recommendations and
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faster checkouts. last year, i was actually edged wal mart to out of the top spot for the largest clothing retailer in the united states. that's all for me and the business team here. berlin from all from us had to our website, tito, it com slash business, goodbye. ah ah, she is the epitome of european royalty. but to the vast majority of her britain, she has always just been her majesty. elizabeth, the 2nd is celebrating 7 decade on the throne. and we find out just
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what people think of her focus on europe next on d. w into conflict zone to sebastian little is mon, or bobby, in the workings of the kremlin, especially with vladimir putin in power. but my guess this week, for before i move from the fall, castiano, what from the early 2000. and he knows what from behind the closed door with the russian government, a comp with 60 minute dw, with she'd beat it out. unfortunately, she talked and a south, a mother was going to spend the rest of her life behind bars for murdering her 3
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daughters. if you call me back, i am with ah, i see the site was part of psychosis is an awful illness. postpartum is a nasty mothers nightmare starts june 4th on d w. ah, hello everyone and welcome to focus on europe. it's nice to have you here with me. there will be a really special party here in europe pretty soon and it will be taking place in the united kingdom. that's because queen elizabeth the 2nd will.


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