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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  May 26, 2022 10:00am-10:31am CEST

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discoveries in the history of mankind down the hedge. more life starts may 28th on d, w. ah ah, this is dw news coming to live from berlin. russia moves in on cities in eastern ukraine speller. jeanette is hit by intent shelling as moscow aims to claim victory in its attempt to capture the don boss region keeps mayer speaks on the last day of the world economic forum and doubles. vitale. click go,
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says ukraine wants to be part of the e. u. and not the russian empire, germany, chancellor is also due to address the event today. and america's worst school shooting in a decade prompts renewed coals restricted gun control. president joe biden says he's sick and tired of the 5. ah hello, i'm terry martin. thanks for joining us. russia continues to pound ukraine's eastern don bass region. moscow has made taking the industrial heartland its main objective . after failing to capture the ukrainian capital, keith, russia says it will continue the offensive until it achieves its goals. ukrainian forces are doing their best to push back russian troops despite heavy shelling in this village now back in ukrainian hands. residents tell of their fears
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as the russians arrived. but i don't think you can we try to keep out of the way miss? i mean, yeah, well, maybe we should go back to the basement. she says that a little bit as a team of associated press film, russian artillery, keep up the bombardment along the road. more evidence of the fighting rushes objective is to cease to don best provinces. done yet in the hands in the east, at least 12 people were killed by shilling as heavy fighting continues in and around civil war. the next the local governor says the russians have taken 3 towns in the genetic region. russian troops are gaining ground in
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the east. these are frontline positions now abandoned by ukraine. but further away from the fighting in areas where the ukrainians have regained control. residents are determined to start over over 34 that other people are returning home, even though it's safer to wait further away. but it's easier to teach us. her vision was personal. missa luda bought a 3rd of the 3. the me, people are coming back to their houses and starting to rebuild the helping our military. your school, we've asked the battle for done best intensifies, many more lives will be lost. russian forces are bombarding the twin cities of sabera, tanya and this is shanks. i asked our correspondent, but he is pulling who is in eastern ukraine. why these places are so significant?
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yeah, these 2 places are basically the last 2 places in the low hands, cobblers, and little hands, province that are still in ukrainian hands. these are 2 cities that used to have each 100000 inhabitants, so they're quite significant. cities say what are the ness was the administrative center of those parts of the region of the, of the province. there were still controlled by ukraine, so they are significant in that way. and they are also, are the russians are seeing an opportunity now to gain access to, to, to cut them off to pocket these 2 cities. and that would of course, be a major again, russia has not been very successful with cities in this war. they have take the only major city they have taken more or less easily. was her son in the south, mary, you, paul, we all know the story has been a tragedy, but there in the end they gained control plus a few cities near there, but mostly they have been had trouble. jew is around or enter the cities and that's
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also why this would be a major gate. i know mathias that you've been talking with the governor of lou hands region about what's happening there. i think we can play that clip now. after the about, the broke knows that it's just been, it's difficult to predict anything in war time. it's been exactly 3 months since the beginning of russia's full scale invasion. rational, been around, screeching, is holding the defensive line. although throughout the 3 months, our positions have been under fire daily. if anything is possible and what were the but we're witnessing the russian army trying to completely destroy yet yet of the netscape. they're shelling the whole place and they don't care if there are civilians. there or whether there's a hospital or a school illegal destroying old building, such a roster emergency within it is what about the people who are living in these towns that are under heavy bombardment? are they facing a similar situation to what we saw in mario, paul?
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what you mentioned earlier were thousands of civilians were trapped for weeks in desperate conditions. the conditions already very di in both of these cities. we've been there a few days ago. there's no electricity, no phone connection, no internet. there is no gas we are hearing now. and her, of course a lot of it's very difficult to get supplies in there. no running water drinking water has to be brought in by trucks all the while. the road that is going man is being shelled constantly. so a dangerous to get there for these. you many tarion, 8 convoys or for an evacuation buses and et cetera. the russians were even able, at one point to, to, to, to set foot on that road. but they were driven away. so it's very difficult, but the difficult difference with my you both now is that the road, although it's dangerous, is open and somewhat something is going,
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data is humanitarian aid. people are not starving there. but this could change very quickly as the situation the fighting route along this road intensifies. and then we would indeed have the situation where civilians 20000 remain now enlisted chance can 15000 we're hearing and save or go next. plus a soldiers are trapped in the city and that would be very similar probably to what we have been seeing in mary will pull that was the w correspondence he has building of speaking to me a little while ago. the war in ukraine continues to dominate the agenda on the final day of the world economic forum and devil, switzerland, key of mayor, italy, cliff, go address the annual summit of world and business leaders. earlier, he accused russia of trying to rebuild its empire and urged the international community to supply ukraine with more weapons and aid. german support for ukraine
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is expected to be a focus of chancellor, all of shelters speech to the conference later. let's cross over to our report, ben, for sewland, who's in dallas, vent, german chest, all shots is due to address to form in the next hour or so. he's been struggling lately to balance germany's economic interests with europe security needs. do you think he'll will see that reflected in his speech today? my expectations are very low personally as far as i go and the chancellor, terry a lot of people he had call him the can't do chancellor. i mean, so many times we've st during this war, how he's refused to supply weapons, then said, yeah, show light weapons and then no, no, no heavy weapons and then yeah, okay, heavy weapons and on so many fronts, we've seen this patton, and it's something you see in german culture as well, where german would prefer to say no 1st and then back up and think about it again.
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or as a straight is like may say yes and then find out they can't really deliver. it's not the worst a thing, but the problem is that ukraine doesn't have time, and that's what's lensky has said time and again, here at davos that the country is short on time. this is an urgent matter. they need help now. and that any help any supportive ukraine is also really supporting yourself. we heard that from italy clips co as well in his speech. yeah, the clutch co brothers of both former boxing heavy weights from ukraine. they're taking part in that formula. you mentioned vitale. clips go, the marquee of, he spoke this morning there, what was his main message been he said, 80000000 euros is going to be needed to rebuild the capital. and that, that's going to have to come quick as well before the winter sets. and because we're talking about hundreds and hundreds of apartments that have been destroyed, he describes the capital and the cruelty that he seen from the russians. they have
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no rules, they won't stop. he said at crimea at luanda sc at the the entire country of ukraine. this could spill over borders into poland. he would he also said, had warned the chancellor, i'm sorry to not be held hostage by oil and gas. that's one thing we haven't heard this week, an oil embargo, and it's one thing that analysts here and experts here are calling full l. m stand . the climate activists are planning on another protest in davos to they been. they claim that in 50 years the world economic form has done nothing to make the world a better place. or these protests getting any traction been it's, it's hard to say, i think every protest counts. and it's difficult to get your message across to finance is here who were talking about huge sums of money. but what does count, terry, the end of the day is,
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where are these financing is going to get their returns? and with this momentous, huge shift to renewables right now, that is being sped up by this war in ukraine. it's a must for these investors to shift their money because the returns are now going to come from renewables. it's becoming more profitable. it's becoming cheaper and alone, that is really something positive that's coming out of this davos despite what the skeptics say. and thank you very much. i was our corresponded ben facility in demo switzerland. president us present. joe biden is leading calls for stricter gun control after the united states experiences daily a school shooting in a decade, a teenaged gunman barricaded himself inside the classroom at an elementary school in texas. he killed 19 children and 2 teachers police later shot the attacker dead . many republican lawmakers oppose tougher gun laws despite the ever growing death
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toll from mass shootings in the us. hugs and prize were everywhere in you vall, day on wednesday. as a town comes to terms with the murder of 19 children. but behind the displays of grief and empathy, anger and indignation, a rippling through america and are we must ask when in god's name will we do what needs to be done to if not completely stop, fundamentally change the model, the carnage goes on in this country. joe biden will travel to texas in the coming days to meet grieving families. sierra r is monday. is one of those relatives. her niece, 10 year old eliana garcia, was killed in the attack. i just so i just didn't know how
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people could fill that typo again. to kid to an 18 year old. like, what is he going to use it for but for that purpose, out of your out of line democrat, better. oh, rock. publicly confronted the texas governor greg albert, you know, he accused the republican of being directly responsible by liberalizing state gun laws, sir. euro. you came to my hometown of old houses after 23 people were slaughtered. he said he was gonna do something that he did nothing. in fact, the only thing he did was make it easier to buy a gun. the only thing he did was make it easier to carry a gun in public. and he bragged about the fact that there would be no background check, no training, no vetting whatsoever as the political arguments continue to rage.
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more details and now emerging of those killed in the attack. these just some of the innocent lives cut needlessly short dw correspondence stuff and siemens is at the scene of the shooting in texas. he sent us this update on how people are dealing with their grief. of course, they've pain trauma shock and all of this, but they somewhat of a permanent and overreaching moment of silence. people here are withdrawn now it seems they're going inside. they stay inside, they don't want to talk, they don't want to interact. they're pretty much alone with their pain and with their frustration and with the trauma they experienced. and perhaps this is about to last for quite a while. now. what's happening in washington of course, is a healthy debate. now progressive democrats propagating more change,
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tougher gun controlled, tougher restrictions. republic is on the other side. perhaps i suspect it won't have, it won't touch it. for them. it's all about the 2nd amendment in the constitution that every american can bear arms and has the right to bear arms. and this should not be touched with. you're watching d. w. news from berlin coming up next year. we've got a story in our reporter section on people of murray, you poll and how that city became a symbol of ukraine's resistance. i'm terry martin for me in all of us here at the debate. thanks for watching. with or see asia and artic lovers, guided by boy brady, asian cities, 5 a local artists. ah indeed meek experience of their craft
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joined us for exclusive master classes. well done about i know to do barton c, asia stuart's june 1st and on d w. o, stay informed of live and on demand on gas in language courses, video and audio any time anywhere. the d. w media center. mm hm. ah. yet, and i was born in mary paul. i grew up them. i used to love maria poll with blue. oh oh mrs. muddle put in my had
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a business in mary a little jenny. i understood that the town was under siege. so nobody was driving out that. that was not my staff, whether things don't come in and i just promised them and i would come, you know, bring aid on and take them out of the home as you will do that. but i thought i just took that decision as long as everything is viable, i'm on the road. i hope all will be fine and i will get, well, i am worried and nervous, but i'm on the way. you would give me a global cit, the by wouldn't say was difficult. a glitch is didn't know what i would encounter with about them is kimberly my friends and i pulled money to buy this bond is
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available that we bought in the past, loaded it with provisions and painted it well, so it would be recognizable with them in the saw it all went really smoothly, fast luther. and then when i drove past the last ukrainian checkpoint in rake of us, i encountered the wall supplement. and finally, the mining donkey, downtown tanks with the horrors that you see. you see the mountain, you know the last when pancake dental cleaning yelled all the way when you called oh, the right number in entered into the bible here in to here. none of that here was still fast value, but i drove yeah. go, you had a business in mary upon it was a club. carry okey lounge bob the another floor.
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was it just to a motion to the space within the basement? it had concrete ceiling mobile, so we transformed it into a lot of it all. i hadn't measured the strength. well for the moment it was comfortable. it was pacey, that was a grill, and so we could cook food and boil, won't it, do you order? another i found everyone doing. we're having a blast, a friend was bullied on. we had people on duty, we had scavengers, foraging food. we had people procuring water. everything was so organized that we could joke that it's a 5 star bomb shelter. the bumble viewership beds or nothing. yeah, it's been snowing and that means we will clean up today. below but 15 minutes, a telegram group where i added all my friends and relatives since i didn't know if i would ever return, i wrote in it every night. you'll see how it was for us here was les yesterday basil. so went to the neighboring bomb shelter,
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some thought we were trying to get anywhere where they were children anymore. if we couldn't drive that, we would bring the 8 by foot. thorsten below there was always fear up, which you're always afraid that something could land near this bullet hit right here. the ball and we often took hits all, but everything that came at us missed what something had here. oh dear, i'm sure i'm here. yes, the run down and he is with a monkey garage and i bought the car in front of the entrance. it protected us. what did you guys understand where the bomb dropped just behind it?
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oh yeah, no, no, no, no, my ceo and i was all on my contract by that moment with him in that car a grandma died and her grandson and i dragged her over the road or, oh, good idea at balboa, school, you, which is that all? what's on my face through blood lafayette. yes. it's terrific. all you have to understand this is the shelters issue or or the meat or i hope the kids will survive 6, terrible. to see the makes me cry. like they're so scary or screaming. i hope god will save them this important because everything just everything we try our best with
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it's terrible. the memories are coming back. sam. oh yes, that's the one thing i was most afraid of seeing was a dead child's body at the whenever they were bodies on the street or small piles. so i tried to look away, y'all stall, so the children, especially in my life super school. but i'm a father, i didn't do that. no papa did. if i'd seen a dead child's body, i would have broken the g u v table. i certainly would have broken down that mountain. i wouldn't have been the same after that as yep. yep. slomo. with of many of the schools. yep. and they're the nimble the tim roof was i know that and after the strike i looked at the car and said okay, let's try to fix the car. you know, but i didn't even have to renew them. i sat in the car to turn the key and the
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motor started on as a life or got put in a deal. that's where it had to machine and that's the brakes were thermal ranks. we have also done a nibble on the after the ass trying. i had no more brains in was number, but they wanted to pull that in, mary paul, you didn't need them. i just thought it was all good, just speed across the city as you want. as all you can settle, the only thing i was afraid of me was crashing into a tank gun or a military g. when it were you new to this time of year it was valid was moralistic . we were waiting for an opportunity to leave him in the valley anyway out, that was not completely mind. you did the 1st opportunity. we left early to children, pregnant women and mothers with children. the video in the me. but i lose ations did me to my passengers are away to the camera
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with when we left. there were several people, one baby and 3 children. me, my sister, under friends who we had met with the shelter which is for it was terrifying when we passed mines and tanks. there were lots of mannequins. i mean, dead people who deal with we told them there were mannikin with that. in fact, they were good buddies. right. right. well chanda, i knew i sometimes dream about the gunfire revolution. i don't wake up. i always dream until the end must never look up. so and then i wake up in the morning because i'm afraid everybody is still asleep. at that time he feels i haven't told anybody, but let me come when you call your exam
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mouth with never ever 2 magazines when i got off the bus and when you pro, i went into a shop for novel to like, go into your smoking subconsciously. i was looking for things like battery. you said food medicine. i'm ready to grab anything i could find and money for the next shell had scrap metal just left and then i understood, but i'm in civilization now. and then i have to go and pay for all of it. this is just for the deluxe emotional pity. if i was approached or open glass on it was a beautiful city and it, it just begun to bloom them. good. i love the city so much. i grew up with dumble, i had lots of friends that went with my hometown
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and i've got that. they just, the theater is the only place from where i didn't take any candles. so because conditions were so good with forms that were rooms that would be shared by 3 families with kids. me. i thought it was a place that would not be hit that yes, because everyone understood that it was full of people who were hiding maya from the bomb attempt at that it them? yes. did you get to that they had said home bullshit. huh. so much of year olds, and that was the motivation of the person who sent the rocket to this bell rang celia lincoln's mind. what did he think at that moment? storm slipped my man, why did i do it? she is a charitable agility. any additional sort they came to liberate and want i to liberate us from washington. yet not for my life home dorm. i'll not one suddenly oh, with an impish people. astonished at austin. we mean so that that means by trying to destroy everything we housing tumult,
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that's what i can do over to nothing else. lasted for multiple normally the most difficult time as at 9. 0 you go from shelter to shelter during the day and collected all these negative impressions follows yes, and in the evening, all the pent up emotions were released. youth daniel, what have you? i would hide in the dark corner so nobody would see me call. i'm driving, she's crying mission field in each bullshit. even though they sure know that's how we fuel up with o as in us, another boss has joined us. it's called the last wildcard. asked. there are more and more of us, like a little less looks abusive, was bureau with global engine on my 1st trip,
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i was the only one we will. so by my 3rd trip, i thought i would be standing in the queue at the check points for 40 minutes in a vehicle. there was so many people who wanted to help and get people out of there would, wouldn't you? the only thing the burton did or show the world who ukrainians on udall what ukraine is euclidean people have closed ranks new disparities all to revisit. the volunteers have brought thousands out of the city and their own counselors. when you get that report and many did not return it, some drove into a maya or some got caught in the crossfire while driving at night and sorta just, most of them just said somebody needs to do this and they went model these a regular ukrainians at the regular people
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ah, center the conflict zone. a little is known about the inner workings of the kremlin, especially with vladimir putin in power. but my guest this week for the prime minister, because cassiano work with me and he knows what happened behind the closed door with the russian governor, a comp with d w a . she beat it out. and a south,
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a method is going to spend the rest of her life behind bars for murdering her 3 daughters. if you call me back, i am with was part of a psychosis. is an awful illness. postpartum is a nasty mothers nightmare starts june 4th on d. w, with little is known about the inner workings of the kremlin, especially with vladimir putin in power of my guest this week, former prime minister because cassiano worked on the putin in the early 2 thousands and he knows what happens behind the closed doors of the russian government he says he feared for his own life after opposition.


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