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tv   Racism Down Under  Deutsche Welle  May 26, 2022 11:15am-12:01pm CEST

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oppose any sweat, dizzy angels of destroy yet must perceive where there is a shift in the balance of influence and global power. it is also in it. it also inevitably affects the political order halted wiggling is the crucial question. is there a lot of how can we ensure that the multi polar world would also be a multilateral word or to put another way to limit? how can we create an order in which very different centers of power can interact reliably in the interests of everyone via this task? it's by no means a trivial one, given that there is no waste total, a precedent just come building. and yet i am convinced that it can succeed if we explore new paths and fields of corporations in the tv you there. after all the alternative, you can everyone for themselves. and at the same time, every one against every one else. football involves high risks and cos the even the strongest powers thought and showed it is another reason why a firm and uncritical respond to worship late in violation of international law was
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so vital and low because this response also makes clear to everyone else that a multi polar world is not a world without rules, so from upholding this principle is in everyone's interest is with, doesn't matter. fountas why it was so important that in march, 141 united nations member states condemned russia's have tag in no uncertain time than the audience offered yet we knew that from many countries in asia, africa, and latin america, the war in ukraine is, is geographically speaking frau way than gigs, hymns on a global, however, it's global consequences in the form of looming hunger absorb commodity and inflation crises, our winter clothes that diesel learned. and if we want these countries who continue to join us in defending freedom and justice in the future, we also need to show solidarity with them and to take that kind of san zera. both
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is also in a multi polar world miss. this kind of international order will not be achievable without international solidarity in boy partnership. that is, does apply where we're investing in your partnerships. publish often. glad that is why we're placing existing partnerships on a broader footings electric field. the buzzword here being diversification mark. my love was what you learned on the floor by and use a few places. and we are putting your faith in a characteristic that unites us with many countries of the globe with some of the we are democracies in, before too long. every practically equated democracy with the went out in the classical sense. vision of it was actually this western world that united the south african and it's freedom opened up in a most and democratic manner until well into the last century. i'm speaking of colonialism. i'm through i can, was mission and your board go acknowledging this is not only a question of honesty. it is also a pre requisite to for close and cooperation with the world's democracies,
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which we need and towards which we are working on bunkerville herb image also africa in the beginning of the week, i returned from a trip to south africa, cynical anger major. i'd like to mcguire than i made a conscious decision to encourage these countries to cooperate closely with the g 7 front child of the presidency. swanny hughes, such as the energy transition, review climate change in modern mitigation to fight against the pandemic migration . and last but not least on how we can maintain and strengthen international corporation and legal times. and i made a conscious decision to invite my colleagues from south african cynical, as well as the heads of the government of india in like indonesia and argentina, which holds the presidency of the community of latin american caribbean states. to the d. 7 summit in alamo. at the end of june, them because they represent countries and regions whose contribution is made it by the world from if we are to make progress and global challenges in future. i'm the daughter in law. in germany, we've made
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a conscious decision to adopt an endo pacific strategy in order to intensify cooperation with countries of this offer which looking regions with yours convert zones within april we made a conscious decision to hold in the governmental consultations between jeremy and japan. for the very 1st time, but at the well, the 3rd and 4th largest economies, we want to jointly develop solutions for sustainable growth as well. that will also verify those of you. and i made a conscious decision to invite my indian colleague prime minister moody and his government to berlin for inter governmental consultation. this is the start of this one of the lender competitors. but typically, what the outcome of this meeting is that our countries intend to work even more closely together in future issues such as climate change mitigation, energy migration, mobility of the lifetime. priority is to make progress on his use that will define the negligent at the same time. it is about showing that international corporations provide answers that multilateralism works versus during the process of dog her
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that is incidentally in the precondition loop or the condition for wilting. the d globalization trend we are currently. it's yes, of course we need to reduce some of our strategic dependence. humans, not our folks off of pandemic, as shown as that note only in connection with medicine is our protective quote. lot of unfair to visa cut to go. we are dependent on shoot impulse from russia, likewise, falls into this category. and that is why we are putting a name. it will take the current lack of semiconductor, just very unauthorized does inter against lift factor. it's really good use that intel is planning to manufacture tapes in germany in future. that is, by the way, one of the large industries veterans in the history of our country, there's bloomberg and is the one we moved now is great economic resilience in this multi paradigm here. and we're crisis for implant and here to the answer has to be diversification for qualitative and businesses alike of life. and at the same time, we need to take care of that necessary diversification does not become an excuse
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for isolation with customs barriers and protection and send lots was organ. the big logo put it mainly wholesale, t globalization is not the right way to go ahead and bus populace in for ranger every thing that populists grand proclaimed henderson. it is the enterprises ambler years and consumers in our countries who pay the price of customs duties and trade barriers. i saw those people there full in 5 who are ready bearing the brunt of soaring prices at west village together. and another thing we must not forget to leave your bodies un people speak carelessly of globalization or even decoupling the i'm part of the mention of mix lima are more to so for example, portion of people living in extreme poverty has fallen in the last 40 years for more than 40 percent, to be low tango to single job site, one of child mortality fell in the same period from 10 to below. follow them then.
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the leaves aloft and globally speaking, life expectancy has actually increased by 12 years from 61 more to 73 years. a gift was not so nice. achievement, sir, not only the results of the national policy as hell upstairs, rough or the result of international sounds. good sharing, powerful of knowledge, issue exec change and global economic connectivity that hobbled, which have a neighbor billions of people to find their way out of poverty. rubbish. dozens of the robot is younger, but since one bite out, i don't want to say that globalization has only produced women in the last 20 or 30 years. and that is especially true with regard to industrialized nation on from port of zones, global competition on pin on the relocation of old duct into either country. so region one smart the crises on the financial market, the impact of his digital transformation of the labor market that's for more of this is unsettling. many or most citizens. all of this has intensified the cold for real nationalization is a fantasy makers and business model take these concerns here is life and our answer
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cannot be to simply carry on as before, he was on particularly as a special phase of globalization in north america. we have experienced in north america and europe during the last 2 years along with rely, with growth in i level of added value and low inflation is coming to an inevitable end whilst and goods to one reason for this is about the low cost producers of the globe a solid and gradually becoming $5.00 being economy is involved with a road to demand towards bumper, which is by, at the same level of disparity as we have and are competing with us for the same goods possible diet. all home is under lot harder to go and we require therefore, is ace is attainable for resilient. globalization which uses natural resources sparingly, has already done that. but we will take the needs of future generations into account, kind of a clue belie zation based on solidarity, which will benefit all citizens in all parts of the world. and we need an
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intelligent globalization with modern rules, anglo phone. so a corporation is done by i want to illustrate what i mean within the 3 examples. the livingston tell you exactly more climate change story of we all know that if we have failed to meet the paris climate go to the world is having warranties asked data for the same time. representatives of developing industrialized countries often tell me it's, i'd probably be foreseeing or you could fossil fuels for the foreseeable future, to take advantage of our development opportunities for job. just to promise you have done for more of a 150 years, easier than really the whole. now companies indian denies competition. on the other hand, challenges johnston was if you close even tougher climate rules than it's possible that the entire industrial sectors would be relocated to countries where there olds are little blacks, carbon leakage. these is the key when he and be over 2000 or products. we have to with all these conflicting in. okay, hold along and we have to do some down to call gratian long groups to last. now
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sounds good of making the g 7, the core of an international climate club which will implement the pairs of climate girls at an accelerated pace and visit campus open to provide it. they are prepared to come in to so many mental time days. you find that way we can create a level playing field and prevent different rules in different countries promoting competitions. the market love hardwood technology with every time the climate change countries with further developed for time at 20 technologies with one another and work together even more closely consumer for example in the delivery of hydrogen. it's your one via excuse, even vital for rumbling as the d 7. we also want to advance the issue of international climate financing. along with the south africa, we want to offer for other developing a newly industrialized countries, just energy transition partnerships, which will help them to transition fairly, to a climate new tampa bought with them or will enable us to get on board partner to swing urgently need for the climate transition, the again,
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that's why i thought i should my 2nd example concerns the un stream tv and gender born. there is to danger that dependent damage and vicious floor when we 1st the progress and development of the major of the last few decades. and this is especially dramatic in the fight against hunger poverty. if we do not act quickly and decisively to counter it, we run the risk of experiencing the wilds imbedded with am in photo. i'm getting this is on the boat. i'd been as the 57 president, we have to have our established an lines for clue, security office and blair loveland with the well bag yada or germany made available just under half a 1000000000 years for they sent me for ya to set to again and in addition, where we're investing more than a 1000000000 your ear and gruel development in infrastructure as well as in security. and we are camp and saying intensively fiscal cold organs of not only from other governments and international organizations, but also from scientists academy academic civil society,
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foundations. and not least leading industrialists like q will bother with for global the and they also show the aligns for global food security is open to every one, not just a switch dish and user log gazande. something else is important in this situation. as the g 7, we are committed to open agriculture and markets in saying this, i'm aware that they still much went to be done, especially amazon, or also in your body. thanks, thought restrictions or no solution. they undermine global food security. indeed, they in danger human lie to sort of both of them front, best intern up some other idea. like why we want to ensure better international corporation. we will consent. how we deal in future with health crystal befuddled wines went own to fast hoped that 2022 would be the year when the global economy bounced back following the curve at 19 pandemic balance sheet. instead were seen locked down in china, new and famous variance, and continued high's kite kate's numbers for bought the pin down my guess not
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overhand his office. you can tell them she much as we wish it were open ended any until we finally stop to recurring as high cliffs, new mutations and politically shrink, ring you waves of infections that's up when we ask is even to inform. that is why as the g 7, people don't organize, it's one quote, the mutant we will continue to do everything in our power to support the a city accelerator. coordinated by the w h. l on. i've come up, i did shows that vaccines are distributed around the world. germany is leading the way here by providing by point 3000000000 huron this year alone. and i ask all of you and your companies to join us on this part of it. from one example of long corporation between policymakers and business canada cheese is the development of global bags. the introduction habits. a few weeks ago i joined forces with the european union of the african union, president of friends, african countries,
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iowa and the german company buyer in tank level to launch them approaching, designed to establish modular productions, find in south africa, ronda governor, and cynic article that lonesome abyss is about to fight against coven 19. but in future also about the fight against diseases such as a malaria. good boy bo latha big is the more fun. for the d. 7 health ministers agreed on a pact for panoramic readiness last week calls. and today is aimed at improving biggest change of data in fostering networks among international health experts and movie lies in rapid response teams to tackle an outbreak if the need arises on time and we will strengthen the world health organization on a durable basis is we achieve the 1st breakthrough in late april, we great at international level to find a replacement of funding in the world health organization on a broader and more reliable foundation. divorce, well by isn't tim. sean or fabulous,
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has often provided the impetus for these if it's useful to you, him yard, so i told him to go bother, not please grab you. go on, the garvey handed the vaccine, the line 100 you and 2000 or does up monday unless it's wait in joe, during the panoramic form, double there for ladies and gentlemen. i would like to end by evoking and appealing to this good spirit of douglas. yes, history we are experiencing of water shank. watershed of history evolved after turning point north. however, we are not at the mercy of luxury or gun guide for nuts. some a longer period is back to the age of nationalism and baltimore period. awesome, and warming on them. our answer is countess out of envy, runs time for the future. more did you notice that our world is becoming mount monte pola van or stone on to even more latino lap multilateralism? to even more international cooperation, i was doing transfer all shorts and being his address to the world economic forum
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in davos, switzerland. i understand that the chance will be taking questions. let's let us know that for dessert. mr. chancellor, thank you for this job. i'm attention. i are from speech, i have a number of questions that i would like to ask you, but you've already incorporated most of the answers into your speech. however, i would like to talk to you about when we look at a global economy and one of the major topics that we have to say that sees upon ers, there was a mission, was here. yeah, there was a feeling of optimism throughout all of the sessions, especially when we talk about inflation fuel and you get the impression that really, aggression towards ukraine has certainly been
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a turning point. and the shock moment for economy's small mignon in change. mr. chance about which political organ since, which serve financial instruments. if you would, you think care wants me to be efficient for germany, for europe to stabilize our economy on the macroeconomic level for costume all's going to be doing when we have a whole host of difficult and funding rebut conditions that have had a shock effect. the corona pandemic being one came a coin to handle which led to a situation where we had an economic base, but also calling dupel ramos. so back line is not immune response to that development be sent up global infrastructure and economic development to programs that ensure that we support global demand has increased as a consequence of this brilliance being set up. these are major changes that are linked to the fact that we have to put an end to man made climate change. and this
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is why we want to go for to reduce demand for, for, for the fuels in order to ensure that those who don't think that this is ever so important will not be able to find sufficient lamar resources in that regard to think of, then you see the dramatic effect with that and impact that russia's war for aggression has had not only and ukraine and its neighboring countries, but on the world at large, even on those countries that are to you, graphic is leaking far away from europe. this is why the response to this question is the one i tried to give him my speech. we need to see international corporation at when you want to take a look at. well, the wasn't coming multicolored in many parts of the world, but we also have to try to in a way, we should take our faith into our own hands. and you'd show that to me, but i will be an economic improvement. during the pandemic, we had to improve our corporation more needs to be done in that regard for. mm hm.
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there are some countries that have not made sufficient headway with regard to vaccinating the population. and these constitutes a challenge for these countries. so please inform about the fact that we have not only been able to mobilize funds for your vaccination campaigns that we have on the act accelerator, for example, and similar initiatives for food. but we also work now to ensure that the vaccines can't, from the reports and the ambulance until the people that have jobs get into them, so to speak. and that the countries are being put in a position where they can set up their own production site as funds men made climate change. as we designed, it's going to be important now that we develop the technologies we need for all, but i'll shoot, show just i've convinced that the classically does utilize countries on 7 countries . that is the countries of the north american or of endure of north america on the job hand india that these countries in the face up to the important have they have to attack also do most wars and football do they have to reduce regional for owns
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and they have to produce efficient, i alternative energy sources and fuels to replace the old ones. and in so doing, they will also offer an alternative to other countries. and that is what i've tried to highlight in my stage of the globalization of the last 3040 years will not continue for another 3040 years. this is a gently, it was founded on the fact that there was a clearing on centering on europe at north america. and for those and with the asian countries. i already mentioned the boss about to jordan. does it back to you about the world not produced before this market device and with regard to the production of its fuels and that is changing slowly and progressively, they develop their own. you can make pro plans, providing economic stimulus to their development stable the use their own base full disease. so with that period in place, in the 1st part of the i'd focused on providing for a limited part of the world is coming to an end. and fans is taking off. we have to
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make sure that we develop these technologies, make them available at a global levels that we trico seeing as to say, grace prostitutes on the doing com. we will not be lead. so i need a little more stem does have a family, may it made a general glue and i never understood to them doing so i, for wednesday, i checked, it isn't right to settle what we can look back on 200 years of industrialized developments in europe. in north america, lifting biking volitional, w, wlan. i'm returning to the developing and emerging countries, saying, you see what's happening to the clamps. you cannot expect the same level of disparity and look into the place is vasa, countries in south america, and asia, under africa. warranty and it isn't, they have very ready to do so. and this is why we have to develop the technologies that are necessary if you want to create the necessary group for these countries to without using up the air that we need to breathe without an increasing pollution. that is the part that we have to his. she'll and that is what we intend to do in a final point. if i may, for the size of the us dent, lloyd,
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and wind up into the 18th 19th century, as a was russia's law of aggression, cannot be tolerated, cannot be accepted. and we will have to stand out to them in the spirit of solidarity of the counselor. i would also like to get back to the energy transformation report from you, said lima, that germany is to be climate neutral by 2045 employees with normal duty 20 concrete actions. do you want to bring a boundaries to, to make these changes happen? which political end you've industrial do means do you have normal leading to mobilize the majestic 1st on of ambulance? good guy we will talk to find more funny. understand the changes that are ahead of us as we get tired. it's like dental take it and of a truck to bad is cruel to have you have the vast majority of energy is consumed in
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industry. this is why we have to trigger and major global industry process of industrialization. he had the go leverage to the process of globalization based on fossil fuels is nearing its end. and if we want to change the cause and attack, and our approach who's gonna have to do so at great spree to one necessary condition is that we wouldn't have to produce much more electricity than we have you done so far in germany will her like raise the increase from 600 her way to 800 her won't this he had well, and we would love to dub of that in the next 10 years. is deal is being produced with they have electricity and, and if we wanted to do so in the future and produce attic tricity not from fossil fuel and also to heat our unit without relying on fossil fuels. we have to do more by for st. jo's for mobility, we will have to, we sold to the use of nitrogen to a great extent, the technologically speaking, it's already profitable. it's nothing new, but we have to tackle and approach these in
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a manner that acts quickly. we have to act with electric to his that's the european union's following. the same approach by mcmay or him. this is that we want to overcome regulatory burdens and impaired in men's do away with massive over regulation in order to allow wind farms and offshore. and on to shouldering solar panels about steam plants that use hydrogen and alec tricity from renewables. the of that is the approach and that we advance with technology has to be over to the middle of the magnitude of st hardcastle that we face with liberating our sales farms to maneuver. regulation is difficult to imagine. you cannot always only so being of offshore wind parks. take a industrial cycle, it look makes half with it's chemically into see they need a to 9. wouldn't park stop, it would only for their own needs and one to it. so you wouldn't be necessary for one steel plant. we did give you an idea of the magnitude of the task ahead. this
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is evil, but to find linear industry knows where to puts it's money that cited good thing isn't there to provide for you. mr. chancellor, you've already touched on his topic, but just real track searing. dubois on a global level on a national level v. i ne, maybe the moon shore string about a new dimension of collaboration, a new way of working together between politics and the economy. the nobody 0, we look back on globalization efforts of the past decade. we've off and seeing that day economy interest prevailed. now in this new world reality has a my active role to play. how do you see this? the balance between economy and politic hudson, this victory this year. i don't think we can find him politically a democrat. and if you're just joining us, we are watching special coverage on from the world economic forum in davos,
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switzerland, german chancellor, olaf sholtes has just a dress before him and he was speaking there with the, with a forum founder klaus schwab. allah schultz spoke for half an hour, and it was a very sweeping speech touching on all world regions and many topics ranging of course from the rushes war in ukraine to globalization. d, globalization, climate change, food security, global health. i touched on a large number of issues of following this speech, fried the german chancellor. i have with me in the studio, julia sel. deli, are political correspondent and on the ground in davos, switzerland ben for sewland. he's been following proceedings there all along since the forum got under way. better like to start with you of which we heard all of sholtes really spent a lot of time talking about issues not related to ukraine. what he did begin, of course with ukraine, and that is foremost on everyone's mind right now. are saying that sir,
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history is at a turning point your, your response been to, to all of shelves to speech. but still for you. yeah. bosa cow slab and all of so it's talked about this being a watershed moment. it's what all i feel it's also said to the parliament just 3 days into the war. he was very quick on action back then when it came to modernizing germany's army and to send out a message which was well received in other parts of europe as well to follow on and also follow his lead in scandinavia in eastern europe to bolster their armies. to spend more to increase their defense budgets and where were seeing a huge effort from right across europe. he also mentioned this unity, which is a fantastic thing. and this, the fact that de globalizing and decoupling is a very dangerous thing right now, considering that what the world needs is unity,
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one of his main key messages. he also talked about the economic side of things. and the fact that germany is a partner that ukraine can rely on and, and that you could add that germany is trying to take itself off this dependency on a russia for things like oil. it wants to get itself off that dependency by the end of the year. it's also trying to reduce its dependency on gas by setting up new infrastructure for other sources of energy in effect that would starve russia of the funds that it needs to continue this war. the only problem is that if a germany is going to move at such a snail's pace, the people have ukraine a short on time. that's what the lensky has said time and again here at the forum, and that we need action now, not just talk julia of chancellor shalt has been under tremendous pressure to show more leadership in europe in helping europe wean itself off of
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russian of fossil fuels and also to show greater support for ukraine in its efforts to the and itself, against that russian invasion. god, what did you hear? all those issues in his speech. results was started off by condemning rushes invasion of ukraine as a brutal war and calling it an imperialistic approach. coming from russia's president vladimir putin. and we also saw shows most pitching his actions as chancellor and germany's reaction to the war as a massive turning point for the country. and it really was, he highlighted the fact that it's the 1st time that germany is sending weapons to a country in a conflict, highlighting how, how, how much of an impact of the war has had on a german policy. and also pointing to the 100000000000 euros promise to the
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better the military in germany, to invest in germany's army, to make the country more able to protect itself and also to, to counter any possible russian aggression in the eastern european region. also to support nato partners and other allies. and it really shows that the chancellor has really been under pressure and wants to forward the fact that germany is there for its allies and is working towards moving away from its dependencies. but also playing a role in assisting its partners, germany or chapel. so it's rather he of course said that to it directly to germany's allies, you can count on germany. but what about ukraine, specifically, you can be sure that a lot of mios lensky was listening very carefully to the speech. also for some words of encouragement for his country from germany, do you think he heard anything that would be encouraging from the transfer that the
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chancellor hasn't already said before? what we have heard from shows we're actually things that he has said before. he said again, that nato allies do want to risk being part of the conflict. and that, in that sense, germany on its allies are being prudent. we've heard from the ukranian, foreign minister at the da was in the last few days saying that ukraine doesn't really expect germany to take on a leading role, especially in terms of providing heavy weapons to ukraine. it's been a hard, it's also been a conflict tool situation at times between ukraine in germany with ukraine pushing for more heavy weapons and germany being hesitant to deliver them finally promising deliveries, but them coming slowly. so nothing new on that front. coming from schulte that may be would further appease or satisfy the ukrainian side. been this was a highly anticipated speech from the german chancellor. you've been covering this
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forum all along, but you've also covered many world economic forums there in davos, which one in the past. do you think that chancellor sholtes touched on themes that will speak to the hearts of those assembled there in davos this year? it was the last keynote speech and the it was a bit of a down a bit. you know, this entire davosto has been a real down to the side of the world is catastrophic right now. and it's find it very difficult to find some sort of optimism yet. people here are doing so much terry. it's incredible to see how many ukrainians a here, how many climate activists are also here, and how many business leaders are also optimistic about the role that ukraine can play in this energy transition that ukraine could become. germany's and europe's
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new energy partner and green energy partner, offering green hydrogen for example. hydrogen was something that although sholtes also mentioned there, there is this will to move away from the dependency on fossil fuels, not just because of the planet, but because of the geo politics that are playing out right now. i think we have to hold on to those optimistic and know to and be reminded every day as the ukrainians have been doing here at davos of the terrors that are going on every time you walked on the promenade. he, you walk past a pile of skulls that these ukrainian protesters have set up. you won't pass ukraine house and you won't pass the old bratia house, which the ukrainians have taken over and turned into the russian war crimes house. julia, we heard all of sholtes talk, not just about the war in ukraine that only took up the 1st part of his speech. he came back again and again to touch on it. but he, he really painted the very broad picture of concerns that he has. d,
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globalization was something he spent a lot of time discussing, the need to counter the globalization and reshape it for uh, for the, for the world that we have now make it more inclusive, more sustainable. what to tell us a little about that vision and how it might be anchored in german policy moving forward? yes, so chancellor shots and spoke about how global the globalization that europe and the western world has seen in the last 3040 years is slowly coming to an end. and the world has to become aware of the fact that a new phase of globalization is starting. and that this globalization includes more countries that were previously more on the sidelines. and that ties into what he also said about the world's being and his vision, a multi polar world going forward. so not just to dominating polls, for example, the u. s. and china, but actually new players coming into the picture. for example,
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india, indonesia, south africa and countries that are increasingly becoming relevant in terms of economic power, but also of influence in the world. and he said that globalization going forward should have a touch of solidarity. it should be inclusive and should look at and also future generations also in terms of looking at a fighting climate change. and that the message was ultimately that the concept of globalization and building barriers and going into a more isolation is stance is not the way forward. the way forward is still globalization, but with more solidarity and more cooperation. julia, thank you very much. or political correspondent, julia saw deli, and with us there at the devil's forum is been position. thank you both very much for your analysis. and if you're just joining us here on d w,
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you've been watching special coverage of all our culture speech to the world economic forum and davos switzerland wrapping up that forum that's been going on now for a couple of days. all of schoultz suggesting that we are experiencing a thunderbolt in the form of rushes, invasion of ukraine, draw parallel, a literary parallel as it were to the start of the 1st world war outlining his vision for a future world that is based on sustainable globalization and a much more inclusive globalization of in a multi polar world. no usa catch up on what's been happening are just as you may know, russia continues to pound ukraine's eastern don boss region. it's aiming to take the industrial heartland after failing to capture the ukrainian capital key of moscow says it will continue the offensive until it achieves its goals. ukrainian
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forces are doing their best to push back russian troops. despite heavy shelling in this village now back in ukrainian hands, residents tell of their fears as the russians arrived. but i don't think you can we try to keep out of the way messiah? maybe we should go back to the basement. she says that this is as a team of associated press film, russian, a tillery keep up the bombardment along the road. more evidence of the fighting rushes objective is to cease to don best provinces, done yeske and no hands in the east. at least 12 people were killed by shelling as heavy fighting continues in and around civil auto nits. the local governor says the russians have taken 3 towns in the genetic region.
11:53 am
russian troops are gaining ground in the east. these are frontline positions now abandoned by ukraine. but further away from the fighting in areas where the ukrainians have regained control residence are determined to start over over the dutch boy, the thoughts of the people are returning home even though it's safer to await further away. but a cd to teach us who was best nick miss. so who devoted thought to this way, the new people are coming back to their houses and starting to rebuild the helping our military asking the school what we asked. the battle for done best intensifies, many more lives will be lost. the ukrainian film butterfly vision has premier death can film festival. it was filled in dawn
11:54 am
bass almost a year before. russia's full scale invasion of ukraine in february tells the story of a young ukrainian soldier captured and raped by russian troops of fiction that reflects reality of russia's war in ukraine. it's the story of a female fighter lillia, a ukrainian soldier. after 2 months as a russian prisoner, she is released while in jail, she hadn't repeatedly rape no wife or sure. now the question is, how will she ever find peace again? especially when she later finds out that she's pregnant? ah, it's the feature film debut of ukrainian director maxine not connection because it's a story of survival. it's a story of a will to survive and to keep standing and fighting, and her i hope it would make its contribution into our general survival standing and fighting as ukraine. filming started at the beginning
11:55 am
of last year in dawn bus, where fighting had been going on for years before the major russian attack there earlier this year was the fictional story they were producing, turned into reality, with all the horrors of a war whose end is not in sight, star more thought of them fulfill our general and the cultural identity in particular is under attack. and that's why each case of ukraine, nan culture being successful, being presented to being a loud and noticed a is, is a part of us still being alive and presenting the film here in con, also shows that the war affects everyone, including those on the red carpet at a glamorous film festival, you're watching d. w. news from berlin. just reminder of the top story we're following for you this . our german chancellor. all of schultz says that vladimir putin cannot be allowed
11:56 am
to win his war in ukraine. he also said that germany will end its dependence on russian oil and gas. shoulds was addressing the final day of the world economic forum in davos with the washing d. w. news from berlin. don't forget you can always get all the latest news information round the clock any time you want on our website that's d w dot com. i'm terry martin. we've got more news coming up for you next. pablo will be with you. thanks for watching.
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ah. with who i want to make a big change in the environment. being an eagle warrior would help it from what are they demanding? a ban on plastic toys in india. young activists are also thriving in pakistan. this
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little girl is designing eco friendly dolls. i call her facade because i am or the means environment. he goofy india. in 30 minutes on d. w. ah, she is the epitome of european royalty. but to the vast majority of her britain, she is always just been her majesty. elizabeth, the 2nd is celebrating a 7 decade on the throne. and we find out just what people think of her august 90 minutes on d w. ah, it's a question of whether the next crisis will come, but only when and how the media will deal with how can we stay
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focused on what is important? shaping tomorrow now. exploring opportunities for media professionals in times of crisis. the global media for june 2020 to your ticket now about a month and it's going to spend the rest of our life behind bars for margaret. her 3 got a help with programs that close. this is an awful illness. mother's nightmare starts on d. w. a
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y a this is dw news live from berlin. germany's chancellor says couldn't cannot be alive to win his war on you. crane off shall stay to russia's invasion of ukraine. show the world's democracy's need to work together to create a new form of globalization. also coming up.


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