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ah blue ah this is deed of use live from berlin. germany's chancellor says couldn't cannot be allowed to win his war on you craned off shalt said rushes. invasion of ukraine showed the world's democracies need to work together to create a new form of globalization. also coming up,
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russia steps up it attacks in eastern ukraine multiple times and cities are hit by intense shelly as moscow focuses on capturing the don bass region. ah, i'm pablo falling. yes, welcome to the program. german chancellor, all of schultz has said that russia's president couldn't, cannot be allowed to win the war in ukraine. giving a special address at the world economic forum in davos, switzerland, shows stress that russia had already failed to achieve its war aims. the chancellor also underlined in german support for ukraine, pledging that germany would end its reliance on russian oil and gas. sholtes emphasized germany and its allies would continue to support ukraine and put pressure on russia to negotiate. would be avoided the least one that
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well, i'm joined here in studio by dw clinical correspondent, julius of delhi, and dw correspondent ben physician, who joins us from the world economic form in davis. i'm gonna start with you ben. now m u crane was the top of the agenda at the world economic form. what were the main takeaways from german chancellor, olaf shelter speech on behalf well, the john chancellor had a very direct message to you can, you can rely on germany and germany has come up to the has stepped up to the plate . and so many respects, it's taken them a while in some respects, as far as are supplying weapons and supplying hippie heavy weaponry to ukraine. it hasn't been showed as far as it goes on spending money. huge amounts of money coming from germany and coming from the rest of the world to ukraine and delete the delivery of weapons from around the world. but what you cried needs is much more than that right now. analysts here have told me that the world needs to stop
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vladimir putin of the funds that he uses to run his war machine. and that includes oil and gas. the only problem is that so many countries in europe, including germany, a totally reliant on germany and russia rather full, that oil and gas. sure, the chancellor is signalled dead that germany is going to win itself off by the end of the year as far as oil goes, but that won't be quick enough for the ukrainians. they're telling us that up to a 100 soldiers dying every day in the eastern parts of the country. there are citizens who are being targeted and killed, and the heretic stories and accounts way hearing here in the pictures. ah, just that horrify. i'm going to bring in a julia who's here with me in studio what stood out for you. but definitely it was and a show by shots of what germany has done so far for ukraine. the chancellor has come
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under criticism of both in, in the country and outside for germany not doing enough to help you. crane ukraine itself has criticized germany for not delivering enough weapons and weapons that are not heavy enough. and it shows today, wanted to show that germany is there for its partners, is there for ukraine, and is doing as much as it can to, to support ukraine. but the chancellor also took a wider perspective and took a step back from the war in ukraine and focused on his vision of the world in the next few years and decades. he said back, he doesn't see the world as 2 competing polls, for example, between the u. s. and china, but as a multi polar world where new countries that haven't been as rez, relevant until now, she'll take on more important countries like india, countries like south africa. and all these countries will have to cope cooperate together for of the world order to actually function in a, in
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a meaningful way. let's go back to been in davos. then was there been much reaction from inside the forum this, what analysts, i was speaking to about this point on china, which was very interesting. the german chancellor is very subtle in some of his messages and he only touched on this quite briefly. the repression that china exert inch and jang and forced labor camps. there. it's been a huge political issue for some years now and a corporate issue as well, with pressure on companies to stop using and sourcing these factories in that part of china. and the message from can roth from human rights watch was that russia is overshadowing the real enemy here being china. i've heard this from other analysts as well that china is the next to enemy. and the china is looking on
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a serving this war quite closely to see how far russia gets with its war. that it's, that it's a campaigned on ukraine that's raging in ukraine and to see how far it could get in perhaps it's moves on taiwan. we've heard a very strong warnings from the u. s. presidential biden, as far as taiwan goes, but how willing the american public would be to back a war that would evolve chai, china and taiwan. that's another question i want being such a small island so far away from america. right? julia brief if you could. and how do you think shows his address is going to be received here in, in germany, but also in europe too. we haven't seen much new coming out of his speech. these are a lot of issue that issues that he already had talked about and other occasions also,
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for example, with an interview with our chief political correspondent this week. but especially looking at ukraine. we've seen the korean foreign minister just a few days ago now in davos, saying that a ukraine doesn't really expect germany to be in the lead in terms of delivering weapons to the country. and all of shots hasn't really promised anything in that sense. in this speech, so probably the ukranian requests and wishes in that sense are not necessarily going to be met with this. each are going to leave it. there are dw gluco corresponding julia. so deli and deed of you correspondence, ben physician in davos. thank you to both of you. while russia continues to pound ukraine's eastern don bass region, it's aiming to take the industrial heartland. after failing to capture the ukrainian capital, keith. moscow says it will continue the offensive until it achieves it's gold.
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ukrainian forces are doing their best to push back russian troops despite heavy shelling in this village now back in ukrainian hands. residents tell of their fears as the russians arrived. but i don't think you can we try to keep out of the way miss. i mean, yeah, well, maybe we should go back to the basement. she says that a little bit as a team of associated press film, russian artillery, keep up the bombardment along the road. more evidence of the fighting rushes objective is to cease to don best provinces. done yet in the hands in the east, at least 12 people were killed by shelling as heavy fighting continues in and around civil war to nits. the local governor says the russians have taken 3 towns in the
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genetic region. russian troops are gaining ground in the east. these are frontline positions now abandoned by ukraine. but further away from the fighting in areas where the ukrainians have regained control residence are determined to start over. over 34 to 30 people are returning home, even though it's safer to wait further away, but it's easier to teach us. her vision was personally mr. luda bowed up. i to the for them you, people are coming back to their houses and starting to rebuild the helping our military, your school, what we asked the battle for done best intensifies, many more lives will be lost, right? let's bring in the w, my ts, filling out who is in the city of chroma torres,
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can you cranes eastern don bass region? i'm it is good to see you. now what can you tell us about the situation in the strategically important city of seattle and don't ask well, this city is actually has been shelled for a long time now. it's surrounded from 3 sides by the russian army inside the city. the ukrainian army is holding, but it's a becoming increasingly more difficult as the main bridge leading into the city that side, that is not a way it's not surrounded is a river actually, and this bridge has been blown up and they're very few smaller one smaller bridge actually that leads into the city, so it's very difficult to get supplies. their water and electricity are down in the city and mobile signal as well. the same is true for the sister city that lies on the other side of the address river. this, it shuns, most of the cities have been cut off,
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electricity and water drinking water needs to be brought there. and the main danger is now that the road that leads into these 2 cities into less a chance can then buy a smaller bridge into a smaller than it might be. count fighting has been intense along the main road going in there. and the russians have even been on that road, but then they have been ford back. but it's very dangerous to drive their cars that take this road are being regularly. sheldon evacuations are only possible in armored vehicles, so it's a very tough situation. there's one other road, but it's small. it doesn't have the same capacity as, as, as this one. so the danger is, of course, that those 2 cities will end up being completely surrounded and then we would await a we would see probably something like in mary you for where a whole city is, including the residence, to remain there more than $30000.00 people in the to cities where these residents would be trapped together with the military trying to fight them off. being shelled,
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constantly. now at president lansky refuses to give up any ukrainian territory, so no concession spokane ukrainian forces hold on to the east of the country while the ukrainian, the forces are holding many positions here. so every day we get reports that 10 attacks by the russians. for example, have been fought back, but an 11th attack does succeed. and if that continues over a long period of time, there are significant games. so this is not an easy game for the russians if they're not easily taking any positions, but they have a lot of firepower, a lot of artillery and they keep shelling these positions have been keeping selling these positions for 3 months. ukraine has said several times, and they need more, tillery, i'm, they are getting a tillery from the western partners from the u. s. notably the m 777. how it says, for example, are very useful for them, but it doesn't seem to be enough at the moment. did you correspond mateus putting
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out in crime, a tourist can eastern ukraine? thank you. the ukrainian film butterfly vision has premiered at the cannes film festival. it was filmed and done thus almost a year before russia's invasion of ukraine. it tells the story of a young ukrainian soldier, captured and raped by russian troops, a fiction that reflects the reality of russia's war in ukraine. it's the story of a female fighter lillia, a ukrainian soldier after 2 months as a russian prisoner, she is released while in jail. she had repeatedly raped my wife as well. now the question is, how will she ever find peace again? especially when she later finds out that she is pregnant on it's the feature film debut of ukrainian director, maxine not connection because it's a story of survival. it's a story of
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a will to survive and to keep standing and fighting. and the i hope it would make its contribution into our general survival standing and fighting as ukraine. filming started at the beginning of last year in don bus were fighting, had been going on for years before the major russian attack there earlier this year was the fictional story they were producing, turned into reality with all the horrors of a war whose end is not in sight, star more thought of them. fifthly, our general and the cultural identity in particular is under attack. and that's why each case of ukrainian culture being successful, being presented to being a loud and noticed search is, is a part of us still being alive and presenting the film here in con, also shows that the war affects everyone, including those on the red carpet at
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a glamorous film festival. well, here's a reminder of the top story we're following for you. german chancellor, olaf shall, says russian president vladimir putin can not be allowed to win in ukraine. he also said that germany will end its dependence on russian oil and gas. sholtes was addressing the final day of the world economic form in davos, switzerland. that's all from us for now. coming up next, chris kolber takes a closer look at chance her shows his vision for the global economy. that's in detail you visits. i'll see again the next are by with one of main kinds, oldest ambitions.


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