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a south, a method is going to spend the rest of her life behind bars for murdering her 3 dog . with making the site down part of psychosis is an awful illness. postpartum is a nasty mothers nightmare starts june 4th on d w. ah. this is did other news asia coming up to date? i've gone to sans children facing hunger and diminishing hope. stock warnings by the un say more than a 1000000 could be on the verge of death to, to malnutrition. he's dead a way to save a generation under threat. we speak to a eunice official in auburn. and india's wheat, you turn,
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the country promised wheat exports to boost noble food supplies for the reality of climate change has forced rethink. ah, i'm british manager, welcome to d w. news asia. glad you could join us the you and say some 95 percent of afghans aren't getting enough food to eat this in a country facing its worst drought in 40 hours. in addition to an economy in free fall, since the tale bond took over, the biggest impact of all this is on the most vulnerable of la nissan's children. eunice have seized more than $1000000.00 children under the age of 5. this year could become so by ladders, they'd be on the verge of death. on next report profile these children. but
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a warning, some viewers might find some images distressing their tiny bodies wasting away from hunger. these infants at the meanwhile hospital in kandahar province, a dangerously on the weight their immune system severely compromised. medical staff harrassing cases like this and alarming numbers. mothers, a helpless to ease their babies distress both desperately need food. i wasn't able to breastfeed him properly and now he's in this situation. he's constantly losing weight and cries allows. i know it's all because of hunger, but i can't do anything with the hospital has admitted more than
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a 1000 children with malnutrition. over the past 6 months, 30 of them didn't survive. afghanistan's most vulnerable falling victim to the countries, multiple crises with asthma, it is and what it is, the reasons for the increased number of cases are many that the 1st one is drought . and then there's the shortage of food supplies and joblessness. many people are out of work. so when their lack of jobs, drought and poverty, the number of severe acute malnutrition cases will increase. one of the demos kids issue with them. after the taliban takeover last year, emergency aid many to stave off and outright famine over the winter. but now food relief efforts struggling to keep pace and agencies a warning of was to come here in kandahar city entire families are struggling to
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feed themselves with his mother's 8 month old son died from malnutrition just weeks ago. now she feels for her other children to come up with. i think that may be home at most. i will. i think the government hasn't helped us at all. no one has asked us if we're hungry or have something to eat or not. if someone doesn't help her support and i fear my other children will also die of hunger. a thought with worn ukraine threatening, global grain supplies. if kenneth stands cries for more, food are becoming increasingly difficult to answer. and jeremy novel, more from kabul, is units of, of gone. his son's chief of nutrition. melanie galvan was galvan, do, uni, surf, and other agencies have the resources they need to be able to help us gone hasanti children. i would say at this point in time, know we're seeing a situation that are getting increasingly worse,
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and really we haven't seen very much funding in the past couple months. so the situation is getting a little bit ahead of our ability to fun programs to deal with it. not last december units, i've had insurance, largest ever single country. your pin for gone isn't. that was valued at about $2000000000.00. are you saying that that that money didn't derive didn't know when i was speaking, speaking on nutrition funding, which i know of it better than probably the broader basket were substantially underfunded from, from where we need to be. we're looking at possibly a 1000000 children over a 1000000 children this year that will be severely malnourished. and that's an astounding number for us. we have received actually really excellent funding from germany and very, very thankful for that, which will allow us to do some prevention programming. and again, fully grateful,
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but the situation around a coupon. nutrition has got ahead of some of our ability to prevent it as well. talk to me a bit about the malnutrition issue. i mean, what about the long term impacts off this enough on i'll be looking at lasting health issues for an entire generation. oh my goodness. yes. you definitely. although we can treat a severely malnourished child and 9 out of 10 children are, are treated and recover. they, it actually does have repercussions then one of the, one of the strangest is it had a kind of long term effect on disease is non communicable diseases like diabetes in later like obesity and later like strange things that you wouldn't, you wouldn't think of. we also a few moments will also affect the intellectual kind of ability of a child going forward, which of course has a domino effect because their ability to learn in school is affected. their ability
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to get a good job at the fact that it's a disastrous situation. really, so what do agencies need to be able to help a lot of children? well, there's a couple things right now that we find are really quite critical. the situation, the reason we're seeing the attrition is really kind of multifaceted. there is a drought, there's poverty, we've got really kind of outbreaks of health, serious health issues, all sorts of things that impact on the nutritional status of the child. and therefore, one of the things we actually need and, and we've been searching for is, is, is program to allow us to deal with cas to, to give to families. because the family will actually choose up food and education and health care for, for, for their children. but it allows them to make those decisions themselves a little bit about how they want to split that up. because depending well, depending on the needs of the family, the what we call food insecurity of families ability to feel comfortable that they
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have enough money to buy their next meal is it's really quite a bad problem for us. and so that's the sort of thing we're looking for his cash to help with those programs. can you talk to us a bit about the role, the volleyball playing and all of this? i mean, how concerned are they about the situation? and do you find that they are taking active measures to help the people they are all you know, the total amount of talent that have been always very interested in this situation . they've allowed us access to areas for which we had no access for 20 years, which is a just a remarkable change. started even september, october. so they were very encouraging to get out to areas that had seen virtually no help in the past. i would say we, we have the coordination relationship with them. we don't have a financial relationship of course, but they have come out with their own funds to co monitor programs. so we do find around health and nutrition. they're very interested in the well being of the
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population. we live at the for the timing, but thank you so much for joining us today. eunice, have gone, it sounds chief of a nutrition. melanie galvan. thank you so much, ma'am. thank you very much. ah, blue. the ukraine war has reduced global food supplies, wheat a staple for millions can no longer leave the country. ukraine's traditionally been one of the world's largest exporters of the grin. now india had promised to step in and fill the gap, but then was forced into a you ton debilitating heat waves caused by climate change have lowered yields this year, and the country is prioritizing feeding its own population over the world. she is just one of millions in india, living constantly with the threat of starvation sop, not can only survive thanks to the country's national nutrition policy. every month
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she can pick up week we're free. during the pandemic, the ration was increased to 8 kilos per person. at home, she makes choppy, it's the family's daily bread. the need we need this low cost wheat if we didn't have it, and i just don't know how i'd be able to feed my children. they'd starve 1300000000 people live in india. they all need bread. they all need wheat. indian agriculture is therefore critically important. farmers like ramco palm is one of those feeding the country. mit busy, the guy having 5 vectors of land on which i grow. we've already in the lands goods ah, we have rich harvested just not this year. can you go? many high temperatures have ruined everything. look of did ag fields that are almost bare are now being cultivated and way too early, but farmers have to bring in the week before it totally dries out. the heat wave that's hit, the country means her uncle paul has no choice. give
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a call to just look at that law. this is as big as the wickedness out there. you know, other years this would have been the worst quality possible you body move. now, what's the best i've got? i'm good because of the heat. i've lost 50 percent of my leona donna losses everywhere. and practically everything that is harvested lunch here in state storage facilities. india's hunger problem could get a lot worse because of this year's crop failure. that's why the government is now prohibiting wheat, exports. me said, govern. mother. there's been a couple of months right that we no longer export retest agreement. supplies could be title book, then we'd have nothing for ourselves yet and would have to import wheat would neither jamiracle, yamma one the getting a huff on a few weeks ago the government had different plants. it said india would help feed the world, replacing exports from ukraine, which having severely hit by russia's invasion, however, then came the heat wave prompting the government to make a u turn. and these are all crucial elections for the b to b, because of the tip is one of the main content doesn't these elections?
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and this fi food scheme they have discovered is proving to be a huge selection of enough of them. so, you know, they need, they need stocks of grain. the unfortunate thing is that it's destroying our credibility. you not ambition to be a world leader. but exceptions are being made just like here, 2000 tons of wheat are being sent off to afghanistan. and with a lot of fanfare, starvation is a world wide problem in india wants to be seen to be helping the wider world and not just itself. and that intent appears to have been noticed. here is the wild food program chief, david beesley, talking to the media at the world economic forum in davos. well, we're talking to india now and trying to break through some solutions to help the crisis who were facing that we do ask all nations to restrict trade barriers in a court limitations because we need as much free trades we can possibly get. but at
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the same time, we're planning to work with india who has a lot of grain production, see what they can do to contribute to helping us resolve the global food insecurity problem that we're facing right now. david beesley bear from the world food program and that's it for today is more from the region. and in particular, the situation in afghanistan on our website, the deborah dot com forward slash asia. i'm as ever, you can follow us on facebook and twitter as well back again tomorrow. at the same time. we'll see you then goodbye. stories that people of the world over the information. they provide the opinions they want to express. d, w on facebook and twitter, up to date and in touch. follow us.
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ah ah, ah. she has been described as a symbol of the spirit of freedom, an honor with many awards now, including the charlemagne price for fighting for democracy and human rights in her home country. she atlanta to see her novice kaya is to lead out a democratic opposition of belarus,
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and she is here with us today. hello. to years ago, you had the courage to stand up to the bill or was sin regime risking everything you life, you freedom, the custody for your children? what was the most painful moment during this time? oh, you know, there were a lot of painful moments but may be for me personally, the most painful moment was when they had to leave bella ross when i was threatened and they had to choose her between children and freedom. and so as i have her toward children who are hard of hearing, i have to take care of them. so that momento i chose to be with them, but i didn't give up my fight. and i, for this 2 years, i'm fighting on side with all berson. it was actually you husband who was running for president in 2020 and only after he got arrested you decided that decided to.


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