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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  May 26, 2022 4:45pm-5:01pm CEST

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well, and for years turkey's coastal destination antalya has relied on a steady flow of russian tourists. but i'm at times of war. things are much different this summer season. i'm chris kolber and berlin. welcome to the program. german jazz lol of schultz has given the final keynote address that the world economic forum and doubles the speech is 1st that the event focus obviously on the ongoing war in ukraine and how the west has been united in its response to the russian aggression mister shawls mentioned the importance of the world coming together to respond to the war. he also called for the west to work together with countries in asia, africa, to jointly fight food insecurity and rising prices for energy. he said that europe will wean itself off russian oil by the end of the year. let's take unless the a man dodge, land, or door open. we're making germany and europe independent of energy imports from
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russia hold in terms of the hull that is already done. and 4 owl, now we want to attain that by the end of the year. and i want and even with gas, but we're working intensively on being independent of russia. we're looking at floating ellen, g terminals and other sources lawyer. but so expense work or, and we working on building the necessary infrastructure to terminals, minute 40 for pipeline life. it had never before seen pace had forensic club sermon, shazlaw shalt speaking. there. now let's cross over to our very own benfor sewland in davos. been how confident are people where you are that europe's biggest economy will make this transition, this shift away from russian fossil fuels in a rather short time. and the experts i've spoken to here. christoph say they can do it even quicker. it was interesting to hear what shots had to say there,
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that person is pushing us towards carbon neutrality. that's the fact we were seeing . the 2nd wind for the renewables sector, and one of the bosses and a danish company best as the biggest wind turbine maker in the world, said that russia's missing out big time. that there's a huge, vast wind resource there that i can be tapped into. and they were building to huge factories there with hundreds of workers, but they've had to pull out because of the war. they're re focusing on ukraine, where they were already building a wind turbines. and a saying that ukraine could become germany's new energy partner. and it could also become a green energy partner for the whole of europe when talking about hydrogen, our which ola sholtes also touched on there. and so the prospects are very optimistic. a been part of the story though, is also that for now, energy firms like b,
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p like the shelves of the world. they are raking in high profit things and part to a spike in oil prices. now, some like the ear and britain pondering a wind fall tax of these profits. what do people in davos mega and a new study shows that the oil companies have made some 3000000000 euros and profits ah, just from this war, which has only been going on for 3, a huge amount of money in that time. and you've got to ask yourselves, oh, what's changed as far as their cost base goes? there pumping up the prices where paying that at the petrol pump, or we're seeing that in inflation, ukrainians, suffering from fuel shortages. in the meantime, i'm but what groups like greenpeace here in davos want to see is the a, you intervening. they want to see an investigation into why those prices are going
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up. all of a sudden. they also want to see a guidance from the you given to member states to bring in or slap these companies with a wind full tax. that would make a huge difference if that money was then funneled into ukraine to help. whether or not it comes to humanitarian efforts or rebuilding the country, which is kind of going to cost a huge amount of money. and been briefly, what would be obstacles sir, to these sir, when full taxes? well, of course the companies themselves and whether or not a member states do actually make some sort of move and tax these companies. i think it's a no brainer, but we'll see what happens. it's highly political, of course the w's men fizzle, and in davos. ben, thank you. so some have profited
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off of the world's current problems, but for many live has become more difficult, international charity, oxfam saying the gap between the rich and the poor keeps widening. here is the executive director of oxfam international. so doing the pandemic and you, billionaire was minted every 30 hours and now in 2022 every 33 hours. 1000000 people are falling into extreme poverty. the world's richest people. 2 indian businessmen have for years had their place secured mucus on bonnie and galton a. dottie, when the pandemic began, mokesha vania was india's wealthiest person. he is the chairman managing director and largest shareholder of reliance industries. but now billionaire industrialists on donnie has replaced him. he is now the world's 5th richest person. according to forbes, this year loan gout m, a, donnie added $30000000000.00 to his wealth. outpacing other billionaires the same time. scores of indians are being pushed into poverty as the gap between the rich
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and the poor. increases again for more we go to delhi, andy w's charo carty chaos. tara good to see you. aid groups are saying this trend that we're seeing is reversing years of progress. when it comes to lifting people out of poverty, tell us more. i could good to see you and yes, of course the this report, the trends that it is flagging that has been flagged by several other reports as well. there are several risk list that point out that number of for millionaires in india is continuously rising. there's the hulu list, there's bloomberg dest fob several other lists. so corroborating the fact, but yes, of course, that web is not being distributed and which is leading to this growing gap between the rich and the poor in india. that is also corroborated by several reports. here, for example, the national family health survey,
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which the government of india conducts every 4 years a dead, our independent pink tanks also that have been bringing this fact out. now there are international ting tanks as well, for example, the parish based world inequality lab has also got a body to the figure saying that 10 percent of indian population had captures are more than half of its national wealth. now, this has several, her book actions for the poor, for those who now struggle in making that ends meet. and this has only the pandemic has only exacerbated the situation where we are well aware that millions of people lost their jobs, millions or, or were pushed into extreme poverty. in fact, government or the federal government itself has been going to town, claiming that is provided free food to at least 800000000 people during the pend nebeker. now that's a very, very significant number, and that it just goes on to suggest that things are so hard for millions of indians,
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while a fuel on the other hand, keep getting richer and richer. and the balsamic has only further exacerbated that chris left, sorry about that. one of these few that you mentioned, bare gout m r. danny has become the 5th, the richest person in the world by adding $30000000000.00 to his wealth this year alone. how well it helps that. oh, but he's in the good books of the federal ago when got to madonna's uh, business. oh it, it acquired new heights when the current prime minister, not in the movie was the chief minister of goods rod. that's when got them. when danny got the initial phillip to his business in bio, which has only expanded, ever since, and during the term of the pandemic there, danny adoni enterprises has ventured into several domains largely in the infrastructure space. so from boards from c boards to airports to coal mailing. and now even simon, the latest deal for which
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a donnie was in the headlines was acquiring india. businesses offer holds him india now becoming a, essentially a segment giant also in india. so all these acquisitions have a, made a donnie look like an industrialist who is ready to take risks and further expand the basket for which are the dani group of industry uses known. and which is why now he is racing ahead of the elf, of all those other 1000000000 as that the india story was a synonymous with. and now a danny is a replacing those names. did i was just charge car to carry on deli charo. thank you. it is to turkey now and in previous years the countries and talia region relied on russian tourists. the phil is streets, beaches, and hotels. this year, thanks to the ramifications of russia's warning crane. the popular coastal destination expects a significant slump in visitors. they are only
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a few people on anti as beaches, but it's early in the season. hotels are preparing for what they hope is a rush of vacationers last year, some 6700000 came from russia and ukraine. this year they likely won't, lieutenant was that the clock level, so he's in the industry is for offering very badly from the ukraine crisis on normally we would already be fully blocked for july and for yes, but this year there are fewer bookings from russia. suppose there hardly any reservations for that period yet. as of april mamma, the turkish tourism industry expects only $2000000.00 russian and ukrainian vacationers this year. some of them have already arrived the abilene police the to see you go to some, i'm from st. petersburg law. i came to turkey because a situation in my country, russia thomas is not good at the moment. barrios,
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but i wanted to rest to clear my head. so we came to turkey. it is agreed mozilla looking at the moment. turkey is the only place that we can go till i come from mos cole. about her a month ago. oh, doper thaws dough. open local turkish bank account. oh to her. ah, the coven option door use a minute? some co unsigned to rush is western sanctions against russia have led to payment problems for russian tourists. kitchen i boy injure last month. our guests only found out here that their credit cards no longer worked some than paid with western union and others with crypto currencies. but that's a very big hurdle for tourism of critical medical, loveless. now, payments can also be made via the russian payment system. am i?
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are the tourist industry is hoping torres from other countries will make up for the loss of russian tourists, germans and brits have already booked more trips than they did during the same period last year. and locals are hopeful that the streets of antalya will fill up in time for high season. and so thanks for watching. ah ah, with oh,
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she is the epitome of european royalty. but to the vast majority of her britain, she has always just been her majesty. elizabeth, the 2nd is celebrating us 7 decade on the throne. and we find out just what people think of her focus on europe in 30 minutes on d. w. ah not has no limits. love is for everybody. love is live. i love matter. and that's my new podcast, i'm evelyn sharma. and i really think we need to talk about all the topics that
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more divides and deny that this i have invited many deer and well known guests. and i would like to invite you to an end or i'm just kinda, i think that's hard. and in the end this, i mean, you are not allowed to see you anymore. we will send you back. are you familiar with this reliance as of the what's your story. ready ready ah, i was women, especially victims of violence, take part and send us your story. we are trying always to understand this new culture. so you are not a visitor, not the guests. you want to become a citizen. in phil migrants, your platform for reliable information. ah
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this is d, w y from berlin to russia, intensifies its assault on dom bass, multiple towns and cities. i hate by intense shelling as moscow focuses on capturing ukraine's industrial hot land. also on the program. jemma chancellor, olaf stokes tells the world economic forum that russia cannot be allowed to win the world and a vigil for the victims of america's worst school shooting for a decade, which has renewed the debate of a gun violence in the u. s.


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