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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  May 26, 2022 11:15pm-11:31pm CEST

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years andy fletcher, the keyboardist for the british band depeche mode is died at the age of 60 ledger was a founding member of the band, which after forming in the late seventy's help, popularized electronic music around the world. the songs you know and enjoy the silence personal jesus depeche mode, released a statement, saying that they were shocked and filled with sadness and fletcher's pass. you're watching the w news up next. he w business mused with ra once i will see you tomorrow i nico is in germany to learn german polish pinnacle. why not learn with him online, on your mobile and free this f. c, w e learning course, nikos vague? ah
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ah, ah, the globalization is not the solution. germany's chancellor says wrapping up this year's world economic forum meeting all i've shown says economic resilience is the key to success. and the new crisis preowned world. viaz turkeys, coastal destination antalya has relied on
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a steady flow of russian forests. this summer is looking very different. the state of the business owner of watts in berlin. welcome to the program. germany's chancellor has warned the world's business leaders not to give up on globalization . while our schoultz has given the final keynote address at the world economic forum, annual meeting in davos, he says, diversification of politics and business will be key to the future. but they mustn't lead to tariff barriers and protectionism. the war and ukraine also dominated his speech in which he praised the west united response to russian aggression. he also said, moved to end. his country's reliance on russian energy were well underway. $100000000.00 bill, macintosh slant opa, we're making germany and europe independent of energy imports from russia in terms of coal that is already done and for oral. now we want to attain that by the end of the year. and i want and even with gas,
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but we're working intensively and being independent of russia. we're looking at floating ellen, g terminals, and other sources lawyer but trucks fence work, and we're working on building the necessary infrastructure terminals, minute 40 from pipeline at a never before seen pace for months. well, as well as sourcing its oil and gas from elsewhere, germany is also hoping to move towards a greater reliance on renewable energy sources. most in debt, home is group senior vice president of the world's biggest wind turbine make a vest us from denmark. he's been speaking to d. w correspondent in davos benches, even is the shift away from fossil fuels, giving renewables a 2nd wind or a global supply chain disruptions and inflation, putting the brakes on renewables. what do you think? i think this is going to give an enormous boost of renewables. and the good example of that was just last week at one of our facilities in denmark for prime ministers from the north sea, announced a $150.00 gigawatts of additional offshore wind. as
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a consequence off off the invasion of ukraine, i've talked to many experts here who believe that ukraine has a big role to play in renewables. could you tell me more about that? ukraine has absolutely all the renewable resources that one could result. there is a wind built going through ukraine that could power all of your if, if you can put mine in mind to it. so i think that should be one of their focus areas. once we get back to, to a normal situation that for you credential, harvest those resources, i mean absolutely phenomenal. what would ukraine need to do that? i believe it would involve a huge financial investment. it was already on that path before the war broke out, and renewable development was moving fast in ukraine, simply because the economic stacks up with that type of wind resources. and the fact that level of cost of energy for wind has become so low and no subsidies needed. you could just go ahead and start building out all that resource. it was doing that before the war, and i'm sure we'll get back to it wants to was a,
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what was russia also on that path? absolutely. russia had have some of the similar profiles, the wind resources, huge wind resources. so for sure, russia was on that same path. so what happened to your 2 big factories there and your 700 employers employees role. as i said, we, we've exit it, russia, and that's a consequence of what's happened to those workers. i mean, so far we've been paying our employees, but we'll have to, to see what happens. do you see this stretching out this, this conflict, or do you see some sort of end from the people you've been speaking to here at dublin? i am not an expert on that. i'm just 2nd by the fact that we have this war it's, it's an absolute catastrophe. and for me as a renewable energy expert, seeing all that wind resources, gives me hope that the massive commercial opportunities and ukraine wants the boys are good on. thank you very much. thank you. away from dallas now on the us economy
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contracted by 1.5 percent in the 1st quarter combat with a year earlier. that's a slightly bigger drop in gdp than the 1.4 percent previously estimated. it's also worse performance by the us economy since the 2nd quarter, 2020. when you may remember, the corrosion of ours pandemic was taking hold. this time round, strong consumers spending and q one fell to offset factors including a widening trade deficit. for more on this last cross to our financial correspondence on wall street. yes, of course. again, thanks for being with us as ever. so you're going to be doing worse than expected in the 1st quarter. what's the problem? it has been worse, but if we compare it to what happened in the 2nd quarter of 2020 it's by far not as severe back then the economy contracted by a good 30 percent. but then again, it also came back by more than 30 percent. and the 3rd quarter of 2020. what,
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what happened in the, in the 1st 3 months of the year, as you mentioned, trade deficits has been the main factor that we saw, a negative growth rate and for the united states, but also the us, the corporation. them actually saw lots of the we did see the u. s. government spending much less money than we've seen in the quarter prior. and then coming back to the us corporation, they also built less inventory. then we saw earlier. so all of those sectors contributed to the negative growth rate here in the united states to one. but one of the characteristics of the world economy that a couple of years is better. they seem to change so fast and was the actual outlook for the us economy now. so far, most economists are pretty positive that at least in their 2nd quarter,
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the united states will return to the growth rate just the radically, if we showed the another contraction in q 2. so that would mean that we would actually reach recession here in the united states. but nobody really sees that at this point, especially because the us consumers still seems to be pretty strong. the labor market seems to be solid. so all of those effectors that probably will contribute to economists expect roughly a growth of about 2 percent. now in the 2nd quarter. ok, and quarter in new york for a thank you very much. max breton has announced a 25 per cent windfall tax on oil and gas producers profits. it's part of a $15000000000.00 pound or almost $18000000000.00 euro package to support households struggling to pay soaring bills. each u. k. home will receive
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a $400.00 pound discount on their energy costs, and those on the lowest incomes will receive more than that. finance. mr. richie soon. ack said energy companies were benefiting while britain struggled. the oil and gas sector is making extraordinary profit. oh, the results not as a result of recent changes to risk taking or innovation or efficiency as the result of surging global commodity prices. we really, paul high rockies. and for that reason, i'm sympathetic to the argument to tax those profits fairly. now some of the other, other global business stories making the news. every 3rd german is having difficulty making ends meet because of inflation. according to a survey, individuals earned less earning less than 2000. your is monthly are most affected by rising food and energy prices, half of respondents. so they need
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a salary increase of 6 to 10 percent to cope. yes, tech giant apple is set to raise work a salaries to help them cope with inflation. hourly. wages on starting salaries will be hiked, potentially making the firm more competitive in a tight u. s. labor market. i was also planning to re sellers for his global st. and the international monetary fund says it's committed to helping sri lanka, but any aid will depend on ensuring the nation's debt can be managed. shalaka has defaulted on his dad in his facing di, shortages of fuel food on medicines. this week. it appointed consultants to help restructure debt or in previous years, the turkish region of antalya relied on russian tourists to philip street, speeches and hotels. but this summer, the ramifications of russia's war in ukraine, meaning the popular coastal destination expects a significant slum and holiday makers. they are only a few people on untie beaches,
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but it's early in the season. hotels are preparing for what they hope is a rush of vacationers last year, some 6700000 came from russia and ukraine. this year they likely won't listen. it was at the chemical of is the reason the industry is referring very badly from the ukraine crisis long. normally we would already be fully booked for july and for august, but this year there are fewer bookings from russia. there hardly any reservations for that period yet. as of april moment, the turkish tourism industry expects only 2000000 russian and ukrainian vacationers this year. some of them have already arrived the abilene police the to see you go to some, i'm from st. petersburg law. i came to turkey because a situation in my country, russia thomas is not good at the moment. barrios, i wanted to rest to clear my head. so we came to turkey and it is
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a great miss. we're looking at the moment. turkey is the only place that we can go to. i come from was call about her a month ago. oh, doper thaws dough. open local turkish bank account to have huh. to have an option door? yes sir. mani some co unsigned trash. yes. western sanctions against russia have lead to payment problems for russian tourists. mitchell i ballinger last month. our guests only found out here that their credit cards no longer worked. the some then paid with western union and others with crypto currencies. but that's a very big hurdle for tourism of critical nicholas. now, payments can also be made via the russian payment system. am i are the tourist industry is hoping torres from other countries will make up for the loss of russian
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tourists, germans and brits have already booked more trips than they did during the same period last year. and locals are hopeful that the streets of antalya will fill up in time for high season. just type a reminder, the top business story we're following for you this. our germantown zoloft schoultz has delivered the final keynote at the w. e. f in davos at urged the world not to give up on globalization. and so for men of visiting hand vill info nor do i have to our website to we have com slash business till next time. okay. ah, she is the epitome of european royalty. but to the vast majority of her britain, she has always just been her majesty elizabeth the 2nd is celebrating her 7th decade on the throne. and we find out just what people think of her.
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uncle's names on d. w. l. is the end of the pandemic in site. we show what it could look like will return to normal and revisit those who are finding it difficult exceeds his successes and in a weekly coping. 19th special in 60 minutes on d, w. o. listen carefully. don't know how with to the
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a girl. ah, feel the magic discover the world around you. subscribe to d w documentary on youtube. ah, ah, hello everyone and welcome to focus on europe. it's nice to have you here with me. there will be a really special party here in europe pretty soon and it will be taking place in the united kingdom. that's.


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