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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  May 27, 2022 6:00am-6:16am CEST

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we shed light on the opaque worlds who's behind the benefits. and why are they a threat to a sole opaque world starts june, 2nd on d w with ah, ah, this is dw news alive from berlin. more signs that you cranes fight against russian forces in the east of the country is going badly. ukraine's president warns rushes offensive in don bass could make the region uninhabitable. towns and cities lie in ruins,
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as russian forces advance seeking to encircle. ukrainian troops. also coming up on the show ukraine confronts the mammoth task of prosecuting allege war crimes by russian soldiers. more than $13000.00 to cases are under investigation. last, texas police face questions over their response to the you valgy school massacre. parents, a officers were slow to move in while the gun man shot his young victims. 19 students and q teachers died. the massacre ah. hello, i'm clear. richardson, thanks so much for joining us. ukraine has warning that russia is edging closer to it to surrounding its troops in the eastern don bass region. russian forces are launching attacks on dozens of towns in lou hans and de gnats, in what could be a turning point in moscow efforts to consolidate control in the east ukrainian
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president volunteers. lensky is demanding more action from western allies. my like, this is what life in ukraine's east looks like now. residence of the city of lucy, chance desperate to escape the constant shelling shelter here in this basement. why the many here urgently need medical supplies, but traveling to get them is too risky. will not only get so my father suffered a stroke, and there are many others in these houses who need medication go to the doctor when decremental ukraine says the fighting in the east is fiercer than ever, but nearly all of the loo hans district underbrush and control some of castilla heights, a scrub. the situation remains difficult and is getting worse through him. but the enemy is using all its power and means to capture our territory and surround our
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troops in the fighting has reached its maximum intensity. to date, mister william was several amongst among the infants. certainly still. moscow has set of fights on gaining control of the dunbar. ukraine's industrial hot land russian tubes attempting to encircle ukrainian forces by seizing t highways in the region. mentioning the current offensive by russia in the don bus could make the region uninhabitable. putting pressure on russia is literally a matter of saving lives. and every day of delay weakness, debates or proposals to pacify the aggressor at the expense of the victim means more ukrainians killed white g grange. ukraine says 50 towns and the region came under shelling, poster, which killed at least 9 beeper. filled up with duction troops gaining ground residents, p o c, noise, keep inside. and here's the w correspondent,
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rebecca readers with an update on the situation in eastern ukraine. things are not looking good by all accounts with ukraine authorities even admitting that they are really struggling to maintain any kind of upper hand that they've actually lost the upper hand. in the don't beth region, the mayor all the story. the governor rather of lou hands because said the russians now control almost 95 percent of that region that's up from 90 percent of from last week. so they are making progress and they are moving forward and the ukrainians are really struggling to even hold them. and keep them back at this stage. we're hearing report to every one rocket. all one artillery that's fine from the ukrainian side. you've got 10 coming in the other direction. so that gives you an indication of sort of the heaviness on the russian side. they think this is going to be a very decisive moment in the battle. you've got presidents lensky and the foreign minister, just singing out screaming, shouting from the weapons they are really calling on the international community.
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this is almost 2, like we've also say renewed shilling in hockey. so things are really hating up in the 8th of the country. rebecca rivers there and to captured russian soldiers have pleaded guilty at the 2nd war crimes trial to be held in ukraine. they're facing sentences of up to 12 years for allegedly shelling civilian infrastructure. and the case is just one of thousands that ukrainian authorities are investigating and fresh evidence of war crimes is found every day. due to these max thunder reports from ukraine, his iep inside the forest lies in anonymous grief. however, chose this place, didn't want anyone to find it. 2 months after the end of the russian occupation here, the body of the ukrainian man was on earth. his passport found here by the police say, the death of the 56 year old civilian is linked to the russian aggression. nothing unusual. these days. the whole demo we found many and we will find more because
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a lot of people are still missing. a lot of people died. a lot of people were buried for much of bought the rules, a caught them if the victims daughter is on the scene. she tells us her father went missing on the 18th of march during the russian occupation. it's neither, so she wishes i only know you won't doubt of his house and didn't return more you. i think he went to feed the dog of the neighbor who had left. i didn't know where else he would have gone with a lot of sticky. miss gibbons, so far clues are limited as to what happened to her father. his passport shows red stains on it, possibly blood, butcher hostile mill hairpin. these towns have become synonymous with russian war crimes. worth in the 1000 people were killed in boucher alone. a neighbouring her pin, the cemetery has changed in appearance with hundreds of freshly dug graves. to day streets in the area are lined with destroyed houses and shops all over town,
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reminders of horrific acts of violence, like these cars attacked with weapons of war. so all the vehicles are see here are civilian vehicles that were used by people from boucher to try to flee from the russians and flee from the fighting. just like this vehicle over here. as we learned, it was struck in the back while trying to exit the town. it was hit by heavy machine gun fire. the bullets traveled through the entire car hitting in the back. next thing at the front and killing at least one person inside. one of more than 3000 war crimes that are now being investigated and the key of region alone, an arduous task. but authorities are making some gains. we know we have already fixed law that so we conduct versus from russia on the in key region that to where mentioned here in our territory. and we don't. so as it's a z, we're from special forces from russian federation. they came here, we have their names, their names, also even their families the default,
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but with them being out of reach of ukrainian authorities. what are the prospects of bringing these men to justice? but it's where they couldn't visit any come to where they have a possibility to be arrested. so anyway, you know that if somewhere they will come international court and international police officers and maybe the fullest, i know them and arrested. so we hope that they will find the punishment because they are guilty. so far, fewer than 50 alleged russian war criminals remain and ukrainian custody and police in the town of you've all the texas are facing criticism over the length of time it took for them to storm and elementary school, where a gunmen killed 19 children and 2 teachers the shooter was shot dead and nearly an hour after he began his rampage. and the massacre has once again raised the divisive issue of gun control in the united states. the town of who valley is
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mourning the loss of their loved ones. 900 children in 2 teachers, 21 lies it were needlessly cut short. the tightly knit community is the latest in the us to be devastated by gun violence. the texas governor greg beliefs mental health and not access to guns is the real issue. we as a state, we are the society. neither do a better job with mental health. anybody who shoes somebody else has a mental health challenge period. we have, we, as a government need to find a way to target that mental health challenge and do something about it. democrats, vito rome was vying to be the next governor of texas in an upcoming election publicly confronted, correct, albert, during his press conference, he accused the republican of being responsible for the killings by liberalizing state gun laws. the question old you need to ask
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him is why does he want violent criminals to be able to carry guns on our streets? go, go, ask him that he has not had the answer for any of this. and he gets by with this data on calling it out, i came here to called out to stop this because if we don't stop it, it will continue to happen. the community is still trying to process what happened . i was at the school where it was so pre k and kate can every morning you have to open their doors for them to get out. can you see at least to like, new them, just really sad. so we have to go through this. i'm, i'm saddened by that i'm angry at our government for not doing more about you know, gun control, but even us people across the us and around the world express grief and sympathy.
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few belief that this will be the last such tragedy. oh. and the legendary american actor ray liotta has died at the age of $67.00, the new jersey born after about his big break playing ex, convict racing claire in the 1986 black comedy, something wild. but it most iconic role was as real life monster henry hill, in martin scorsese that and good fellows where he played next to other big stars like robert de niro, and show ashy. leo died in his sleep in the dominican republic where he was filming a new movie. and the world of electronic music has lost one of its pioneers. andy fletcher, keyboardist for the british band to pass mode, has died at the age of 6. fletcher with a founding member of the band performing in the late 1970, helped to popularize electronic things around tracks like enjoy the silent
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personally depeche mode, said they were shocked and filled with sadness at fletcher. i and fans of the swedish super group. our are buzzing with excitement about the bands returned to the stage on friday in london. but there is a catch. the group won't be there in the flesh, but will instead be represented by digital avatars or avatars. ah, this is a taste of what audiences and evers, upcoming virtual concerts can look forward to holograms called avatars. seen here in their video still have faith in you. the rush for tickets for the 1st shows has been enormous. and the count down to the premier is on we are pushing boundaries and we have created something that people have never seen before. oh,
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the london concert hall was built, especially for the show. the avatars are an exact replica of the musicians. as they looked in the 1970s. no, i mean after almost 6 years of development, at least one of the members has now gotten used to the sight of his younger self. he is almost like someone else is me? yes, but he's also on someone else. and when i see my avatar on, on, on stage, it really becomes a mixture. it's as if i have kind of infused life into this guy that we see on the screen. the concert was recorded with 160 cameras over 5 weeks. the 23 songs were selected,
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including some from the new album. and although the musicians are not on stage in person, that doesn't mean they don't have stage fright. we don't know how the audience will react. i mean, they come there and they see us, but they know that the taxi, it's not us, the bond is real. we real here, but not on stage. would it be like sort of applauding a painting or something? i don't know if the avatars are convincing and the rush for tickets continues. there could be concerts in the arena in london for years to come in half day. ah, i see about as no plans. and it is what it is. and i mean we put our hearts and souls into these, i have a taught us and they will take on from now. do i have
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with you are watching dw news, stay tuned for doc film coming up next. the look at extreme climate events and what the future might have in store. if you do want more news and analysis, don't forget, you can always find that on our website at g, w dot com, where you can check us out on social media. but instagram and twitter at dhl. you news? i'm quite richardson in it for lynn for me and the team working behind the scenes. thanks for watching. imagine how many pushing of lunch us heard out in the world? climate change given comp and store. this is my pleasant way from just one week how much wife can really dealt with.


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