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[000:00:00;00] ah ah ah, this is d w. news alive from berlin. rushing back rebels claim they've taken over a key town in eastern new crime. pasco steps up. it's bombardment in dom bus aiming to encircle, defense forces, and take control of ukraine's industrial. also coming up,
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leading industrial nations have set out ambitious new climate change goals. energy ministers made in heat in berlin and to stop using coal to generate electricity. by 2035 will hear from canada's representative at the talks. and texas police under pressure over the elementary school massacre as breeding families joined calls for strict and gun controls. there are questions over how long it took the emergency team to respond. ah m, anthony, how does good have you with us? e crown this morning that russia is edging closer to surrounding its forces in its industrial hot land. dumbass. the advance could be a turning point in rushes drive to tighten its grip on key eastern regents pro russian separatist said they have taken full control of the strategic town of lema
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. russian forces the also besieging the city of chance, ukraine's president. the lot of mister lensky has accused moscow of carrying out genocide in don bus. my, it's like this is what life in jo cleans east looks like now. residence of the city of lucy chance desperate to escape the constant shelling shelter here in this basement. more than many here urgently need medical supplies, but traveling to get them is too risky. let. oh, yet yet, so my father suffered a stroke and there are many others in these houses who need medications or both. i mean, decremental ukraine says the fighting in the east is fiercer than ever. with nearly all of the lu hans district underbrush and control. some of cause little shades of scrub, this situation remains difficult and is getting worse,
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lifting him. but the enemy is using all its power and means to capture our territory and surround our troops in the fighting has reached its maximum intensity to date. mister william, mister hallmarks among the infant son wisdom. moscow has set of fights on gaining control of the dunbar. ukraine's industrial hot land russian tubes attempting to encircle ukrainian forces by seizing t highways in the region. finishing the current offensive by russia in the dawn bus could make the region uninhabitable. putting pressure on russia is literally a matter of saving lives. and every day of delay weakness, debates or proposals to pacify the aggressor at the expense of the victim means more ukrainians killed. white g grange. ukraine says 50 towns and the region game on the shelling poster which killed at least 9 people. for the reduction troops gaining ground justin's hill,
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see no escape in sight with a correspondent rebecca ritters is in the town of but the anchor on the outskirts of the capital, keith, i asked her whether the chronic government is acknowledging russian claims that things are not going well, for its forces in the east, they are anthony. in fact, sir, it's not something we've seen very often in this conflict that ukraine has said that they're, they're losing the battle, but they have authorities now saying that they have lost the upper hand, that russia has the upper hand in the don bass region. the governor villa. hans says that only 5 percent of that region which makes up half the don bass is under ukrainian control. and as you just heard in that report, russia really gaining fast. bet you they had 10 were ukraine had 10 percent last week. now they have 5 percent and is looking very likely that russia has gone to savannah surround those cities, though sister cities of las a chance. and so sarah, several done net yet, can the last ukrainian held cities in that area?
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are you crying? very worried about this and certainly calling for more weapons, a president lensky and the foreign minister really is sounding the alarm, saying that if we don't get more foreign weapons down there, we will lose this battle in the don bass. so they, they are actually agreeing with those claims that russia has the upper hand from the outside looking in. it looks like a significant moment president lindsey's nightly address struck a more ominous time on wednesday. did that message that things aren't going well in the east also land heavily with the ukrainians that you talk to definitely, anthony, there's a really a feeling of worry and fear and i've spoken to some people that say we can't even think about the worst case scenario this, they're trying to remain positive. they still feel they still have hope that they will come out victorious at the end of this, but people are watching on. what's happening in the east, with great trepidation is this really could be
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a decisive moment. what happens in the don bass, if they are successful, it will be a fantastic morale boost for russia. and of course, are really, really tough moments. the ukraine to come to terms with in the russians will likely regroup and push on. we're already seeing that they have fighting, has picked up or the missiles have hit hard key again. now obviously, russian troops were pushed out of that city and out of that region. and just recently, just last week and, and now we're seeing sort of more attempts to try and, and strike other cities also separation region and the pro. so, you know, it is a very tense moment and people are feeling that they're definitely looking on closely and, and hoping, hoping with all hope it might that, that things are going to pick up. but it certainly isn't looking very good for ukraine. right at the moment, if you still look good, my don't want to consider it pretty naturally. but what are conditions like right now for ukrainians in the dorm bass already? oh, just dye anthony, it's really hard to imagine what it must be like to be in that region right now.
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i'm people basically living pretty much under ground. they've been living without utilities and electricity for 1st, for weeks. already, our supplies are running out the food and humanitarian aid. it's getting much harder to get that humanitarian aid in. in fact, that few days ago, some humanitarian aid was making it into the hands region. but in a now it's getting more and more difficult as those roads are completely bombarded . and you know, the conditions in those areas, just from what we're hearing are really uninhabitable. president's gun zalinski saying what's happening down there is a genocide. we're talking about places that are 60 percent completely destroyed and up to 95 percent of places are completely damaged. so just really a horrific same for, for the humanity for that here for the people living there. a correspondent rebecca braces, reporting from the town of brody anchor near the capital cute will to camp said the
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russian soldiers have pleaded guilty at the 2nd war crimes trial to be held in ukraine. they facing up the 12 years in prison for allegedly shelling civilian infrastructure. the case is just one of thousands that ukrainian authorities are investigating and fresh evidence of war crimes is found every day. this report from d w max and it contains images that some viewers could find distressing. deep inside the forest lies and anonymous grief, however chose this place, didn't want anyone to find it. 2 months after the end of the russian occupation here, the body of a ukrainian man was on earth. his passport found here by the police say, the death of the 56 year old civilian is linked to the russian aggression. nothing unusual these days the horde them oh, we found many of them and we will find more because a lot of people are missing. a lot of people died. so a lot of people who are buried are much a lot. the rules a call from the victims daughter is on the scene. she tells us her father went
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missing on the 18th of march during the russian occupation. it's neither solutions . i only know you won't doubt of his house and didn't return more you. i think he went to feed the dog of the neighbor who had left. i didn't know where else he would have gone with a lot of miss. beneath it. so far, clues are limited as to what happened to her father. his passport shows red stains on it, possibly blood, butcher hostile mill hairpin. these towns have become synonymous with russian war crimes. more than the 1000 people were killed in boucher alone, a neighboring her pin. the cemetery has changed in appearance with hundreds of freshly dug graves. to day streets and the area are lined with destroyed houses and shops all over town, reminders of her if it acts of violence like these cars attacked with weapons of war saw the vehicle to see here are civilian vehicles that were used by people from
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butcher to try to flee from the russians and flee from the fighting. just like this vehicle over here. as we learned, it was struck in the back while trying to exit the town. it was hit by heavy machine gun fire and the bullets traveled through the entire car, hitting in the back. next thing at the fronts and killing at least one person inside. one of more than 3000 war crimes that are now being investigated. and the key of regional loan, an arduous task, but authorities are making some gains who, you know, we have already fixed that 300 percent from russian army and key region that were mentioned here in our church. and we're not sure was it. so they were from special forces from russian federation. they came here, we have their names, their names also even their families the default, but with them being out of reach of ukrainian authorities. what are the prospects of bringing these men to justice? but it's where they couldn't visit any country where they have a possibility to be arrested. so anyway,
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you know that if somewhere at 0 come international court and international police officers and maybe full refund on them and arrested. so we hope that they will find the punishment because they are guilty. so for fewer than 50 alleged russian war, criminals remain ukrainian custody or satellite images have become one of the main sources of information about what is happening as the war unfolds photos and videos taken from space, document key events on the ground and can provide vital evidence of atrocities. images like this sponge showing the destruction of mario paul a providing crucial insights into russia's war in ukraine. satellite technology has become a game changing tool and documenting atrocities. this is mary you pulled before the
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russian invasion there. this is how the city looked afterwards. mary u pulse theater, where hundreds of civilians were sheltering before a devastating air strike. the word children is written on the ground on either side of it. as this next image shows that did nothing to deter the attackers. these are just some examples of how satellite imagery often captured by commercial companies as helping investigators pinpoint what's happening on the ground. when russian troops withdrew from the city of boucher, near kiff, ukrainian forces discovered streets lined with the bodies of civilians. russia claimed these scenes were staged by ukraine after its troops had gone. but a satellite image showed what appeared to be bodies lying in the street nearly 2 weeks before the russians left the town. it showed how these pictures can also provide evidence of potential war crimes. year shouldn't take what we have
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conclusive evidence, model satellite images, and we can conduct a full and transparent investigation. that is what we're interested in the maximum axis for journalists, maximum cooperation with international institutions. involvement of the international criminal court, complete truth and full accountability. commercial satellites mean pictures like these showing what appears to be mass graves and now widely available. it's changing the way war crimes are investigated and could prove vital in ukraine's efforts to hold perpetrators to justice. so how important our satellite images in documenting potential war crimes in ukraine. early i asked military analyst franklin, which well antony, as far back as 1995 space asset satellites, known as military satellites, gave us the confirmation that certain forces of 70000 people. and we'll look at the same scale today. and now it's not only military satellites, but civilian satellite, so satellites,
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company companies that are doing the evidence that they provide, as your report indicated, is, tends to be corroborative of the reports have information other possible brought forward what they cost effective is an eye in the sky, they can identify units that can identify vehicles that can identify movement, and of course, they nailed down the time and space very closely for forensic purposes, so become rather a vital element. now in walker investigation. so the investigator has already happened, but in terms of revealing positions, how useful are these images for the boring parties when it comes to deciding military strategy of what's to come? the most important element now for, for taking contemporary mechanize will feel like this or any will phase what's called ice, which is essentially because it's not knowing what's going on the battlefield and what the space the main allows you to do. now space to main. anthony is now is
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a whole arena, will find itself, is growing importance. so what it can do for you is it can tell you what's going on . visually an individual spectrum, you're looking at 10 or 5, sometimes even 5 centimeters resolution. you can just about recognize people from the way that they support themselves and you can certainly recognize vehicles and other things like that. and you can even do it through cloud cover with what's called synthetic aperture. radar. not only that, of course you can watch all the vehicles and you can see we saw at the start of this war, how russian moves absolutely track even by civilian assets. but military us is far more capable. you've got military satellites who bring up all the signals intelligence, you're also hearing what's going on. and finally, you can tell when rockets are being fired, where artillery lines where it's being fired and the, what's called measurement and signature intelligence. it's vital, not much more than it, it makes the whole battlefield transparent, essentially,
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which is why that space domain is now so vital using that transparency. what do you see now? russia's attention is now focused on the don best region. what chance does the great army have of defending their positions? they, when they appear to be outnumbered, dave knows what's coming for 7 years. i have absolutely no doubt that the cities of a battery cable was taking place now and this chance which is right next door are very heavily defended. we saw what you credit did in my up. all that was not prepared for defense was fall through in 201450. it's going to be a long, hard summer for the client is down there. provided they get the heavy weapons they need through. so it's not only a question of the west providing them, it's also a question of ukrainian logistics, getting them to the front, provided they can train their reinforcement and especially challenge russian dominance in artillery. they're already doing so the i think they can hold on. but it's going to be
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a long hot summer. let's not forget ukrainian casualties. like russians are extremely high. 5 and it's been reported. president salenti kind of a fairly bleak pitcher. it must be said yesterday. frank. what of those weapons which weapons in particular are going to help turn the tide when it sounds like everything for the moment is going in russian in the russian favor. what they need above all is the creed of the battlefield, which is artillery, artillery, artillery, artillery, and not just the kind of straight up 2nd, mobile style artillery cold was dollar to russians, but it's guided weaponry, extremely accurate, precision, artillery. i suspect that's not coming through very fast, the crews need to be trained. it's new equipment, it's mostly western equipment. that's the key thing. also anti tank a perennial since the start of the war. those need to be fed through and i suspect they are. and finally, replacement tanks and vehicles going pretty heavy losses the ukrainians are taking and they're going to take
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a while to get through. but if the western keeps on and prioritize is you credit is can hold on. i think through the summer military analyst franklin bridge. thanks so much. thank you very much, antony. the g 7 climate change talks in berlin have ended with a commitment by the group to launched on russian, coal, oil, and gas. the meeting accelerated partnerships to tackle climate changes will germany economy minister, robert hubbard drew attention to the why the need for environmental protection beyond energy use toward which is given does. it has become clear that climate protection is not only an industrial energy issue, but that the vulnerability of ecological resources, the ocean coral soil degradation must be considered together with the efforts we are making to reduce the effects of climate change and slow down global warming out
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of ammo, i'm so crimson was robert harvey, polite spoke to a canadian minister of a natural resources, jonathan wilkinson from the j 7 summit in berlin as well, and asked him when we could see a complaint phase out of cold use. i mean, the focus is phasing it out as quickly as possible. i. i think the focus for, for many of us is by the end of 2030 or by 2030 am. you know, canada and united kingdom have been leading for the past number of years was hauled, empowering past full alliance. and that really is focused on getting us off goal by 2030, which is a critical 1st step to achieving the paris climate goals. it seems like a big asterix, though, the war hammock have an impact. is the war in ye grind, having on these time long phase aggressive timelines like 20 said well i in a strange way. i don't think it's actually having a big impact on the timelines. and what we're seeing is in the short term a real desire to displace russian oil and gas for sure. and, and looking to countries like canada and united states to help with that. but,
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but it's also really got everybody focus on accelerating the transition to renewables and hydrogen and moving as quickly as we possibly can. i think that the interesting thing that came out of the conversations at the g 7 were how inextricably linked the energy security and the climate issues are. and that we need to make progress in order to address boat and highways east that message to sell that security is linked to renewables. and that's the reason we must accelerate. well, i mean, looked at that the dependence on russian oil and gas that europe is feeling right now, clearly is an energy security issue. it is also a climate issue as we have to move away from the combustion of hydrocarbon resources. and so the way in which to, for europe to enhance its domestic energy security is to produce much more of its energy resources domestically through the deployment of renewables. and to look to source a clean, a clean sources of energy like hydrogen, from stable democratic countries like canada. you have wants to end its reliance on
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russian gas pretty clearly. canada could help fill the gap and start supplying natural gas to ag countries. how are you going to square your obligations to with those to limit global warming? is it possible those 2 things can happen concurrently? well, i think it is, and we are looking at that and we are talking to, to the government of germany, but also the european union about that. either there's a couple of things that you need to do to ensure that you are making progress consistent with your climate commitments. one is to ensure that domestic emissions associated with the production of allen g r low. so ensuring that, for example, you're using electricity as part of the process to create a liquid natural gas. but you also have to look at your displacing russian natural gas. so you're not actually creating any more emissions in the use of natural gas. but you also have to have a view about how you will transition those facilities to producing hydrogen down the road, which is where we all need to get to. we need to get to the point where we are not
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burning natural gas. we are not burning oil. we are actually using clean, feels like hydrogen. and so that is exactly the conversation that we've been having with germany. i'm with european union. the other coma session relates to the poorest and most vulnerable who will be the brunt of climate change minister? why aren't j 7 countries doing more to protect them? well, i mean there's, there's a whole range of issues implied in the question. i mean, the 1st and foremost commitment that the developed world made was to catalyze that the of the collection of a $100000000000.00 a year that would be used to help developing countries to both mitigate and adapt to the impacts of climate change. at the most recent cop in glasgow, actually, germany and canada led the, the work to ensure that we actually were going to get to the 100000000000 dollar number and, and we, we are on track to get there by next year. but of course, we're also going to have to look at issues around the damage that is being caused in the developing world and how we can work together to ensure that we are actually
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proactively trying to ensure that we're addressing that going forward. now, you know, it is, it is absolutely the case that the countries that are the least responsible for the climate crisis are the ones that are paying the most canadian natural resources minutes that johnson wilkinson. we appreciate your time. thanks. thank you very much. police and takes us a facing criticism of how long it took them to respond to an elementary school shooting that killed 19 children. and 2 teachers of us, a shot dead, the attack a nearly an hour after he began the rampage. the massacre in you val day, has re ignited the debate of the gun control in the united states. they w stephens, ye months reports you well, the texas surrounded by corn farms and cattle ranchers just about 85 kilometers from the u. s. border with mexico. the small town and the south of the lone star state has become
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a household name for most americans. recently for all the wrong reasons. a few days ago the world was turned on its head for this type of community. when an 18 year old gunman stormed into rob elementary school, telling 19 students, and 2 teachers, i heard say, really hurts or where are her. we never thought this would happen. here is just a little small town. everybody is pain stricken fields, paralyzed and is in the state of emotional shock. even her children can feel the pain. yeah. lisa says lacy, me crying, they asked me, why do i cry? and i go because i don't know what i would do without them. and i know it hurts to see other parents what they're going through. it literally does it hurt a man? i can't sleep. i can sleep at night knowing that those children went to school thinking that they were safe after almost no communication to the public in to the media, the police. finally, days after the massacre and rob elementary school came out with more information about the timeline about what had happened here. the teenage shooter enters the
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elementary school through an unlocked door guns blazing. 4 minutes later, local police departments are inside. make an entry. they hear gunfire, they take rouse, they move back, get cover the officers pin down called for help and help arrives. but only late, too late, many se, approximately an hour later. you with border patrol. tactical teams arrive. they make entry, shooting, kill the suspect. despite the many unanswered questions, the parents and loved ones of those who died still half despite the grief and pain they and the whole town feuds right now, many here speak up demanding tighter gun control measures the laws at the be more stricter is too easy. here to get a gun after support background checks, and lisa longer process take for them to get the rifles or any any pistols. it's too easy here to get
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a gun. just across the street from another makeshift memorial for the victims of america's latest mess, shooting. this school years, top 10 performing high school students are property displayed in front of city hall, almost as if nothing had happened at all in you've all the texas the american actor right? the ot has died age 67. the new jersey born star got his big break, playing ex, convict racing claire in the 1986 black comedy, something wild. but his best known role was as for real life monster henry hill and martin scorsese's good fellows playing alongside robert de niro. and joe pitcher, the orthodontist sleep in the dominican republic where he was filming human. you're watching de w news coming up next in d, w. news asia. michelle better let's controversial visit to china. united states. it's called the trip by the united nations human rights chief. and the state we
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asked why and a chinese blogger has a firsthand take on war time in, di trying out. he's up blood to put him at odds. if by june 1st manageable heather stories and much more after short breaking date of the news age. i'm at the out from 8 and the team here in berlin. thanks for watching and stay with ah,
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with who a bow. unfortunately. and a south a method is going to spend the rest of her life behind bars for murdering for 3 daughters. if you call me back, i went in with the site that
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was part of psychosis isn't awful. illness. postpartum is a nasty mothers nightmare starts june 4th on d w. one of main kinds, oldest ambitions could be within reach or what is it really is possible to re person aging researchers and scientists all over the world are in a race against time. dna molecule has 28000000 different power blocks that they are peers and rivals with one during goal,
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2 out smart nature for a longer, healthier and fuller life. one of the most insightful discoveries in the history of mankind down the hatch. more life starts may 28th on d, w with this is did up in years asia coming up today. the un rights chiefs china visit comes in for criticism, rights groups and activists. they have visit legitimizes,


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