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tv   DW News Asia  Deutsche Welle  May 27, 2022 6:30pm-6:46pm CEST

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dna molecules though, has 28000000 different power loss if they are peers and rivals, which one during goal to outsmart nature for a longer, healthier and fuller life. one of the most insightful discoveries in the history of mankind down the hatch. more life starts may 28th on d, w. this is the dublin years, a shack coming up to date. the un rights chiefs china visit comes in for criticism, rights groups and activists. they have visit legitimizes, china, se treatment of it's we good minority, a week activist explains how and undefined, from all sides a chinese blogger,
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and you've trained, tries to lift the veil of rushes division, but gets branded an enemy by be ging ah, i british energy, welcome to the dublin news asia, glad you could join us. you and rights chief michelle butler has spoken of coat, collaborating on human rights with the chinese government during has 6 day visit to the country. the much anticipated to update that of cian jung, a chinese region, but up to a 1000000 muslim wiggers have a delay, allegedly been detained by china in camps as part of measures to combat coat extremism. the u. k. u. s. canada are among nations that have labeled it genocide, but condemnation of beijing's rights record has been absent so far during bachelor's visit. one which has been tightly controlled by china. and it's for this
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reason the u. s. had already called the visit a mistake. it's unclear what boshoway would encounter during her sion janet visit. but bost coverage from chinese state media already provide some clues. ah, this is the vision of shinji young. the china's ruling communist party wants the world to see weaker cassock and other muslim minorities dancing, studying mandarin, and drawing pictures. the up, the public face of what beijing describes as a successful campaign to fight terrorism and restore order and ethnic cohesion. and says noah total nurse shall i want to declare that there is no way to stage the kind of social harmony instability that exists since shinji young. and we're not hiding anything we. she also knew her. you man, a significant days, a leak from shinji on security operations shows a very different picture from beijing's version. the files released as you and human rights chief, michel boucher lay began a 6 day visit,
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include mug shots of thousands of detained. weaker is an internal documents outlining, shoot to kill policies for those who try to escape it's, it's hard to describe, but it's deeply traumatizing looking these people in the eyes seeing those images of police droves it's. it's very intense. the revelations sparked outrage from world leaders get idea is a bit as eats. i think everyone who sees these images get the chill down. that's fine. because leaf images a horrific and disturbing and confirm what has been going on for a long time. i'm at the most theory with human rights violations, are taken play fellows in teams, and the addon will. yeah. some lawmakers fear bachelor's, highly orchestrated tour of shinji young, helps to whitewash the crack down. the u. s. believes the visit was the wrong way to go. we think it was a mistake i to agree to a visit under these circumstances where i commissioner will, i commissioner,
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will not be granted the time of unhindered access, free and full access that would be required. i to, you know, complete assessment. chinese state media has tried to deflect from the report by hailing the success of change young's economy and the leadership warns against interfering in its domestic affairs. but there is mounting pressure for the international community to address china's human rights record. and that record has come up for discussion during michelle bachelor's china, or is it but perhaps not as human rights campaign as and we good rights groups. what are wanted as we saw in the earlier report, miss blashley had a video meeting with chinese president. she, jim pink, this is what our office tweeted after that. it's called the meeting valuable in the context of discussing human rights issues and also when to say that human rights, justice, inclusion of all are important for peace and security to be sustainable. and
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the same meeting president eugene being is reported to have said caught through long term and persistent hard work. china has successfully embarked on a path of human rights development that conforms to the trend of the times and suits its own national conditions. and joining me now to get a weaker perspective of michelle bachelor's visit is where he mom her mood. she's a singer and euclid, director of the world. we go to congress, which is based in munich, is remote, or we are expecting a press conference over the weekend, potentially, from michelle bachelor on her visit to china. but how would you assess her visit so far? well, so far it just proved that at this is not the new troll independent unfettered investigation that we've really home but has instead been mad by a lack of engagement and transparency and the deliberate misrepresentation of
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high commissioners. what's, what we heard and signals once again that the chinese government has no desire to share the truth with the you and or anyone else. but simply wants a free pass to continue, carry out a repression, surveillance, torture, genocide against my community. do you think that her china is essentially getting away with genocide? i believe so. i believe so. what would, what would you say in with what's sorry or they're both then what could you serve as mert herb michel bachelor's visit has achieved nothing. i'm from then you said we are hearing and,
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and some of the articles a, in fact there's very little truth or, you know, as i mentioned earlier, unfettered access to the places where we hoped that she could visit. and also we think the families off or people are who, you know, have family members in turned or missing. and also i, we requested and meeting a so she, the high commissioner had an opportunity before her visit to engage directly. i'm with zech consent of our community. instead, she refused to meet with representatives from we were advocacy groups and the failed to provide adequate explanation of their, of the arrangements and this her surrounding hardship. and how it will be unfair is
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as should be unfettered. and a most concerning however, was the failure of the high commissioner and to release her reports on human rights situation in the way of a region which was prepared and it was ready september last year. so despite the being completed, instead, she's offering the chinese government an opportunity for whitewash report and in doing so, and at their own horrific crimes. now, chinese presents huge and big and has a video called with michelle butler spoke of human rights in china that suits its own. mash, those conditions. i wonder, is beijing's understanding of human rights. different to the world's there is no human rights in china. there is only one rule, a one party, there is no proper rule of law. so therefore there is no human rights.
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and i, this is always been the and that a, the response from beijing they always say, is a chinese version or chinese characteristic of human rights for chinese, characteristic of ruling if complete control of, of, of people. right, we'll have to leave it there for the time being, but thank you so much for joining us, tre. my move from the world. we go to congress. thank you so much. thank you for having me. the and the water ukraine grinds into its 4th month, one of russia, the biggest allies remain steadfastly at the side. china has given tacit, sometimes even open approval to moscow's bull, and that shows no sign of changing. and that's the method, the chinese people are getting at home buyers, fit media in ukraine, that's another matter. and it's where we caught up with a chinese laga with
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a different view. you might think he's a travel blogger, or a foody one. the c, n is out for the daily life in odessa, but or desa is a city war. and one was from china is telling his compatriots about life in war time. and kind of, you have a look. this fish is still alive. what does this tell us? a whole food logistics are working. and also retailers, fully operational, shows us that the city of odessa is functioning about chinese central television, toes, its audience that things are terrible. bombs and we are eating fresh fish, was started posting videos shortly after the war began. the 15th of march, 5 o'clock in the morning. the sirens are on again. and this is what every night is like. for the people again,
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the social you'll get now it's 9 am local time. i haven't slept well. the sirens don't let you sleep at night. but hey, relax i am alive. have one in his videos. one challenge is chinese state media who often echo rushes. propaganda. palmer of it and they're calling this a nazi symbol. i don't know what they're talking about. why haven't i never encountered any nazis here? i am seeing lovely kids outside heads. i am seeing friendly people. one is an i t entropy nor he says he was never into politics, but since the war began, he has dug deep into questions of freedom, diplomacy, war, and peace. videos are centered in china. why don't therefore i am what they call digital, you disappeared, my voice, my picture, my videos, whatever i post. even if i just say hello, my name is tisa and it's 12 o'clock and the weather is nice. it will be deleted to
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her friend. when they read all that i will have to you and then we go on his pro ukrainian stance has earned him death threats from chinese nationalists. but he finds comfort in his new home federalists, and this is the death of my heart. this is what the city looks like on day to day. hello. hello, i am decent. today is saturday and the people behind me doing it is one moved to a desk only a few months before war started. he says he fell in love with its charms, not knowing that war was looming. now he is out in about almost daily documenting life in the city. the war has not damped and his love for it
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turned on war. his cruel war must not happen. but the people he still living a life indignity that they have not been scared off. they have not run away. that is what i am seeing. that is what i want to show. the opposition he faces from china does not discourage him. he is prepared to go it all alone. that report by our correspondent it is pulling up and that's it for this week. there's more from the region on our website, the w dot com, forward slash asia. we'll see you back here on monday. have a good weekend everyone to back that he was today with love on banning thing that way. but i'm not even know how to work my own car and everyone with later holden every single day. just getting, are you ready to meet the german can join me,
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right? just do it on d. w. it's not a question of whether the next crisis will come. but only when and how the media will deal with it. how can we stay focused on what is important? shaping tomorrow now. exploring opportunities for media professionals in times of crisis. the global media for june 2020 to your ticket now awe day once thriving city, assaulted bombed and turn into a waste land. over weeks, the ukrainian city of mario paul has seen destruction and despair. we'll take a closer look at the fate of the long time and babbled as of steel plant. also
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coming, you can technology from space help, fight famine on earth. will take a look at what answer scientists have come up with. and we'll show you how diamond traders and ad words are planning to deal with the fall out of western sanctions against russia. amid the war in ukraine, colburn berlin, welcome to the program. mario paul and the southeast of ukraine was once a thriving industrial city port with a population of 440000 people. many of them worked for companies producing iron, steel, grain and machines, which were then exported from the city of harbor at the sea of oz of 2 countries all around the world. but now my ru paul, resembles a wasteland. the russian army has turned the city into the site of destruction and death. the former mayor says at least 10000 people have died. many more have fled. one of them is julia carry.


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