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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  May 27, 2022 8:00pm-8:16pm CEST

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standing shopping and dining office, enjoy our services. be our guest at frankfurt airport city, managed by frappe art. ah ah ah, this is d w. news line from berlin, russia back separatist. say they've taken a key town in easton, ukraine. moscow steps up. it's bombardments, have done bass, i mean to, and circle defensive forces and take control of the countries. industrial heartland also on the program. g 7 industrial countries set out on vicious climate change
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goals. energy ministers meeting here in berlin, aim to stop using coal to generate electricity. by 2035. ah, i'm so gale. welcome to the program. ukraine is warning of at russia is closer to surrounding its troops in the eastern don't bass region. it runs could be a turning point in russia's drive to gain complete control of dumbass pro russia separatists. so they've taken the strategic railway hub town of leman russian forces are also advancing from 3 directions on the nearby twin cities of surveyor done yet. and this is chance ukrainian control cities in the low hands, greed, and have come under relentless bombardment, seeking safety under ground for those sill in several. danielle basements like this
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are the best hope of escaping the relentless brush and shelling. oh they try their best to go on is normal, but the mood here is desperate. whatever i loss of serv. i don't some of those channels, foreman's explosions. and so marshall are just warmer i just have to or even most crucial or most hawaii, ukraine says 90 percent of the housing in the city has already been damaged by shelling. russia says it's a tillery has been pounding ukrainian military targets as part of its effort to risk control of the last part of the loo, hands, green and in ukrainian hands were moscow is also trying to cut off supplies to the ukranian. defend us, striking this warehouse in the east and town of buck mode were
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a critical supply route to the besieged cities begins. but while russian forces may be making advances, ukraine's determined resistance goes on with the ukrainian military release. this footage, it sad shows us try go on a russian position in a village just outside several don yeske. another sign that for moscow it's offensive is likely coming at a heavy cost. like a responder rebecca arrest as is in cave, asked her a while ukrainian forces in the east were struggling while it really comes down to weapons. phil, i mean ukraine has and still has really high morale. it'll of course, be interesting to see how that is maintained if russia does keep advancing. but at the moment, you know, there is still a lot of positivity and good morale amongst churches. a lot of people who are willing to fight, but they really struggling on the weapons front. they're really outnumbered. you know, we're hearing reports for every ukrainian, a missile that's fired or artillery fire. they getting 10 to 20 and return their
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really outnumbered by heavy weaponry, which is why president zalinski has been calling for support from the national community since the beginning of this war and, and those calls are getting louder now. i mean that they have received a lot of weapons by there. they keep saying they need more and they certainly made everything that has been pledged to actually arrive, arrive in the country and arrive at the frontline so that they can attempt to hold back the russians. and in fact push them back. but at the moment, they're not being able to do do so because they, they just being outnumbered when it comes to weapons and separatists who've been there since 2014 now appear to have joined in the fight. yes, that's right. it is, it has been claimed or it's, he does appear that they are the ones that took that town of layman. they are a militia groups that have that fight for the russian backed forces in the deanna that done. it's a people's republic and the yellow house, people's republic,
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and they are joining in the fight as well. but on the other side, the ukrainian side, you have also know a lot of people also volunteering to fight. but as i said before, it really the weapons that the tray needs, if they're going to be able to hold back these forces. and you talked about the ukranian marolla presidents, zalinski is knightly address, has struck. i'm also down beat an ominous tone on wednesday, how ukrainians are reacting to these message that, that things are not going so well there. i mean obviously people are taking it quite badly. the quite worried everyone, you know, that you talk to him and ask is really worried over. they say that they, we have to, when we just have to, when they're that to think of the alternative just isn't worth thinking about. they're trying to remain positive, but things aren't looking good. this is a really decisive moment in this war, and people are extremely worried. what's next? they say, you know, if you give an inch, russia will take a mile. that seems to be the opinion of most people here. so they're really
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concerned that if they, if they do manage to take don bassett, they will continue obviously, as they have promised to head further in the southern regions. those port cities of odessa mc alive. and of course it has everyone here incredibly concert, even in cave, which is of course, relatively calm and almost kind of back to life as normally in a certain respect. but they are incredibly worried about what's happening in the east of the country. and so people left there in don bass must be living in some terrible conditions. absolutely, i mean is nothing short of dia down there, feel these people have already been living without utilities about electricity without running water already for weeks. now they've been living other almost continuous shelling and that is just getting worse. it's intensifying these people that are running out of food medicines. they're living largely on the ground and shelters and bunkers with only moments of daylight in moments of calm. we're hearing about most cities in the region, you know, really only having half an hour between shillings. so terrifying circumstances the
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people that haven't been able to flatter or i the people that chose not to or people that just simply couldn't because their elderly or disabled. so, you know, imagine how they must be feeling. it must be a terrifying situation for those people down there and it looks like it's not going to get better any time soon. thanks rebec rebecca riches i, keith, germans development minister, has traveled to ukraine to pledge further support and to discuss rebuilding the country. strenuous should so met with officials in the town of thought, a junker on the outskirts of keith issues, russia of targeting civilian infrastructure, such as residential buildings and kindergarten. so germany wants to help rebuild ukraine's ruined cities from satellite images have become one of the key sources of information of this war, unfolds photos and video taken from space, document events on the ground, and can provide vital evidence of atrocities. images like this one,
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showing the destruction of mario paul, a providing crucial insights into russia's war in ukraine. satellite technology has become a game changing tool and documenting atrocities. this is mary, you pulled before the russian invasion there. this is how the city looked afterwards. merry you pulse theater where hundreds of civilians were sheltering before a devastating air strike. the word children is written on the ground on either side of it as this next image shows that did nothing to deter the attackers. these are just some examples of how satellite imagery often captured by commercial companies is helping investigators pinpoint what's happening on the ground. when russian troops withdrew from the city of poacher, near kiff, ukrainian forces discovered streets lined with the bodies of civilians. russia claimed these scenes were staged by ukraine after its troops had gone. but
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a satellite image showed what appeared to be bodies lying in the street nearly 2 weeks before the russians left the town. it showed how these pictures can also provide evidence of potential war crimes year. so couldn't make what we have conclusive evidence, model satellite images. and we can conduct a full and transparent investigation. that is what we're interested in a maximum access for journalists, maximum cooperation with international institutions. involvement of the international criminal court, complete truth and full accountability. commercial satellites mean pictures like these showing what appears to be mass graves and now widely available. it's changing the way war crimes are investigated and could prove vital in ukraine's efforts to hold perpetrators to justice. is a quicker roundup of some other stories making news around the world. and
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investigator in charge of the school shooting in you valve a texas, a police made the wrong decision not to immediately enter the classroom. after arriving, investigate to say the incident was mistakenly treated as a barricade rather than active shooter situation. despite multiple calls from the school to emergency services, thank students had been killed. china and russia have vetoed a un resolution put forward by the united states against north korea. u. s. wants to impose more sanctions on young because between you ballistic missile launchers. it's the 1st time un security council has been spread in sanctions against north korea began in 2006 in finland has confirmed its 1st case of monkey pox. global health officials have sounded warnings of the rising number of infections in europe and north america, where the virus is largely considered not to be endemic. monkey pox had previously only been found in people with links to west and central africa. g 7
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climate change talks here in berlin have ended with a commitment by the group of 7 leading industrial nations to largely and the use of fossil fuels to generate electricity by 2035. the group also pledged to increase their climate change ambitions and to double financial aid for poor countries. by 2025. know my coal energy by 2035 in their power effective. that's what the g 7 nations agreed on on friday in a be to slash the greenhouse gas emission. the agreement comes as to pressing issues, tackling climate change, and regaining energy independence for europe. where high on their meetings agenda. that's some fun for you and that you know, source land. the replacement of fossil energy from russia has very much shaped the political debate and the government's actions in recent days a week and not this clause line. but we have to be clear that the challenge of our political generation and namely to curb global warming will not go away if we focus
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only on the present and talk. equipped with this conference has made that very, very clear, at least for the 1st time to g 7 week. and i need to provide developing countries with additional financial aid to cope with losses. and i made calls by global warming in light of the war in ukraine. you bilateral partnerships have also been discuss dependence on russian oil and gas that europe is feeling right now clearly as an energy security issue. it is also a climate issue as we have to move away from the combustion of hydrocarbon resources. and so the way in which to, for europe to enhance its domestic energy security is to produce much more of its energy resources domestically through the deployment of renewables. and to look to source clean green sources of energy like hydrogen, from stable democratic countries like canada. the agreement which will be put to leaders at the g 7, some if you m o germany next month,
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were largely welcomed by climate campaigners. will d. w policy corresponded to julius how daily was monitoring that meeting. she told me about the impacts of the war in ukraine. it was definitely one of the top topics discussed here at the summit and a lot of the ministers who spoke at press conferences and at events made clear that of the rushes invasion of ukraine and its consequences. have put the focus on the connection between security, energy sourcing and climate change, and it has made it even more relevant for countries within the g 7, for example, germany or italy to become quickly independent from russian fossil fuels. now the challenger, there is to make sure that this move away from russian energy sources doesn't bring g 7 countries to rely more heavily on fossil fuels, from other countries and other sources in the long term term. but this a move away from these russian fossil fuels actually leads to
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a transformation towards a bigger use of renewable energy julia south dummy. now, in football there are still more than 24 hours. and so the champions league final kicks off in paris. but there's already a buzz on the streets of the french capital as livable and mel madrid supposed to soak up the atmosphere. last time the teams mat in a final was in 2018 when bow came out on top. english and spanish fans were bullish about their team chances this year and seem to be enjoying each other's company despite the rival miami contract. this morning. i met to liverpool fun, who told me he had driven from london and had just arrived. what we are experiencing is amazing. i think the fans of the 2 teams are friendly. there is no bad feeling or fights, so i hope everything will be fine and that we all enjoy the final. you have any timothy than accounts it go. that was where we go to like this place, so i'm very confident that we're gonna be re l miss smith. my business mismatch is
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a final and it's a difficult much liverpool have a great team, but we are confident because madrid always when finals they win them all. flora. this is the w, as in just roman doctrine looks at extreme by the events brought about by climate change and gulf will have more world news of the top of the hour and cold sores available around the clock on d, w dot com from d. w have a good day but just another day so much is happening all at once. we take time to understand this is the day and in depth look at current news.


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