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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  May 28, 2022 8:00am-8:16am CEST

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oh, or like one of the most insightful discoveries in the history of mankind. more life starts may 28th on d, w. d. ah, ah, this is dw news live from berlin. ukraine says its forces may have to retreat from to eastern cities, moscow's forces, pounding, hands, regions last remaining pocket in ukrainian hands. russia is aiming to complete its advance through what was once you cranes,
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industrial hard land. also coming up, the pressure grows on police to explain their parents in action, while children were being shot in a texas elementary school state officials, including the governor class, the police are failing to act fast and to end the welding school mask. and will it be liverpool or round madrid? the contact is on in paris, as the rival teams meet in footballs, champions league final. for the 2nd time in 5 years. ah, on pablo phone, las welcome to the program. ukraine is warning that its troops may have to pull out of their last pocket of resistance in the eastern new hands region to avoid being surrounded by russian forces. the satellite imagery show the aftermath of the
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recent bombardments in eastern ukraine were pro russia separatists. say they've taken the strategic railway hub of leman russian forces are also advancing from 3 directions on the nearby twin cities of severe. don't ask, and lucy chunk sc ukrainian controlled cities in the region have come under relentless bombardment. while us president joe biden accused, russian president vladimir putin of working to eradicate ukrainian identity, prudent, brutal, brutal war and ukraine are not only trying to take over. ukraine is really trying to wipe out the culture and identity of the gradient. people tracking schools nurseries, hospital uses with no other purpose, and eliminate a culture, a direct or so on a fundamental tennis rule based international order. all right,
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well let's go to the ukrainian capital key, where dw correspondent rebecca richards is standing by. hi, rebecca, good to see you. now ukraine's military leadership is saying it's forces may need to retreat from some positions in the east of the country. what can you tell us about the situation there? now? the situation in the dumbass is really not going in the way of the ukrainian side. they've already admitted a couple of days ago that they've lost the upper hand in that region that russia is overpowering them. and now as you've been reporting the mayor of low hans saying that ukrainian troops will likely have to pull out all that area met, loss, ukrainian stronghold, city of said there are done yet. as the russians are just pushing forward and advancing and will soon encircled that city. so in order to have the church not be encircled as well, they're gonna have to potentially pull back and shore up to fence lines further behind in ukrainian territory. but president salenti has been at pains to say that
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even if the russians do overtake this area and take over don bass as is looking likely it's not going to be forever and the ukrainians will fight. back when i have my weaponry, he's what he had to say in his address last night. the fisherman, this isn't with we are protecting our land, the way that our current defense resources allow us or we are doing everything to reinforce it. and we will reinforce it if the occupiers think that lemon and see 0 done at school, be theirs. they are wrong. the don bus will be ukrainian because it's us, it's our essence. even if russia brings destruction and suffering there, we will rebuild every city and every community needs because there is no and there will be no real alternative to our ukrainian flag. so rebecca, the ukranian president saying he'll reinforce his troops, but does he have enough military equipment to do that?
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well, the short answer is no. pavlo, i mean, you know, president zalinski really defiant, they're really, you know, showing words of strength, but say at the end of the day they just are completely outnumbered when it comes to heavy weapons. and that's what they've been saying to weeks. in fact, in since the beginning of this conflict, this war, they've been calling for more support from the international community when it comes to heavy weaponry. and they had, did see some, a response from the international community, particularly from the u. s. and they were getting lots of weapons, but they need more, they say, in order to be able to push back the russians. the russia just has it so much more when it comes to, you know, tanks and artillery and these huge missiles and stuff that, that ukraine, this is a bit of a david and goliath battle, if you will. and in a president zalinski, the foreign minister here, and really the entire ukrainian, the side just calling for more weaponry because they are out numbered. and without that weaponry, they won't be able to hold the russians back. rebecca, what can you tell us about the civilians that are still holding out these towns of
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the east? i mean, we reported yesterday that many of them are hiding basements. oh, that's right. i mean the situation down there for civilians is incredibly dire. i mean, everyone has been following along with mattie, who? paul, you know, knowing that everyone was living in bunkers in the similar thing is happening there in the dawn bassam, this region has been bombarded for months, the civilians, they have been living without electricity and other utilities for weeks even months now. and they are having to live largely on the ground and bomb shelters, as the russians continue to bombard, they are now running out of food medicines. and of course, it's incredibly difficult, almost impossible. now to get humanitarian aid into those areas. a couple of days ago was still possible through some roads in ukrainian territory, but those road los remaining roads are just being completely bombarded. so it's too dangerous now to get a even. so you know, the situation there for civilians on the ground is nothing short of dia,
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they are living day and night. the people that have stayed behind, or, of course, some people who've chosen to stay behind. but obviously a lot of people who've just weren't able to get out and people who are disabled or elderly, to the situation to them. you know it, it just doesn't bear thinking about dw correspondence. rebecca richards keys. thank you. police in evolving texas. have admitted they made mistakes in their response to choose day school shoot, waiting instead of moving in against a gun. 19 children and 2 teachers died. and just 3 days later, the biggest gun lobby in the u. s. the national rifle association has begun its annual convention in the texas city of houston. now there's been an outcry over the location i'm timing of the event as more north and your body, texas. grieve the loss of loved ones in yet another. my shooting. the countries
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mean done right. group holes, its national convention in the same state of her protestors gathered outside the convention. hold you demanding better gun control laws many but avoid that. the meeting is even taking place. i think that they should feel safe for being here. days after shooting while some cancelled their appearances. former us president donald trump took the stage to say that the problem was not too many guns, but too few. from this day forward, every school in america should have a police officer or an armed resource officer on duty at all times. as the age old saying goes, the only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. but even with armed policeman present 21 people were killed in your body.
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despite the police of families at the seen police muted for 40 minutes before engaging the shooter. officials have now accepted that this was a mistake. that the course was not the right decision. the wrong very, there was no, no excuse for that. but again, i wasn't there, but i'm just telling you for what we know. we believe there should have been an x ray that as soon as we can. while many americans stand by their constitutional right to bad arms, others wonder how many more tragedies it but dick to enforce stricter gun control in the u. s. didn't view correspondence. stefan simons is in houston, texas, where the n r a convention is taking place. and here's his assessment of former president donald trump speech at the event. there are no surprises there from the former president, president trump boating the same horny always did. as did governor about here,
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the governor of texas saying and blaming mental health issues and mental health problems are a mental health pandemic group demick in the united states. for, for example, what happened a few days ago and you've all there. but many americans now is especially now after this incident, want change change meaning not touching the constitutional 2nd amendment, but better restrictions more control. so this or what happened a few days ago, is not going to happen anymore, or is made much harder. stephan simons in houston. here's a quick round up of some other stories making use around the world environment and energy ministers from the group of 7 leading industrial nations. the g 7 have agreed to phase. i've coal to generate electricity by 2035. the group also promised to double their financial support to developing countries to cope with losses and
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damage. cause like over one hundreds of students clashed with police in the trillion capital sample, and he's used to tear gas and water cannons to put out fires and dispersed to crowds after a group through molotov cocktails. the incident took place during and otherwise mostly peaceful protest, demanding more funding for public schools. football now and the champions league final kicks off later today in paris. there is already a buzz on the streets of the french capital as liverpool and rail madrid supporters soak of the atmosphere. last time the teams met in a final was in 2018. when round the drake came out on top english and spanish fans alike. bullish ship at their team's chances this year, but seemed to be enjoying each other's company. my enemy, contract this morning. i met to liverpool fun. who told me he had driven from london and had just arrived. what we are experiencing is amazing. i think the fans of the 2 teams are friendly. there is no bad feeling or fights,
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so i hope everything will be fine and that we all enjoy the final. i thought that you have a, a pain. erica says this is a good atmosphere. we're going to like this play so and i'm very confident that we're going to be re l miss with my business mismatch as a final and it's difficult much. liverpool have a great team. we are confident because madrid always when finals they win them all flora. yet but lead by it your can clap. liverpool have reached 3 finals in the last 5 years and the german coaches hoping to add lustre to an already successful season with domestic trophies. already in the cabinets at anfield, liverpool have already triumphed this season in both domestic up competitions. they even came close to dethroning manchester city as premier league champions. back in 2019 you organ court one has made in champions league title at liverpool. but the year before, in the final, the english side suffered
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a bitter defeat to re al madrid. in this season, reale have looked magical, or they're run to the final lead by striker kareem bins. emma, competing with this kind of calibus is the best thing you can do. but obviously we're not going there to us. we. part of that is clear. um, but m anyway, i do want, i was, i was, i can't wait to go though and not because i think i'd rather let him kick them or whatever, not at all. i know how difficult will be. it's just having the chance to go again for it is really special. liverpool say this isn't going to be a grudge match despite losing to re al madrid in the 2018 champions league final for me. and you don't need any more motivation. i'm terms the final hot over before this is on his is gone and perform and i'm not. so we dreamt of his kids to play in big games and it doesn't get much bigger than the champions. we finally against madrid, when all be really talk all the european pitch. liverpool haven't been successful
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against rail madrid since 2009. and if not this time around. liverpool still consider this season a success. well, here's a reminder of the top story we're following for you. ukraine is warning that its troops may have to pull out of their last pocket of resistance in the eastern new han screeching to avoid being surrounded by russian forces. ukrainian controlled cities in the region of come under relentless bombardment. and don't forget you can always get tito the news on the go. just download our app from google play or from the app store. and that'll give you access to all the latest news from around the world, as well as push notifications for any breaking news. and if you're part of a new story, you can also use the d w app to send his photos and videos of what's happening.
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this is dw news and you are up to date after a short break, our tech show shift looks and have smart architecture can help stop the climate change and don't forget, you can get all the latest news around the clock on our website, dw, dot com or you can follow us on our social media accounts, d, w, news. i'm pablo for the, the us for me, the team here in berlin. thanks for watching and they'll see again at the top of the next. ah, stay up to date. don't miss our highlights. the d w program online d w dot com highlights closely with.


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