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lou, nobody's not in school, not in college. we pretend like it didn't happen to 77 percent in 60 minutes. d, w. d w's crime fighters are back with africa's most successful radio drama series continues, but all episodes are available online. and of course you can share and discuss on d, w, africa's facebook page and other social media platforms, crime fighters, tune in now. we're oh, what you are seeing us stamp and tricks performed by the german champions. we have
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just skating more on that. sorry. coming up on the show, and with that, well, welcome to a special edition of your max. today, we focus on diversity and this is what else we have for you. beauty is h less, and the senior monarchs are 50 plus us truth. both ask all rather boy less scottish saltado from scotland trot this stuff at 1st we've got a story about a british race car driver charlie martin. she has had to overcome lots of challenges not only on the race track, but also in her private life. she came out as transgender a few years ago and then decided to transition, which was tough, especially as she felt she had to choose between a career and motor sports or being her true self. in the end though, it all turned out and let's take a look at her incredible journey ah,
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on the racetrack charlie martin fights for every additional 2nd. the 40 year old british driver is also fighting for greater acceptance for transsexual people and the l. g. b t q plus movement as a whole, as the 1st trans woman to compete in the 24 hours of limone race. getting to the mom and achieving my go. sure, i want to do that as a joy, because it's that it's the biggest thing i can think of doing. but equally, i wanna do something that can inspire close to change a lump sum on his algebra he, he plucks, making history at the greatest race in the world. it's it's going to happen surely. then she drove her 1st raise in 2004 at age 23, and a pu joe. her love of motor sports has only accelerated with
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the feeling of speed pushing a south and exhilaration were very important things to me. and it's funny. i know it makes a really good night even as a child, she never felt truly comfortable in her own skin. i've white in the morning and see myself in the mirror and i just realized, yeah, i don't even have any connection with the person staring back at me anymore yet because i just, i didn't feel happy about how my body looks. i was very uncomfortable that my gender cause i, i need fundamentally there was something wrong. but once in the driver's seat, she was in her element most school was said at the race part. it was like a happy place. but that was at a point in my life when i grew up feeling very limited, because knowing that it was transgender from a young age,
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making me feel very limited in terms of my life option. it was like, you have to choose between being the person you want to be doing things, career wise, and so on and so on, that you want to half in your life. you can't have both those things. for the sake of her racing career, charlie martin suppressed her true self, but eventually she reached her limit the. what's the point in living, if you're not living with you? and that was january 20 twelf that i, i decided i can't this year i'm going to transition she headed back out on to the track for the 1st time again, 9 months after her gender transition. scary thing. a convention. a lot of people did they what was happening or are you know me or did notice maybe like why is there transgress here? fortunately, 7 or 8 of my clase finance i raced with came either so me and i can he think hog
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i hey, how you doing in amazing it was enough for me to think i'm going to come back next spring and she picked up her racing career where she left off, but everything else about her life changed completely. she moved from lester to brighton to get active in the l. g. b t q plus movement. in the meantime, she's become something of a spokesperson for it. i want to help other people find the happiness that i found in facilitating more inclusive environments where everybody can be that true authentic self. now she prepares for her races harder and more persistently than ever before. after her gender transition, her motor sports career really took off. i studied my confidence and
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self belief that i'd never known in my whole life. and i think that had a huge impact. no, just on racing, but on so many levels on just how you thing can function in it and then you know, live as a person. now, charlie martin has faith that anything is possible, even that she can become the 1st trans woman to take on the hitherto very male domain of the 24 hours of lamar can win. maybe even as soon as 2023 from motor sports to stance in a wheel chair is another gap. see an inspiring story living in a big city with all its streets, curves, and stairs can be challenging, especially for those who sit in, which is not able to place is accessible. but david li bullard doesn't see it that way. he uses his wheel chair like escape both and has even one championships in the
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still emerging sport. a real role model. one little spins grinds along the curve and elise, i, for food stamps. 35 year old david loses must not escape water tricks on his wheelchair. move is a challenge, sometimes painful, but always exciting. and look lot of who when you do something, you've tried a 1000 times before and you finally make it. it's such a mega relief, vague relief for me. one example is the hand plant land. it's my, it's always some trick. i've been trying for years up until i get it down half way and then finally pull it off perfectly. and that's what i did that one day deal fun . luckily there's a video of it. and it was indescribable because at 1st i didn't even realize it. i just rolled away and thought to myself legal, what was that? but what was that? and i tossed my helmet in the air, it was such a mega joy. it's hard to put it in world history slab,
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dated lucy scape williams with a lifestyle and to schools. and he encourages others to give it a try, offering workshops and to his to other towns such as he and billy at the local hot spots. the skateboarders struck this stuff were a gun open robinson. i'd really like to work towards making skateboarding and be a max riding and everything along those lines more inclusive. and so that they open up a bit more to others. because i don't think we need a wheelchair skating culture of its own, but rather more of an inclusive community thing. she asked when it was given to my hosting for the spectacular stuff. my infos katie, she special reinforced and spring mountain wheelchairs that can take even these kinds of punishment pick up if you start with just one step of course than 2 than 3 and then 4 up. and now i can only over 4 steps pretty easily. and if i the are a little to the right, it's a somewhat different story us david. lucy has been confined to who chasing page 21. when he fell down
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a stairwell leading him paraplegic by that i had been doing this for about 14 years now. is that when my accident was 14 years ago, and while i was still in rehab, i started having fun trying things out in the wheel chair in various situations. wall up analysed, absent stairs, a and skating was the logical continuation which caused the prince. and he has devoted himself to skating ever since he trying tod, mastering stumps. he won the world championship in 2014 the gym and championship twice and place 3rd several times. in other words, championships in the year with candles week, i've been has gone a full shot. not all that hell bent on becoming a champion or winning a competition again. but when i am competing, i get into a frame of mind where i want to do my level best and give it a really good run, really all, and then i want the jury to appreciate it. accordingly julie dusty was facing the opposite of the wheel chair, much across society organizes competitions. the world, plaza, wheelchair skate is came from. all the gym to the building opens 1st contest after
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2. he hi anxious, coolest by the panoramic who age groups to pot and on maturing was none other day visa as a woo champion and twice jim and champion. he sits some things, an example for the youngsters, and not only in athletic one. if i'm not finding recently for more than anything, i think it's important for kids in wheelchairs to be able to have a role model who's also in a wheelchair to put not only can they copy the tricks, they can copy many other things as well. like how i do everyday things and how i deal with certain difficulties that their parents often just fail dusty much mostly by a ton of nice did like conventional skateboarding new cheese painting is classified as an extreme sport. hardly anyone leaves the who he without bruises, but to guard against most serious injuries, especially around his neck. everybody was homeless and protective. keith with the right equipment, even the youngest, can bring their excitement, dedication, and motivation to be whatever. so then it's really gratifying to see that they've
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given some thought to what they want to show off and the time they've gone through the stages there's and they can present themselves. so i'd say the next generation for this board is a short report as division. it's a meeting experience for joining the burden woochie as cases as the sun sunday goes down over alexander class. it's a feeling of being a part of something and seeing inclusion in practice. a great to an exciting day. they say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. but when you look at the ad campaigns magazines, runways, it often seems that only young women are considered beautiful. luckily that is changing. senior model also called 50 plus us and silver foxes are more and more in demand. the industry has seemingly discovered that diversity south ah,
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this fashion shoot is taking place on the spanish island of my orca. but what you might not notice at 1st glance is how every model here is at least 50 years old. these senior models are also called best agers or silver foxes. hello. yeah, my name is hi camara. i've been living here in the yoke for 2 years. i'm 69 years old and i'm a modeled h been and i'm not asking. i live in majorca, i'm 80 years old and also work as a model or day into i'm 10 you cuss erotic from gemini. i'm 53 years old and i went to some motto, sylvia dick, who had de viva from germany, did the casting. she had the agency, the best age models, international, headquartered in switzerland and majorca. she established her agency about 20 years ago and recognized the 50 plus hers potential early on. what's best, it's more effort to have the key to success is a 50 plus model is not being afraid of your age. i tell them where in the wrinkle
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business it doesn't lend any good to someone to call me up and tell me i'm 60 but look 30. i always say them and then i might as well get a 30 year old. i won't models to embrace their, i don't yet look healthy and elegant, and as naturalist possible, not to the hoover common, even on the covers of fashion, magazines, seniority often doesn't seem to matter any more. there is great demand for charismatic actresses like 76 year old helen mirren from the u. k. 78 year old lauren hutton, from the u. s. and 87 year old british actress judi dench. these elegant seniors would have been considered old ladies back in the day. this year some strutted down the cat walk at marcel ostertag fashion show. and a few are also customers of the fashion designer as if kept him on awfully branford him, a lot of labels still madly pursue this youth craze, and only send out young super skinny models on the catwalk can. but i think they're behind time. i haven't does it, i am to present my fashion on people of all ages. there, after all,
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people of all ages by an would this way you get a much better feel for how these pieces look on real women who actually stop by our store and buy these clothes. allison, those then young models do put on great shows, but they don't shop at our store through shop men to her. back to my yoga. 69 year old. hi, gam alva is a former german t v presenter. at photo shoots, the senior model often wears a gray wig to look older, but she doesn't think the youth craze is going anywhere anytime soon. god to do his ged, social media like instagram really reinforced the youth, christ hudson gift. and i'm, it's still, there's an alternative trend for she to accept diversity and little affection here and, and i think we're should focus on that and preem not needing to be in athletics and mrs. oh, the not to haka is the oldest model on the set to day. she once worked as an
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architect, she wouldn't have dreamt of becoming a model at age 80 her secret to looking good. i think she's in good shape like taking a cold shower every morning in summer and winter. it really does me good museum and it certainly seems to do my body good thought. so that's one thing. and i also eat healthy and had never smoked, nor nico i, tanya casso, hottie has been working as a model for over 30 years. now. her attitude towards the job has shifted over time. i think when i started modeling at a chain i was ambitious. i'd say if i didn't get a job back then i was disappointed and took it a bit personally and mormon. but now if i go to a casting and don't end up landing the job built in that. so okay, i need learn to keep a couldn't head and not get worked out. awesome. on you think on i just wasn't the right time. still took that so even if the appeal of youth may never disappear,
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our image of beauty is changing. to include more and more women who embrace their grey hair and wrinkles. our perception of beauty is changing is becoming more diverse and diversity is the focus of our show to day. even entertainment like burlesque shows have become totally acceptable. but i'll ask which is more than just erotic dancing is quite a long history. it was always performed by women, but there are exceptions. tom hallo, for example, is a boy less for former. ah, for less have little in the world to me. and i'm very, very grateful for that. i've trained most to my life literally most of my life to be a performer, so it feels like home and if he was comforting and it feels like were meant to be
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tough. i from the scottish city of glasgow had dreamt of performing on stage since he was a child. and now he travels the world as a burlesque artist and has won several prizes. my dream originally was to be a musical theater performer and i trains and dance and musical theater. and then all of a sudden i got an addition for a burlesque club in glasgow. and then i went in addition, which was really cool. and ever since then i've just been performing and burlesque and carbury taken my clothes off or 2nd. some shortens all the fun stuff. and yeah, i'm very lucky, i get to do what i love the most plesk and false erotic stage performances and 1st appeared as a form of variety fit in the 19th century strip tease elements within added later in the early 20th century. we have 2 sides in the berlin squirrels,
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the burlesque site, which comedy satire parity humour. and in the strict he's part, which is the taking off the clothes part and teasing audience boiling this is vernice formed by me. and ethan managed in the 1990s. this performance style is clearly defined to playfully test the boundaries with track. my inspiration comes from musical theater and old hollywood. so some of my favorite movie stars are muslim and role. and more than a teacher, judy garland, lies menilli camp per for women. i'm aware that just being a guy, a doing a female art form, such as burlesque, says a lot for itself. so i don't need to see too much
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by more. so we're that i'm a guest at the table of a female or a form. so i need to be respectful of all the women that came before me increa this art form. tom hallo likes to take at least 2 hours of time to complete his transformation. and this is the most fun part for him. besides actually performing i believe that when you go in see a show of any kind, you should feel something, no matter what, as that could be. that could be love, that could be admiration that could be discussed. that could be fear good performance should make you feel something when you, when you've left and yes, mit you question to certain extent. and it can just be for pure enjoyment. hollow performance and writing room in glasgow twice a week. he shook combines boy lisk elements. singer and,
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and i don't think you could be best heightens version of yourself the whole time. it won't be very annoying to mosul or people. i'm in the way of normal life, but it does help you get through tough times on gives you a bit of escape prism for me anyway, i'm fine to say enjoy in my life. and that's exactly what tom harlow conveys, to his audience. there in my see if he's with a, the tried cutting vegetables with your eyes closed on is it with a big knife? so where's my carrot? ah, okay. oh, i think this was maybe not my best idea, but i wanted to get a feel for what it would be like to cook line, just like antonio chat to law,
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who even runs a go near restaurant in a small town in central italy, guests from all over the country and beyond. come to dine there and many don't even know that he's blind. how does he do it? ah, antonio chalk, the law can smell every single ingredient. although he cannot see he can create the most demanding dishes. ah, more me, it's not a problem that i can't see where because you can also see what their hand is. equally money. every morning the italian chef bakes his soured oak red with sausage or cheese filling on board dominga shoe line. never actually think about the fact that i can't see that i completely blind robin on benzo my. i feel like a normal person a from be said to have a showing or maybe it's because i so much enjoy preparing these great dishes hunter crisp and they put it by their kid. he's cuisine traditional italian with
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a dash of fantasy in the village of bel videos that and say near the adriatic coast, you will find his restaurant. lots have added mandojano, keep on the menu such dishes as minute for yet with pet got enough. yaki with truffles or asparagus quiche with bacon. he hears if the onions for the spaghetti carbon nata give to hot and smells when the pasta water boils. you won't go, i feel with the work that the bacon is getting harder now. sticking a bit to the pan and slowly getting crispin, although i can smell and here in water it, it doesn't mean i'm better than other cooks. a kidney just more concentrated on because i'm not distracted, i thought and rely completely on smell, touch and hearing the thought a thought as a young man, antonio chuck the law, was already working as a cook in his birthplace, near naples,
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along with his wife. he opened his own restaurant in bed, etta austin se in 2001. on new year's eve, 2005. he was hit by a firework in front of his restaurant and lost his eye sight. ah, he refused to retrain. returning to his kitchen to test out if he could still manage there as a blind man. she'll be dogged least dog if i noticed immediately that i could still handle the knife and will me a knife is my bread winner. he charla in the beginning, i often cut myself a but not any more gay and realizing that my hands could still handle the knife pretty well. gave me courage. i got broken away. i learned quickly to belay and chop again. your main den of and that's when i said to myself, if i can cut blind, then i can do other things to the doors. and he wrote a book about his story. it boiled in by the law, which means the darkness in the pan. when shopping,
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his keen sense of smell and touch helps him to assess the quality and freshness of the ingredients and make the best choices like a fish in the kitchen. almost everything remains as he last saw it before the accident. in the beginning, a cook would assist him, but in the meantime, antonio chocula does almost everything on his own. again, his wife manolo mariani helps with some tasks. her husband, sudden blindness, was a great shock to her in one to for a world class. today i didn't know where to start again, how to go on. everything had changed drastically all. just thought was monday. mean go. when with time you find a way you have to keep going. got the, the me that a full, still with their children were born after the accident. antonio has never seen his sons. he doesn't only run a restaurant. he enters competitions,
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does cooking shows on tv, and teaches budding shafts. ah, the 60 seats in his restaurant are almost always of down a restaurant whose reputation reaches far beyond the small italian town. got sort of the buddhist very good and none of us would have guessed that the chef was blind. occasionally antonio chopped. the law greets his guests personally, but mostly he doesn't have time to spare from the cooking. before his accident, his ambition was to earn a michelin star. and despite his blindness, he still hoped to achieve this one day. and that was all for today, but on our website you'll find information about our latest view, a draw, plus info on the w's uncensored collection on the label. there are tips on how to
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excess blocked media around the world. thanks for watching and take care. ah ah ah ah ah ah ah
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ah ah, with or nearly in the years a around $10000.00 child soldiers are forced to fight. where are they now? and how do they live with their traumatic memories?
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nobody's talking about not in school, not in college. we pretend like it didn't happen to 77 percent. 30 minutes on the w. 2 in climate events. what could the future bring in 75 d w o. a south bay. nothing was going to spend the rest of her life behind bars from marguerite. her 3 dot call me back. i really need
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help with. i see the site's down. postpartum psychosis is an awful. a mothers nightmare starts june 4th on d w. well, go to the dark side where intelligence agencies are pulling the strings. there was a before 911 and an after 911. he says after $911.00, the clubs came off. where organized crime rules were conglomerates make their own laws? work through what's big. it doesn't matter. the only criteria is worked. we'll hook people up. we shed light on the opaque world who's behind,
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who benefits and why are they a threat to us all opaque worlds start to june, 2nd on d, w b o . as as d w news live from berlin. moscow says it's for says, have taken control of a strategic town in east in ukraine. the defense ministry says it now controls lamond as russian our 10 pounds, 300 regions last remaining pocket in ukrainian hats brush as they made to complete its bonds. 3, what was was ukraine's industrial ha.


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