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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  May 28, 2022 4:00pm-4:16pm CEST

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who's behind who benefits and why are they a threat to us all worlds? start to june, 2nd on d, w b. ah ah, business d w. news live from berlin. moscow says it's for says have taken control of a strategic town in easton ukraine. the defense ministry says it now controls the man as russian artillery pounds, 300 regents last remaining pockets in ukrainian huts brush. i say me to complete its advance through what was once ukraine's industrial ha land. also on the pro
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ground united nations top human rights official visits, china's chin, jang region and just the nation's need is to change this policy to comply with international human rights standards of the long standing complaints of widespread abuse of minorities plus pressure gross on texas police to expand their parents in action, while children were being shocked in an elementary school state officials including the governor loss, the police are failing to act fast enough to end the u vaal day. school massacre. ah allows like a, a warm welcome to the program. the russian military says it's taking control of the man, a strategic ukrainian town in the eastern dumbass region. this follows days of intense fighting as moscow's forces advance in the east of ukraine as ukraine attempts to
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maintain control of the don bass region. it's industrial heartland. the russian barrage is being felt in easton, ukraine. moscow says it's used missile strikes to destroy posts where ukrainian soldiers and equipment were located. it's false as the inching forward. alongside progression, separatist militias, one of the latest targets leman, has gateway bridges over this diversity dot net river. we will go to following the joint actions of the units of the militia of the don x, people's republic and russian. i'm forces the town of leman has been entirely liberated, broken, as well as the fighting intensified lemons. residence had been holding out, attempted a desperate escape. they could be more like them nearby towns if ukrainian troops could not hold back the russian advance, which is proving to be
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a persistent threat landscape, a blue r all will gantski like amy done at work and especially la hans regions the enemy is increasing its forces and intends night and day to carry out the task of reaching its target areas while making new efforts to encircle our troops. jacqueline sir marcy, these girls, those on the front lines are on high alert. but it will take much more than awareness to keep hold of their territory against russia's military. might you, as president joe biden has accused russian president vladimir putin, of working to eradicate ukrainian identity. nicholas bruce, brutal, brutal war and your grammar. not only is you trying to take of ukraine is really trying to wipe out the cultural identity of your grading people. tagging school nurse shrews, hospital museum would know the purpose and
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eliminate a culture director saw on a fundamental tennis of rural based international order. d w correspondent rebecca riches is in keith and she told us how people in that city received biden's comments. well, i don't think they will hear in key that i've spoken to at least i particularly worried that that's happening here. i mean, that's of rhetorical language. but really just referring to the fact that rushes invaded a sovereign nation. but you know that people who are not really worried that ukrainian culture is going to be completely stamped out, but as not to say that they not worried about what is going on in their country. very concerned about this battle happening in the don bass, which, you know, ukraine are losing the grip av so definitely concern about what's going to happen there. and what will that will mean for the future of these conflicts? if they do end up controlling the don mass as they are indeed attempting to do,
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then will that emboldened them to perhaps attack here one more time or try and take other parts of the country. so very concerned about what a positive, what a wind for russia in the dumbass will main for the rest of this complaint records, as they're reporting from keith un human rights chief, michelle boucher let, has wraps up her 6 day official mission to china. the 1st by a you and hcr leda in 17 years. during a press conference, she underlined that her mission had not been an investigation. the human rights envoy visited the far west than shin jang region during her stay. where begging has been accused of human rights abuses against the weaker minority and for more i'm joined by sophie richardson. she is china director at human rights watch. welcome to the program. now in light of these recently leaked police files that happened as much. let's went to china,
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base headlights on abuses in jing jang. how do you think her words put pressure on china or did her words but pressure and china in the right way? sadly, i think they didn't put pressure on china. i think the visit on the press conference were what beating the chinese government hoped for not what the victims, atrocity crimes and survivors and crimes against humanity we're hoping for. the high commissioner could have laid out a plan to actually pursue an investigation with a view towards accountability for serious human rights crimes. but instead offered up a lot of abstract, vague ideas that don't really put any pressure on the chinese government. that's very disappointing. so, but she also said that this was not an investigation. so what was the purpose of this trip? well,
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he seems to have been keen on establishing some direct contact with chinese government officials, you know, in, in, in principal that's, that's not objectionable. but when those government officials are responsible are incredibly led to have been involved in crimes against humanity that are happening not only on the high commissioners watch, but indeed during her visit. and to fail to press ahead with an investigation and publishing a report that her office has already prepared. you know, does very little put any pressure on the chinese government to in the final ations . and really, that should have been at the core of her mission to mitigate, you know, the extraordinary agony that has been visited across many communities in china as a result of government driven human rights violations. let's talk a bit specifically about the week of minority and just her did her visit there. she says she was free to visit whomever she wanted. will there be any impact over
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this? is i find it difficult to imagine that she would have been able to speak to anybody who would not have had to fear a consequences from state authorities by virtue of having spoken to her. nothing happens in that region without the authority of being aware of it, and there would have been enormous pressure on individuals. it's hard to tell what's going to come of this because she didn't really commit to anything except big follow up when she ought to do it. go back to geneva, publish her report on the region, leaf, the human rights council, and victims and survivors on the details of the trip and commit to a proper investigation. that's what needs to happen in order for her office to still have credibility with respect to uses, committed by a p 5 member state. kay, a strong message there to michel. gotcha. let's from china director sophie
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richardson at the human rights watch. many thanks. the town of your val day in the us state of texas is still reeling from tuesday school shooting that left 19 children and 2 teachers that questions are mounting about why police took so long to stop the gunman. a punch in the gut to a town already reeling new details, raising questions if their worst nightmare could have been prevented. while almond police were at the school, within minutes of the gunman opening fire, they waited more than an hour to stop him. as parents outside begged them to help. ah, and his desperate children made repeated none when one calls from inside the classroom where the shooter had locked himself. as many as 19 armed officers waited in the hallway, just meet his away for more than 45 minutes, with many more outside the building. off to days of providing incomplete and
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conflicting accounts of how police responded. officials have now admitted they should have acted sooner. then of course, it was another right, the 2nd, the wrong. this is very, there's no, no excuse for just a few 100 kilometers away. and houston pro gun activist gathered for the annual convention of the national rifle association, the nation's most powerful gun lobby. outside the timing and location of the event added to the sense of outrage. we just had a shooting for 21 people in texas. and here you are talking about how great your guys are. but inside former president, donald trump delivered a defiant speech, saying the answer to the u. s. is school shooting epidemic was more not fewer guns . ah, the existence of evil in our world is not a reason to disarm law abiding citizens who know how to use their weapon and can
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protect a lot of people. as the age old saying goes, the only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. but these activists in millions more americans are demanding a different response. according to recent polling, a majority of americans back strict to gun laws, but with republican lawmakers in congress, staunchly opposed, there's little hope of change, even in the wake of yet another mass shooting d, w correspondence, f and simon's jones been out from houston, texas, where the n r a is holding that con the convention, stefan. it's good to see you. we've heard damning new details about how texas police handle that school shooting. i was this news going down with people in your val day. yes, you can imagine the people you well there are outraged a and a absolutely crossed and disappointed. not only do they have to deal with the trauma,
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the pain and hurt they're going through this whole community school and through now they also have to deal with basically a major failure on part of the police who was at the scene and could have acted and it turns out it took its sweet time to act at all. um, so yeah, this sir, community is devastated, was before devastated. is now compound it in, in pain. and it will take a long, long time to get not over this, but just through this, i don't think they may get over this at all ever. you all day is not what it was before. just a week ago and talking about gun control. we heard there in that report, donald trump, with the good guy, bad guy argument, does the political rights in the united states have a plan for stopping violence? we know that a majority of americans want to back strict that gun laws while interesting left,
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you know, as senate minority leader, a mcconnell has just said, apparently and instructed a high ranking, a fellow senator republican center to find or test the water for negotiations with democrats. about better gun restrictions, better gun law, but gun control. now we had those negotiates before there were efforts before in washing on the federal level to do something with this and they always failed. why do they fail? because those 2 sites are entrenched. that one side. republicans predominantly and to specifically he in the south and texas for example, people who say like, no, we don't touch a gun laws. we don't want more restrict jenks. we don't want red flag laws or all more background checks. this in pete's all on our 2nd amendment rights in the constitution. so we don't touch this president goes to former president, trump goes a step forward like arm every body, the good guys. but you know,
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experience shows that really doesn't work on the good guys and prevents things from what happening evolved from happening. so those sites are entrenched and you will see here today that those are both sides will get it each other. protesters are not here yet, but there will show up at some. busy point and then the shouting matches. expect the with the other side right behind me. ah, where? yeah. thousands of in are i members are going into the convention center here in houston to check out 14 acres of johnson here or i, it's dw, the correspondence defend simons. they're joining us from texas, thanks via reporter. and a quick reminder of the top story with following for you. brush us defense ministry says it's for says, have taken the strategic railway, have of li man in easton, ukraine, ukrainian control cities in the region have comp on the relentless home bod meant ukraine is warning that its troops may have 2 retreats. this is the
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d, w. news life from berlin. you're up to date. now coming up next is we're caught up with a look at ukranian 8 ukrainian widow and her daughter adjusting to life air. don't forget you can get used to round the clock on our website, e, w dot com and don't forget the dw after had. he handles also on social media, his attitude, and will all. psycho thanks for watching. take it with nico is in germany to learn german lodge, benita, why not learn with him online, on your mobile and free to shut c w e learning course, nico speak.


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