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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  May 28, 2022 5:00pm-5:16pm CEST

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you want to become a citizen in phil migrants, your platform for reliable information. ah ah, business dw news live from bo lid. moscow says its forces have taken control of a strategic town in easton, ukraine, the defense ministry, and says it now controls the mon, as russian artillery pounds to lou hands regions last remaining pocket in ukrainian half process amy to complete its advance through what was bonds, ukraine's industrial hot luck also on the program. pressure grows on texas police
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to explain their parent in action while children were being shot in an elementary school. state officials including the governor glove. the police were failing to act fast enough to end the you ball day school. nasa ah, i'm all azako. i will welcome to the program. the russian military says it's taking controls of lemon, a strategic russian town in the east and don bass region. it follows days of intense fighting as moscow's forces advance in the east of ukraine. ukraine's attempts to maintain control of the dumbass region. it's it's industrial heartland . the russian barrage is being felt in easton ukraine. moscow say it's used sale strikes,
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to destroy posts where ukrainian soldiers and equipment were located. it's false as an inching forward. alongside progression, separatist militias, one of the latest targets leman, has gateway bridges over the savanski donnette river. we will go to following the joint actions of the units of the militia of the don x, people's republic and russian. i'm forces the town of leman has been entirely liberated of minimum as the fighting intensified lemons residence had been holding out, attempt to the desperate escape. they could be more like them nearby towns if ukrainian troops could not hold back the russian advance, which is proving to build a persistent threat landscape us i blew our little gantski ablaze. amy done at water and especially low hands regions. the enemy is increasing its forces
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ascending tens, night and day to carry out the task of reaching his target areas while making new efforts to encircle our troops. yet difficult sir. march savage, grab those on the front lines are on high alert, but it will take much more than awareness to keep hold of their territory against russia's military. might you, as president joe biden has accused russian president vladimir pigeon of working to eradicate ukrainian identity. take listen, pu, brutal, brutal war, and your craner. not only is he trying to take over ukraine is really trying to wipe out the culture and identity of your grading people. tagging school nurse rose hospital, you, zain, would know the purpose and eliminate a culture. a director, so on a fundamental tennis of rural based international order dw correspondent rebecca
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riches is in keith. and she told us how people in the city received biden's comments. well, i don't think they will hear in key that i've spoken to at least are particularly worried that that's happening here. i mean, that's of rhetorical language. really just referring to the fact that rushes invaded a sovereign nation. but you know that people here not really worried that ukrainian coach is going to be completely stamped out. but as want to say that they're not worried about what is going on in that country. a very concerned about this battle happening in the don bass, which, you know, ukraine are losing the grip of so definitely concern about what's going to happen there. and what will that will mean for the future of this conflict? if they do end up controlling the don mass as they are indeed attempting to do, then will that emboldened them to perhaps attack here one more time or try and take other parts of the country. so very concerned about what a positive, what a win for russia in the dumbass will main for the rest of his complaint. rebecca
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riches reporting from keith. now the town of you, val day and the u. s. state of texas is still reeling from tuesday school shooting that left 19 children and 2 teachers debt questions amounting about why police took so long to stop the gunman. a punch in the gut to a town already reeling new details, raising questions if their worst nightmare could have been prevented. while armed police were at the school, within minutes of the gunman opening fire, they waited more than an hour to stop him. as parents outside begged them to help. ah, and his desperate children made repeated none when one calls from inside the classroom, where the shooter had locked himself. as many as 19 armed officers waited in the hallway, just meet his way for more than 45 minutes with many more outside the building. after days of providing incomplete and conflicting accounts of how police responded,
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officials have now admitted they should have acted sooner. that of course, it was not right. the sake of the wrongs very, there is no, no excuse for land. just a few 100 kilometers away in houston, pro gun activist gathered for the annual convention of the national rifle association, the nation's most powerful gun lobby. outside the timing and location of the event added to the sense of outrage. we just had a shooting for 21 people in taxes. and here you are talking about how great your guys are. but inside former president, donald trump delivered a defiant speech, saying the answer to the u. s. his school shooting epidemic was more not fewer guns . ah, the existence of evil in our world is not a reason to disarm law abiding citizens who know how to use their weapon and can protect a lot of people. as the age old saying goes, the only way to stop
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a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. but these activists in millions more americans are demanding a different response. according to recent polling, a majority of americans back strict to gun laws, but with republican lawmakers in congress, staunchly opposed, there's little hope of change even in the wake of yet another mass shooting dw correspondence, if and simon's turns been out from houston, texas, where the n r a is holding its annual convention. stefan damning new day, details about how texas police handle the val day school shooting. how is this news going down with people they or people knew? well, they are devastated, so they are still in shock. still traumatized. still in a lot of pain and hurt of because of what happened. 19 children and 2 teachers mow down by 18 year old attacker. and now on top of that's what compounded their pain.
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and their distress is the, the revelation that the police was that scene enforced with 19 officers in the hallway standing around for a substantial amount of time and not doing anything because he incident officer or incident lead early police if a few all day and the school district there decided it's now not a active shooter threat anymore, but a barricaded situation, which is of course, the wrong call as we have now learned, and police admitted so people their families, of course, but the entire town are in shock and disappointed and full of hurt and pain, and they have no idea as a town i thing how to get through this any time soon. this will take weeks, month, maybe years. maybe some people will never get over this. what happened there? we heard in our report earlier, donald trump with his good guy, bad guy argument,
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does the political right in the u. s. have a plan to stall this violence? is there really an alternative to strict a gun control? no, not really. i, you know, both sites are entrenched are really in owns of topic, meaning for example, better. mitch mcconnell, the senate minority leader, has says signals 2 of the democrats that he will assign a prominent senator of a colleague of his with possible negotiations or, or testing the water off what washington could do in terms of better gun control or better restrictions. i'm expert as well as everybody who is reporting on this for while we are a little bit doubtful if this is actually come to any for titian, because it never has in the past. here's the thing, the gang guns and owning guns and guns on the street. and there's 500000000 guns in private, handsome united states. our with the world leader and having guns and private hands
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. i'm america. it lives also a gun culture. it is entrenched and is society. this is the 2nd amendment, the right to bear arms and republican. specifically, do not want to touch this. and a lot of people think that any more gun restrictions or gun controls background checks, netflix, they, it's real infringe and impede on their god given constitutional right to bear arms . so i don't think there will be any political progress made and the probably, there won't be any church even ah, with the background off. what happened you all the just a few days ago. but i think he's defensive and simons. they're reporting from houston, texas, to football now and with the champions league final in paris, just hours away. there's already plenty of supporters out on the streets of the french capital, liverpool and round madrid, fans alike. are there soaking up the atmosphere? both english and spanish, france,
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i've been bullish about the team's chances this year, but they seem to be enjoying each other's company. let's have france to talk more about the big match with tom jenna. from d. w. sports, tom, the ultimate price of european club football is at stake was the atmosphere like where you are with atmosphere, where i am is pretty jubilant. i'm not sure if you can tell. hopefully you can give an impression. we're at the fans own, where liverpool fans have been invited to gather ahead of tonight's fixture. now, the capacity of the fans are in the hall and it will be $4000.00 but unexpected. 60000, an estimated 60000 liverpool supporters are expected to be here in paris. now obviously very many of those won't have tickets and the hope is that few of them will be able to watch the game here. tonight. it seems that there's only one rather small big screen. i'm not sure it's going to be enough for quite everybody to find
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a place. the lucky ones that do have tickets will be heading over to am. the start to france in the north of paris in san denise from here at the plastic and i see on in a couple of hours time. and i think by that time the atmosphere is likely to become a bit more nervous. but so far everyone's in very high celebratory spirits and liverpool are looking for their 2nd champions league title and the agenda on the gym and young and stuff. yeah, absolutely. now this personally for yoga club is his 4th champions league final mom he one that he's previously lost was against rail madrid. now that was obviously way the liverpool in 2018 that game. of course, the story that started so early on with m mohammed salah, you know, having to leave injured. the good news for this time for yoga club is the oversee salah, is back and fit, and sergio ramos, the player who injured him in that fixture isn't even at rail madrid any more. now,
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liverpool missed out on the league title by just to point this season. on the final day, but they have one to domestic finals, the f a and the leak top already got, you know, having been taken home to level both of those one on penalties or the chelsea. so if the game ends up going the distance tonight, i think that's something that we certainly give the reads a little edge of confidence and ram upgrade. have just been magical up to this point. have they? yeah, absolutely. they've really laid out the competition with that comebacks. of course, you remember to come back in the semi final against manchester city and before that of course, in the quarter final against p. s g. part of me. they also had to withstand, to come back of chelsea's in the round of 16 to make it as far as they have. there's has been the tougher path to the final. i think it's fair to say, but you know and should not, these lost a champions league final as well. that was back in 2005. he was 3 neil up at half
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time as the coach of ac milan and the team. we all know who he lost it too, that was livable. so until he said ahead of this fixture, that the white of realm, which was history has carried them this far, but anything can happen in a final. and if any one knows it's collins or lucy, tom, we have 10 seconds. who's the winner tonight? oh, you can't put me on the spot like that. not worth 10 seconds ago. i'm sorry next week when we have a longer conversation to move out. but no, i don't, and i did all the sports in france. thank you. in house and a quick reminder of the top story with falling for you. brush us defense industry says it's forces have taken this strategic railway have of the man in easton, ukraine. training control. cities in the region have come under relentless bombardment, ukraine as warning that its troops may have to retreat you're watching. did any news live from the land doc film as of next with
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a look at what extreme client climate events the future holds in store for us? don't forget, you can get used around on d. w. com or you can find us on social media. we are actually w news on instagram and twitter and thanks for watching. take a south bay mother was going to spend the rest of our life behind bars for marguerite burke with hostess is an awful illness.


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