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tv   Extreme Climate Events  Deutsche Welle  May 28, 2022 5:15pm-6:01pm CEST

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live from solid docs. film is up next with a look at what extreme client climate events the future holds in store for us. don't forget, you can get used around the clock on d. w. com or you can find us on social media. we are ascii w news on instagram and on twitter of will on psycho in berlin. thanks for watching . taking a south bay mother is going to spend the rest of her life behind bars for marguerite berkeley. gotten, i believe when i was a mistake. hostess isn't awful. illness mothers nightmare
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stores, july 4th on d. w. the memories are still vivid on may 29th, 2016 disaster struck the village of pounds. bah and south western germany. oh the hottest off herself. i literally watched the flight away from debra. heading towards me. did you float when it made a noise? while i'm sure i couldn't figure out what it was exactly. then i realize how to help the whole house was shaking. we'll talk our spouse mayor hung cash film, the catastrophe unfolding in front of him to do it once in. it's in st. completely insane. before you know, the emergency services can't do anything. it's not impossible right now. out of the quick, just like god,
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se pounds bottle life financial kill? i was in shock. i couldn't even begin to process what i was say. missed i'm open. although no lives were lost, the flood left the village devastated with his voice horrible. i'm speechless of the mobile. people have never seen anything like it. a few years later, germany suffering the effects of a different kind of extreme weather. in 20182019 temperatures rose above 40 degrees celsius in the summer. with no rain for months on end, rivers tried up a disaster for the local environment and its inhabitants hot and last year there was no rainfall here in the region for more than 70 day hine. and then in summer 2021. the, our valley in western germany was hit by flash flooding blood as you looked at. and
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all of a sudden we were confronted with issues that we'd always thought only affected somewhere else in the world. in places like bangladesh, dramatic, whether fluctuations have become commonplace. what does the future hold, and what do we need to do to cope with climate change? ah ah. we begin our research in vintage park in the home secretion. an idyllic spot at the foot of the stone via forest on june 5th $22015.00 weeks before the flooding in the eye valley. a summer storm wreaked havoc here. the picturesque village was overwhelmed,
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and yoga bowman's home was among the many destroyed. he and his wife, marianna, will never forget that day, a traumatic experience that edged in their memory the basement was completely flooded. the couple had only just finished renovating their home. and now had to start all over again from scratch. they own a heating installation business, so at least they could do a lot of the work themselves at near the olive on the fathers commercial poor. we just got everything finished in here marked with 5 or 6 years ago. we'd fitted the house out with external thermal insulation for energy efficiency and switched from fossil fuels to an air to water heat pump inside. yet we done the garden too, and we're actually looking forward to concentrating on other things. agnes,
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i'm motor that make her wanted. i love that, and that was it wasn't to be after hours of torrential rain fall over the local forest hills. the village was hit by a deluge em i quickly. balloon doesn't come. i can't get the image is out of my hand is i often look at the photos we took. it really got to me shoved ah, marian bomb and still can't believe what happened. the rain and the motor and often burst their banks. that villages that are nowhere near major river's shouldn't be at risk of flooding. locals simply weren't prepared. the bellman still haven't gotten over the experience. bush answered on to halston. i was terrified that the front door would break and the water would rush in from upstairs. we could see the pressure building. we could see the door starting to give way. if a market the into was guns or the water was up to
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here. this year is while they go through and tie yard was under water. here oliver was out on winter book is situated in a valley in the hunts like mountains. the village is nestled in the stone by a forest, the source of the watcher that caused such damage. forest landscapes. how fast water storage capacity soaking up heavy rainfall like a sponge. but in recent years, this has no longer been happening as efficiently as it used to. van had pound batter is in charge of the local forestry service. he and his colleague michael fake are going to show us what the problem is. with the flooding inventor, pork and other religious down in the valley is linked to the state of the forest.
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it's increasingly try here where they're digging. even the beach trees are showing signs of drought damage and beaches aren't usually very sensitive. it actually rained a lot in the summer of 2021. but how much rain did the ground actually absorb? it soon transpires not much at all. muncie. yup. you can see its own dry well it has trout to become a long term problem. it both shifted donkey hut and he and eric yawn in late last year there was no rainfall here in the region for more than 70 days in the garage. can there cost alone area? it didn't rain for over a $100.00 days. yes. by the 1st of august 2021. there was still
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a deficit of over 250 liters per square meter meter. hard to imagine a given the use overall weather. but it goes to show how severe the lack of rainfall has been in the last 3 years, dash lust if it's heater in and it's in yon in ellipse and ion anchorage vaughn, as hon back explains, there needs to be 2 months, a steady rainfall day, and night to make up for the drought of recent years. he also says that the forest needs to be managed differently. in the past water used to be trained from the forest. these days he and his team are laying pipes and taking trenches in the zone fight in order to replenish the watershed and retain the water that collects on the logging roads. but the aim is to ensure it seeps into the ground across the forest. instead of flying into the valley and causing to watch or waste their to post their bank, live all to let your hm your,
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their feet of better all here i'm the one vote back loy for de la. there are lots of streams here in the soon vas idol, the elbow and beta craven bird. and it was striking how quickly their water level was rose in just a short space of time here in the soon vault just when it rained a massive amount of water collected in a concentrated area, the equity, it was pretty frightening. left in its own boat, one deposit is as far was the song being seemed when the storm had the forest couldn't absorb the torrential rain, the logging, roads were crippled and had to be rebuilt. now deeper trenches and larger pipes have been put in place to re route heavy rainfalls to points in the forest where it can sleep into the ground. yet i shall dammit dust be these up, flush bits, inflation couldn't. what that does is avert excessive ronald b and allow groundwater to replenish lungs. i'm on the water is distributed slowly
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and steadily across the forest floor. i where it's absorbed in terms of the local ecosystem. it means there's enough water to sustain the forest as a natural resource, again, leaving squalid happenings as, as liam's point larger, to fulfill it than had found better planning to upgrade the whole forest. this way, it's a small but significant way of helping to reduce the effects of extreme weather. the next up on our research trip is in northern germany. every year hamburrow coast, the extreme weather congress. it brings together weather and climate researchers as well as environmental activists. the event aims to reach as many people as possible in the process, raising awareness of climate change and the need to act an urgent priority not only from meteorologist span praga, but also politicians and the likes of mo,
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she play chief, one of germany's leading climate researchers the 2021 congress was overshadowed by the events in the us valley can. if we need chain mission, the choice isn't between more or less climate protection that between proper radical, sustainable climate protection and climate disaster. that's where we're at dam friday for future. there's fridays for future lighting, and in 2019, there was more discussion of the climate in the environment than there's ever been before. but in 2019 that same year before the pandemic hair toys, we also took more cruises and more flights than ever before. that there's a huge cognitive dissonance going on. and if we really want to get anywhere higher than we need to have the courage to change the tub, these are the gets in the. 7 expos, attending the event, and 1st drought and flooding will become increasingly common of the enzyme to in
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these are talking files, whether it's vitals mazda, annoyance in. on the one hand, there are protracted dry spells, as we saw in 2018, 2019, and 2021. and these weren't balanced out. and so there's always been the occasional dry year, but that 3 in a row is conspicuous. vilegas well done. and on the other hand, just gig, we can expect to see increasingly frequent storms and heavy rainfall. i'm very slow moving storms and flash flooding from bed. in general, the weather is becoming more extreme, but that's the bottom line of august you helped influence. while we were at the congress, we heard about an ambitious research project looking at extreme weather in this way, be in mountains. 10 german research institutes are pulling their resources including cloud and precipitation radars and lasers in order to explore the complex processes that occur and the atmosphere basic scientific research that allows them to better protect extreme weather events and their consequences. these
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scientists are waiting for stormy weather. this way be an alps are germany's main storm hotspot and storms are a key aspect of extreme weather. professor merrick once is a meteorologist with as of yet, laza trauma was i, we're going to blow up a balloon, so we'll be ready if a storm starts to breathe. and gentlemen, we've already set up the probes. so now we're going to load the balloons in the car, 6 or 7 of them fix it, and then we'll drive right into the store. the balloons are filled with helium, they'll carry small probes into the clouds and will enable the scientists to observe . hale formation occurring during the storm. hill is a typical feature of extreme weather. the team are excited. the clouds are gathering after hours of waiting. they now need to
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act fast before they head into the storm. me, her quince visits the lab to check the clouds activity. which direction are they drifting in and is the upwind or convection strong enough to carry the probes into the storm clouds. with i'd like to watch like you saw doctor does when he convection and shows a powerful lift off. when the rain forms it falls more or less vertical to the point where the up wind is basically it suppresses the up wednesday. so and that means that the standard lifetime of a single cell is on average 30 minutes to an hour. it destroys itself, as it was, he says, cup would get all that makes it all the more important to release the balloons in the right place at the right time. outside the storm cell is getting stronger. it's
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time for the scientists to launch their balloons right here. positioned inside cuts, the probe's measure temperature and air pressure, as the balloons drift upwards through the storm. precisely where hale storms are forming inside the clouds. mckerick once can follow the action in real time. figure we've got a signal. are we going to use 3 balloons? because the rains got worse and we hope they'll take off. yeah, i've got a signal. if we go one loss on stop, failed awfully faster than the probes are inside the clouds. taking the pulse of the storm as it were, yesterday of what i thought in my life i. fortunately,
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we're not in the middle of the storm south. there are 5 centimeter hailstones coming down. well, then they made a net give our cars are good bashing on the top with from here me here constant as team can collect a wealth of useful data. there will help predict extreme weather events. we're planning to visit him in his lab and cars who are in a few weeks time back inventor book. the bowman's are still dealing with the flood damage. it's the weekend, but instead of putting their feet up, they're hard at work trying to make their home livable again. juergen bowman is haunted by memories of last july, when a gaping hole suddenly appeared in his yard and had to form alcohol or wild. if there was a power can't, because all the sockets were under water, lorne and it was like being on a house boat or as millions of miles or so what exactly happened as i'm rather than
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out of by i was back of over the well this here is an old stream tunnel and there was so much pressure from underneath that it got pushed up with a self supporting structure. and when it got pushed up, it one stone breaks off and the structure collapses. first girl i film saw on his mobile phone shows the thing called that resulted right in front of his house. i 1st law got employees. i've worked with a hole in the garden, got bigger, and then as solid wood garden bench got pulled into the current god turned in circles a little high and was washed away by them. that was the point when i said to my husband, robert, okay, now i'm frightened. my father rakish ost food olive enamel offers one. it all disappeared into the whole of those rules of arnold. therefore the chairs are terra cotta. ornaments of it all got washed away from her. what happened here was nothing
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in comparison to the disaster in the r valley ramrod, there was some damage. it's bad, it's a problem, but at least no one was hurt. gluck gang lynch returned from the r valley floods in july 2021 claimed 133 lives with 700 people left injured and 42000 others also affected. they were among the worst bloods in german history in the space of just a few hours. it rained as much as it usually does. in months. the german meteorological service called it unprecedented insurance companies that it was the most expensive weather related incident in 50 years. was damages totaling an estimated 10000000000 euros as climate change means that such events are likely to become more frequent
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we meet up, but geographers trauma hug and camp and theresa schneider in the village of my shots and the, our valley. they are trying to establish the precise water levels that occurred during the flooding. not easy, given that many of the water gauges along the river got swept away. experts rely on them to analyze and predict flood events. investors tend to be a heist warden. what else? presidio highest warden had a little from his head which pianist, one can't do it with water levels on the outflow far exceeded any flooding that happened since records began fivefold human. and you know, we haven't seen water levels like that in recent history. and but if you look at the history of the, our valley, india, and you can see that in fact, these extreme events did occur. they were very rare, but not on known. overcome in 18 o 4, there was flooding in the our valley that caused similar damage. does obviously on
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a smaller scale because at that point to the valley was less built up top that us tied on myself. nice little in about farm. here in my shows, the storms swept away a number of houses and destroyed the local train line complete with most bridges. teresa tidal and tomas logan camp from the university of bon are using a fyodor light surveying tool to measure maximum flood heights across the valley. it helps them identify precise watcher levels at precise geographical location. with the brown color of this facade shows just how far the washer road thomas southern camp has been researching the history of blood in the our valley. for many years. this time, the watcher here with 10 meters higher than its normal level. the skipped
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a horse of his equal cotton. he flattened the can find a fist of falling in deutschland, and there are flood risk matters for all of germany's river hub. but clearly they've not been adequate latin vs and feel on the basis of these matters. there are plenty of places where you can reasonably decides put up new buildings. who are these maps don't include historical flow, doesn't help us on the water level record and that are available. they fact just 50 or 60 years automotive for in that short time frame to reflect extreme, then it was, i say, emma agnes, up to bill. please. maps has since been updated and now include historical data to but what world climate change play in the i valley disaster was that the ultimate cause in pump there, i would argue that this is gale of the flood is not necessarily climate change related. it's gets a lot in terms of the frequency. well, if it's in other words,
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how often such events occur from vog, you could argue that change in weather conditions that mean the floods now occurring more frequently. and that's a consequence of climate changes. climate change increases the likelihood of such events occurring more frequently as demonstrated by a recent study conducted with the participation of the german meteorological service. yet the question remains. why is why they're becoming more extreme? we meet spend prayer at the weather center of germany's main public broadcaster some 35 forecasts are produced for weather bulletins here every day of our music to occur as job includes analyzing maps and figures not only the t v weatherman has observed that a number of weather phenomena have become increasingly common from the focus until here with martha, vin. yeah. this is if the noise here is at 50, not went on. oh, okay. are, you know, here, got tells us about the standing ways phenomenon,
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high pressure and low pressure. france that don't actually move, it explains the devastating storms and the r valley does. don't buy it and pounds, but it's highly uncommon for high and low pressure. france to be stationary. but it's become a feature of current weather patterns. and if it of us feed for dorms that move, distribute rain across a wide area, but if they don't move, the impact is concentrated in one place. so this extremely heavy rainfall conflict . if the high pressure front doesn't move than we have the high temperatures and drought, we saw in 2003 or 2018 implement. at the moment we're seeing more frequent standing waves and also more frequent stationary highs and love was to ease of use. so that's a hypothesis that's being investigated right now in law in scientific terms. it's not straightforward. the natural world is always complex, though i infer according to political climate change as exacerbating the frequency
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of standing waves of air meteorologist and storms. researcher mckerick once agrees where meeting him at his research institute from he said at the center dedicated to analyzing natural disasters. he and his team evaluate extreme weather events around the world. they were among the 1st to compile an overview of the scale of the i valley disaster and the damage it cost me here. cons shows us a map of the area based on satellite data and aerial images. he believes society needs to adjust to the prospect are frequent, extreme weather events. both the hum in deutschland i extreme weather events occur in germany every year or so. there are floods,
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hail storms, winter storms, and vin will live with them. and we have to live with them, isn't on the live. oh. and we have to be aware that they happen and know how to respond this, but we tend to ignore it. as is typical in our society, things we ignore things we don't like and, and, but that can be highly destructive for and then these disasters happened when done through other services or, you know, it doesn't cost and his colleagues closely monitor the course. the consequences of these disasters, the aim is to figure out what we can learn from them. and in the meantime, to remain vigilant. then with our fall in this, i can, as i was there via for this, we can flanagan. ideally, these are events that can and should teach us lessons for the future. says default when floods occur. it's a mistake to say ok, there's been a flood. it won't happen again that soon. that's rebuild everything exactly the way it walks. yeah. that's what's happening in the, our valley,
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but we know now that places that were flooded are highly vulnerable. c, as in, as in a roughly wouldn't flashing just as helpful versus like ordinance in the, the all centerpiece in this cons i in statistics, don't tell us anything. then i have another flood could happen next year, or it could happen in 200 years time. i saw sancho, but what we do know is that if such an extreme weather event happens, again, casino, then certain spots such as in short on the our river will most certainly be flooded again, sorry, you want to random than consists of it over fuel. at me here once and his team have also analyzed the flash flooding and pound spot in 2016. at the time it was the most severe flooding scene in germany for decades. again, the cause was extremely heavy. rainfall concentrated in one area. within 30 minutes, the village was torn apart. miraculously no one died that many were left homeless.
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it also resulted in an unusually vast volume of flotsam and other debris. this quote, it's terrible as if here from speechless because i've never seen anything like it. the reconstruction work still isn't finished. and for locals, the emotional scars have yet to heal. may have hung harsh, helped steer the village through its darkest hour. the road to recovery has been strewn with obstacles and setbacks hash has even encountered hostility. it's been a difficult few years. he's written a book about what happened and travels the country, giving talks on the environmental threats, facing villages like pounce back featuring images such as this
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is a below busy. so to the images are so affecting, the inevitably moved people deeply image and i go out and i thought, isabel, you couldn't reach them the same way with words. makalya images are extremely powerful when marked as on the coast, or we are still dealing with the consequences that the reconstruction work is ongoing job 5 years later, we can't do everything at once and it'll take a few more years before we dances, all included. it's a long term processed, it will not, we have to think in terms of decades in recognition has come out a little. we have to think about how to contain flooding, heart, how to treat the ground, what to do to protect the places at higher altitude, where there's heavy rainfall to her mom or to stop cleaning. stop for the villages
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. mean square was completely rebuilt. the mayor wants to show us other reconstruction work such as the new reinforced walls along the village stream. the reconstruction work has caused the village approximately 55000000 euros to date . outside the village, there are now massive debris traps along the narrow slope for a hunk harsh. this is the key element in the protection plan. the huge structure is designed to trap avalanches of debris pouring downstream void all the thong, who's o for folk off in the middle, common reason to know about 50 meters upstream. there's another huge debris trap or no covers. what we have to do was was, and it's
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a long term project to start is try to hold back the water at the source is where the heavy rainfall occurs. so it could be a retention reservoir of this week, which is problematic up there. and it will be better if the water could seep into the ground like one song as well to me, the best solution would be to stop farming practices and plant more trees and to improve seepage potential. while, if i've a bristle physicals movie, car buff on the land around pounds bar is extensively farmed field boundaries were removed. they could have helped contain watcher and there are fields and fields of corn. another detrimental factor because the crop tries out the soil as and so talk that are born, come even thus understood, all's name, listening arid soil can't absorb water and that results in localized flooding. i like to compare it to baking cake,
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does this. but imagine taking some flower and pouring milk on his brow. the flour is the dry ground with the milk, the heavy rain won't. you'll be laughed with is flour on the bottom and milk just floating on top. and once you start needing and the bottom, in this case, the flower has been moistened with a little bit of a milk. you can add more milk and it'll soak in better sides and aspect. we'd like to investigate further. at the university of tree are researchers are finding out how trout changes, soil, an experiment is underway in the soil science department. the samples being summoned to see how well they absorb water. they're born again from in a long shot. they were lung a tithe of butter soil acts like a sponge in the landscape, storing water over a long period of time, and then gradually releasing it to plant to its surroundings, to lakes and rivers. extreme and extreme weather brought about by climate change
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has consequences. long enough, dry soil calls absorb water at the same rate. instead, water just runs off. it was leading to flooding and bodies of water and also to soil erosion. them from wooden are parked in as it was on the soil. scientists want to demonstrate how long a take the drop of water to seep into various toil samples. first they add a drop of blue colored water to completely dry soil. it takes a while for the trap of blue water to be absorbed. the soil is so try, it's become impermeable. got 2 more samples. what have you found out so far? come out of the soil. samples are very different. the dryness definitely plays
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a big role. once good soil containing homeless is part, it takes dave to moist in again across. check. clearly shows that so that isn't completely tried out. can still soak up watcher. but if you're a student wrote me candy, will you noise gauthier noisy or? yeah, on when i was a student in the eighty's and ninety's, we didn't see this kind of dry soap soil. it was unimaginable, but that's what we're dealing with now. the environmental research and just drop monitor ever shows the soil effects of up to 1.8 meters has dried out massively on and the rain for we are experiencing in 2021 is just about managing to replenish the top. so the water supply it needs to be done, but the sub soil is still parched by the drought of the last 3 years. i don't want
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it in one of the cotton i village and i are try subsoil and flooding. not as contradictory as it sounds, according to the experience. the drought 2018 resulted in reduced harvests and millions of years worth of losses in germany's agricultural sector. rivers dried up, such as the ties them near fryeburg, which close from the black forest industry struggled with a shortage of raw materials. and even gas was in short supply. the media was full of doomsday scenarios. yet man, and of man as his course and feel in my opinion, it's a mistake to focus on all the doom and gloom. when the media goes on about the apocalypse and his crisis and that crisis season, we end up so overwhelmed that we lose all our courage and think there's no point trying to do anything about it. what, when in fact there are so many groundbreaking projects is skipped. so feel launched
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on project ground breaking projects that prove we're not powerless against extreme weather, such as the limb spac organic farm on the done us back color range. and highland fights founded by young people, but it relies on water and that's in short supply up here. janine harbor works to ensure the soil as as permeable as possible, so long as it can still absorb watcher. a can withstand extreme rainfall fluctuations. but other than campus, you know that you are ok stock a hole in 2014 the was severe flooding hair in the region that caused 1000000 as worth of damage by the marshal back stream overflow. it could be the most of the areas around it all agricultural feels that are compacted and where the water can't see pin easily, and the soil is homeless deficient. moving on, flooding sweets away the entire top soil and entire villages are hit by mudslide alpha buffington. the young organic farmers are planning to revitalize their land
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using a special technique. first, they analyzed local rainfall patterns. up in the blue line on the chart show in which direction the rainfall is likely to flow. shanina harbor and her colleague have drawn red lines where they plan to dig ditches that will help distribute the watcher across the farmland. this technique is called key line water management of as you know kind of good, but they're concerned about the amount of red in their chart which indicates just how try the region is. ah, they're keen to show us how effective their strategy is against why they're extremes. first they use a how to take their ditches before switching 10 excavator they
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want to test how the key line water system works. they take their trenches with a slight gradient 1.5 percent to prevent large volumes of water from flowing too fast. i'll have him and explain meant on efforts z and we conducting an experiment to illustrate how the water that a mass is during heavy rainfall. aventis can be distributed over the area and conceit incident which is laid according to the killer line system. if instead of flowing down the slope guaranteed and causing flooding in the valleys and calmed on the to zang funding for an interval card, water from the top, a graphical depressions where a collects could be diverted to the mouth. so where the ground is dr. office google just doesn't do talking, spin owned jeanine harbor uses the water tank and a hose to simulate heavy rainfall. come
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a mark. many flood obviously rain as moth localize. but the experiment shows that the ditch absorbs the artificial downpour as planned for the water, then flows along the key line towards the elevation. mm it looks simple, but it's an intelligent way for farming to adjust to the challenges of climate change. but heavy rainfall and drought don't just adversely affect rural regions, but urban areas to villages, towns and cities also. nita just says weather experts fan trigger the problem is not really out just stuck on implants if ma seaford tried induced his english for ziegler problem, of course is that cities and surrounding areas are very different because cities
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are built out at the cone, or daddy show that heat waves in the likes of cologne at frankfort on make them 9 degrees hotter than surrounding areas of cities, such as cosgra are also likely to see a significant increase in temperature. that's when this poses an additional problem . dam. it effectively makes the city a completely different climate zone that after. so we need to think about how we can make cities greener and less dry. our, with more greenery, more water cooling by evaporation to curve extreme hate. these extreme hits of ugly to devin urban planners and cas were, are already looking at ways the city can tackle climate change. one of their 1st projects is the redesign of the plaza site. the main station it's set to become much greener, which will not only make it more attractive, but also help protect the city from getting too hot. intellect didn't get this
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lands me for felix was eager to our cities are very built up. that the idea is that instead of being drained off to rivers by leading to flooding, water is retained in the cities a facet. that's what's called a sponge city. that meant my hand farms that 1000000000 otto as a landscape architect and urban planner. his munich base team was awarded to re design contract construction is about to begin. gabriella, mia? it's the targa love the annals i had them on. we're experiencing more very hot days on that, but also more heavy rainfall by lunch off. that's problematic enough in the countryside layman, but it's even more extreme in the cities on the face home. it can get unbearably hot in cities like cows were, were in the rhine valley and we have to cool down our cities and at the same time, mitigate the heavy rain for which is becoming more frequently and retain the water in the cities up. some is on the flutter, so it's so high. trees,
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fountains and miss spray will help cool the plaza father walkways are permeable. water is a key design element. ratliff, near display. we need to use every project to boost water retention in cities for plans, for cooling purposes. if we need to convert cities to what's called green and blue infrastructure to him, cause coin adopting the sponge. 30 concept to meet the climate change challenges of the future. to innovation is essential. forrester band had hamburger in the san vite is also looking for creative ways of maximizing water retention. just like ploy on auto and kassawa his name as to capture, distribute, and use watcher as efficiently as possible. mm. that then tried to buy visa, my number is that we can log either from what is crucial is that we make the call
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function of the forest or the focus of our efforts with user to boost water attention and increase its sponge function v cronin v can nod is a shameful to on shy gun. ah, there are grounds for optimism. we just need to adapt to changing weather patterns . that's what pounds bought. mayor frank harsh tells people as he tours germany, raising awareness of flash blood was fever. this morning. we need action and improvement across the board don't joined us. he said, i do believe that can work but a lot needs to happen before people like yoga and, and marianna ballman are safe from the threat of flooding. and the villages have been top walk, pounced. bah and elsewhere, after a lot of hard work, the couple have almost finished rebuilding their home. yes, finally,
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we're making progress and will soon be dive in. the under floor heating has just been installed. now the 1000000 dollar question, where will the couch go to? not mine, are you asking me or my wife will leave that to them to figure out. mm hm. but the couple did agree on tiling the floor tiles are more water resistant. just in case ah. was making the headlights and what's behind them? dw news africa, the show that all the issues shaping the continent. life is slowly getting back to normally. where on the streams to give you enough reports on the inside. our correspondence is on the ground reporting from across the continent. all the trends
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doesn't matter to you. in 30 minutes on the w o, awe every day for us and for our planet. global ideas is on its way to bring you more conservation. how do we make cities greener? how can we protect animals and their habitats? what to do with all our waste. we can make a difference by choosing reforestation over deforestation recycling over disposable smart new solutions over steam set in our ways. earth is truly unique and we know that that uniqueness is what allows us to live and survive. google ideas,
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the environmental c global 3000 on d, w, and online ah ah, is as d, w and use alive from berlin? moscow says it's for says, have taken control of a strategic town in east in ukraine. the defense ministry says it not controls lamar as russian troops and local allies battle for their will. hon regions, last tooth ukrainian health areas. russia is amy to complete it. bonds through.


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