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tv   DW News Africa  Deutsche Welle  May 28, 2022 6:30pm-7:01pm CEST

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nobody in not in school, not in college. we pretend like getting them to 77 percent in 60 minutes on d. w degrees. tina a saxophone operator, who wrote her master's thesis on but potato raring to read or not, but turn on. well, it gets more ridiculous from their literature list under german ministry. this is dede albini as africa coming up on the program, amplifying africa's voice in the climate debate. as forces of nature hits the continent, the hardest bill in our business, man mo, abraham calls for africans to have a great a say in how the world responds. we examine the state of german business investment
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on the continent following the german chancellors 1st official visit to africa following a recent spike and violence in sedans. restive daph will region d, w gains of rare access to 2 towns to witness the aftermath of a massacre. plus, smashing stones and breaking barriers. we visit the gemstone mind in zimbabwe with an all female staff base. ah, i am told me, laddie. well, welcome to the program. african people suffer the most from climate change compared to anywhere else in the world. despite producing only a minute amount of greenhouse gas emissions there being slammed by a vicious cycle of floods, droughts, and other extreme weather thence,
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irregular rainfall makes it harder for people to seed themselves with the food scarcity fuel and conflicts. climate change hits populations were already vulnerable from poverty in countries where governments often fail to provide basic resources. the british sudanese bill in air more. abraham has dedicated this year's abraham forum to help strengthen africa's voice in the global discussion around climate change. now, here are some of the key reasons why his foundation is making africa's case. in the climate debate, africa, the world's least industrialized continent. that means it contributes the least to climate change. in the past, 60 years africa's only produced a minute amount of global emissions. asia, europe, and north america have each emitted over 8 times more greenhouse gases than africa . but globally, africa,
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people suffer the most from climate change. if we look at just one climate impact that of droughts, the number of droughts has grown dramatically in africa affecting at least a 170000000 people, kenya, somalia, and mauritania among the worst hit. the 10 most climate vulnerable countries in the world are all in africa. and these 10 countries are home to one 5th of africa's people. to make matters worse, climate change is hitting a population already reeling under the effects of poverty. food insecurity and conflict and poor health care. these issues mean people in africa are often less able to adapt to the impact of climate change than in other regions of the world. then there's the issue of energy having reliable energy sources seen as key to africa's development. but just over half of africa's population has
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access to electricity much lower than elsewhere in the world. in the next decade, africa's population is expected to double and so to will its demand for energy. renewables might not be able to meet this demand and blanket ban on funding. new fossil fuel plants, as demanded by the global north, could leave many africans without electricity in the future. dimming the continent push to develop more. that's why influential africans are now calling for taylor made solutions for the continent. and on the sidelines of the forum, more abraham spoke to dw correspondent christine wanderer on why he is determined to get africa's voice. heard as the world responds to the climate challenge. we have 600000000 people in africa sick. so that's more than double berlin,
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ocean of bureau, all boob relation of europe who don't have access to electricity. can you imagine, christine, what does it mean to live without electricity? could you have a business? can you have the fact these can, i would, can you have a life? can lab hostels, can avenue cation, we cannot talk even about development. yet. we have the climate crisis. and what good says in, we'll try gorse or to do what we can. renewable is a main source of live twisty for 22 african african countries. no european or any other continent can compare with that. so we're doing our best, but the new will are not enough. we need to have a mix. we need also to need guess. okay, go ahead and that's bringing me to my next question because we have these global
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climate goals that have been set at the last climate change summit club 26, a decision was taken to stop investing in gas infrastructure. for example, the sin, i'm going to be frank, i hope i don't upset anybody. it is crazy. europe is wallowing in gas. jeremy use a lot of of gas and russian gas f. i've actually half of african gas is exported to europe. i didn't have 6 handling bit many, a beeble without power and he was no longer or you cannot. you cannot, you cannot use jazz here. if this is morally bankrupt, the chance of, of, of, or germany was in the synagogue seeking. guess he was in cotton trying to get gas is at the same country was says to africa. no, no, no,
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you can not have gas. it doesn't look like that, right? so how then can africa's interests be better included in this global climate change conversation? the bro christine is africa has no voice. when those guys came to glasgow and talked about so finance. there was no, as for africa, excuse me, do release. this is the facts about africa, the build. i've had to think about it before the rush. we don't have a voice. and one over your objective of our conference. wish we have in this week, london was really to try and develop a coherent kiss for africa. because the next call will be held in africa, and it will be a shame if we're horse to cope 27 was out, but he didn't think the case for africa. and that should be really, but isn't it in a coherent manner to the international community for people to understand what the
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charge of hitting germany's chancellor, olaf schultz has made his 1st visit to africa since assuming office last december. his 1st stop was senegal, which currently holds the african union presidency and is seen as a stable partner in the region. his 2nd port of call was near the country plays an important role as a buffer state. next to molly, currently mired in political and security crises. now business matters were a big focus of all our shoulders visit to south africa. the country is a hub for german companies based in africa, but they've not replicated that level of investment elsewhere on the continent lagging behind firms from other major nations. we'll talk about why this is in just a moment. but 1st, this report from our correspondent adrian creature in south africa. hospital great disinfectants, one of the several medical products manufactured by the german company be brought
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to the plant and you had the company opened the plant last year before that they imported most products for sell on the south african market, but that wasn't viable in the long term time and shipment volume is a great factor. as you can see, our products are quite bulky and quite heavy. and the shipment time is a huge factor in the cost, but also the timing to bring products to market to main decision was based on we have bought the product, the better produced in south africa was the only industrialized country in sub saharan africa, even. so it was a big decision for the german company to invest 18000000 euros in its factory. here . major worries were along the lines of do we get to knowledge and to we get to tell and to build such a factory and to run such a victory. some minor considerations about the economic stability, political stability in particular year in south africa in papa it says also the
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president of the southern african german chamber of commerce. it's some 600 members employ more than 100000 people for the chamber of commerce. the 17th anniversary, german chancellor will show came to visit the chancellor, spoke of globalization benefits also for african nations. he's been festa found about sized us to go over the young absolutely convinced that globalization has brought enormous prosperity around the world. invention, billions of people have escaped poverty and entered the middle class. and that countries that as a result of the economic growth that the past decades of globalization has made possible younger lips and seem to move to the continent, isn't profiting from international trade as much as it could. germany, as the wolf force biggest economy. but it's firms are barely present on the continent outside of south africa. but popular it realizes the unities, africa presents. the sheer size of the potential market starts to make africa
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attractive. 1.4000000000 people in africa create such shear market and such a demographic power. the change will come, the upgrades will come. it's just a matter what will be the timeline. over all long term, i'm very optimistic. but 1st african countries will need to provide stable environments to attract more german investment as they charter their way towards prosperity. let's speak now to tabby loca she is a south african based economist with a focus on africa. tabby. it's good to have you on the program. what is the main reason so far that we see in germany behind other major economies, when it comes to private sector investment in africa and in germany has as said many times, that it's attracted to the african continent and investing in the african continent . and they've acknowledged a angular, michael, last year,
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acknowledged that germany did not take the opportunity to invest in africa like either other countries have. and there are 2 reasons. i think that firstly, african countries need to be attractive to investors. and secondly, is that, you know, germany needs to focus on areas where they would drive on the continent and look at countries that suit their investments. and where these areas where you think these companies can thrive in africa. so, so far and german companies, they were, you know, on, on the continent we have about 884 and german companies, most of them think 600 over 600, i in south africa. and that just shows you that germany is interested in industrialized countries that and that's compatible to what and you know, to german companies which are, which tend to look at engineering manufacturing and construction. and so between egypt and south africa,
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that's where germany is currently. but germany can actually go to countries like nigeria and, and at the o, p r, which are the number one and number 2 most populous and countries on the continent . and of course, these countries need to make sure that they are attractive to a german investors in by making sure that you know, the regulatory framework makes sense to, to investors. and also that you can repatriate many and outside. and they are currently restrictions in countries like nigeria and also on butler and has a chance a level of shelters, trip provide of any signs that germany's engagement with africa is changing or could change. absolutely, the fact that and the chancellor visited africa and so early in his term is a good sign. and you know, the anglo merkel, we really like our anglo vehicle on the continent. but she only came to an african
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continent towards the end of her term. so visiting so early, i think it's a good sign. he spoke about renewable energy. he spoke about expanding investments on the continent. and these are good things. signs for 4 countries on the continent that also wanted to develop and also want and a long term sustainable growth through the infrastructure development engineering construction which companies in germany can provide. ah, you're watching d, w, news africa still to come. we visit the mime in zimbabwe, powered exclusively by women, giving them hope in a region with little work. sedans. troubled door for region is seeing a disturbing rise in attacks between nomadic arab militias and farmers from the mass ilit community. the vast region in sudan south west is mostly arid and
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impoverished. and one of the biggest recent incidents more than 200 people were killed last month in revenge attacks in west or for state. specifically in the town of al carry, nick and the state capital l. gomeier. tens of thousands of people were displaced, dw managed to gain rare access to al carry nick and albania. in the weeks after the violence from above alco renika looks like any ordinary town in west or fall. but on the ground, the signs of fear, williams and destruction are plain to see. at the end of april, violins erupted here following the killing of 2 arab herdsman outside the town launched numbers of arab militia with linked to the military government stormed al quranic. not once, but twice. this is
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a master lit community. one of dawn, fools, indigenous african ethnic groups. they then have seen, would you mind give me a, kabir, did ben or alpha malicious attack, the area easier? the cathedral high down what that a month, and they killed the one who they looted, what are they raped? and they display as he citizens and has that you sunday your i almost say your mom i had. oh, the one for the oil. this is my room and these are my children. and here's my kitchen. was us everything i have left you out of the whole job and eric malicious, came with army vehicles, horses, you, my camels, supported by government paramilitary groups. well that must, that the violence also spread to alga nina, the state capital of west dar for people there are still being treated in hospital for their injuries are horny and nevada. the militia killed my 2
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brothers and injured 3 of my relatives were and burned my house, and my 2 brothers house to i dunno. behind the whole. official figures show over 200 people died in the violence. but locals believed the true number is more than 300 doctor al dory yusef, who witnessed the attack at the hospital ink. and nina says fear and violence is spreading, missouri low. the situation is still tense in the area. and today i received the number of wounded people in the hospital for your help. linda will, that's because of an incident that occurred on the border with chart shudder. and with that said, you sedans, military rulers who took power in a qu last october, stand accused of ignoring the plight and security of civilians in dar 4.
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but it was former president omar alba here, who began arming the arab malicious, known as the judge a week long ago, creating a tinderbox. where concerned that this region continues to see repeated serious incidents of inter, communal violence with mass casualties. while initial measures taken by the authorities to contentions are welcome, we urge them to address the underlying causes of violence in the region. but this community in al koranic continues to live in fear, not knowing if or when the militias will return. from all this, i'm joined by solomon boulder. he is a conflict resolution expert and founder of the sudan, transparency and policy tracker. welcome to d w. what is driving the grievances between these groups in west or for usually it's a dispute over resources such as land access to water access to patrick, you know,
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past past years for livestock on the like. in many cases, there are also incidents of clashes because of the pete cycles of violence. i'm trying to sit in the scores from earlier confrontations. so this is the main immediate drivers. but the background to this is that the government of them has a for decades under the name of president of this year, weaponized new city in therefore, and in other regions under conflict, us with our social could do fine. and it's just done by arming particular tribal groups to which countenances against you on the cheap on movements that are telling the author of the government. and now that is out. there are too many weapons in the hands of civilians, of course, done for and other conflict areas in sudan. if the source is,
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it contained very quickly into an intern come in and fight. and if there's something that the government is overwhelmed with and cannot handle, the government has difficulty containing these conflicts. because in many instances, some of those militias. when we say they are armed, it's not just like weapons. their arm is technical. you know this a minute trucks that are fitted with guns for field artillery r b. i'm so on. in many instances, the numbers of the mobilized communities in a particular class can very easily overwhelm a government forces. so they prefer not to intervene and to provide security for community that come under attack at this rate than do you expect the situation in
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west africa to worse than i do expect the situation. of course, there are 4 and not only in risk under food, but across the 5 state of the region to worsen because this conditions are the same everywhere. actually every day we have instances of flashes, some of them and make the moves because of the enormity of the atrocity crimes committed on the numbers of casualties that are involved. but there are other not list incidents that don't do not get reported until there is a consistent campaign to disarm civilians in a way that is voluntary. you know, we're that solicit the cooperation and the engagement and participation of communities because that persuaded the logic for why everyone that is not, you know, under government regular forces and it should be disarmed. then the government will not be able, know, sadly, to contend this most, or was of its own creation. ok,
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so down analysts to lombardo, thank you for speaking to us. thank you for having me. a gemstone mine in zimbabwe has broken with tradition by employing an all woman's staff from miners to pitt supervisors. the aim at the mine is to give women a chance to become financially independent formal employment opportunities for women are otherwise few and far between. in rural parts of zimbabwe, as did abuse privilege, missionary reports from zimbabwe, caroway area that something does embark or mine wants to change these women at changing the face of mining, zimbabwe, they are in all female with force, a mining for the pale blue and green gemstones known is aquamarine, many of the women laboring here have escaped domestic abuse,
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or forced miracle. the way he's allowing them to rebuild their lives should be coupled, would have fled in abusive husband was a thanks to the mining job. she can now support herself into had 3 children live from going to moon. i used to think i needed a husband to solve my problems. i didn't realize that i could work with my own hands and look after my family, myself, and now i don't need a husband. and my only wish is for god to give me the strength to work for my family. we sent them william. financial independence doesn't come easy though. they use a hammers and other heavy machinery to brick up rocks in seat of the acr marie, the tin, our sheaves. a big breaking out here in the north western parts of zimbabwe . this mining venture has transformed the lives of these women where they
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were being regarded as a piece and farmer's wife it gold upon us. while they are now simply being regarded as minus women in rows, zimbabwe orphans they inviolate marriages because they are, if you about trinity's a for women, the female miners here at zebra, in about $200.00 a month. that's the same rate that other mail mine us in for similar wick? norfolk gotcha tango shand. when we started working here many in the community marked us back on asking welcome to come from women working as minors. when's a better master? they thought we wouldn't be successful because they think mining is man's work. i thought when i was in the past 2 years, i'm like, what am i come to believe in us? i live in san to we as human, not under man, c as as competent, minor, and m. as may i apartment waking it, zebra aqua provided for women with more than just an income. during breaks
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that women share ideas and give each other advice for should be couple daughter, been part of this or female crew is a form of therapy. i went to the laser to my gmail that no, i don't. each of the women here has a different experience and my bringing all of these ideas and experiences together . we can help each other. busy at home in the evening with continuous for should be coupled. she helped he had, she would rent with their home when, like the other women at the mine should pick up, would at luke's hopefully into the future. now that she has regained control over her life and become independent well, that's it for now, be sure to check out our other stories on d, w dot com, forward slash africa or on facebook and twitter. now, will leave you with these pictures of the odd to be an ally and darker senegal that
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started this to see you next time. bye for now. ah ah ah ah
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you more shift in 15 minutes on d, w. m a, around $10000.00 child soldiers are forced to fight. where are they now? how do they live with their traumatic memory? nobody's. not in school, not in college. we pretend like them to 77 percent in 30 minutes, d w a i just got a thought say well, great welcome
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a threat to what's all open worlds? start to june. second on d, w a this is d to the news live from berlin. moscow says its forces have taken control of a strategic town in eastern ukraine. the defense ministry says its troops control the key crossroads town of the mad russian soldiers and their local allies are getting closer to taking over the entire flu hands region. it used to be ukraine's industrial park land.


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